ASL Consulting, Inc.

Redmond, Washington

ASL Consulting Inc. is an IBM AS/400 applications developer incorporated in the state of Washington. ASL Consulting, like its predecessor Avon software Ltd. of Rochester, Michigan which was started in 1978, provides quality professional services to IBM AS/400 and S/3X clients.

ASL owns and operates an IBM AS/400 model 9402/F02 system. Services include, but are not limited to, design, development and maintenance of application systems. ASL has many years of experience with IBM Midrange Hardware including AS/400, System 36 and System 38. Programming knowledge and experience include: RPG/LE (RPGIV), RPG/400, RPGIII, RPGII, CL/400, DDS, DB2/400, C/400, PCS/400, OS/400, EDI/400, COBOL/400, and FORTRAN/400.