So you clicked on my picture and it brought you here, aye, that's what happens when you get curious. Just a little about me:

    I have lived in the Greater Seattle, Everett area for all of my life, and been lucky to be able to travel thru most of the US and Canada by both car and train. I have also lived in Europe for 4-6 months at a time in both 1963 and 1971 as my family moved to Europe then because my father was on a teaching sabbatical. I have been married for over 36 years to a lovely, caring young lady and most likely will be for the rest of my life. We have no children of our own but you could say that we have many nieces and nephews as many of our friends children call us Aunt Kitty and Uncle Doc. I am a cancer survivor of 19 years. I have always been very appreciative of beauty and enjoy photography to be able to retain a lasting memory of it. I am a driver for Snohomish County Senior Services. I am also a member of the Seattle Fire Buff Society. This society supports and helps Firefighters at the fire scene by providing food and drink to the Firefighter to rehydrate and recover from fighting the fire. We also help maintain the history of the Seattle Fire Department. 

    I have always loved reading of books as they help me learn about things I do not know, take me places that I have not been to as of yet, and get me to experience things that I may never get a chance to experience. 

    Here is a picture of some of my family taking at a recent family Christmas party. I am blessed with some very beautiful and talented ladies in my family. And I love them all for who they are.


Here is a picture of my family from a few years ago at the family summer cabin. There were a few members missing and they were missed tremendously by all.


    To learn more about me you can email me or log onto But beware, I do not give friendship lightly, once you are my friend, you are a friend for life. If I do not know you it may take a while for me to accept you as a friend and I can seem cold and aloof, but it is just a habit to protect myself and my friends and loved ones from harm. All of my friends are very special to me and I will defend them to my death. There are some of my friends that I have lost track of for different reasons, once I have found you again I hope to remain in contact with you for the rest of my life.

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