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Using the Online Catalog of the Jung Society Library

This page explains how to use online catagog of the contents of the library of the C.G. Jung Society, Seattle. The database contains more than 4,000 entries.

Access the Online Catalog

By Author | By Subject


There are approximately 8 pages of books for each letter of the alphabet. It is necessary to click the right  arrow to browse through all pages.

For instance, "A" has 17 pages. Subject page "A1" starts with "Abandonment" and ends with "Adolescent psychopathology."  Page "A2" starts with "Adolescent psychopathology" and ends with "Aged – Psychology," etc. The last subject under A is “Ayer, A. J. (Ed.).” To get to the end you must press the right arrows.

(There is a software bug in the browsing: If you are at the end of a letter with lots of pages, for example “C” which has 16 pages, and you immediately click “Z” which has only two pages of books, you will get a 404 error, “page not found,” or other error. To work around this issue simply press the left arrow until you return to page “C1” before moving to “Z.”)


The “Subject1/Author1/Title” button searches through all the books, but only a minimal descriptions of the book.  If you know the title or author, this search will find it, but if you are doing research for an academic paper, you may want to use Full DB search, which searches secondary subject headings and other information.

The “Full DB” search searches through all of the descriptions and data about each book. Most books are cataloged under 3 subjects. They also have ISBN numbers, secondary authors, and other descriptive information. To search for this information “Full Search” must be used and sometimes results in finding additional materials.


Search results are powered by a free third-party search engine, Atomz. Sometimes Atomz will place advertisements at the top of your search results. A small price to pay for an excellent service.

Our cataloging staff has done a superb job of classifying all our books by subject, over many years. Therefore, a separate subject-sorted list has been generated so that people researching a particular topic can see all the books available on that topic. This is version of the database can be found by clicking  the “subject-sort” link.

About the Library

The materials in the C.G. Jung Society, Seattle Library are housed at the Good Shepherd Center, at 4649 Sunnyside Ave. N., Room 222,
Seattle, WA 98103. A nominal yearly membership fee is requested in return for borrowing privileges. For more details about the Library, including hours and location, see the Library page.

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Updated: 19 July 2009