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Mishnayis List 2008

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

So this year going for Zeruyim in honor of my Mother’s Yartzheit.

please let me know which assignment you want to take, might be a good idea to send a 2nd choice as well in case the first one is already taken. Date to finish by is: December 16. Thanks.

Berakhot ·1-3 MB

Berakhot 4-6 MB

Berakhot 7-9 MB

Pe’ah ·1-4 ChaimOzer

Pe’ah ·5-8 ChaimOzer

Demai ·1-3 rp Y

Demai ·4-7 rp Y

Kil’ayim ·1-3 Sender

Kil’ayim · 4-6 MD

Kil’ayim ·5-9 Yakov H

Shevi’it ·1-3 Leiby

Shevi’it ·4-5 rp Y

Shevi’it ·6-7 rp Y

Shevi’it · 8-10 rp Y

Terumot ·1-3 Eliezer

Terumot ·4-6 M M

Terumot ·7-9 rp Y

Terumot ·10-11 shui

Ma’aserot ·1-2 LYandRayzel Broyde

Ma’aserot ·3-5 rp   Y

Ma’aser Sheni ·1-2 TH Y

Ma’aser Sheni ·3-5 TH Y

Hallah · HG&N

Orlah · eliyahu

Bikkurim Shalom H

baruch dayan emes

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

my ‘Big Brother’ from long ago …