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Visit to LosAngeles during Succos 2013

Sunday, October 13th, 2013

TH & R had me at their place for the 1st half of Succos. Weather was very nice for Succos and I got to meet all the children (the boys for the first time I think). Eliza and Estie made signs for me and Sunday we went to the Long Beach Aquarium.

My trusty Nokia finally got to the point of not working well , so got a newer phone which had a camera. So I took 3 photos since I had it:

2013 list for 20 Kislev

Monday, October 7th, 2013

Berakhot 1-3 .rp.

Berakhot 4-6 .rp.

Berakhot 7-9 .rp.

Pe’ah 1-4 .rp.

Pe’ah 5-8 .rp.

Demai 1-3 .MD.

Demai 4-7 .MD.

Kil’ayim 1-3 .BH.

Kil’ayim 4-6 .BH.

Kil’ayim 5-9 .BH.

Shevi’it 1-3 .CO.

Shevi’it 4-5 .CO.

Shevi’it 6-7 .Yossi.

Shevi’it 8-10 .MM.

Terumot 1-3 . EL .

Terumot 4-6 . Leiby .

Terumot 7-9 rp

Terumot 10-11 rp

Ma’aserot 1-2 .Lazer Yudel.

Ma’aserot 3-5 .Lazer Yudel.

Ma’aser Sheni 1-2 .Tzvi Hirsh.

Ma’aser Sheni 3-5 .Tzvi Hirsh.

Hallah .EsterMalka.

Orlah .Yossi.

Bikkurim .Shui.