Charles W. Johnson
Unrequited II

Current version: 5 November 1998, Auburn, AL
Original version: 6 February 1998, Auburn, AL

This is one of many sappy love poems that I churned out in the early part of 1998 while obsessing over the girl that appears in all of my early love pieces. She was an absolutely marvellous friend of mine and at this particular time my emotions had reached the point where I was both brave enough to actually set my feelings down in words and also close enough to shattering under the pressure that I needed to. I dug it up and revised it some over the summer, and then fixed it up a bit more in the fall of 1998. Heather likes it a lot, and, in my humble opinion, on the whole it manages to be relatively emotional while understated enough to avoid cheesiness. For the record, there is indeed an "Unrequited" which preceded this to make it "II," but you probably won't ever see it, since unlike this one it is neither understated nor convincingly emotional (because melodrama alone doesn't count).

- CWJ, 27 June 1999

Unrequited II

Our footfalls are the only sound:
The woods are quiet this time of year.
The cold autumn wind swirls
and wraps around us.
You, with your grey beret,
     Small and beautiful
Alive and living;
I, with my raggedy coat,
the silent ogre,
the towering oaf,
With a million things to say--
     All in my head,
     None on my lips.
Wanting only to reach out and
    clutch your hand,
    to caress your hair,
    show what I'm afraid to say;
Keeping my arms
              at my sides.
Despairing of you ever knowing,
But happy if only to live in your wake,
As a carpet of red and gold engulfs us
And silence says more than all my poems.

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