[oregon coast, 1996]

This is me. Explains a lot, doesn't it?

[I'm on the 
me & Dad
yellowstone, summer 1985
[me - 2nd from right]
moscow, ussr
may, 1991
[me on Tonga Ridge]
tonga ridge
summer, 1996
[me on Oregon coast]
oregon coast
summer 1996
yours truly
december 16, 1999
[Brett and me]
house party
april 15, 2000
[Tish and me]
tish & me @ 4am
buenos aires, dec 2000
[me at work]
me @ work
march 2001
[me and sid]
house party
april 14 2001
[me and some rock]
in hawaii
may 17, 2001
[katrina and me]
mariner's win again
august 2001
[me at work]
at work
june 2002
[me at home]
in the kitchen
june 2002
[me at the Ballard locks]
at the Ballard locks
june 2002
back home
some days it's just not worth chewing through the leather straps in the morning