Year 2000 Compliant Statement

Due to the volume of questionnaires regarding the year 2000 (Y2K) computer problems we have decided to address these concerns in a comprehensive letter. Because we are a small company with limited staff we have determined that this is the only way we can adequately cover these issues. Rather than answering individual surveys, many of which are quite time consuming and contain non applicable questions, we feel that this approach will better allow us to more specifically inform you of our position regarding our products and business operations

Objectives and Goals: We have been aware of and working on the Y2K problem since the beginning of 1997 when we found out that some of our software systems wouldn't be compatible with the Y2K rollover and began a series of changes to bring our services into compliance within acceptable limits. We are proud to be able to say that in the years since 2000 there has been no failure of any of our product due to a Y2K problem.

Supply Chain: Although we believe it is difficult for any manufacturer to assure that all of their suppliers (including the supplier's sources) are Y2K compliant, we are making every effort to prevent possible shipment delays. We have contacting the manufacturers of all components in our products so that we can be made aware of their plans and to verify that they do not have any Y2K problems in any products purchased from them.

Internal Processes: Although we do not currently have written assurances from all of the companies that are supplying us our goods and services, we are working on acquiring these. We have updated all of our systems as to be of Y2K compliance as to operating system and software. We have also run diagnostic checks on our operational software and are convinced that we will not be subjected to Y2K problems concerning our computer systems or our manufacturing facilities.

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