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Dr M asks, what is the Supreme Law of the Land? See The Rules The Braindeadometer (TM): nickie hangs in there! An attempt to track the percentage of the Uhmurrican public who will blindly worship nickie, even after He manages to provoke the North Koreans into launching a nuclear weapon at San Francisco. Actually, come to think of it, that would probably increase His approval with them: isn't SF full of qlxrf, snttbgf, and shpxvayvoehyf? * That 34 percent--His low mark--are all going to turn out for the 2020 presidential election. They'll walk barefoot through a blizzard to vote for Him: see SF, above. So He's doin' great! thirty-four percent of the electorate is approximately 70 million people--and the Billary won the 2016 election with 65. Even at 31 percent (the Gallup web page says their poll is accurate to within 3 percent) with the ongoing selective voter-suppression, He's still in pretty good shape. January February March April May June nickiecare is kind of puzzling, until you factor in the contempt even nickie fans have for the Uhmurrican Senate and House of Representatives: of course the number's gonna be lower. July August September October November ...and the latest Gallup Daily: Trump Job Approval The Democratic Party is dead, but its zombie will fight viciously to prevent any meaningful movement to improve the Uhmurrican quality of life. Evolution is not a fact, but a process; the fact is that the process is ongoing--and it is tremendously complex, probably far beyond the understanding of any puny human mind. JANUARY 2017 Dr M has reservations about the death penalty: if we're gonna use it at all, we should do it with a firing squad composed of the shysters, judge and jury who did the trial. Let 'em put their money where their mouths are! Well, that's probably the wrong metaphor, but you get the idea. However, there's one case he thinks is clear: if we're gonna make attempted suicide illegal, let's make the punishment death! Wait-- Shouldn't that be life? Without parole? -- Uhmurrica, as a society, a culture, whatever you want to call it, is failing--and the people doing the most whining about it are also the ones most responsible! -- The most important component of human psychology in Uhmurrica right now is confirmation bias. This month's Braindeadometer (TM): 43 - 45%. FEBRUARY Bruce Schneier in Cryptogram for this month explains why, sooner or later, we're going to have an Internet catastrophe that kills a whole bunch of people and injures or really disrupts the lives of millions more. He doesn't put it that way, of course: in spite of his experience, he has retained a core of optimism: he thinks we can fix it. Read it. Cryptogram, February 2017 -- Even TPR has noted that nickie's firing people who do stuff He doesn't like is reminiscent of Tricky Dick's behavior when he was trying to hang on as his criminality was becoming too widely known to ignore. Of course, nickie has the edge over The Trickster; back in those days Congress was only normally corrupt, serving the obscenely wealthy because it was profitable; in other areas they, or some of them anyway, had what an ordinary citizen would consider a passable moral/ethical sensibility, which ol' Tricky offended. Nowadays, a lot of them are relfs: they've got a President who says He shares a lot of their fanaticism (He doesn't, really: He's only fanatical about one thing, Himself) so they'll go along with Him, secure in the knowledge that, legally, He's already exposed Himself to impeachment, and will continue to do so because, well, that's His character. So they can get rid of Him if He becomes irksome. In the meantime, He's really handy to use in their scorched-earth policy toward the ninety-niners. Does nickie know of His vulnerability? Probably not: see Himself, above. The narcissist's mirror doesn't merely distort; it blinds. February 8 Since nickie's coup, the rednecks and bigots have been rejoicing, spicing their celebrations with good ol' boy attacks on diaperheads and avttref and, naturally, women. Congress, of course, will do lots of legal damage, and the air and water will get dirtier as a result, but maybe the worst aspect of nickie's drive to autocracy will be his role as enabler. The offalph of a country is its supreme examplar; nickie's an ignorant bigot, so we'll see a lot of ignorant-bigot wannabes. Including those folks who joined the othugs hoping to break a few heads. With the anointment of Jeff the Bigot as chief enforcer, they'll be all the more encouraged. Dunno if he'll actually wink-wink, but that's not really important. Even if the brutality is so egregious that he'll have to prosecute, y'know his heart will be with the thugs. February 27 By choosing Tom Perez as their new Supreme Leader, the Dems, once again, demonstrate that keeping their owata revenue stream is much more important to them than winning elections. Uhmurrica hasn't really had two big political parties for a long time, but now it's close to official: the neomacs are it. Ya gotta wonder: will the owata try to revive the Dems, to keep up the illusion? Or are they so confident of their power now that they'll figure they don't have to? This month's Braindeadometer (TM): 38 - 43%. MARCH nickiecare failed, not because it was mean-spirited, but because it wasn't mean-spirited enough for the most zealous of the neomacs. March 29 nickie pretends he wants to do something about opioid addiction, but he won't: that's a revenue stream for his campaign contributors! -- When Dr M was a child, the Republican Party made a big deal out of being the Law and Order folks. How times change! They're leading the charge now for complete anarchy, straight-ahead power politics: we've got the guns and the legislature, no holds barred! This month's Braindeadometer (TM): 35 - 45%. APRIL April 17 nickie is probably writhing with envy at the way Erdogan can destroy his enemies. April 19 Uhmurrican exceptionalism! under nickie 'n' th' neomacs, Uhmurrica could easily become the first country to voluntarily fall from industrial prosperity to struggling "Third World" poverty and illiteracy. This month's Braindeadometer (TM): 38 - 43%. MAY May 9 Comey. nickie says, "Thanks, Jim! Ya swung the election for me; here's yer reward!" This month's Braindeadometer (TM): 38 - 42%. JUNE June 2 nickie can deny science all he wants, but regarding global climate change it doesn't matter: that's a done deal. Of course, he should accept it: doing so would make effectively shielding the owata from the consequences so much easier. And Dr M is assuming that his denial is just for the consumption of his coal- and oil-huckster buddies; given his wiggieness, That's not a certainty: he might actually believe that the climate never changes. June 15 Whatta surprise! nickie's nominating rednecks, birthers and other conspiracy-mongers to federal judgeships. June 20 Georgia special Housemonkey election: a great victory for the Democrats! They lost by less than ten percent! June 23 Once again, nickiecare's in trouble because it's not mean-spirited enough. June 24 And more great news! nickie's wiggies are working hard on his agenda! Shakespeare Companies Suffer Backlash After 'Julius Caesar' Controversy. June 28 How hard d'you suppose Mike the Relf is working, behind the scenes, to get nickie out? If he's smart, he won't be doing anything at all. But these guys, y'know, especially stuck in a so-close/so-far position like Veep, their ambitions get the better of them. As a friend of Dr M's put it, they're like dogs around a bitch in heat. Dr M has a fantasy! Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan take a meeting with nickie, and offer Him three choices: delete His Twitter account; resign; or be impeached. The second, which will never happen, would put then in seventh heaven: they'd have a guy with even viler views than nickie's in the White House, and he'd know how to act presidential: they'd have a clear path to the utter destruction of life as the ninety-niners know it! No taint of an obvious nut's signature on the bills! Braindeadometer: seventeen percent of Uhmurricans approve of the nickie/ neomac push to make Uhmurrica's healthcare system even more dysfunctional. June 30 Somethin' else TPR's never gonna discuss: how much did European shpxvat with Africa contribute to, say, the development of groups like Boko Haram? This month's Braindeadometer (TM): 36 - 42%. JULY July 5 G20. If he weren't making the Uhmurrican people a look really stupid, you'd have to feel sorry for nickie: he's heading off to meet with a whole bunch of powerful people, all of whom are probably smarter and wiser than he is, except maybe for Vlad: can a psychopath be wise? And he thinks it's just the opposite, that he's the smartest one, the wisest one. He's gonna get his nff handed to him if he actually tries to do anything. July 14 As noted elsewhere, nickie 'n' th' neomacs can't do much damage in the global climate change arena. It's also unlikely that they can do more than slow down the switch to so-called renewable energy sources--even by owata accounting methods, they're too economically attractive--short of actually outlawing them, and that's almost certainly politically impossible--once again, made so by the owata's own accounting methods. Although they'll probably try, as some utility corporations are. July 15 Hayseed alert! Finally! the reason for Charleena Lyles's murder revealed: the othugs were just tired of callouts to her hovel: Seattle Times sez... July 19 Break out the hazmat suits! nickie 'n' th' neomacs might be thinking about (GASP!)...actually talking to Democrats (oh, NOOOO!), if they want to get anywhere with their attempt to make the Uhmurrican medical system even worse. Never mind that that's what politicians are supposed to do: work together despite their differences, at least try to do some good. But then, the neomacs are pretty fuvggl politicians: they've been spoiled by their own success at no-holds-barred power-seeking: shameless lying, elections made meaningless by gerrymandering, and their excellent job of painting the Dems as Godless Terrorists. Ya almost gotta feel sorry for 'em.... This month's Braindeadometer (TM): 36 - 40%. AUGUST August 6 NPR has a piece about the garrulousness of the White House staff ("leaks", specifically of the content of conversations nickie has with other offalphs) and how they could compromise relations with furrin gummints. Ordinarily, that'd be a big deal, but this situation is special, if not unique: surely the people on the other end of the line understand that nickie is a nutcase, completely unreliable, and tailor their remarks accordingly. So what about nickie's losing out on important info? Not a problem! His staff would probably have some ideas on what to do with it, but that's irrelevant: He's interested only insofar as He can use it to further demonstrate that He's The Greatest!! Cassius, we need you.... August 9 TPR is saying that the latest North Korea stuff is just the same-ol'-same- ol', nuthin' different from the last seventy years, that Kim Jong Un just wants to preserve his power, hang on to his cushy life. (If so, he's actually acting rationally!) The problem, of course, is they have to say that, regardless of the accuracy: can't have the consumers upset at the prospect of getting nuked! If that really is Kim's idea, is there any possibility that he'll figure out he's going at it really wrong? nickie is almost certainly clinically insane (difficult to teach, and unpredictable as to what he'll learn); he might order a massive nuclear strike just because he feels dissed. Or he's having a bad-rug day. Of course, all this assumes that Kim is just your standard megalomaniac, who who wants to keep on living to enjoy his power and perks. If he's as nuts as nickie, all bets are off. Just what the world needs: a couple of psychopaths playing chicken with nuclear weapons. August 14 Bigots rioting in Charlottesville. Dr M's first reaction to nickie's failure to denounce white supremacists was, why didn't He lie about it? He has no trouble lying about everything else. But a bit of reflection made things clear: these guys are nickie's core supporters, to use TPR's cliche. He has just enough social intelligence to realize that, while He can't avow his agreement with these jerks, He can't just out'n'out abandon them. -- Hee hee! tweet 'em, don't delete 'em! Somebody put his job on the line and read nickie the riot act; He gets consistent, and makes a liar of Dr M! August 16 Hey, Alabamans! it's your lucky chance! Vote fer Roy! He's a worthy successor to Jeff the Bigot! -- To Dr M, "abuse of power" is a redundancy: people get power, and use it to abuse other people. After watching nickie, though, he's starting to reconsider: maybe he's never seen the real thing. After all, this is Uhmurrica, where until relatively recently there was a culture of government restraint, and even a few weak tools for people to use to keep the public pols and bureaucrats in line. August 22 nickie falls into the Afghanistan trap! Actually, it was inevitable, given his incompetence. And hey! we can't really blame him: European offalphs a lot smarter and wiser than he is have done the same. It's been, what, a couple of centuries they've been trying to conquer the place? August 29 Hayseed alert! Puget Sound has a new native species! Atlantic salmon! Humans often use "if" instead of the correct "when", in discussing the possibility of certain occurrences. For example, when an event's consequences are unpleasant--or catastrophic. This is one of those times: for the enrichment of a few folks, we allowed the introduction of a new species into the habitat of one already endangered; moreover, one that many people depend on for their livelihoods, that many people appreciate just for esthetic reasons. Not to mention the tasty eating. Once we put "pens" of these invasive fish in the Sound, their escape into the wild was inevitable. Even if the people in charge of the "pens" weren't capitalists. August 31 The fact that an organization can legally call itself non-profit does not prevent someone from using it to make a hell of a lot of money. Take, for example, the Red Cross.... This month's Braindeadometer (TM): 34 - 38%. SEPTEMBER September 2 A cliched description of standard TPR behavior: if it bleeds, it leads. Additionally, nowadays, if it doesn't bleed, cut it. September 16 No Apology, No Explanation: Fox News And The Seth Rich Story : NPR Of course Fox hasn't explained why they did it! They'd either have to out-and-out lie, or acknowledge their business model! September 22 Vintage nickie! Most corrupt politicians at least understand that they have to pretend to principles. But nickie? He comes right out with it: He supports Luther Strange, not because he's the best man for the job, but because nickie sees him as loyal! wetsy de facto legalizes campus sexual assaults (once again, nickie pushes a possibly unpopular move off on a subordinate--although she was probably eager to do it!) September 29 nickie's latest incompetence: his regime's response to the devastation of Puerto Rico. Of course, the blame for the aid problems doesn't lie entirely with them; but calling the situation there "a good news story" is, at best, tone- deaf, to use one of TPR's favorite cliches, but, really, just stupid. Have to wonder how much Puerto Ricans' ethnicity has to do with the poor comparison to the response to the earlier storms. nickie's anti-beaner bigotry, anyone? This month's Braindeadometer (TM): 34 - 40 percent. OCTOBER October 4 Dr M doesn't get it: the owata probably want gun control, so why are the neomacs pushing easier firearm access-- Wait. Always a duh moment! Of course, he says: Mr Mander notches up another 59 kills in Las Vegas! October 5 Hayseed alert! Apparently, Washington State's Department of Fish and Wildlife habitat experts think the Atlantic salmon recently released into Puget Sound are insufficient to ensure the establishment of the species, so they've issued a permit to add another million or so. October 6 The Democratic Party is dead, but its zombie will viciously oppose any substantive attempt to improve the Uhmurrican quality of life. October 10 Error! The Zombie is not vicious: that's still the province of the neomacs. it's more...myopic? Self-deluding? Most Dems are just your standard corrupt pols; and Modern Psychology Proves that guys like that are really good at turning a blind eye to their own actions. The neomacs are vicious; most Dems are only ordinarily corrupt. They aren't going to do much for anyone who doesn't bribe--er, contribute handsomely to their reelection funds. That such neglect mostly precludes working for beneficial policies is more "collateral damage" than deliberate malice. Look what they did to Bernie Sanders, who would've creamed nickie in 2016. No power at all is preferable to even looking like you might rock the boat. The Zombie feared offending the owata, and went with the Billary, whom the rednecks have been taught to hate. Which fact nickie exploited. -- EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt announced Monday that the nickie regime is moving to scrap the Obama regime's Clean Power Plan. Once again, the neomacs can't do any damage here*, no matter how much they want to: see nickie and the Paris Accord. Of course they'll reap a rich political harvest: more campaign money from the coal'n'oil hucksters, more joy in the regime's wiggie base. But that's ok. nickie's buds will be fine; they don't have to worry about how much stuff costs. October 13 nickie makes poor people's access to medical care tougher; that means they'll wait until they're really sick to seek it--and the sicker you are, the more expensive the medicine. So, making it tougher on the poor will make it more expensive for everyone: just letting 'em die is getting more prevalent, but a lot of physicians still try to take care of the sick regardless of finances (so everyone else pays for the poor and the deadbeats, one way or another). October 18 Trump Denies Family Claim He Disrespected Fallen Soldier - NBC News. Ya gotta hand it to nickie! His photo could go into the dictionary next to the entry for incompetent! Given a ho-hum exercise in political hypocrisy--the sympathy call--he screws it up! Just when you thought he couldn't top himself, he does it effortlessly.... This month's Braindeadometer (TM): 33 - 39 percent. NOVEMBER November 5 Dr M fantasizes: instead of fawning all over nickie as though he actually deserved the respect traditionally granted the Uhmurrican President, the shpxvayvoehyzrqvn treated him the way he treats them: "The Fake President posted 513 tweets today, and every one of them was a lie." November 12 That Vlad! He must really have something! Remember shrub finding him trustworthy, after "gazing into his soul"? Now nickie says He believes every word that comes out of the guy's mouth. Of course, nickie has a motive: He still wants to think He won the election. Actually, it's probably worse than that: He knows He won the election, so He'll deny--to Himself, most of all!--anything that might cast doubt on that. November 23 - 24 Happy Gluttony and Avarice Days! Two of the seven deadlies in one glorious weekend! Eat yourselves sick! Then, git out thar 'n' shop!! Max out those credit cards! Goldman Citichase needs the bucks! November 30 This month's Braindeadometer (TM): 34 - 39 percent. * Encryption Copyright