IRC Abuses

Last updated 15 July 1998
This page's purpose is to define some of the terms used to describe certain abuses in terms of the IRC medium and the Undernet #atheism channel. I will, and many other ops will, kick for some if not all of these offenses.
Cloning, clonebots, clonies

This is bringing up multiple connections [or clones of yourself] from the same site, especially with the express purpose of attacking someone. People who bring up clonies without a damn good reason will probably be kicked, banned, and/or reported to an IRCop for possible G: lining. If you have ops and bring clones onto the channel without a damn good reason, you will no longer have them after you do so.

Trolling, baiting, flaming

Trolling is purposefully inflammatory, baiting speech, calculated to elicit a [violent] response. It is very rude an unappreciated. The term may also be more generally applied to what is more properly called "flaming," any sort of speech that is inflammatory and disruptive to conversation. For example, "YOU'RE ALL gonna BURN in HELL!!!" would be considered trolling. Trolls may receive several warnings before the op finally tires of them and kicks and/or bans them, or may be booted after one or two lines, depending on the operator in question and what sort of mood he is in. As with all channel moderation, disciplining is strictly at the individual operator's discretion.


Due to the nature of #atheism, unsolicited, unresponsive, inflammatory, and/or off-topic preaching is considered to be a special case of trolling. Unsolicited preaching is defined for the purposes of this document as entering the channel and beginning to evangelize straight off, without any sort of context in the current discussion. Unresponsive preaching is evangelizing without any regard for the responses of the general populace. For example:

[Heathen] So, has anyone read The Jesus Incident (Herbert)?
[Tom] Nope
[Dick] Yeah. Cool book.
[Harry] *nod*
[PreachBot] Have you accepted the Lord Jesus Christ into your heart?
[Heathen] Preaching is not welcome on #atheism. Please take it elsewhere.
[Harry] I'm in the middle of The Lazarus Effect right now
[Bob] Go away, Preach
[Tom] Fuck off, Preach
[Dick] I haven't, Preach
[PreachBot] For only he that accepts the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior can know the way into Heaven
[Heathen] Harry: I personally like this series better than Dune so far... it's a lot less slow, for one.
[Tom] Fuck you and your God, too!
[Dick] Heathen: yeah, but the slowness of Dune allows you to get sort of a cross-section of the whole culture of the story.
[Harry] Heathen: True
[PreachBot] Seriously, do you want to spend eternity in TORMENT, or in BLISS?
[Heathen] PreachBot, this is your last warning. Unresponsive preaching is not welcome on #atheism
[PreachBot] The wages of SIN are DEATH! How will you choose...DEATH, or LIFE?
[PreachBot] Praise be unto GOD the HIGHEST!
*** Mode change by W: +b *!*preach@*
*** PreachBot has been kicked off #atheism by W ((Heathen) Unresponsive preaching is not welcome on #atheism [24 hour tempban])

Off topic preaching is, obviously, evangelism that has absolutely nothing to do with the conversation at hand. Theistic opinions can be voiced, of course, but should be restricted [just like atheistic opinions] to some semblance of a topic. Inflammatory preaching is preaching calculated to draw a response, or patently rude preaching. "Turn to the LORD Christ or you will all BURN in HELL!!!" is a good example of inflammatory preaching. As with all offenses, actual disciplining is done purely at the individual operator's discretion.

Spamming, scrolling

Spamming or scrolling is outputting large amounts of text (often meaningless gibberish) in a relatively short time. Spamming most often occurs either because of annoying mental two year olds who desperately want attention or because of well-meaning people who accidentally paste too much info to the channel. Spamming is distracting, causes it to be harder to follow the conversation, and uses up valuable server resources. Spam is incredibly annoying, and you will be probably be given few if any warnings before more aggressive action is taken.


Flooding is sometimes used as a synonym for spamming. For the purpose of this document, however, I will use more malicious meaning of "flooding," as a specific and common sort of IRCwar attack, which is very often used through clonebots. Basically, to flood someone, either you personally or your clonebots send a string of CTCP's that elicit a response [such as CTCP PING, CTCP VERSION, or CTCP ECHO] from the other client. If the client of the person being attacked sends out enough data fast enough, the server will kill him for "excess flood." Any form of IRCwar is a serious offense on #atheism, and if you attempt to flood off one of the chanops, your ass almost certainly will be banned for quite some time to come.


Nuking can have several meanings in IRCwar. Here are a few of the more common ones:

  1. Sending someone a large number of ICMP or other high-priority packets. This is a type of denial-of-service attack, and is basically a bandwidth war. If the victim has a connection speed that is low enough compared to yours, he may get dropped from various net services (such as IRC) because his machine is so busy handling the high-priority packets (eg, ICMP PINGing the machine back) that it does not handle the lower-priority packets before it idles out. If your connection speeds are fairly close (especially if the target does not return ICMP PINGs), you may well pingout as well due to the machine strain of sending out the packets and parsing any returned information (eg, ICMP PING response packets).

  2. Using raw sockets to forge an ICMP packet telling a server that the victim has dropped connection.

  3. Taking advantage of a bug in Windows32 OSes that screws the machine up if the user receives an OOB packet on any port. The NetBIOS port is usually attacked, because a listening socket is guaranteed on that port under those OSes' default setup.

Like other forms of IRCwar, nuking is considered a very serious offense on #atheism, for both practical and historic reasons. Do it at the peril of your ever being in the channel again. Also keep in mind that if someone catches you at more or less any of these forms of nuking and logs the incident, you are probably as likely as not to lose your Internet access.