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The Braindeadometer (TM): How nickie's doin' with his fans, an attempt to track the size of the barefoot-in-a-blizzard set. Latest Rasmussen Latest Gallup Rasmussen Report History And he's doin' great! Dr M looks at the lowest approval number here. 28 percent of the electorate is a bit less than 64 million people--just what the Billary won the 2016 election with. Assume the NBTs' continuing success with their selective voter-suppression. Factor in the BIABs' blind-faith fanaticism, and The Zombie's unwillingness to put up a winner, and He's a shoo-in for 2020 re-election. And, since these people have demonstrated their total loyalty to Him, regardless of how He screws them, He can do anything He wants until January 20, 2025. January February -- Uhmurrica's fundamental social problem is the vast difference in income between its poorest and its wealthiest citizens. Every attempt to improve things will fail until this changes. Humans long ago lost control of their technology (y'know, like after it got more sophisticated than a rock?) with no hope of regaining it. How many invasive species are there? One. Humans. Everybody else is a hitchhiker. Evolution is not a fact, but a process; it is a fact that the process is ongoing--and it is tremendously complex, probably far beyond the understanding of any puny human mind. Dr M asks, what is the Supreme Law of the Land? See The Rules One place where nickie can't do any damage is GCC: that's a done deal, no matter how much he and his ignorant coterie deny it, and obstruct the well-meaning folks who are trying, too late, to do something about it. The fact that an organization styles itself "non-profit" does not mean that the people running it aren't using it to rake in the big bucks. JANUARY 2018 This month's Braindeadometer (TM) percentages: Rasmussen strong approval Approval 28 - 30 44 - 47 Gallup 35 - 39 Dr M is changing the Braindeadometer. Gallup is no longer publishing daily numbers, so he's adding results from Rasmussen Reports. The numbers differ, but that's probably because Rasmussen thinks they're surveying "likely voters" and Gallup just talks about "adults". And Rasmussen's stuff is a step more sophisticated, with approvers and (oooo!) strong approvers: maybe these are the real BIABS: that'd be the optimistic interpretation...right? The merely "approving" are simply braindead. Or brainwashed. And--it belatedly occurs to the Doctor--what about that one or two percent who don't have an opinion? Should they be included in the braindead? In a way, they're worse. Since they were available somehow to the pollsters, they don't have the marooned-on-an-Arctic-ice-floe-don't-know-nuttin'-about- nuttin' excuse: they have to know nickie's there. And how could they not have an opinion of Him? January 13 nickie the habitual liar just doesn't get any credit: he tells the truth, and the shpxvayvoehyf jump all over him. With justification, of course: he probably really was just expressing his bigotry. But he's right, y'know: Africa and Haiti are fuvgholes*--made that way by the hard work of people just like him. January 21 Mike the Relf doesn't really think the Palestinians are going to listen to him, does he? After nickie stuck both thumbs in their eyes? Telling them to get their asses in gear and surrender.... Shees. nickie is a bigot with blood on his hands. January 24 Washington state law now allows othugs to write actual tickets for fondling yer cell phone while driving; but it's still A-OK to let it distract you! January 25 "I am not a crook." --Richard Nixon "I am not a racist." --Donald Trump January 31 Hard to believe that three capitalists could get something right, but apparently Bezos, Buffett, and Dimon managed it: they frightened the medical-access hucksters. Well, they frightened the owatoons who've bet on big profits from those hucksters, but that's a pretty good proxy. This month's Braindeadometer (TM) percentages: Rasmussen strong approval Approval 28 - 31 42 - 46 Gallup 37 - 38 February 2 If nickie got a court order to divest himself of his wealth, would he resign rather than comply? obey it? Nah. In the unlikely event that the Fishskin Gang let it stand, he'd ignore it. Same for his cabinet cronies, probably. February 24 Jeremy Bentham (1748 - 1832) invented the panopticon--innocently, he thought he was working on prison design. In the current political climate we should all keep the concept--well, its updated and considerably enhanced contemporary version--firmly in mind. It ain't just Big Brother keeping tabs on you anymore; his extended family is now helping him. You don't know when they're actually watching; you have to assume, though, that everything you do gets recorded. Usually you're just a few bytes in the hucksters' databases. But if the othugs--or anyone with the bucks to buy the info--want to check, they can. And the information will always be there for a budding demagogue to use in a witch hunt. Currently, the software isn't very good at picking who to look for; it makes lots of mistakes: The othugs miss their real target and break down the neighbors' door, or shoot someone who just happens to be near one of their operations. The wrong people get shoved into other bad-guy categories--especially, whichever Really Awful Religion That Satan Is Using Right Now To Promote Evil And Other Really Bad Stuff. But the programming can only improve. Help out! keep a Consumer Monitor charged and on all the time, and really close, wherever you go. When your turn comes, you can hold your head up in the gas chamber, knowing that you played at least a small part in making your journey there possible! And on the way, you can be proud that you helped the owata figure out what sort of shoddy penc you were willing to throw your money away on! When you had some money. When you could get out'n'about to throw it away. You do use your Monitor to pay for everything, don't you? Today, it's the Chinese.... This month's Braindeadometer (TM) percentages: Rasmussen strong approval Approval 31 - 35 45 - 50 Gallup 37 - 40 Februray 28 Mark Twain said something like, "No one is safe when the legislature is in session." He didn't get that quite right.... Washington state's demonstrates, as it: Refuses to protect Puget Sound from invasive species, because a large international company doesn't want it to; Refuses to fund public schools, because it would have to raise someone's taxes--other than the people who can actually afford to pay; that's off the table. So it would have to go after tiny amounts from many poor and not- quite-poor people; goin' after the poor's okay, of course (alas, blood from a stone and all that); but a lot of the NQPs vote, and some of them actually work on election campaigns; Does, however, protect itself from publication of records of its work; meaning, of course, that it doesn't want any sort of digital or paper trail easily available for some shpxvayvoehy investigator to follow to the bribes its members have taken. https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/politics/without-debate-state-senate-approves-open-records-bill-that-keeps-many-lawmakers-records-closed/ So: the legislators are safe. And, as we can see from the bleats they emitted to justify their action, black is indeed white. You'd think, wouldn't you, that since the public pays for their work, the public has a right to see it? Nope. March 7 February 28, Dr M kinda blew it on the Washington state legislature; here's a mea culpa. Of course, if he were your standard politician he'd just delete the tweet and try to pretend he never said nuttin' like that.... Anyway: The education funding failure stands. But the pols did manage to pass a bill restricting the introduction of one invasive species to Puget Sound, the Atlantic salmon. In net-pens. Seven years from now. Assuming Cooke Aquaculture doesn't successfully club the state government into submission with NAFTA. State kills Atlantic salmon farming in Washington | The Seattle Times And the secrecy bill got vetoed, with no override coming: this is one of those rare occasions that the pols shpxrq up so egregiously that the people actually noticed and made enough noise to force their Glorious Leaders to back off. But The Doctor had the right idea. No one in Olympia had a road-to-Damascus moment: the corruption remains. It's briber-- er, business as usual. March 11 Purty standard penc: a nut guns down a bunch of people and the pols and TPR logorrheics wring their hands and emit the standard bleats about gun control, either for or against, depending on their constituencies. And it doesn't matter, because everybody knows, really, that mass shootings will continue in Uhmurrica. Period. Even if the politicians could overcome their terror of the NRA, and actually try to craft good gun control laws (probably impossible in itself), the carnage is going to continue: firearms, including military- grade stuff, are so readily available that the only restriction on how many people can buy is their available cash. Dr M thinks gun control is a great idea; he'd like to see thousands of Professor Barnhouses go to work. Millions--that's probably what it would take to reduce the number of available weapons to a number where control might be possible. The thing is, in Uhmurrica it is not possible: Too many cold-dead-hands fanatics. Too many greedy capitalists eager to keep their particular factory churning out the guns, with a great excuse: A giant military which probably loses thousands of weapons a day and doesn't really have much incentive to care: "Sir! ten thousand machine guns are missing!" "No problem, sergeant. Congress will buy us some more." And, of course, too many bloodthirsty Uhmurricans. You don't need many to render any program to keep track of them--let alone restrain them-- ineffective. March 12 Hayseed alert! Dino Rossi downplays Trump factor in congressional race (Seattle Times) Ol' Dino can say "I'm not running to be The Apprentice", but when he gets to DC, he'll have a choice: ostracism or working for him. Florida Gov. Rick Scott Signs Bill That Tightens Gun Restrictions In The State : NPR The headline doesn't mention that the bill also probably makes an increase in the number of guns on a public school campuses all but inevitable: let's call it packin' pedagogues, to use NRA jargon. Someone asked a famous warball coach--or just a warball coach, and he became famous for his answer--why his teams hardly ever used the forward pass, and he said something like, when you throw the ball lots of things can happen, and only one of them's good. So: arming teachers. What could possibly go wrong? Well.... We'll pass lightly over the psychological effect on the children--actually, it probably wouldn't be that great; they're already trained to accept armed thugs patrolling the halls. More than patrolling, if we can believe the anecdotal evidence. And ignore the question of whether armed thugs should be an everyday part of children's environment. And forget pedagogy. That's not what the public schools are for, anyway. So, possible problems. Lessee. A kid could get hold of the gun and shoot the teacher, or his ex-girlfriend, or the guy who's dating the girl now, or the principal, or his parents. The teacher could lose his temper--especially in a school bulging with adolescents--and shoot a student, or a bunch of them. In the unlikely event an armed intruder showed up, the teacher could try to shoot him and inadvertently help him out by nailing a few kids himself. Or get the little old lady on the sidewalk outside who was just going to the grocery store. And, of course, the intruder, confronted with an armed opponent, will lose whatever shreds of sanity he has left and _really open up. That's a few to start with; doubtless, if packin' pedagogues become common, we'll see others. March 15 The Zombie and the neomac/Bircher/Teamonkey Axis, with a big assist from TPR, made a big deal of the Pennsylvania special election. Which it wasn't. If, when all the legal challenges have ended, the Zomboon hangs onto his win, it won't much change the Housemonkey calculus: he is, after all, a stealth NBT. So his win is actually to the NBTs' advantage (although they're too power- mad to see it). They'll almost certainly be able to point at him from time to time and say, "Look! our agenda is so great, one of the Enemy is voting for it!" March 19 Austin package bomb attacks timeline | Fox News Have the people of the state of Texas awakened to the fact that they have a nest of shpxvayvoehyf in their midst? And is at least one now trying to do something about it? * Encryption Dr Mal 2017 Notes TPR Definitions Copyright