I've spent far more time working on my own page that anything else in HTML, but from time to time I do work on other pages - for myself, for friends, for money, or (preferably) some combination of those. Here are some of the pages I've worked on.

  • Southern Girls Convention - I worked on the main site, 2002 event page, and one of the 2001 event pages for this Southern feminist shin-dig that we have annually in different cities. The website is a core part of outreach, publicity, and participation in the convention, which draws hundreds of feminist activists for workshops, skill-sharing, entertainment shows, and more. On the 2002 event page, I worked with Julie Hathaway, who came up with most of the initial visual layout and did most of the early work on getting the site together.
  • My K College portfolio - At K we had to work on these online beasties called portfolios, where we would sling a bunch of information and reflection together about Our College Experience. Since I left K, I've relocated the page to my eskimo space. Have a look; you probably won't find much interesting, but if you want to read papers I've written, or find out what classes I took at K, this is definitely the place to be.
  • Realtime webzine - This was a webzine that I worked on as an editor, HTML coder, and contributor with three other guys from #atheism, which has currently fallen by the wayside due to lack of time and energy (also, I'm sure in part due to my anal retentive attempts at management). Still, it was fun while it lasted, and there are a whole two (or one and a half) issues online. Feel free to check it out; I don't think it's half bad.
  • Auburn University Political Science Department - I was hired by the Poli Sci department to update their web page with recent info and new visual layout for the low, low price of $75. Actually I would have taken $60, but who am I to argue with the boss? I had to grab some graphics, fiddle with the content of the main page a little bit, redo the overall layout, and convert some brochures into decent-looking HTML. Not too much work, but a lot of time spent trying to turn WP's alleged HTML conversion into something that I wouldn't be embarassed to put online. Since then, I've taken the web page through several major updates and redesigns.
  • Professor Johnson's homepage - This was my first serious HTML design project, before I had even dreamed of my current page. My father hired me to do a page for his classes, especially the UNIV 0102 Introduction to Political Economy class. All the layout and organization are my doing. Since this is such an old project, some parts of it, well, suck. But I've worked on both the content and the layout several times since it began back in 1995, so hopefully the suck factor isn't too high. The major attraction is the online edition of his Political Economy glossary, which is extremely useful, and, I like to pretend, somewhat attractively designed.