2014 list for Kislev 20

October 23rd, 2014

Shabbat  1-12

Shabbat   13-24 …taken

Eruvin         1-10 …taken

Pesakhim     1-10 …taken

Shekalim     1-8 …taken

Yoma         1-8 …taken

Sukkah …taken

Beitsah …taken

Rsh ‘Shana …taken

Taanit …taken

Megillah …taken

Moed Katan …taken
Chagiga …taken

Visit to LosAngeles during Succos 2013

October 13th, 2013

TH & R had me at their place for the 1st half of Succos. Weather was very nice for Succos and I got to meet all the children (the boys for the first time I think). Eliza and Estie made signs for me and Sunday we went to the Long Beach Aquarium.

My trusty Nokia finally got to the point of not working well , so got a newer phone which had a camera. So I took 3 photos since I had it:

2013 list for 20 Kislev

October 7th, 2013

Berakhot 1-3 .rp.

Berakhot 4-6 .rp.

Berakhot 7-9 .rp.

Pe’ah 1-4 .rp.

Pe’ah 5-8 .rp.

Demai 1-3 .MD.

Demai 4-7 .MD.

Kil’ayim 1-3 .BH.

Kil’ayim 4-6 .BH.

Kil’ayim 5-9 .BH.

Shevi’it 1-3 .CO.

Shevi’it 4-5 .CO.

Shevi’it 6-7 .Yossi.

Shevi’it 8-10 .MM.

Terumot 1-3 . EL .

Terumot 4-6 . Leiby .

Terumot 7-9 rp

Terumot 10-11 rp

Ma’aserot 1-2 .Lazer Yudel.

Ma’aserot 3-5 .Lazer Yudel.

Ma’aser Sheni 1-2 .Tzvi Hirsh.

Ma’aser Sheni 3-5 .Tzvi Hirsh.

Hallah .EsterMalka.

Orlah .Yossi.

Bikkurim .Shui.


October 16th, 2012

after all these years, i finally bought a crockpot. My 2nd rice cooker in a year went down and when shopping for a new one , I saw a crockpot for less than a rice cooker. Since I could just keep using a pot for the rice and i figured if pressed a crockpot could do rice, i went and purchased the crockpot.

1st Shabos wasn’t that good, i didn’t know what i was doing and how it would work. Shabos Haazeinu went much better, i had a better idea what to put into the ’stew’ and how much liquid was really needed.

I have it on a timer so it is off when I scoop from it, but i’m wondering - since the temp is set to low and it doesn’t get hot would there be a problem in scooping from the crockpot while it was on and in the element container?

Yartzheit for 20 Kislev 2012 - Taharos

October 16th, 2012
Keilim 01-05 Leiby
Keilim 06-10 Tvi Hirsch
Keilim 11-15 Eliyahu
Keilim 16-20 E.M.
Keilim 21-25 Benjy Y.
Keilim 26-30 Yosef W.
Oholot 01-04 Eliezer
Oholot 05-08 MosheDon
Oholot 09-13 Men.Men.
Oholot 14-16 Yehuda
Oholot 17-18 Frager
Negaim 01-04 rp
Negaim 05-09 rp
Negaim 10-14 rp
Parah 01-04 Lazer Yudel
Parah 05-08 Yossi
Parah 09-12 Twerskys
Tohorot 01-05 rp
Tohorot 06-10 rp
Mikvaot 01-05 co
Mikvaot 06-10 co
Niddah 01-05 Shalom
Niddah 06-10 Avremi/ Eliyahu
Makshirin 1-3 p.
Makshirin 4-6 p.
Zavim 1-2 rp
Zavim 3-5 B  H
Tevul_Yom 4 Avremi
Yadaim 1-2   P
Yadaim 3-4   P 
Uktzin 3 Sender

The El-Al cheap tickets mistake

September 5th, 2012

Halachically speaking, I thought that if a seller made a mistake to the sellers detriment in pricing an item (not that the item’s true value was unknown but a mistake) that the buyer was required to return the item or fulfill the true price if the buyer bought up without knowing it was a mistake.

So how could one who bought a ticket when the wrong price was listed keep the ticket now that it is known the price listing was a mistake?

hopefully another summer trip out of season

April 10th, 2012

I plan on being in Israel 5/23-29

End of a Yudin line

February 8th, 2012

With the petira of Uncle Herman , z’l, last week , the Yudin generation above me has come to a close.

Not to be glib about it, but what a run they had. Just think of the difficulties they had to overcome (aside from the Depression) and how things changed so drastically during their time. And some of the changes occurred due to who they were and what they were determined to do. I highly doubt Eretz Yisroel would be as frum as it is without them and there is no way American frum community would be as strong as it is now without them.

list for Kislev 20 of 2011 (Kodshim)

October 29th, 2011

what                                     who            finished
Zevachim זבחים
chapters 1-3                  CO
chapters 4-7                  CO
chapters 8-11                  LY[rb]
chapters 12-14                  LY[rb]

Menachos מנחות
chapters 1-3                  RP                        *
chapters 4-7                  RP                        *
chapters 8-10                 RP                        *
chapters 11-13                l.L

Chulin חולין
chapters 1-3                  shuiH
chapters 4-6                  Sender
chapters 7-9                  Sender +shui
chapters 10-12              Sender +shui

Bechoros בכורות
chapters 1-3                  TH
chapters 4-6                  MD
chapters 7-9                  MD

Aruchin ערכין
chapters 1-3                  shalomH
chapters 4-6                 se
chapters 7-9                 se

Temura תמורה
chapters 1-4                  RP                        *
chapters 5-7                  RP

Kresos כרתות
chapters 1-3                  MM
chapters 4-6                  EL

Me`ila מעילה
chapters 1-3                  YahuH
chapters 4-6                  AW[nw]

Tamid תמיד
chapters 1-3                  TH
chapters 4-6                 TH

Midos מידות
chapters 1-4                  yossiH

Kanim קינים
chapters 1-3                 se

 Eliyahu Haber was the “official” Siyum maker.

Spring 2011 , ’summer’ trip

June 3rd, 2011

well this year I am planning something different for me to do this ’summer’.

For one thing, it will be before the summer :)

I went to Eretz Yisroel for Shavous