J P speaks

His buddies Shpxvayvoehyf all too often forget the fundamental fact about poor people: they choose to be poor. Forget? Uryy, they deny it. -- Girls come in pretty/ugly pairs: the pretty one hopes the ugly one will scare the male nffubyrf away, and the ugly one hopes to catch one of them when that doesn't work. -- A avttre and a chimpanzee are over 98 percent genetically identical: ask any scientist! At the board meeting of the Heritage Enterprise Institute: "We've got to lie about our agenda: if we came out and said, we're here to make the rich richer, sure, we'd get lots of money, but we'd lose our propaganda edge. NPR certainly would stop calling us every time the need an expert." -- Bullying is the fashionable shpxvayvoehy word for the powerful human's natural behavior toward the less powerful. RIDDLES Why won't is it a Good Thing (tm) that Uhmurricans will never make a serious effort to eliminate HIV/AIDS? A. Because it kills a lot of junkies and snttbgf. What do you get when you cross a cow with a backhoe? A. A bull dyke Why do pretty girls have nffubyr boyfriends? A. Competition: the nasty guys have chased all the nice ones away. Copyright