Shabos in LA

Shabos Mezora , Henna Gittel & her boys were in LA by TzviHirsh and Rayze. TH&R invited me to come down and join which I did.

It was a nice Shabos for me. The weather was much better than Seatlle’s. I met Nesanal for the first time, and while he is a bit weak in the drinking department :) , he reminds me very much of the Zev Paperman I knew in Lakewood. Simliar humor , outlook on “halachic minhag” and seems to know his learning. Yoel Moshe was pretty good when I was around, which generally was when he was not over-tired. HG - great meeting her again - still HG :)

The Haber girls are starting to grow up. This time around they fooled around with me a bit, at me and with me. Rayzel looked good and was smiling the whole time (even though her team had lost 4 in a row). TH has grown a real full time beard! and still looks in good shape.

’till next time …..

2 Responses to “Shabos in LA”

  1. TH Says:

    We really enjoyed having y’all!!

  2. HG Says:

    We had such a good time - it was such a treat that Uncle Ray came too! Sorry about the jet lag.
    Hope to see you again a lot sooner UR!

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