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The Consulting Process
When we are interacting with other people (or when we are trying to "think through" a tough problem), we will draw upon the resources of our consulting group (discussed earlier in this essay).  These are people who have allowed us access to their souls and who we have allowed to access our soul.  If we go out on the spiritual network and "contact" six members of our consulting group asking for input on a problem that we are trying to solve, we are likely to receive six answers that are fairly consistent with our own opinions.  After we receive their responses, the thoughts and feelings that they have sent to us through the spiritual network will automatically merge with our own thoughts and feelings and a consensus will be formed (even though we may think that we came up with the answer to our problem through our own cognitive thought processes).

When The Birds Fly South
It is fascinating to read about how one generation after another of birds, when they fly south for the winter, will often return to the same tree that their parents or grandparents had visited when they were alive.  When we hear stories such as these, we might find ourselves thinking that maybe the parents of the birds genetically passed on to them the special knowledge that was needed for them to find the same tree that their parents (and grandparents) had visited.

There are a lot of people who through the generations have wondered if maybe each new generation of human beings, just like the birds, is born with all of the knowledge of the previous generations somehow embedded deep into their minds, hearts, and souls.  Most of us are fascinated by ideas such as these.  Those people who tend to be intellectual and not-very emotional by nature might be fascinated by the idea that there might be a lot of special knowledge from past generations embedded deep in their minds (possibly even knowledge about the origins of mankind).  And those people who tend to be strongly emotional by nature might find themselves attracted to the idea that there might be memories of a lot of strong emotions embedded deep in their hearts and souls from previous generations (possibly stronger emotions than they have ever been able to feel before in their own lives).

Many years ago it was thought to be fashionable to say that you would like to take a journey to the center of your mind and discover the mysterious things that might be hidden there.  But through the years people of a more intellectual and not-very emotional nature have become reluctant to take that journey in pursuit of true and ultimate knowledge because they have come to realize that there are probably just as many non-rational and strongly emotional things embedded in their minds from previous generations as there is true and ultimate knowledge.  And people of a strongly emotional nature have also become reluctant to take that trip because they have come to realize that along with the strong emotional feelings that have been embedded deep into their hearts and souls from previous generations is probably also a lot of true and ultimate knowledge.

Setting Up Psychological Complexes
In the period following World War II there were many books and articles published that showed how people are capable of putting complexes on other people that tie them up in psychological "knots" from which they cannot escape. There were a lot of people at that time who believed that by the year 2000 people would no longer want to gain feelings of personal power by taking advantage of other people psychologically.  It was thought that once people realized the manner in which they were hurting other people, they would want to stop doing it.  

Over the past few years a new class of people has developed who  take pride in taking advantage of people who are psychologically (and spiritually) vulnerable.  Instead of using the information that has been published on psychological weaknesses to help other people become stronger, they have used that information to further damage people who have been damaged enough already.

It is appropriate that one of the terms used to describe psychological abuse is "a complex" because there are at least two components to a complex (it is not a simple thing).  First of all someone does something unfair to another person or says something unfair about another person.  The second part of the complex is the "cover up" that occurs after the unfair deed has been done or the unfair comment has been made where the person who placed the complex on the other person denies that they have done anything wrong.  This second part of the complex ties the victim up in a spiritual and psychological knot from which it is very hard to escape. 

The Judges of the Spiritual World
We live in a spiritual world and there are some spiritual dynamics that take place whenever a person places a complex on another person (where a person does something unfair to another person or says something unfair about anther person and then denies that they have done anything wrong).  Following the placement of the complex people who know the receiver of the complex (the victim) will sense increased negative spiritual energy coming into them from that person.  They may be suspicious that the person who placed the complex is responsible but if they confront the person who placed the complex, that person will very likely try to avoid taking the blame (and deny that they have done anything wrong) by insinuating that the victim is just imagining things.

All of us are members of the spiritual network.  Together as a spiritual group we are constantly forming a consensus as to what we as a group consider to be right and what we consider to be wrong.  When someone gets away with a spiritual power play like the one described above, a spiritual judgment is made against the person who lost the spiritual power play (in this case the victim of the complex).  If the one who places the complex is able to successfully deny that they have done anything wrong, the judges on the spiritual network have no choice but to allow them to keep the spiritual energy that they have taken. As a group we decide to give some of the spiritual energy that the loser previously had to the winner.  The winner is allowed to exchange that spiritual energy with anyone he or she chooses to exchange it with (they do not have an obligation to exchange that energy with someone who the loser of the power play likes).  Once the judges on the spiritual network decide that the winner should be allowed to take some of the spiritual energy of the loser, that energy is theirs to do with as they like.

Hammering Down The Nails
Millions of people today are members of spiritual groups (or spiritual entities) that aim to spiritually enrich its members by allowing them to continue to keep the spiritual power that they previously gained by doing something unfair to another person or saying something unfair about another person and then denying that they had done anything wrong.

As the victims of spiritual power plays many years ago began to understand the dynamics of what was happening to them (where a greedy person would purposely tie them in a spiritual and psychological knot from which they could not escape), they began to (with insight) regain some of the spiritual power that had been taken from them.  At that point, the people who specialized in placing these psychological complexes on other people began to pool their spiritual resources with like minded people in an effort to make it impossible for the victims of their spiritual power plays to regain the spiritual power they had previously lost.  As the nails they had so carefully hammered in started to come loose, they made an attempt to hammer those nails back down. 

Just about when it appeared that all hope was lost and a lot of these people were starting to become discouraged, they started to get even more nervous as it became clear to them that the world was starting to become one large community.  Many of the people in the developed countries who had used heavy-handed techniques to steal spiritual power from other people were now concerned that the people they were starting to meet from authoritarian countries (countries with authoritarian governments) around the world would condemn them for having stolen spiritual power from other people.  But much to their relief they found that many of these people had the ability to not only "look the other way" when confronted with evidence of unfair spiritual practices (such as stealing spiritual power from other people), but they also had admiration for the rough and aggressive people who had become strong from stealing spiritual power from other people.  Many of the people from the authoritarian countries had learned that in order to survive it was necessary to forge alliances with people who were rough and aggressive.  They had also learned that the people in their countries who questioned authority were often punished for speaking out and for expressing their opinions.  Instead of being the threat that they at first appeared to be, many of the people from the authoritarian counties ended up becoming valuable allies to the people in the developed countries who took pleasure in stealing spiritual power from other people.    

Letting The Witnesses Speak
Whenever a society places a severe penalty on committing a crime there is a danger that the life of anyone who witnesses that crime may be put in danger.  If the criminal knows that by allowing the witness to live, they will be severely punished, they may feel it is necessary to make sure that the witness is never allowed to identify them.

There are a lot of people who have tried to put an end to the practice of one person trying to hurt another person spiritually and psychologically.  They have made it known that they disapprove of such practices and that they think that people who engage in such practices should be punished.  But by being so open in their disapproval of these practices, they have created a situation where people who hurt other people spiritually and psychologically now feel that it is necessary to more or less destroy the people who they have damaged.  They feel that they must make certain that the people who they have damaged are never allowed to become strong enough so that other people will want to listen to what they have to say.

If we want to make sure that people stop hurting other people spiritually and psychologically, we have to make sure that we do not reward the ones who commit the crimes because we are so  impressed by their spiritual energy and then punish the victims for their lack of spiritual energy.

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