Steve, Fred, Katrina and myself in Vancouver. We had so much fun on our last trip, we decided to do it again. This time, we had an extra person, and we stayed overnight instead of driving the 3 hours back to Seattle at 1 in the morning. Unfortunately for my photos, it was overcast and drizzly the whole weekend. These are some of my favorites.
Vancouver BC, Saturday April 29, 2000.
[street kid]
[street artist]
[Katrina & Fred's ear]
happy moment
[mountain view]
looking northwest
[hairy building]
[Steve and Katrina]
walking conversation
[man and angel]
old spaghetti factory
Vancouver BC, Sunday, April 30, 2000.
stanley park
[myself, Fred, Katrina, SteveR]
more stanley park
[Katrina and her horsey]
playing in stanley park
[Steve's just a big kid]
horsing around
[...and a frisbee!]
more horsing around
cleveland dam & watershed
[front view]
cleveland dam
[top view]
more dam
[Katrina and Steve]
snowball attack!
[cable car up Grouse Mountain]
movin' on up
[looking down]
at the top
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