Spring 2011 , ’summer’ trip

June 3rd, 2011

well this year I am planning something different for me to do this ’summer’.

For one thing, it will be before the summer :)

I went to Eretz Yisroel for Shavous

Shabos in LA

April 11th, 2011

Shabos Mezora , Henna Gittel & her boys were in LA by TzviHirsh and Rayze. TH&R invited me to come down and join which I did.

It was a nice Shabos for me. The weather was much better than Seatlle’s. I met Nesanal for the first time, and while he is a bit weak in the drinking department :) , he reminds me very much of the Zev Paperman I knew in Lakewood. Simliar humor , outlook on “halachic minhag” and seems to know his learning. Yoel Moshe was pretty good when I was around, which generally was when he was not over-tired. HG - great meeting her again - still HG :)

The Haber girls are starting to grow up. This time around they fooled around with me a bit, at me and with me. Rayzel looked good and was smiling the whole time (even though her team had lost 4 in a row). TH has grown a real full time beard! and still looks in good shape.

’till next time …..

photos from Summer 2010

December 14th, 2010

I went to Mount Rainier National Park this past summer. Unfortunately the day I went it was overcast at the mountain so a lot of the views of the mountain were not available. Then a lot of the photos I took just plain did not come out (corrupt files).

So here is what was salvagable :-)

Paradise  is the name of one of the major viewing areas at the park

list for 20 Kislev of 2010 (Nashim)

October 8th, 2010

Please be finished before Thanksgiving Shabos

Mishna Pereks               Learner:

* Yevamos
o Chapter 1 - 4                rayzle’s LY
o Chapter 5 - 8                rayzle’s LY
o Chapter 9 - 12               rp
o Chapter 13 -16                EM & M

* Kesuvos
o Chapter 1 - 3                Tzvi Hirsch
o Chapter 4 - 7                 CO
o Chapter 8 - 10              CO
o Chapter 11 - 13              CO

* Nedarim
o Chapter 1 - 3                MosheDon
o Chapter 4 - 6                MosheDon
o Chapter 7 - 9                HG & N
o Chapter 10 - 11           rp

* Nazir
o Chapter 1 - 3                sender
o Chapter 4 - 6               rp
o Chapter 7 - 9               rp

* Sotah
o Chapter 1 - 3                eliyahu
o Chapter 4 - 6                eliyahu
o Chapter 7 - 9                eliyahu

* Gittin
o Chapter 1 - 3                Eliezer & MM  
o Chapter 4 - 6                Eliezer & MM
o Chapter 7 - 9                Eliezer & MM

* Kiddushin
o Chapter 1 - 2                shui
o Chapter 3 - 4                Shalom

Catching a Spring

June 22nd, 2010

This was the year of Springless Seattle - I think we only had one day over 65 the whole spring. The heat was still going on at night in mid-June. So I decided I better grab a Spring Day while I could and go to LA for June 18-21. That Tzvi Hirsh & Raize live in LA was just a coincidence :-)

Seriously, it was nice to be able to get down to LA to visit TH&R and see their girls for the first time. The place they live in is very nice (I took a very short video of a couple of the rooms http://www.eskimo.com/~chips/vid/LA_haber.wmv ) and LA did give me very nice Spring days. TH&R made the days even better, I really had a great time.

Found out a couple of things about them: TH is a bourbon not scotch drinker (what happened Yankle? :) ) and Raize is a Big Lakers Fan (so she was in a very good mood :-D ).  The girls were very good, Aleeza was a very good sport. The neighborhood is very quiet and smelled very nice.  hmm, that was just a lot of “very”s, so probably the point at which to stop.

Review of trip back East for MM & F wedding

June 22nd, 2010

woops, I forgot to post this in January!  :-(

MenachemMendel and Fayge’s wedding was very nice. I didn’t get there until the chupa had already started, so missed out on my meat eating at the “smorg” :-)   Met lots of relatives, including EM’s children for the 1st time. No Rayze from LA and no Bayle though.

Spent Monday in Baltimore after driving down from Passaic. Most of the time I spent at Uncle Mendel & Aunt Hadasa’s, my first visit there. Uncle Mendel unfortunately is just not doing well. His memory is extremely poor. Aunt Hadasa though is still chipper and moving around quite a bit. After getting a pastrami sandwich, I visited with Aunt Peshie. She showed me some photos of Uncle Joe and we talked about various things.

Next day was Passaic and visiting my Mother along with the other relatives. Annie R came with me and she visited her Mother (Aunt Libby). I took photos which I hope came out ok and hope to post them. Forgot to mention: it was very cold and a penetrating cold at that. I just could not do my usual job when at the cometary.

Back to Passaic, then on to the airport. On both parts of the trip I had no issues with the security, they both went quite quickly. So now that I made it through another trip, I am starting to think about my next one. Maybe LA? Perhaps Baltimore in the spring?

list for 20 Kislev of 2009

October 21st, 2009

Shabbat     1-4       … Yaakov Haber
Shabbat     5-8      … moshe don
Shabbat     9-12     … yosef moshe
Shabbat     13-16 … Eliyahu
Shabbat     17-20 … Eliyahu
Shabbat     21-24 … Leiby

Eruvin         1-3 … moshe becker
Eruvin         4-6 … moshe becker
Eruvin         7-9 … moshe becker

Pesakhim     1-3 … Shui
Pesakhim     4-7 … Shui
Pesakhim     8-10 … Menachem Mendel

Shekalim     1-4 … Sender
Shekalim     5-8 … Sender

Yoma         1-4        … Lazer Yudel
Yoma         5-8        … Lazer Yudel
Sukkah         all        … Chaim Ozer

Beitsah     all             … Nesanel

Rsh ‘Shana     all       … moshe don
Taanit         all          …  Eliezer Lederfeind

Megillah     all           … Tzvi Haber

Moed Katan     all       ___ rp_

Chagiga        all            … shalom

Mishnayis List 2008

October 29th, 2008

So this year going for Zeruyim in honor of my Mother’s Yartzheit.

please let me know which assignment you want to take, might be a good idea to send a 2nd choice as well in case the first one is already taken. Date to finish by is: December 16. Thanks.

Berakhot ·1-3 MB

Berakhot 4-6 MB

Berakhot 7-9 MB

Pe’ah ·1-4 ChaimOzer

Pe’ah ·5-8 ChaimOzer

Demai ·1-3 rp Y

Demai ·4-7 rp Y

Kil’ayim ·1-3 Sender

Kil’ayim · 4-6 MD

Kil’ayim ·5-9 Yakov H

Shevi’it ·1-3 Leiby

Shevi’it ·4-5 rp Y

Shevi’it ·6-7 rp Y

Shevi’it · 8-10 rp Y

Terumot ·1-3 Eliezer

Terumot ·4-6 M M

Terumot ·7-9 rp Y

Terumot ·10-11 shui

Ma’aserot ·1-2 LYandRayzel Broyde

Ma’aserot ·3-5 rp   Y

Ma’aser Sheni ·1-2 TH Y

Ma’aser Sheni ·3-5 TH Y

Hallah · HG&N

Orlah · eliyahu

Bikkurim Shalom H

baruch dayan emes

October 28th, 2008

my ‘Big Brother’ from long ago …


new eyewear

September 5th, 2008

after many years, my eye exam came up with a different result. too bad it was for the worse. So, new prescription which also means new frames - ouch! However, I refused to go the bifocal route. I’ll just extend my arms when needed :)

So far, they are giving me a headache though far things do seem sharper and everything seems brighter. Maybe due to plastic instead of glass lens?