Charles W. Johnson
Walking (Fall)

Original version: 22 January 1997, Auburn, AL
Current version: 22 January 1997, Auburn, AL

This is almost certainly the best of my experiments with haiku in the tenth grade. It's also one of the earliest poems that I wrote which I really consider to be quite good. At the time I was walking to my friend Brendan's house a lot after school, and part of the walk was usually to pass by this particularly bleak looking cemetary on a side road. The poem was inspired by my recollection of walking past that cemetary, huddled in my jacket. It was published in the 1997 issue of the Auburn High School literary magazine, The Triangle, and won at the local level in the Alabama Writers' Forum and Alabama Penman creative writing contests.

- CWJ, 6 February 1999

Walking (Fall)

Windswept, I
Clutch my coat to myself
Among blown brown leaves.

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