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Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

after all these years, i finally bought a crockpot. My 2nd rice cooker in a year went down and when shopping for a new one , I saw a crockpot for less than a rice cooker. Since I could just keep using a pot for the rice and i figured if pressed a crockpot could do rice, i went and purchased the crockpot.

1st Shabos wasn’t that good, i didn’t know what i was doing and how it would work. Shabos Haazeinu went much better, i had a better idea what to put into the ’stew’ and how much liquid was really needed.

I have it on a timer so it is off when I scoop from it, but i’m wondering - since the temp is set to low and it doesn’t get hot would there be a problem in scooping from the crockpot while it was on and in the element container?

Yartzheit for 20 Kislev 2012 - Taharos

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012
Keilim 01-05 Leiby
Keilim 06-10 Tvi Hirsch
Keilim 11-15 Eliyahu
Keilim 16-20 E.M.
Keilim 21-25 Benjy Y.
Keilim 26-30 Yosef W.
Oholot 01-04 Eliezer
Oholot 05-08 MosheDon
Oholot 09-13 Men.Men.
Oholot 14-16 Yehuda
Oholot 17-18 Frager
Negaim 01-04 rp
Negaim 05-09 rp
Negaim 10-14 rp
Parah 01-04 Lazer Yudel
Parah 05-08 Yossi
Parah 09-12 Twerskys
Tohorot 01-05 rp
Tohorot 06-10 rp
Mikvaot 01-05 co
Mikvaot 06-10 co
Niddah 01-05 Shalom
Niddah 06-10 Avremi/ Eliyahu
Makshirin 1-3 p.
Makshirin 4-6 p.
Zavim 1-2 rp
Zavim 3-5 B  H
Tevul_Yom 4 Avremi
Yadaim 1-2   P
Yadaim 3-4   P 
Uktzin 3 Sender