So, you want to know what the Davin is?

I can tell you what you want to know.

The Davin is just a guy. He's tired of referring to himself in the third person (a trick he acquired from Gavin, apparently) and he will now cease to do so.

I am the Davin. Ah, that's better. I was brought forth into this world in 1974 and, lacking anything better to do, I've been around ever since. I grew up near the the extremely boring city of Everett which is why I know far more about train tracks, video games, M-80's, shopping malls, and IHOP than any sane person should ever have to.

In 1992 I graduated from High School without filling the world with the light of my dreams or my classmates with hot lead, feats that amazed no-one, and left the barren soul-sucking wasteland of the suburbs for the largest city within reach, Seattle. Upon receiving the first of many checks from my parents, I matriculated at the University of Washington, where I spent the next five years learning physics, astronomy, why to avoid Everclear, strange and amusing (in a laugh-at-me kind of way, not a laugh-with-me kind of way) dance moves, and words like 'matriculate'.

In 1997 I found myself graduating from the UW with two bachelor's degrees (physics and astronomy). I started a brief career as a scientist by collecting rejection letters from various graduate schools, then abandoned it to become assimilated into corporate America. Utilizing neither of my hard-earned science degrees, I joined a small software company and eventually had to call myself an engineer.

Still recovering from my suburbia-induced malaise, I was soon corrupted by the (relatively large) regular paychecks and sank into a lifestyle of freedom and comfort. I moved into a nice house, bought fancy electronics and a sports car, and began to travel the world. In this way I was able to avoid ever having to decide what to be when I grew up (which has apparently happened already).

This brings us to the present, which is conveniently summarized in table 4-1:

Table 4-1, present status of Davin

Name: Davin Tarr
Age: 30 (looks 30)
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 160#
Eyes & Hair: brown
Cameras: 4
Current Location: Seattle, Washington, USA, Earth (Sol III), Solar System, Outer Milky Way, Local Cluster, LMC, The Universe
Current Position: Dilbert
Last Visited: Mexico
Next Destination: India
Likes: computers, science, photography, swimming, cute fuzzy little kittens, long walks along the beach at sunset, unless Buffy is on
Dislikes: computers, slow drivers, all the idiots who constantly get in my way on a daily basis and screw with my life in a thousand insignificant ways so that I can't get mad at any one at a time but whose cumulative effect is to drive me absolutely nuts in a slow death of a thousand shallow paper cuts (figuratively speaking), pecans.

Never having found any ultimate purpose to life beyond seeking beauty and bettering the lot of myself and as many of those around me as possible, I will be content to further my understanding about and compassion for the world in which I live, my fellow man, and myself. I will write increasingly long and rambling sentences until I am no longer physically or mentally abled, at which time I will become a crotchety old man with a cane, sitting out on the front stoop and shaking my fist at 'these durn kids today'. In many ways this will be the most enjoyable stage of my life, as I will be able to get away with anything no matter how socially unacceptable, assuming there are still socially unacceptable behaviors by then. In this way I will continue to ripen until sometime past the age of 128, whereupon I will be bodily struck by some advanced form of 22nd century heavy transport and my journey through this life shall come to an end.

This concludes our tour of the Davin, please watch your step upon disembarking. Thank you drive through.

ask front

why do we drive on the parkway and park on the driveway?