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Visit to LosAngeles during Succos 2013

Sunday, October 13th, 2013

TH & R had me at their place for the 1st half of Succos. Weather was very nice for Succos and I got to meet all the children (the boys for the first time I think). Eliza and Estie made signs for me and Sunday we went to the Long Beach Aquarium.

My trusty Nokia finally got to the point of not working well , so got a newer phone which had a camera. So I took 3 photos since I had it:

Shabos in LA

Monday, April 11th, 2011

Shabos Mezora , Henna Gittel & her boys were in LA by TzviHirsh and Rayze. TH&R invited me to come down and join which I did.

It was a nice Shabos for me. The weather was much better than Seatlle’s. I met Nesanal for the first time, and while he is a bit weak in the drinking department :) , he reminds me very much of the Zev Paperman I knew in Lakewood. Simliar humor , outlook on “halachic minhag” and seems to know his learning. Yoel Moshe was pretty good when I was around, which generally was when he was not over-tired. HG - great meeting her again - still HG :)

The Haber girls are starting to grow up. This time around they fooled around with me a bit, at me and with me. Rayzel looked good and was smiling the whole time (even though her team had lost 4 in a row). TH has grown a real full time beard! and still looks in good shape.

’till next time …..

Catching a Spring

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

This was the year of Springless Seattle - I think we only had one day over 65 the whole spring. The heat was still going on at night in mid-June. So I decided I better grab a Spring Day while I could and go to LA for June 18-21. That Tzvi Hirsh & Raize live in LA was just a coincidence :-)

Seriously, it was nice to be able to get down to LA to visit TH&R and see their girls for the first time. The place they live in is very nice (I took a very short video of a couple of the rooms ) and LA did give me very nice Spring days. TH&R made the days even better, I really had a great time.

Found out a couple of things about them: TH is a bourbon not scotch drinker (what happened Yankle? :) ) and Raize is a Big Lakers Fan (so she was in a very good mood :-D ).  The girls were very good, Aleeza was a very good sport. The neighborhood is very quiet and smelled very nice.  hmm, that was just a lot of “very”s, so probably the point at which to stop.