Dr M oraculates

The Braindeadometer (TM) An attempt to track the size of the barefoot-in-a-blizzard set: How nickie's doin' with His fans: Latest Rasmussen Latest Gallup Rasmussen Report History Looks great! Dr M looks at the lowest approval number here. 28 percent of the electorate is a bit less than 64 million people--just what the Billary won the 2016 election with. Assume the BNTs' continuing success with their selective voter-suppression. Factor in the BIABs' blind-faith fanaticism-- these people have demonstrated their total loyalty to Him, regardless of how He screws them--and The Zombie's unwillingness to put up a winner, and He's a shoo-in for 2020 re-election. He can do anything He wants until January 20, 2025. January February March April May June July August September Not even half of the Uhmurrican people understand that nickie is a bigot. -- Uhmurrica's fundamental social problem is the vast difference in income between its poorest and its wealthiest citizens. Every attempt to improve things will fail until this changes. Humans long ago lost control of their technology (y'know, like after it got more sophisticated than a rock?) with no hope of regaining it. How many invasive species are there? One. Humans. Everybody else is a hitchhiker. Evolution is not a fact, but a process; it is a fact that the process is ongoing--and it is tremendously complex, probably far beyond the understanding of any puny human mind. Everyone believes in God, and people who think anyone else believes in theirs are deluding themselves. Hear about the guy who changed his name to Will of the People? He was hoping the government would ignore him. Failure to breastfeed a baby is child abuse. TSA policy: shoot first, ask questions later (if at all). -- The fact that an organization styles itself "non-profit" does not mean that the people running it aren't using it to rake in the big bucks. The people who shout the loudest about fake news are--surprise!--among the biggest purveyors of same. It's a man's world. You live in the hyperpanopticon: invasion of privacy is the business model of the Internet. Magical thinking is a fundamental trait of humans. Anyone with a brain will avoid "Internet of Things" tackies as much as possible. We can't know that the cause of Uhmurrican gun violence is the ready availability of guns, because the NRA has purchased enough legislators to outlaw research into the subject. Dr M is all for eugenics--if we can do it right. He figures we probably need another millenium or so of scientific progress to figure it out. The politics of it? we're incapable of handling them competently. Hmm. Maybe not such a good idea at all. UHMURRICA'S DYING FALL The nickie regime, government by lying on Twitter, Jan 20, 2017 to...whenever The poster-children for politics at its worst. These guys politicize everything--already a sign of ineptitude--but even if they were trying to play skillfully, they couldn't. Dr M will leave the details to the many others who have, gleefully or sorrowfully, elaborated them. Its Maximum Leader is a) a bigoted, ignorant, incompetent, lying sexist b) an ignorant, incompetent, lying, sexist bigot c) a lying, sexist, bigoted, ignorant incompetent d) a sexist, bigoted, ignorant, incompetent liar e) all of the above Working for nickie and thinking rationally are clearly extremely difficult. The people who call Him a buffoon 1) aren't taking Him seriously enough 2) are paying Him a compliment. And understanding why He did something is simple: it's all about Him, making Him feel good about Himself. He has blood on His hands. Lying is His, and His regime's, default strategy, even when the truth would work to His/their advantage; it's a reflex. He is is superb at ATKM, and you could hardly ask for a better example than His implementation of BNT family values in dealing the influx of refugees at the southern border. One thing He's really bad at is playing His role. He's apparently so in love with Himself that even merely acting Presidential--projecting that aura of humility at the awesome power He can wield--is beyond Him. And dignity. Of course, He hasn't any; but He can't even pretend. It's kind of like one of the differences between smart and stupid people: the smart ones can act stupid; but it doesn't go the other way. His general sherman pruitt--relf extraordinaire! (NPR)--marches to the rising sea. Yeah, yeah, he's gone. But the habicidal policies continue. One place where He can't do any damage is GCC: that's a done deal, no matter how much he and his ignorant coterie deny it, and obstruct the well-meaning folks who are trying, too late, to do something about it. THE PARTY LINE or NEWSPEAK With thanks to E Arthur Blair who invented the term, if not the concept itself. TPR has its own way with words, as it must, given its job of twisting reality to make us all Feel Rilly Good (TM) about the owata. Herewith, Dr M attempts to explain some of it. computer glitch: often used for an IT failure of some sort: programming, hardware, infrastructure weakness. In other words, not a computer problem at all, but merely what we should expect from standard business practices. contractor (in war-zone context): mercenary data breach: publication of sensitive information, almost always the result of incompetent security farmer: usually, a large corporation dedicated to habitat destruction via monocropping and the concomitant application of large quantities of toxic chemicals to the land saving the planet: keeping the climate just like it is, or maybe just a little warmer SUV (also, automobile, car): a CHSI tech: digital technology Wall Street: a euphemism for the arm of the owata in charge of financial manipulation; in hypercapitalism, of course, this means, in charge of who gets to sell what and when and how and to whom and.... THE RULES A few simple ideas to help you get through your day Murphy's Law * The most significant, mostly because it's the one so often ignored ATKM (All The King's Men, after the Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme): Breaking things is easy. Fixing them, difficult to impossible. The Hood Robin Principle, beloved of BNT: Steal from the poor, give to the rich. Plunkitt's Law, aka the Supreme Law of the Land: if you're only going to remember one thing when you're trying to make sense of Uhmurrican politics, this is it: The Fix is In. And although it's more practical guide than a law, Mudslinging Works is also helpful. There's also Dr M's corollary to SLC's Aphorism ("No one is safe when the legislature is in session.") Legislatures only do things right by accident. And erroneously attributed to Sam, something like A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes. Well, he could have said it, right? He's one of our icons; we want to believe he said it! The Fundamental Principle of Capitalism If you can't make money doing it, don't do it! Which leads inevitably to If you can't do it cheap, don't do it! * Dr M's version of Valentine's Maxim*: The Bad Guys always get there first. The Law of Imagination: If a human can imagine doing something, someone somewhere will try it. Probably has already. JANUARY 2018 This month's Braindeadometer (TM) percentages: Approval Strong Approval Gallup 35 - 39 Rasmussen 44 - 47 28 - 30 Dr M is changing the Braindeadometer. Gallup is no longer publishing daily numbers, so he's adding results from Rasmussen Reports. The numbers differ, but that's probably because Rasmussen thinks they're surveying "likely voters" and Gallup just talks about "adults". Or it could be because--Dr M heard somewhere--that the Rasmussen organization is a BNT front. They do give nickie higher ratings.... And Rasmussen's stuff is a step more sophisticated, with approvers and (oooo!) strong approvers: maybe these are the real BIABS: that'd be the optimistic interpretation...right? The merely "approving" are simply braindead. Or brainwashed. And--it belatedly occurs to the Doctor--what about that one or two percent who don't have an opinion? Should they be included in the braindead? In a way, they're worse. Since they were available somehow to the pollsters, they don't have the marooned-on-an-Arctic-ice-floe-don't-know-nuttin'-about- nuttin' excuse: they have to know nickie's there. And how could they not have an opinion of Him? January 5 When you deal with a medical huckster, you don't always get what you pay for: pay less, you'll get less; pay more, you'll still probably get less. January 6 Oxycontin is a gateway drug. January 13 nickie the habitual liar just doesn't get any credit: he tells the truth, and the shpxvayvoehyf jump all over him. With justification, of course: he probably really was just expressing his bigotry. nickie calls a big piece of the world a shithole But he's right, y'know: Africa, Haiti et al are fuvgholes*--made that way by the hard work of people just like him. January 21 Mike the Relf doesn't really think the Palestinians are going to listen to him, does he? After nickie stuck both thumbs in their eyes? Telling them to get their asses in gear and surrender.... Shees. January 22 The truth of allegations about nickie's sanity is less important than the fact that almost half almost half of the Uhmurrican people are willing to question it (Politico). January 24 Washington state law now allows othugs to write actual tickets for fondling yer cell phone while driving; but it's still A-OK to let it distract you! January 25 "I am not a crook." --Richard Nixon "I am not a racist." --Donald Trump January 31 Hard to believe that three capitalists could get something right, but apparently Bezos, Buffett, and Dimon managed it: they frightened the medical-access hucksters. Well, they frightened the owatoons who've bet on big profits from those hucksters, but that's a pretty good proxy. February 1 Last month's Braindeadometer (TM) percentages: Approval Strong Approval Gallup 37 - 38 Rasmussen 28 - 31 42 - 46 February 2 If nickie got a court order to divest himself of his wealth, would he resign rather than comply? obey it? Nah. In the unlikely event that the Fishskin Gang let it stand, he'd ignore it. Same for his cabinet cronies, probably. February 24 Jeremy Bentham (1748 - 1832) invented the panopticon--innocently, he thought he was working on prison design. In the current political climate we should all keep the concept (well, its considerably enhanced contemporary version) firmly in mind. It ain't just Big Brother keeping tabs on you anymore; his extended family is now helping him. You don't know when they're actually watching; you have to assume, though, that everything you do gets recorded. Usually you're just a few bytes in the hucksters' databases. But if the othugs--or anyone with the bucks to buy the info--want to check, they can. And the information will always be there for a budding demagogue to use in a witch hunt. Currently, the software isn't very good at picking who to look for; it makes lots of mistakes: The othugs miss their real target and break down the neighbors' door, or shoot someone who just happens to be near one of their operations. The wrong people get shoved into other bad-guy categories-- especially, whichever Really Awful Religion That Satan Is Using Right Now To Promote Evil And Other Really Bad Stuff. But the programming can only improve. Help out! keep a Consumer Monitor charged and on all the time, and really close, wherever you go. When your turn comes, you can hold your head up in the gas chamber, knowing that you played at least a small part in making your journey there possible! And on the way, you can be proud that you helped the owata figure out what sort of shoddy penc you were willing to throw your money away on! When you had some money. When you could get out'n'about to throw it away. You do use your mobile Monitor to pay for everything, don't you? Today, it's the Chinese.... February 28 Ol' Sam is just a bit off here. The Washington State Legislature: Refuses to protect Puget Sound from invasive species, because a large international company doesn't want it to; Refuses to fund public schools, because it would have to raise someone's taxes--other than the people who can actually afford to pay; that's off the table. So it would have to go after tiny amounts from many poor and not- quite-poor people; goin' after the poor's okay, of course (alas, blood from a stone and all that); but a lot of the NQPs vote, and some of them actually work on election campaigns; Does, however, protect itself from publication of records of its work; meaning, of course, that it doesn't want any sort of digital or paper trail easily available for some shpxvayvoehy investigator to follow to the bribes its members have taken. https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/politics/without-debate-state-senate-approves-open-records-bill-that-keeps-many-lawmakers-records-closed/ So: the legislators are safe. And, as we can see from the bleats they emitted to justify their action, black is indeed white. You'd think, wouldn't you, that since the public pays for their work, the public has a right to see it? Nope. MARCH March 1 Last month's Braindeadometer (TM) percentages: Approval Strong Approval Gallup 37 - 40 Rasmussen 45 - 50 31 - 35 March 7 February 28, Dr M kinda blew it on the Washington state legislature; here's a mea culpa. Of course, if he were your standard politician he'd just delete the tweet and try to pretend he never said nuttin' like that.... Anyway: The education funding failure stands. But the pols did manage to pass a bill restricting the introduction of one invasive species to Puget Sound, the Atlantic salmon. In net-pens. Seven years from now. Assuming Cooke Aquaculture doesn't successfully club the state government into submission with NAFTA. State kills Atlantic salmon farming in Washington | The Seattle Times And the secrecy bill got vetoed, with no override coming: this is one of those rare occasions that the pols shpxrq up so egregiously that the people actually noticed and made enough noise to force their Glorious Leaders to back off. But The Doctor had the right idea. No one in Olympia had a road-to-Damascus moment: the corruption remains. It's briber-- er, business as usual. March 11 Purty standard penc: a nut guns down a bunch of people and the pols and TPR logorrheics wring their hands and emit the standard bleats about gun control, either for or against, depending on their constituencies. And it doesn't matter, because everybody knows, really, that mass shootings will continue in Uhmurrica. Period. Even if the politicians could overcome their terror of the NRA, and actually try to craft good gun control laws (probably impossible in itself), the carnage is going to continue: firearms, including military- grade stuff, are so readily available that the only restriction on how many people can buy is their available cash. Dr M thinks gun control is a great idea; he'd like to see thousands of Professor Barnhouses go to work. Millions--that's probably what it would take to reduce the number of available weapons to a number where control might be possible. The thing is, in Uhmurrica it is not possible: Too many cold-dead-hands fanatics. Too many greedy capitalists eager to keep their particular factory churning out the guns, with a great excuse, a giant military which probably loses thousands of weapons a day and doesn't really have much incentive to care: "Sir! ten thousand machine guns are missing!" "No problem, sergeant. Congress will buy us some more." And, of course, too many bloodthirsty Uhmurricans. You don't need many to render any program to keep track of them--let alone restrain them-- ineffective. The President of the United States (Jan 20 2017 to...whenever) is a) a lying, bigoted, incompetent ignoramus b) a bigoted, incompetent, ignorant liar c) an incompetent, ignorant, lying bigot d) an ignorant, lying, bigoted incompetent e) all of the above And understanding why He did something is simple: it's all about Him, making Him feel good about Himself. March 12 Hayseed alert! Dino Rossi downplays Trump factor in congressional race (Seattle Times) Ol' Dino can say "I'm not running to be The Apprentice", but when he gets to DC, he'll have a choice: ostracism or working for him. Florida Gov. Rick Scott Signs Bill That Tightens Gun Restrictions In The State : NPR The headline doesn't mention that the bill also probably makes an increase in the number of guns on a public school campuses all but inevitable: let's call it packin' pedagogues, to use NRA jargon. Someone asked a famous warball coach--or just a warball coach, and he became famous for his answer--why his teams hardly ever used the forward pass, and he said something like, when you throw the ball lots of things can happen, and only one of them's good. So: arming teachers. What could possibly go wrong? Well.... We'll pass lightly over the psychological effect on the children--actually, it probably wouldn't be that great; they're already trained to accept armed thugs patrolling the halls. More than patrolling, if we can believe the anecdotal evidence. And we'll ignore the question of whether armed thugs should be an everyday part of a child's environment. And forget pedagogy. That's not what the public schools are for, anyway. So, possible problems. Lessee. A kid could get hold of the gun and shoot the teacher, or his ex-girlfriend, or the guy who's dating the girl now, or the principal, or his parents. The teacher could lose his temper--especially in a school bulging with adolescents--and shoot a student, or a bunch of them. In the unlikely event an armed intruder showed up, the teacher could try to shoot him and inadvertently help him out by nailing a few kids himself. Or get the little old lady on the sidewalk outside who was just going to the grocery store. And, of course, the intruder, confronted with an armed opponent, will lose whatever shreds of sanity he has left and really open up. That's a few to start with; doubtless, if packin' pedagogues become common, we'll see others. March 15 The Zombie and the neomac/Bircher/Teamonkey Axis, with a big assist from TPR, made a big deal of the Pennsylvania special election. Which it wasn't. If, when all the legal challenges have ended, the Zomboon hangs onto his win, it won't much change the Housemonkey calculus: he is, after all, a stealth BNT. So his win is actually to the BNTs' advantage (although they're too power- mad to see it). They'll almost certainly be able to point at him from time to time and say, "Look! our agenda is so great, one of the Enemy is voting for it!" March 18 Mark Zuckerberg is watching you. March 19 Austin package bomb attacks timeline | Fox News Have the people of the state of Texas awakened to the fact that they have a nest of shpxvayvoehyf in their midst? And is at least one now trying to do something about it? March 24 Hayseed alert! Actually, this happened several weeks ago and Dr M managed to miss it, but hey! better late than never, eh? The toxic-sugar-water hucksters are buying Washington state ballot space for an initiative to prevent other governments' following the Seattle example and taxing their excellent products. Okay, standard capitalist behavior etc etc, and so what? What caught Dr M's attention was the name of the organization fronting the campaign, which contains the words "affordable groceries". Y'know, like, Yikes! the gummint's jacking up the price of food! This strikes him as qualifying for inclusion in the bitomo department. -- More hayseed stuff: nickie bud Ryan Zinke passed through Washington state recently and claimed that the nickie regime now supports increasing the North Cascades grizzly population, and Dr M asks, why? I mean, that's treachery to The Base, craven cowering before the treehuggers! Not to mention completely at odds with every other regime policy. He also seemed supportive of compensating the Spokane Indian tribe for losses its members suffered when the Grand Coulee dam flooded their land. Several generations too late but again, gotta piss nickie off. Maybe ol' Ryan's intelligence network has informed him he's the one who won't have a chair the next time the music stops, and he's just throwing a futile monkey wrench at the works--not that anyone would notice one more. March 26 Looks like ol' Vlad made a pretty slick move, trying to knock off his ex- spy! Every kicked-out Russian makes the Goering strategy look that much more logical to his subjects, and thus his job that much more secure. APRIL April 1 Last month's Braindeadometer (TM) percentages: Approval Strong Approval Gallup 39 - 40 Rasmussen 44 - 49 29 - 33 The President of the United States (Jan 20 2017 to...whenever) is a) an ignorant, lying, bigoted incompetent b) an incompetent, ignorant, lying bigot c) a bigoted, incompetent, ignorant liar d) a lying, bigoted, incompetent ignoramus e) all of the above And understanding why He did something is simple: it's all about Him, making Him feel good about Himself. Apr 11 Paul Ryan is the latest neomac-Bircher-Teamonkey to demonstrate the essential cowardice of his wing of the Party: when it looks as though their gerrymandering isn't going to make them a shoo-in, they cut and run. He even trots out the old be-with-the-family cliche so beloved of pols who get caught with their pants down. Except in this case he's not even accused of shpxvat a porn star; he's just scared of losing. Ok, let's be charitable. He's not scared at all, just satisfied that he's done enough damage to rest on his laurels. He probably doesn't want to be with his family; guys like him don't want families; they want political assets. And a family just happens to be a really good one, the ultimate feelgood, all-purpose, all-Uhmurrican excuse for anything. -- One of Vlad's minions stuck it to nickie, dismissing "twitter diplomacy". Alas, Uhmurricans are stuck with "twitter government" until at least 2025, and probably beyond, considering how well it works for nick.... April 13 NPR: Senators ask if Secretary Of State Nominee Mike Pompeo will be a yes man. And the answer is, of course he will. NPR: Senator Menendez on confirmation hearing for Mike Pompeo Mr P has an excellent chance to land a job that will put him fourth in line to become the "the most powerful man in world"--okay, that's Uhmurrican triumphalist exaggeration, but not by much--so naturally he'll be a yes man--that's his only shot at keeping the job. Of course, with nickie nothing's guaranteed: if he's having a bad rug day, and ol' Mike happens to wander into sight, well.... D'ya suppose that's what really happened to T Rex? April 27 Gee Whiz! neomac Housemonkeys whitewash nickie/Vlad collusion! April 29 sherm* defines wood as carbon-neutral. And, in keeping with the nickie's devotion to ignorance, proposes arbitrarily limiting information available to EPA workers trying to do their jobs despite the regime's unremitting hostility. * See sherman pruitt MAY May 1 Last month's Braindeadometer (TM) percentages: Approval Strong Approval Gallup 38 - 42 Rasmussen 44 - 47 28 - 30 May 4 It'd be nice to believe that it's a bit easier to find some sort of sweatshop to work in--the owata's RUE is at 3.9 percent, which is what their economists define as full employment. But these are numbers from the nickie regime, whose default strategy is the lie. If they've been moderately successful at replacing the Labor Department's competent people with their lackies, these numbers are cooked. May 10 Leopards, spots: Gina Haspel can say she opposes torture, but: nickie knows that fcvpf, avttref and diaperheads are Scum, and if fuvg happens to them, well, that's the way it goes. And He's an ignoramus. He thinks torture works, that you can believe what that guy on the rack says. So. He's probably politically astute enough not to order Ms H to torture people, but if she does, wink-wink, He certainly won't object except to ensure plausible deniability--a concept she must know well and will thus be more than able to help Him with. May 17 Ever wonder why Uhmurrica is such a mess? Republican lawmaker: Rocks tumbling into ocean causing sea level rise This guy is a Housemonkey, folks, one of the people you've given the job of making the laws. Dr M doesn't usually comment on GCC stuff, done-deal and all that but this one is so ludicrous that he has to note it. You could dump a hundred Mt Everests into the ocean and not notice the sea-level difference. Brooks has has to be on nickie's short list for sherm's replacement. May 18 Betsy Wetsy scores again! Federal-student-loan scammers, step right up, git yer free cash here! A State Attorney General Calls Out Betsy DeVos on For-Profit Colleges -- New York Times May 20 The Texas lieutenant governor has a novel explanation for Second Amendment events. He is apparently so in thrall to the NRA that he blames them on abortion and video games, without a word to explain his rejection of the logical explanation: the ridiculous ease with which any Uhmurrican can obtain a machine gun. Ok, charity begins at home: the guy is starting from a severely compromised intellectual position: he's a BNT. He may actually believe the crap he spews. The bribery income, and the opportunities to pander to his six- gun-totin' constituents are just frosting on the cake. And it's reelll convenient to have androcratic ideology and a cliche to back him up. The abortion thing you can maybe understand: see pander, above. And abortion has been a stock TPR binary for so long that most people lose sight sight of the issue--and there actually is one, involving women's emotional health, their babies' chances for a decent life etc--and just mindlessly parrot whichever half of the TPR simplification that appeals to them. But the other stuff looks more like wriggling on an uncomfortable financial hook.... It's similar to the GCC denier who decided to accept the scientific evidence for increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide--and blamed bicyclists: when they exert themselves, they produce more CO2! From his perspective, a twofer: bicylists hate automobiles and hug trees, right? they're part of The Enemy. So if he attacks them, the petro hucksters will pour money into his campaign. JUNE June 1 Last month's Braindeadometer (TM) percentages: Approval Strong Approval Gallup 40 - 43 Rasmussen 44 - 49 31 - 36 June 6 BNT has always made a lot of noise about "family values", as though it had a lock on the idea. Well, in a sense they do--on their version of what those values are: for for example, the nickie regime's current abuse of beaner children. Republican family values It's a bit extreme--but actually just an unusually honest expression of how they feel. Child abuse is not quite accurate, of course: people have children, and beaners, in BNT calculations, aren't people, so they have...spawn or something. So the nickie regime isn't abusing children. June 20 Must be kind of shocking to learn that enough people disapprove to endanger even safely gerrymandered districts in the upcoming elections: see Paul scurry! Even nickie had to backtrack. Guess Mitch will have to recant. -- It is Against The Rules for TPR to come right out and call a politician a liar, mostly because it's Just Not Polite. But, logistically, if they tried to do so consistently they'd hardly have time to say anything else. But NPR is coming close: June 20th: One of their news jockeys used the word lie, in a piece on the nickie regime. He just had to make it clear he was expressing his own opinion. When The White House Can't Be Believed And, June 23, agonizing about it: The Media And The White House June 25 The Fishskin Gang supposedly granted the appeal of that bigot florist who refused to serve a gay wedding... ...except, they didn't, really. They just sent it back to the lower court. Why does the Gang keep punting on these homobigotry cases? You know they want to just turn the homophobes loose, so why don't they? Sure, the shpxvayvoehys* would pitch a fit, and a few people might die in the ensuing riots--but they'd be mostly qlxrf, snttbgf etc, right? and wouldn't that be A Good Thing (tm)? Gotta remember: we no longer admit it, but...hating sntf etc, is still A-OK in Uhmurrica. June 27 Fishskin Gang busts the public-worker unions! This time, they just did the full monty, what every bean-counting public administrator wants--and what the Uhmurrican people want: sweatshopped public workers! Uhmurricans, except those few who are actually lucky enough to benefit from one, hate unions, for at least two reasons: they resent the better wages, benefits and working conditions of people who belong to a good one; and TPR has trained them. And they hate shiftless, lazy gummint workers, guzzling from the gummint trough.... So they're probably cheering this decision--one reason the Fishskin Gang could go all-out on this one, unlike their recent weaseling on homophobia. Ya get what ya pay for... It's gonna take a while, but as the sweatshops spread, the best public workers--the ones who can most easily find a better job elsewhere--will leave. Just think: when you call a cop, he'll probably be a rental from the local pthug huckster! House on fire? Get out the garden hose; the firefighters won't be able to drive those big rigs very well, might take a while to arrive, if they don't crash on the way. And if they do manage to get there, they won't be very good at firefighting.... You already have a low opinion of teachers, so you won't have to worry about the already-dismal-soon-to-get-worse public education system: what with the kids already not learning, not much to lose there. Want a building permit? renew yer driver's license? Be prepared to wait, or get turned down because the guy behind the counter won't know how to do his job. And you should think twice before boarding that public-transit bus, should it actually show up. If the driver even knows where he's going, he still might not be able to get the bus there. And so it goes.... JULY July 1 Last month's Braindeadometer (TM) percentages: Approval Strong Approval Gallup 42 - 45 Rasmussen 46 - 49 32 - 35 -- July 5 nickie sez He won't ask the next Fishskin Gang anointee if he's a PIMP. Whatta deal for Him! He can lie with the truth! For sure, He won't ask, because...He doesn't have to: He's working from a list of guys who've already answered "yes" to top-of-the-line owata ithug screeners. Thus, no possibility of regime incompetence-generated mistakes, either. A guaranteed Enemy of the People, joining the country's Ultimate Legislature. July 6 U.S. Army Discharges Immigrant Soldiers Seeking Citizenship Yet more evidence that we can't trust the nickie regime...period. July 7 sherm's departure is a Good Thing (tm) for the nickie regime: now the CEPA can continue its work without the inconvenience of a spotlight on its offalph's corruption. July 9 The nickie regime's objections to breast-feeding probably aren't really ignorance--except that pandering to relfs is a form of ignorance--but more likely just plain ol' corruption: selling baby formula is an owata revenue stream. Ignore race in school admissions, Trump administration says Affirmative Action, that rabble-rouser's friend! Want a fight? Just say the words; don't even have to like or dislike it. The nickie regime, of course, is going with the anti- crowd: not because of their ideas, but because the Boss is a bigot, which gives his minions free rein to let out their Inner Bigots. And affirmative action specifically tries to help those hated Others, especially avttres. Can't have that! July 11 Knowing that He has done many things which rise to the level of high crimes and misdimeanors, nickie's hedging His bets with Brett Kavanaugh, who seems to think that the Uhmurrican President Can Do No Wrong. July 17 Soulgazing Dictators suckering Uhmurrican presidents. It goes back at least to 2001 nickie continues, enhances the tradition. 2018 Russia-United States summit - Wikipedia Maybe Vlad carries a variant of novichok that he uses when he wants only control, not assassination. He, of course, is pre-inoculated with the antidote. Nah. Unless KJU has a similar chemical; look at what happened in Singapore (lotsa cruft here. Dr M won't bother to edit it; interested readers can find what they need on their own): Donald Trump-Kim Jong Un summit: Text of full statement The North Koreans have been playing the rest of the world for more than half a century. Surely, there was someone on nickie's staff who could've gotten that across to Him without getting fired: that's not the sort of thing that threatens His ego, is it? Opinion | Trump Was Outfoxed in Singapore - The New York Times North Korea continues to expand nuclear missile program after Trump's false promises of safety North Korea continues construction of nuclear research facility despite agreement to 'denuclearize': report | Fox News Really, though, the situation is hopeless: nickie's admiration and envy of authoritarian thugs is so strong that He thinks even less clearly than usual in their presence. He really, really wishes He had political police like theirs, and a terrified population that would accept the repression. AUGUST August 1 Last month's Braindeadometer (TM) percentages: Approval Strong Approval Gallup 40 - 43 Rasmussen 45 - 48 31 - 35 August 21 An excellent example of the peculiar power nickie has over his staff! Rudy Giuliani Stuns Politicians And Philosophers With 'Truth Isn't Truth' Statement : NPR -- August 11 If nickie actually gets dragged into an interview with Mueller's investigators, He will perjure Himself.* He won't be able to help Himself. It's entirely possible that He doesn't know the truth about Himself, let alone anything else. -- August 26 Big Mac's dead. An opportunity fer Guvner Doug to make points with nickie! Big Mac had a nasty tendency to stick with his principles, which, alas, were not entirely in line with the nickie regime's-- Wait. Can lying and argument ad hominem on Twitter be called a principle? Can the loyalists of the nickie regime be said to have principles? Not germane, here. Doug's a loyal BNT, isn't he? He can appoint someone Mitch and nickie will be able to count on. How 'bout Sheriff Joe? nickie pardoned him, so he's available.... Last month's Braindeadometer (TM) percentages: September 3 Approval Strong Approval Gallup 39 - 42 Rasmussen 45 - 48 31 - 36 September 26 NPR is going along with the BNT pretence that letting Christine Ford tell her story on national TV might deny Big Brett his ambition. As is, probably, the rest of TPR. Dr M knows he should pay attention to them, especially the Vixen, in the interest of collecting as wide a variety of data as possible; but he's lazy: he dislikes having to do a running translation as he listens/watches/reads. That's the about the only thing the Vixen has going for it (ok, it makes a lot of money, but is that a good thing?): no hypocrisy. No interpretation, no thought necessary: their pro-BNT bias is front and center. September 27 What is all the fuss about? Kavanaugh and Ford to testify in Senate hearing...| Fox News It doesn't matter whether Big Brett makes it. There are plenty of others just as vile, or worse, where he came from, and nickie knows where to find them. See nickie's list September 28 Dignity and grace under pressure during his rubber-stamping: Big Brett demonstrates that he is as good at playing the role his new job will require of him as the guy who nominated him is at playing his. October 3 Last month's Braindeadometer (TM) percentages: Approval Strong Approval Gallup 40 - 42 Rasmussen 44 - 49 32 - 36 October 6 It doesn't matter if Big Brett is a sucker for conspiracy theories. It doesn't matter if he's an unconvicted rapist. It doesn't matter if he's an avowed buddy to the wealthy. It doesn't matter what kind of judge he was, most of the time. It doesn't even matter if (if?) he perjured himself during the Venate hearing. His behavior there demonstrates that he is emotionally unqualified to join the Fishskin Gang *. Even this Fishskin Gang. * Encryption Dr Mal 2017 Notes The Party Line Definitions Copyright