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Walter A. McGerry, M.A.

Summer Series 2014: Jung's The Red Book

Course: Selected Wednesdays, June 11 and 25, July 9 and 23, August 13 and 20, 2014, 7 to 9 p.m.
Good Shepherd Center, Room 202, 4649 Sunnyside Ave. North, Seattle  98103 (driving directions)

$120 members, $175 nonmembers

McGerrySonu Shamdasani tells the story of an associate of Jung's who asked Jung to comment on some of his Red Book mandalas and paintings. Jung declined saying that his friend would be better served by creating her own red book. This summer we will have the opportunity to create our own red books during a six-week course that will meet during June, July and August.

Course participants will meet with a presenter for two hours every other week. During these meeting we will discuss Jung's experiences, which lead to his experiences, which became The Red Book. During subsequent sessions we will learn about active imagination techniques, dream interpretation, journaling and mandala creation. Participants will have an opportunity to use these techniques between sessions and bring their creations to the group for discussion and sharing.

The course will be limited to a maximum of 20 participants.

Advance registration is encouraged. You can mail your registration and payment to our office using this registration form or buy tickets in advance at brownpapertickets.com.

Begin to create your own Red Book with Walter A. McGerry

Session One (June 11): Introduction to Jung's experiences with the Red Book material and the development of active imagination methods. Overview of active imagination, dream analysis, synchronicity and mandala creation.

Session Two (June 25, 7 - 9 pm): Instruction in active imagination. Between sessions participants will work with active imagination methods and will give expression to the inspiration that emerges through drawing, writing and sculpting.

Session Three (July 9, 7 - 9 pm): Participants will share expressions of their active imagination work. Instruction in dream work/analysis together with Jung's views. Between sessions participants will work with dreams and keep a journal.

Session Four (July 23, 7 - 9 pm): Participants will share their experiences with dream work. Instruction in Jung's views of synchronicity. Between sessions participants will keep a journal of synchronistic occurrences.

Session Five (Aug 13, 7 - 9 pm): Participants will share their journal of synchronous experiences. Instruction in mandala as transcendent unifying principal. Between sessions participants will create mandala.

Session Six (Aug 20, 7 - 9 pm): Reflection and integration of material through sharing of personal mandalas.

Walter A. McGerry, B.A., University of Washington; M.A., Antioch University Seattle; adjunct faculty, psychology. Practicing since 1980, McGerry’s orientation for therapy, consultation and supervision combines humanistic, transpersonal and Jungian theory. He sees clients, consultees and supervisees in private practice and maintains studies and practices in: alchemy as a symbolic practice of transformation, creative processes, psychotherapy’s roles and meanings in socio-political contexts and conscious connection to transpersonal experience. As a member of the Northwest Alliance for Psychoanalytic Studies, he consults, pro bono, for therapists seeing clients at their clinic. He is actively involved in and past president of the Jungian Psychotherapist Association, and is also a member of the Association for Humanistic Psychology, Washington Mental Health Counselor’s Association, and Psychotherapists and Counselors for Social Responsibility.

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