ABabylon/ ChaldeaA moon goddess
A'asHittite/ HurrianThe god of wisdom
A'raW. ArabiaA local god
A-aMespoptomia/ Babylon/ Akkadia/ W. SemiticShe was a sun goddess
Aa MaakhuerEgyptA lion god of truthful speech
AabitEgyptA goddess of song
Aaghu GuguCherokeeA goddess of the of the dawn
AahEgyptThe moon god of Memphis.
Aahmes NefertariEgyptA protector/ punisher of humans elevated to goddesshood
AakuluujjusiInuitThe great creator mother
AasithEgypt/ SyriaA goddess of the hunt, war, and the desert
AataentsicIroquoisA goddess
AatxeBasqueAn evil spirit capable of assuming human form
Ab Kin XocMayaA god of war
Aba khatunBaikal/ SiberiaA sea goddess
AbaanguiGuaraniA god whose huge nose became the moon
AbaasyYakut/ SiberiaNetherworld beings
AbaddonHebrew/ ChristianThe chief of the demons of the 7th hierarchy
AbandinusRoman/ Celtic/ BritishA god known only by inscription
AbartaIrishA god of the Tuatha De Danann
AbassiEfikCreator of the world
Abat[t]urMandaeansIt weighs souls &/ or their deeds
AbeguwoMelanesia/ New GuineaA rain goddess
Abello/ AbellioGaulA god of apple trees
AbeonaRomanShe is the goddess guardian of children leaving home to go on their own
AbereMelanesiaA goddess of Evil
AbgalN. ArabiaA desert & tutelary god of the Bedouins
Abgal/ ApkalluSumeria7 spirits that derived from the the Abzu
AbhijitHindu/ PuranicA benevolent astral deity & goddess of fortune
AbhijnarajaBuddhist/ TibetA physician god & medicine Buddha
AbhiyogaJain/ IndiaThe generic name of the servile gods
AbiraAntioquiaThe creator.
AbnonaGaulThe goddess of the Black Forest
AboraPalma Is./ Canary Is.The supreme Being that sat in heaven & caused the stars to move
AbowieGhanaA goddess of healing & sterility
Abraxas/ Abrsax/ AbraxisGreek/ Orientalan occult theonym this god has the torso & arms of a man, head of a rooster & serpent legs
AbuSumeriaA god the of vegetation
AbukDinkaPatron goddess of women & gardens
Abundantia/ AbunditaRomanA goddess of agriculture & abundance
AbziuSumeria/ MesopotamiaThe primordial deity of underground water
AcalaIndia/ BuddhismThis god is protector of of the teaching & defends temples
AcatMayaA god of tattooists
Acaviser/ LasasEtruscanA goddess, one of the fates
AccaRomanA goddess associated with Hercules
Acca LarentiaEtruscan/ RomanAn earth goddess & goddess of winter
AccasbelIrishMost likely was an early god of wine or mead
AcchuptaJain/ IndiaA goddess of learning
AccoGreekA goddess of Evil
AcheloisGreekA moon goddess
AchiyalatopaZuniA celestial giant monster with feathers of flint knives
Achlae/ Aclelous/ Acleloos/ AchelousGreekA river god of some standing in the community
AchtlandCelticA goddess of sex & magic
AcllaInca/ QuechuaA goddesses of war & virgins
Acna/ AknaMaya/ MexicoA mother goddess
AcolmiztliAztecA minor chthonic underworld god
AcolnahuacatlAztecAnother minor chthonic underworld god
AcoranGran Canary/ Canary Is.The supreme Being who really really likes milk
AdadBabylonian/ MesopotamiaThe god of wind, storm, flood & rain
Adam[m]asNassenesThe parental godhead of the gnostic movement
AdamantheaGreekA goddess of midwives
Adamisil WedoHaitiA water goddess
AdaroPolynesia/ MelanesiaA sea god
AddancWalesPrimordial giant/ god
AdekagagwaaIroquoisThe spirit of summer who rests during the winter in the south
AdeonaRomanA goddess of school children
AdeosRomanA goddess of modesty
AdhimukticaryaBuddhist/ VajrayanaA minor goddess & deified Bhumis
AdibuddhaBuddhistThe primeval Buddha
AdidharmaBuddhistA primordial goddess
AdikiaGreekThe goddess both injustice who is rather hard on the eyes
AdimurtiHinduAn avatar of Vishnu
AditiHinduHindu supreme creator of all that has been created
AdityasHinduThe divine sons of Aditi, Varuna Aditya, Indra, Mitra, Rudra, Tvashtar & Vishnu
AdonisGreekA god of nature
AdonisPhoenicia/ SyriaA dying & resurrected god that embodies vegetation scorched by the heat of the summer sunshine
AdrammelechMideastA god to whom infants were burnt in sacrifice [only reference to the practice in the christian OT]
Adrastea Britain the goddess of war
AdrasteiaGreek/ Thrace/ Trojan/ PhyrageanA mountain goddess that is the guardian of righteousness & avenges is all wrongs
AdroLugbaraAn earthly god of & grass fires
AdroaAfricaA god that is the an early version of Adro
AdsullataBritainA goddess of hot springs
AeaGreekA goddess of hunting
AeacocGreek/ RomanA chthonic underworld god & 1 of the 3 gods of Hades
Aebhel AfekanMelanesia/ New GuineaThe creator goddess
Aebhel/ AevalIrishA goddess who is a faery [interesting story]
AedCeltic/ IrishAn underworld god known only from inscription
AedosRomanA goddess of modesty
AegaGreekA goddess of war
AegeriaRomanA goddess of prophecy invoked by pregnant women
AegirGermanicA god of the ocean
AengusCeltic/ Irishworshipped from about 500 BC/ 400 AD
AeolosGreekHe was the custodian of the four winds
Aequitas. A minor spirit of fair dealing from 300 BCE
AericuraCeltic/ RomanAn underworld god known only from inscription
Aerten/ Aerfen/ AeronWales/ CornishA goddess of fate
Aesculapius/ AsklepiosGreek/ RomanA god of healing & of medicine
AesirNorse/ GermanicThe pantheon of the gods
Aesma DaevaPersiaA demon of lust & anger that is ticked at the cow
AestasRomanA goddess of summer usually portrayed nude & adorned with garlands of grain
AesunIrishA god whose name means to be
AetherGreekThe god representing pure air & light
AetnaRomanA mountain goddess
AevalCelticA goddess of sexual relations & small size
AfekanMelanesia/ New GuineaThe creator goddess
AfiAbkhazA god of rain & thunderstorms that does not tolerate women using his name
AfreetArabiaThey are unclean spirits
Ag'oDahomeanWorshipped by hunters
Agaman NiboHaitiA goddess of the dead
AgamedeGreekA goddess of healing
AgasIranA demon of illness, especially the eyes
AgasayaSemiticA war goddess
Agathos DaimonGreekA good genius/ guardian spirit
Age FonBenin/ W. AfricaRevered by hunters he is the god of animals
AgischanakTlingit/ AlaskaA goddess of the earth
AglaiaGreekThe youngest of the three graces
AglibolPalmaryia/ Syria/ Greek/ RomanThe moon god
AgniHindu/ VedicA god of fire & guardian of homes
AgniIndiaA god of lightning, fire, & the sun & who also mediates between the gods & humans
AgnikumaraJain/ IndiaThey are youthful appearing gods associated with rain & thunder
Agnostos TheosGreekThe unknown gods that were always worshipped as a group
AgronaWalesA slaughter goddess
AgroteraGreekA goddess of good health & hunting
Agu'guxAleut[USA]The creator god that was claimed to be the Christian god under Russian Orthodox priests
AguaraTunpa/ ChiriguanoThe fox god who gave the carob tree to the people
AgweBenin/ AfricaShe is the mother of the sea
AgweHaiti/ VodunA goddess manifestation of Yemanja
AgweVodunA god of the ocean
AgwetaHaitiA sea goddess
Ah Bolom TzacabMayaA god of agriculture who controlled rain & thunder
Ah Bolon Dz'acabMayaA fertility god associated with rain & thunder
Ah Can Cum/ AcaumMayaA hunter & protector of the animals god
Ah Chun Caan Mexico be deity though of the city of Merida
Ah Chuy KakMayaA god of war
Ah CilizMayaThe god of solar eclipses
Ah Cun CanMayaA god of war
Ah HulnebMayaA god of war
Ah KinMayaThe sun god who brings drought but protects man from the powers of evil associated with darkness
Ah Kin XocMayaA god of poetry, a singer & musician
Ah KinchilMayaA god of war & the sun
Ah Kumix UnicobMayaThese are small attendant water gods
Ah MunMayaThe god responsible for protecting the green maize
Ah MuzecabMayaThe bee gods
Ah Patnar UinicobMayaThey are large water gods
Ah PekuMayaA thunder god that lives on the tops of hills
Ah PuchMayaHe is the god of death
Ah TabaiMayaA hunting god
Ah UaynihGuatemalaA goddess of sleep, specifically males
Ah Unicir Dz'acabMayaA god of healing
Ah Uuc TicabMayaA minor vegetation & fertility god
Ah Wink ir MasaGuatemalaA nature goddess
AhaYakut/ SiberiaA river spirit, female type
AhatEgyptA cow goddess
Ahau ChamahezMayaHe is one of two gods of medicine
Ahau KinMayaA goddess of war
AhemaitEgyptAn underworld goddess who eats the souls of the unworthy
AheramenmthoouEgyptThe god of thunder, night, storms, wind, landslides & tidal waves
AhmakiqMayaHe is a god of agriculture
Ahnt Alis Pok'Mexico regionA very small goddess - 2 feet high
Ahnt kaiMexico RegionA goddess of women & children
AhoneVirginia/ USAThe supreme deity who was indifferent to worship
AhrimanZoroastrianismThe supreme evil spirit & lord of the darkness and death
AhsonnutliNavahoChief god
AhtiEgyptianA goddess of evil
Ahti (or Ahto)FinlandGod of the depths, giver of fish.
AhuicAztec/ MexicoA goddess of all running water
AhulaneMayaA god of war
Ahura MazdaPersiaThe supreme god
AhuraniPersiaThe goddess of rain and water
Ai Ada Turkey? The moon god
Ai Apec Mochica PeruThe supreme god that rules the destinies of the world
Ai TojonYakut/ SiberiaA god that created all light
Ai Tupua'iPolynesiaA goddess of healing & of war
AiakosGreekA god of the underworld
Aialila'axa Mexico region A moon goddess
AiaruPolynesiaHer function is to predict death
AibellIrishA goddess of Munster
AibheaegIrishA goddess of fire & of toothaches
AibheaogIrishA fire goddess
Aida WedoBenin/ HaitiA goddess of the rainbow & fresh water Aida Cuedo, Aido Wedo, Ayida, Ayida Cueddo
AidinCelticA goddess of love & sexuality
Aido WedoHaitiA goddess of fire
Aife/ AoifeIrish/ ScotlandA goddess & queen of the Isle of shadow
AigeIrishA goddess of water & bays
AijoEstoniaA goddess of evil
AilsieCherokeeA goddess of water & pools
AimendIrish/ ScotlandA sun goddess
Ain/ AineIrishA goddess of war, of fertility, love & of Midsummer Lair Derg
Aine of KnockaineIrishA moon goddess who was connected with the Summer Solstice
AinoFinnishA goddess of justice
Aiolos/ AelusLatin/ GreekThe ruler of the winds
AirmidIrishA goddess of all healing arts & witchcraft
AirsekuiHuronThe great spirit
AiryamanPersiaA god of social bonds, contracts, & marriage who at the end of time will fish souls of the the temporarily damned called a Hell by using a net
AishaArabicA goddess of water
Aisha QandishaMoroccoA goddess of sexual activity
AittsamkaBella CoolaA goddess of teaching
Aitu Samoa the lower order of the gods
Aitvaras Prussia the The brave & loving demon that will bring good fortune to your home when well fed & treated kindly
Aius LocutiusRomanA god supposed to have given warning of the approach of the Gauls 391 B.C.
Aizen-MyooBuddhismA deity who is full of compassion for mankind
Aizen-MyooJapanThe god of tavern keepers, musicians, singers, prostitutes & love
AjaBabylonianThe dawn goddess
AjaYorubaA goddess of healing, herbs & of knowledge
Ajalamo Yoruba/ Nigeria/ W. AfricaA god of fetuses
AjatarFinnishA goddess of evil
Ajatar (sometimes Ajattara)FinlandAn evil forest spirit.
AjayaBuddhist/ MahayannaA minor goddess
AjbitMayaA god that helped create people [13 were involved]
AjeYorubaA goddess of wealth in all its forms
Aji Suki Taka Hi KoneJapanA god of thunder
AjokLoukoChief god
AjtzakMayaAnother god that helped create people
AjysytYakut/ SiberiaA goddess of healing & birth
AkaTurkeyThe mother goddess
Akasagarbha India/ Buddhism A Bodhisattva & the personification of supreme knowledge of the absolute void
AkelosGreekA river god
AkenEgyptAn underworld god & keeper of the underworld ferryboat
AkerEgyptA god of the earth that guards in the entrance to the underworld
AkerbeltzBasqueAn avatar of the god Mari
AkerbeltzBasqueAn avatar of the god Mari
Akert khentet auset[s]EgyptA book of the dead deity
AkeruEgyptPluralistic earth gods
AkewaTobaA sun & war goddess
AkhushtalMayaShe is the goddess of childbirth
Akka ("old lady")FinlandFemale spirit, feminine counterpart of "Ukko"[7].
AkonadiGhanaAn oracle goddess of justice
AkongoNgombeA supreme & creator god
Aksayajnana-KarmandaBuddhist1 of the 12 Dharnis & the deification of literature
Aksobhya Buddhism A Dhyani-Buddha
AktunowihioCheyenneThe soul of the earth & a subterranean spirit.
Akuj AkujAfricaThe chief deity
AkusaaEgyptA goddess of war & sunset
AkychaAlaskanA goddess of war
AkychaInuitThe sun god
Al LatArabicA goddess of fertility, procreation & the earth
Al ShuaIndiaA goddess of Ursa Major
Al UzzaArabianA goddess of the dawn
AlaNigeriaA goddess of fertility, morality & of justice
Ala IboNigeriaA goddess of the earth in its dual aspect of fertility & death
Ala MukiPolynesiaA river goddess who takes the form of a dragon
Alaghom Naom TzentelMayaThe goddess of thought & intellect
Alaisiagae theCeltic/ British/ RomanThey are minor goddess
Alako/ DundraNorway/ GypsySent to the earth as a human to reveal the secret laws & a band of lore of the the gypsies, he stayed over in a the moon
AlalahePolynesiaThe goddess of love
AlalusHurrianThe first heavenly King who lasted for 9 years
Alalu OssetianCen. CaucasiansA spirit of smallpox & protects women
AlastorGreekA mortal that became a minor spirit that avenged evil deeds & demanded vengeance for crimes
AlatArabicAn astral goddess
Alatangana KonoE. Guinea/ W. AfricaOne of the two creator deities, this god created land from swamp
Alaunus Celtic a local name from the Mannheim area for Mecurius
AlauwaimisHittiteThis demon drives away evil & sickness
AlbastaSlavicA goddess of evil
AlbinaEtruscanA dawn goddess & protector of ill fated lovers
AlcisGreekA goddess of physical prowess & strength
AlectoGreekOne of goddesses of vengeance
Alecto of EumenidesGreekA goddess of justice
AlectronaGreekAn early goddess
AlemonaRomanA goddess of fetuses
Alephus Greek A Minor river god
AlfhildScandinaviaA goddess of wrestling
AlfsGermanicA minor race of gods
AlignakInuitA god of the moon, storms, earthquakes & tides
Alii MenehuneHawaiiChief of the Little People
AlisanosGaulA god of stones
Alk'unta'mBella CoolaThe sun god
AlkonostRussiaA goddess of the land of the dead & justice
Allah MidEastA god
Allatu[m]W. SemiticAn underworld goddess
AlmaqahS. ArabiaAn astral god
AlmhaIrishA goddess of the Tuatha De Danann
AlmoshiSlavicA goddess of healing & cattle
Aloadae/ AloidaeGreek they were 54 ft. tall and warred with the gods, they lost
AlomMayaA sky god that helped 6 other gods create the world
AlopurbiIndiaA goddess of hunting
AlpanuEtruscanAn underworld goddess
AlpheusGreekA river god that fell in love with a nymph and had a bad experience Aretimas
AlphitoGreekA white goddess
Altan TelgeyMongolThe earth goddess
AltriaEtruscanAn ancient earth goddess
Aluelp Caroline Is. job,
AlulueiMicronesiaA god of knowledge
Am-HehEgyptAn underworld god & minor deity who lives in a lake of fire
AmaBaikal/ SiberiaA goddess of the dark & of the underworld
Ama No UzumeJapanThe witty goddess of persuasion
Ama TerasuJapanThe sun goddess queen of the universe
Ama-arhus/ Arad-Ama-arhus/ Amat-Ama-arhusBabylonia/ AkkadiaA fertility goddess
Ama-Tsu-MaraJapan/ ShintoThe god of smiths
AmaethonCelticA god of agriculture
Amagandar/ OrokannarTungus/ SiberiaProtective female spirits
Amalthea Greek? A nymph of springs
AmasagnulBabylon/ AkkadiaShe is a fertility goddess
AmaterasuJapaneseA goddess of war & the sun
Amaterasu O-Mi-Kami/ Amaterasu OmikamiJapan/ ShintoThe sun goddess
Amatsu MikaboshiJapanA god of evil
AmaunetEgyptA fertility goddess
AmayicoyondiPeruA goddess of the sky
Amba DravidianIndiaA goddess of the earth
AmberellaBalticA goddess of the ocean
Ambisagrus/ BussumarusBritainThe weather deity
Ame No UzumeJapaneseA goddess of fertility & happiness
Ame-No-Kagase-WoJapan/ ShintoAn astral deity that had to be executed
Ame-No-Mi-Kumari-No-KamiJapan/ ShintoA water goddess
Ame-No-Minaka-Nushi-No-KamiJapan/ ShintoThe supreme god from about 600 CE till now
Ame-No-Tanabata-Hime-No-MikotoJapan/ ShintoThe goddess of weavers
Ame-No-Toko-Tachi-No-KamiJapan/ ShintoA primordial deity
Ame-Waka-HikoJapan/ ShintoA god that goofed & had to die
AmelenwaAfricaA goddess of justice
Amelia/ Maitresse Amelia Haiti/ Vodun loa of Haiti
AmenEgyptA primordial creation deity
AmentLibyaA goddess who welcomes the dead to the after world
AmeshaSpentas/ YazatasThey are gods without being gods & created without being creatures[6 in number]
AmiEgyptA god of fire.
AmidaBuddhist/ JapanA primordial deity
AmimitlAztecA minor god of fish hunters & lakes
AmitabhaBuddhist/ IndiaThe fourth Dhyanibuddha
AmitolaneZuniThe rainbow spirit.
AmmS. ArabiaA moon & weather god
AmmaDogonThe supreme god
AmmaDogon/ MaliThe creator god with a novel story
AmmaDravidian/ Tamil/ IndiaA local god
AmmavaruHindu/ Dravidian/ IndiaA primordial mother goddess
AmmitEgyptHe ate the hearts of unworthy souls
Ammon/ AmenEgyptThe god of air, wind, sun, reincarnation, war
AmmutEgyptAn underworld goddess that eats the hearts of the evil
AmnEgyptA goddess of justice
AmogahasiddhiBuddhistThe fifth meditation Buddha
Amoghapasa Buddhist God
Amon/ AmunEgyptA god of agriculture, fertility & long life
AmorRomanA god of love
AmphionGreekA god
AmphitriteGreekA goddess of the sea
AmponyinamoaGhanaA goddess of long life
AmsuEgyptA god of fertility
AmunEgyptThe supreme creator god
Amunet/ NuitEgyptA goddess of mystery
AmurruW. SemiticA minor mountain god
AmymoneGreekA goddess of springs
AnSumeriaThe god of the Underworld & chief deity
An ZuAssyriaThe goddess of chaos
AnaelBabylonA goddess of astral light
AnahitaEgypt/ BabylonA goddess of water & war
AnahitaPersiaA goddess of fertility, semen & of water
AnaitisPersiaA fertility goddess
AnalaHindu/ PuranicAn attendant god
AnankeGreekAn omnipresent goddess of destiny
Ananse AshantiAfricaThe creator of the sun, stars, day, moon & night who often intercedes between gods & mortals
AnantaHindu/ PuranicA snake god & one of the seven snake deities
AnantamukhiBuddhist1 of the 12 Dharnis
AnantesaHindu/ PuranicA minor deity & 1 of the eight Lords of of knowledge
AnapelKoryak/ SiberiaThe goddess who presides over birth & reincarnation
AnasuyaHinduA goddess of wisdom
AnatUgaritThe warrior virgin, slayer of snakes, life & fertility goddess
Anat/ AnathCanaanA goddess of war, hunting & love
AnathPhoeniciaThe chief W. Semitic goddess of love & war
Anatis A moon goddess?
AnatuMesopotamianA goddess of the sky & ruler of the earth
Anaulikutsai'x Bella CoolaA river goddess that oversees the salmon's cycle of life
AnbayS. ArabiaA god of justice & an oracular source
AncastaBritainA goddess
AncetaRomanA goddess of healing
AncetaKamos Moab (Jordan)The chief god that when Hellenized became equated with Ares
AndartaCeltic/ GallicA fertility goddess most likely
AndjetyEgyptAn underworld god of the ninth nome[district]
Andrasta IceneBritainA victory goddess
AndriaahoabuMadagascarThe high Lady that descends to earth on a silver chain
Andriam Vabi RanoAfricaA goddess of water & lakes
AndrogyneGreekThe man/ woman god/ goddess
AndromedaGreekA goddess of dreams
AndvariScandivaniaA dwarf that can turn himself into a fish & living in water in
AnextiomarusRoman/ BritishA god linked with Apollo
AngelsJewish/ Christian/ IslamThese spirits are messengers between the heaven & earth, with nine orders at present
AngeronaRomanA goddess anguish, secrecy, silence & the winter solstice
AnginaRomanAnother goddess of health, specifically of sore throats
AngitiaGreekA snake goddess
AngitiaRomanEarly goddess of healing & witchcraft
Angpetu WiLakotaThe sun god
Angru MainyaPersiaAn evil underworld god
AngusCelticA god of youth
Angus Mac OgIrishOne of the Tuatha De Danaan
Angus OgIrishA god of love
AngutaInuitA god who lives under the sea and drags down the dead
AnhouriEgyptA minor god
AnhurEgyptA god of war and hunting
AniAfricaA goddess of justice
AnierosPhrygian/ RomanA goddess of the earth
Anila Hindu/ Puranic .
Aningan Inuit A moon god called Igaluk in Alaska
AnjeaAustraliaA fertility spirit
AnkalammanHindu/ DravidianA Guardian goddess that wards off demons
Anna KuariOraon/ IndiaA local vegetation goddess
Anna PerennaEtruscanA goddess of reproduction, wanton love, & of spring
AnnaliaAfricaA river goddess
Annallja Tu BariSudanA goddess of sexuality
AnnapatniHinduA goddess of food
AnnapurnaIndiaA goddess of autumn
AnnisCelticThe black goddess
AnpaoDakotaThe spirit of the dawn.
AnqetLibyaA goddess of water fertility healing & lust
AnsaHindu/ PuranicA minor sun god
AnsarBabylonia/ AkkadiaA primordial deity
Anshur/ Ashur/ AsshurAssyriaNot only be goddess of the sun, but it was the that killed the dragon of chaos during creation
AntabogaIndonesianAn underworld serpent deity ruling over the production of rice
AntaiIndiaA goddess of healing & whooping cough
Antero VipunenFinlandDeceased giant, protector of deep knowledge and magic.
AnterosEtruscanThe god of passion
AnterosGreekThe god of returned love
AntevortaRomanA goddess of childbirth, the future & prophecy
AnthatSyriaA war goddess who had a shrine at Thebes
AntheiaGreekA goddess of spring
Anti Egypt A Guardian deity of the eastern sky
AntuBabylon/ AkkadiaShe is derived from the older Sumeria Ki
Anu/ Anann/ Dana/ Dana Ana/ CatanaIrishA mother goddess associated with fertility & the primordial mother
Anu/ AnusBabylonThe head of the gods, he had an army of stars to destroy evildoers
AnuanaituCaribbeanA goddess of the ocean &whirlpools
AnubisEgyptA god of black magic, death, embalming & funerals
AnuketEgyptA goddess of water & of rivers
AnukisEgyptA birth goddess & of the cataracts of the lower Nile
Anulap Truk Is. The sky god
AnumatiSanskritA god of the full moon
AnunitChaldeaA goddess of the morning star
AnunituBabylonThe goddess of the moon
AnunnakiBabylonThe seven judges of the Underworld they began as fertility deities
AnuradhaHindu/ PuranicA minor goddess of fortune, she is benevolent though
Anus HurriteThe king of heaven who declared war on the father of the gods, he lost
Anyigba Togo/ AfricaA goddess of hunting, luck & healing
AnzetyEgyptThe god & King of Busiris
Aondo TivNigeriaThe creator god that lives in the sky
ApaHindu/ PuranicAn attendant god
ApacitaIncaA guardian spirit
ApacitaIncaA guardian spirit
Apam NapatPersia/ Hindu/ VedicA god of fresh water
Apap Teso UgandaA creator god who as a benevolent sky god brings rain
AparajitaBuddhist/ MahayanaA minor god/ goddess
AparajitaHindu/ PuranicA form of Durga
AparajitaHindu/ PuranicA god, a form of Rudra
ApateGreekThe goddess of deceit
ApaturiaGreekA goddess of evil
Apedmak Sudanese a war god
ApepEgyptA huge serpent who caused storms & eclipses & ate the sun at evening
ApeshEgyptA tortoise god of night, evil, & the powers of darkness
ApetEgyptA goddess that protects pregnant women, children, nursing mothers & justice
AphaeaGreekA moon goddess?
Aphrodisias CarianS.W. Turkeya fertility goddess
AphroditeGreekA goddess of desire, fertility & sexual love & beauty
Aphrodite PandemosGreekA goddess of sex likely conflated with Aphrodite
ApisEgyptA god of fertility
ApiuEtruscanA weather god
ApoIncaA mountain god
ApolloGreekA god of archery, harmony, order, inspiration, intellect, mathematics, medicine, oracles, prophecy, reason, & truth . About a busy little fellow.
ApoloniaBrazilA goddess of healing & toothaches
AponibolinayenPhilippineA goddess of the sky
ApophisEgyptThe demon of darkness
ApozanoltlAztec/ MexicoA running water goddess
AppiasRomanA fountain nymph
ApsarasHindu/ VedicProtective deities of gamblers & Water spirits
ApsuBabylonA god of underground waters
ApuatEgyptA jackal headed god who helps the soul choose it's next incarnation
AquiloRomanThe god of the west winds
AquitThe AmericasA moon deity
ArachneRomanThe mother goddess of Weaving
AradiaItaly/ EtruscanA Lunar deity?
Aralo/ Aparajita/ ArayGeorgia/ Armenia/ CrimeaA god of agriculture
AramazdArmeniaA god
Aranyani Hindu/ Vedic a minor goddess of woodlands
AranzahasHittiteThe Tigris river deified
ArapacanaBuddhistA god
AraratAnatoliaThe ancient creator goddess
ArauaRomanA moon goddess [maybe]
Arava . A moon goddess
Arawa Suk/ Pokot / Kenya/ UgandaA moon goddess
Arawn/ Arawyn/ Arrawn/ ArawenWalesThe god of Annwn ruled the underground
ArazuBabylonThe god of construction that was completed
ArchonsGnostic ChristianPrimordial creator gods
Ard GreimmeIrish/ ScotlandOnce a sun god
Ardhanaritsavara/ Ammaiappan/ Naranari Siva & Sakti combined
ArdraHindu/ PuranicA minor goddess of misfortune
ArduinnaRoman/ Celtic/ EuropeanA goddess of forests & hunting
Ardvi Sura Anahita/ AnahitaPersiaThe goddess of rivers & water
Ardwinna/ Dea ArduinnaBritainA goddess of woodland & animal
ArebatiBambuti/ CongoA god
AreimaniosGreekAn underworld god, not nice
AresGreekA god of storms & war
AreteGreekA goddess of justice & virtue
ArganteBritishA goddess of healing
ArgeGreekA goddess of hunting
Ari Au TchesfEgyptA lion god
AriadneGreekA goddess of dreams
ArianrhodWalesA goddess of fertility & wanton love & mother aspect of the triple goddess
ArianrodIrishThe goddess of the moon
AriciaRomanA goddess of prophetic visions
Arimanius/ AreimaiosRomanAn underworld god
ArinnaHittiteThe goddess of the sun
AristaeusGreekThe protector of flocks that originated the cultivation of olives
AristatosGreekA god of herdsmen
Arito/ Artio of MutiSwitzerlandA goddess of bears, prosperity & the harvest
Arjuna Hindu/ Vedic a heroic god
ArmaHittite/ HurrianA minor moon god
ArmazGeorgeThe supreme god & a warrior deity pre Christian style
Arnakua'gak Inuit The old woman of the sea, an animalistic spirit
ArnamentiaCelticA goddess of spring waters
ArnemetiaRoman/ BritishA water goddess known from inscriptions
AromKafir/ AfghanistanA minor goddess contracts
Arsan DuolaiYakut/ SiberiaThe chief spirit of the underworld
ArsayCanaanAn underworld goddess, the third daughter of Baal
ArsuN. ArabiaAn astral god
ArtaiusGaulA god of sheep & cattle herders
ArtemisGreekA goddess of agriculture, archery, hunting, chastity, virginity, fertility, childbirth,the moon, & of nature
ArthapratisamvitBuddhistA goddess of logical analysis
Artio of Muti/ AritoSwitzerlandA goddess of bears, prosperity & the harvest
ArunaHinduA god of morning & warriors
ArundhatiHindu/ PuranicAn astral goddess personified as the morning star
AruruBabylonA goddess
ArvenusGaelicA local tribal deity
Arya-TaraBuddhistA goddess
AryamanHindu/ VedicA god of formal hospitality
Aryong JongKoreanA goddess of water & rainfall
AsEgyptA local fertility god
As avaRussiaThe goddess of fresh water
Asa PoornaChohan/ IndiaA goddess of happiness
AsalluhaSummer/ Babylon/ AkkadiaA minor god that acts as a messenger & reporter toEnki
AsarN. ArabiaAn equestrian god
Asase AfuaGhanaA goddess
Asase Ya AshantiGhanaA goddess of the earth, fertility & the creator of humanity
AsbitEgyptA goddess of fire
Ascelpius/ AesculapiusGreekA moral taught medicine Chiron the Centaur & could raise the dead
AsertuCanaan/ HittiteA fertility goddess
Asgaya GigageiCherokeeThe god of thunder
AsheraPhoeniciaA goddess of fertility
AsherahCanaanA goddess of the sea
AsheraliCanaanThe moon goddess of fertility
AshiIndiaA goddess of wisdom
AshiakleGhanaThe goddess of wealth, & of the sea
AshimaSemanticA moon goddess
AshimbabbarSemanticA moon goddess
AshiratAkkadA goddess of the Evening star
AshisIndiaA goddess of happiness
AshkitEgyptA goddess of wind
Ashnan/ AsnanSumeriaA goddess of drunkenness, wine & grains
AshtarothPhoeniciaA moon & fertility goddess
AshurAssyriaThe chief deity of war & fertility
AshvinsHinduSons of the sun
AsiPersiaA goddess of wisdom
AsiaqInuitA goddess of weather
Asima SiBrazilThe goddess of water & fish
AsintmahAthabasca/ Canada/ USAA goddess of midwives
AsiraN. Arabia a little god mentioned only by name
Asis Suk/ Pokot / Kenya/ UgandaA sun god
AskelpiosGreekThe god of healing & physicians
Aslea[s]HinduA minor goddess of misfortune
AsoEgyptA goddess of justice
AsokottamasriBuddhist/ TibetA physician god
AsoposGreekA local river god
AspalisW. SemiticA hunting goddess
AsraelIslamThe angel of death who takes the soul from the body.
AsratumCanaanA fertility goddess
AssurBabylon/ AkkadiaNational deity of Assyria
Astabis/ Zamama/ NinurtaHurrian/ AkkadiaA warrior god
AstamastaraHindu/ PuranicA group of mother goddesses
AstapaiosGnostic ChristianThe Prime parent ruling the seven heavens of chaos in gnostic mythology
Astar Ethiopia an astral god
Astaroth W. Semitic a fertility goddess who deals with sheepherders
AstarteCanaanA goddess of hunting
AstarteEgyptA goddess of war
AstarteSyriaA goddess of the moon
Astarte/ AshtorethPhoenicia/ Babylon/ Assyria/ conference/ CanaanA goddess of fertility, sacred love, sexuality & of sex & the moon
AsterodeiaRomanAnother moon goddess
AsthertetSyriaA goddess of horses, war & the moon
AstlikGeorgia/ CrimeaA pre Christian astral goddess
AstorethPalestine/ Israel/ LebanonA fertility goddess
AstraeaGreek/ RomanA goddess of justice, truth, of purity, innocence & modesty
AstraeosGreekA god of astronomy & star light
AstrikSlavicA goddess
Asuha-No-KamiJapan/ ShintoA god of courtyards
Asuras Hindu/ Vedic sky gods that become demons
AsurkumaraJainYouthful gods associated with rain & thunder
AsvayujauHindu/ PuranicMinor goddess of fortune
AsvinsHindu/ VedicPhysician twin gods
At EmEgyptA goddess of time
Ataa Naa Nyongmo GanGhanaThe creator god that controls the sun & the rain, call causes disasters as epidemics & and earthquakes if you don't follow his rules
Atabei/ AttabeiraCubaAn earth goddess
AtaecinaRoman/ IberiaAn underworld goddess
AtahensicIroquoisThe sky goddess who fell to the earth at the beginning of creation
AtaiAfricaA goddess of justice
AtalacamaniAztec/ MexicoThe goddess of ocean storms
AtaneaGreekA goddess of the ocean & the dawn
AtaneaMarquesas Is. A dawn goddess
AtarIranThe god of all fire
AtargatisSyriaA goddess of lakes, fertility & nature
Atasamain N. Arabia an astral deity
AteGreekA goddess of discord, evil, error, infatuation & justice
Atea Marquesas Is. The god of light
AtenEgyptThe sun god
AteteEthiopiaA goddess taken over by the Christians as the Virgin Mary
Athena/ Athene/ Pallus AthenaGreekA goddess of war, architecture, astronomy, science, of horses, intellect & wisdom, oxen, of purity, reason & spinning
AthiratCanaanA goddess of the ocean & official wife of El
AthorEgyptA goddess of light
Athtart/ AstarteCanaanThe goddess of fertility & sex
AtidaUganda/ AfricaA goddess of hunting & rain
AtiraPawneeA goddess of the earth & of the Evening star
AtlAztecA god of water
AtlacoyaAztec/ MexicoThe goddess of drought
Atlahua Aztec a minor god of lakes & fishermen
AtlaoninAztecOne of the names of the mother goddess
Atlas Greek A Titan that has to hold up the sky forever, he irritated Zeus
AtmaIndiaThe divine spark, whatever that is, in humans
AtojaPeruA goddess of rain
AtroposGreekOldest of the Fates
Attabeira AtahensicIroquoisThe sky goddess who fell to earth
AttarW. Semitic/ CanaanA god of the morning star
AttisRomanA god of plants
Atua Fafine TikopiaPolynesiaA creator being
Atua I Kafika TikopiaPolynesiaThe supreme god viewed as a intercessor rather than a Controller
Atua I Raropuka TikpoaPolynesiaAnother creator deity
AtuganMongoliaThe goddess of earth & the source of all life whose power is beyond understanding but can be bestowed
AtumEgyptA bisexual god of water
AtunisEtruscanA god similar to Adonis
Au Gilbert Is. The sun god & sky lord
Au CoVietnameseThe creator of humanity
AuchimalgenChileA moon goddess
Audjal CarolineIslandsThe earth goddess
AufaniaeCelticA collective name for some of mother goddesses
AugeusGreekA god of healing
AugralidsGreekA goddesses of justice
AuilixMayaThe god of dawn
AuraGreekA goddess of morning & of the wind
AuritaRomanA goddess that heals earaches
AuroraRomanA goddess of warriors & of the dawn
AusaitisLithuaniaThe god of health
AuseklisLatviaA goddess linked to fertility, involved in the the heavenly bathhouse
AusetEgyptThe goddess of Sirius
AustejaLithuaniaThe bee goddess
AustrineLithuania/ BalticThe goddess of the dawn
AutyebEgyptA goddess of happiness, Joy
Auxesia A goddess of growth
Avalokitesvara Buddhist/ India A Buddha designate
AvatarHinduAn incarnation of a deity
Avatea Hervy Is. A moon god
AverruncusRomanA goddess of childbirth, specifically of the delivery
AversaEtruscanA goddess pictured carrying an ax
AvetaCelticA goddess of healing waters
AvfruvvaFinishA goddess of rivers
Avrikiti FonBeninThe goddess of fisherman
Awitelin TsitaZuniA goddess of the earth
AwonawilonaPueblo/ ZuniChief deity
AxiocersaPhrygianA goddess of the earth
Axo MamaPeruThe goddess of the potato crops
AyaMesopotamiaThe goddess of dawn & war
AyabaDahomeanThe goddess of the hearth
AyasHittiteHe is the keeper of the old tablets with the words of fate
AyauhteotChileA moon goddess
AyauhteotlAztecA goddess of fog & mist
AyidaHaitiA goddess of rainbows
Ayiyanayaka Sri LankaA god of fields & woodland that protects against plague
AyizanHaitiA goddess that protects the market place
Aylekete/ AgbeFonA god of the sea & a member of the Vodun gods
Ayt'arSlavicThe god of procreation
AyurvasitaBuddhistA minor goddess
AyyapanHinduA god of growth
AzaccaHaitiA god of agriculture
Azele YabaAfricaA goddess of justice
Azer AvaFinno/ UgricA goddess of the sky
Azer AvaSlavicA goddess of justice
Azi Buryat red headed earth spirits that like human company, they appreciate eloquence, musical talent, tobacco, tea, & of all & reward models that please them. Those that irritate them forfeit their souls
Aziri Africa goddess of possessions
AzizosPalmyraAn astral god representing the the morning star
BaChinaThe goddess of drought
BaEgyptA fertility deity
Ba MagujeHausaThe spirit of drunkeness
Ba XianChina/ TaoThe collective name for gods
Ba-PefEgyptA malevolent underworld god
BaalPhoeniciaHe is the god of the thunderstorm, war, good harvests, fertility, nature, winter rain & of storms
BaalSyriaA god of fertility
Baal BrathyPhoeniciaA mountain deity
Baal HammonCarthageThe sweety of Tanit
Baal MalagePhoenicia/ CanaanA local god known from inscription
Baal SaminCanaan/ PhoeniciaThe head of the pantheon - Lord of Heaven
Baal SaponCanaan/ PhoeniciaA mountain and deity
Baal/ HadadCanaanA storm god[originally meant lord]
Baalat/ Ba'AlatPhoeniciaShe is queen of the gods who is partial to books, libraries & writers
BaalshaminSemiteA god of the sky
BaauPhoeniciaThe creator goddess
BabEgyptA disrespectful rouge of a god
BabaSumeriaA goddess of healing & fertility
Baba YagaSlavicA goddess Autumn & death
BacabsMayaThey stand at the four corners of the world supporting the heavens
BacaxRoman/ N. AfricaA cave god known from inscription at Crita
BacchusRomanA god Of revelry & wine
BachuChibchaThe ancestor goddess
Backlum ChaamMayaA god of male sexuality & of sex
BadbBrazilA much feared serpent goddess
Badb/ BodvaIrishA goddess of war
Badb/ Odva/ Badb CathaIrishA goddess of war
Badi MataHinduA mother goddess
BagalaHinduA goddess with the power of cruelty
BagbaW. AfricaA fetish that controls the wind & rain
BagishiKafir/ AfghanistanThe god of flood waters & posterity
Bagvarti UratArmeniaA tutelary goddess
BahuIndiaA goddess of Leo
Baiame/ Daramulun/ Nurundere Kamilaroi/ WiradyuriAusA god of all things & master of life death
BaijiChinaA goddess of health & epidemics
Baile of the Honeyed SpeechIrishThe god of Blarney
Baj BajaniaYakut/ SiberiaA rather joyous forest god
BalaHinduA mother goddess
BalaJainA messenger goddess
Bala-SaktiDravidianA goddess
BalakrsnaMayaThey are guardian deities
BalaparmitaBuddhistA philosophical deity
BalaramaIndiaA god of agriculture
Baldaer Anglo-Saxon The dying god who is the same as Balder
Balder/ BaldrNordicThe dying god, aslo god of poetry
BaliHindu/ Epic/ PuranicA demonic god
Ball HermonPhoeniciaA mountain deity
BalorIrishA god of death
BaltisArabicA local goddess
Ban Chuideachaidh MoireIrishAn old goddess
Ban NaomhaIrishA goddess of war
BanbaIrishPart of a triad with Fotia & Eriu & as well as an earth goddess
Banbha CavillacaPeruA virgin goddess that was preggers by a sneaky god
BanebdjedetEgyptA god possibly involved with arbitration
BanemdedetEgyptA god of sexual fertility
Banga NgbandiZaireA creator god & creator of white skinned people
Banka MundiIndiaA hunting goddess
BarSyriaA god of mountains, war, deserts, battle
Barastar OssetianCaucusthis god at judged and in souls sending them to paradise or oblivion
Baron SamediHaiti/ VodunThe god of death magic & the underworld
BarongBaliA protective spirit
BarsaminArmeniaA weather/ sky god
BasamumS. ArabiaA god of healing
Bast/ PashtEgyptA cat goddess, healing, life & war
BastetEgyptA goddess of fertility, love, sex,of joy
Batara GuruIndonesiaThe god that made the earth
BatyEgyptA cow goddess of fertility
BauPhoeniciaA goddess of the dawn & the sky
BauSumeriaA goddess of fertility
BauboGreekA goddess of bawdy laughter
BebhionnIrishA goddess of healing
BechoilIrishA goddess whose legends have been lost
BecumaIrishA goddess who ruled over magical boats
BedaGermanA goddess of unknown responsibilities
BeelsaminPhoeniciaThe sun god and lord of the sky
BefanaRomanA goddess of winter who was kind, each January fifth she distributes goodies to good children & of lumps of coal to those that are not
Beg-TseBuddhist/ TibetA god of war
Behanzin FonBeninThe fish god
BeiweSaami/ LaplandA goddess of the Summer solstice & war
BelBabylon/ AkkadiaA generic term means Lord, not god as some claim
Belata-CarduGaulA god of the destruction of your enemies
BelatucadrosBritainThe war god
Bele AluaGhanaA tree goddess
Bele/ Tule/ Azapane/ MbaSudan/ AfricaA god of fear, mischief & trickery who gave fire & water to mankind
BelenusPan-CelticA god charged with the welfare of sheep & cattle, he also was a sun god & healer in some regions & associated with Beltane
Belet-Seri/ BelitsariBabylon/ AkkadiaThe underworld goddess that kept track of the dead coming through
Belili A moon goddess
BelisamaBritainA goddess of the Mersey River
BelisamaGaulA goddess of crafts & the forge
Belit IlaniBabyloniaA goddess of warriors
Belit SeriBabyloniaA goddess of justice & fairness
Belit-IliBabylon/ AkkadiaA mother goddess
Bella Penu KhondIndiaa local deity Orissa
BellonaRomanA goddess of war & mother goddess
BelobogBelun/ SlavicThe god of happiness, luck, & order
BelogobSlavicThe god of the living
BeltiyaBabylon/ AkkadiaA generic name for goddesses
BendisThraceA goddess of the moon & a mother goddess
BentakumariIndiaA goddess of water
Benten-SanJapan/ ShintoThe only goddess among of the seven deities of good fortune
BenuEgyptA sun god in a bird like form
Benzi-Ten/ Benten/ Benzai-TennoJapanThe goddess of eloquence, language, arts, fortune, water, & knowledge
Bera PennuIndiaA vegetation goddess
Berecyntia Gaul? An earth goddess
BereginySlavicA goddesses of hunting
BereguniSlavicRiver nymphs accused of stealing newborn children
BereniceEgyptA goddess of Coma Berenices
BerthaNorseA goddess of spinning
BeruBrazilThe butterfly demon who appears at the female puberty rites
BesEgyptA god of childbirth, food, love, marriage, luck, recreation, relaxation & sleep
BethelPhoeniciaA local tutelary god
BhadraHindu/ PuranicA minor goddess
BhagaHindu/ Vedic/ PuranicA minor sun god
Bhagavan IndiaN. Cent.A tutelary god
BhaiarvaHindu/ PuranicA minor form of Siva
BhairaviHinduThe goddess of terror
BhaisajyaguruBuddhist/ TibetA medicine Buddha
BharaniHindu/ Epic/ PuranicA minor goddess of misfortune
Bharat MataHinduThe mother goddess that is the mother of India
BharatiHindu/ Vedic/ EpicA minor goddess of sacrifices
Bhavanavasi Jain/ India A generic name given to deities that look youthful
BhavaniIndiaA goddess of midwives
BhimaBuddhistA minor goddess
Bhima/ Bhimsen/ Bhimul PenHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA warrior & rain god
Bhrkuti-TaraBuddhist/ TibetA mother goddess & Buddha designate
BhumiBuddhist/ VajrayanaThe collective name for a group of deities
Bhumi DevataIndiaA vegetation goddess
Bhumidevi Hindu/ Epic/ Puranic a fertility goddess
BhumiyaHindu/ Vedic/ PuranicA fertility & guardian god of the fields
BhutIndiaA rather nasty evil spirit so don't irritate it
Bhutadamara Buddhist/ Mahayana god
BhutamataHinduA terrible goddess, a frightening form of Parveti
BhuvanesvariHinduA goddess
Bi-har Buddhist/ Tibet A Guardian deity that protects against demons
BiaGreekThe goddess of force [& no, it does not stand for the bureau of idiotic affairs]
BibiGypsyA goddess of healing & cholera
BiblysGreekA goddess of fountains
Biddy MannionIrishA goddess of midwives
BidhgoeCelticA goddess of love & of sexuality
Bikeh HozhoNavahoA goddess of happiness
Bila Aus. A goddess of war
Biliku A goddess of fire
BintangBorneoA goddess of love
Binzuru-SonjaJapanA god of fine vision & curing who is unable to escape pain, therefore he helps others to do so
BirduBabylon/ AkkadiaA minor underworld god
Bisal MariamnaIndiaA goddess of war
BisamIndiaA goddess of health, Diseases
BishamonJapanHe is one of the 7 gods of luck & the Buddhist patron of warriors
Bishamon-Ten/ Bishamontenno/ TiamontennuJapanA god of wealth & protector of human life that chases demons
BitolMayaA sky god[1 of 7] that helped create the world & its mortals
BladudWalesThe sun god
BlathnatIrish/ WalesThe maiden form of the triple goddess
BlidScandinaviaA goddess of happiness
Bo DhuIrishA black cow goddess
Bo FindIrishA white cow goddess
Bo HsianChina/ TaoA god
Bo RuadhIrishA goddess who helped bring fertility to barren Irish
Boann/ Boannan BoyneIrishA goddess of fertility & the river Boyne
BochicaChibchaThe supreme sun god & a god of law
BoduaCelticA war goddess
BoibhniuCelticA god Blacksmiths
BokwusKwakiutlA wild spirit of the woodlands
BolbeGreekA lake goddess
BoldogasszonyHungaryA virgin goddess who protected mothers & children
Bolon Ti KuMayaA collective name for the the nine underworld gods that are not well defined
Bombat KamayanHinduA local deceased goddess
Bomo Rambi/ Bomu RambiZimbabweA moon goddess
BomongMinyongA goddess of war
Bona Dea/ FaunaRomanA goddess of fertility, great prophecy, the dispenser of healing herbs & rather prim & chaste
BonchorTunisiaA god thought to be the creator deity
Boora Pennu KhondiIndiaA god of light that created the earth goddess & they made the other great gods
Boraspati ni TanoBatakAn earth spirit
BoreasGreekThe god of the North wind
BorghildNorseA goddess of the moon
Bormanus Celtic/ Breton god of hot springs
BormoniaRomanA goddess of healing
Borvo/ Bromo/ Bormanus/ Gramnnos/ Belenos/ ToutiorixBritain/ GaulThe god of hot springs who replaced his mother Sirona
Brag srin moTibetA goddess of fertility & an ancestral goddess
BragiNorseA god of eloquence & wisdom
BrahaniHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA mother goddess
BrahmaHinduThe supreme god and creator of the cosmos
Branab LlyrCelticHe is a god of the dead & can restore him is to life
BrangwaineWelshA goddess of love
Branwen/ BranwynIrish/ Manx/ WalesThe Venus of the Northern Seas & a goddess of love
BreasalWales/ CornwallHigh King of the entire planet
BrekstaLithuaniaA goddess of the darkness
BrenosCelticWar god
Bres MaclathaIrishA vegetation god
BrhaspatiHindu/ Puranic/ EpicAn astral god personifying Jupiter
Briant Celtic? A goddess of the river which holds her name
BrigantiaBritainA goddess of sovereignty Britainnia
Brigantia/ Bridget/ Brigit Pan-Celtic The goddess of the seasons, doctors smiths, poets, & women in childbirth
BrigantisCelticYet another moon goddess
BrighidCelticA goddess of education, healing, sore eyes
BrighidGaelicA goddess of metal working
BrigitIrishA fertility goddess
BrihaspatiIndiaThe god of incantation & ritual
BrimoGreekA death goddess
Brisaya A moon goddess
BritanniaBritishThe genia Lor of Britain
BritomartisCreteA goddess depicted as a hunter
BrizoGreekA goddess worshiped as a prophet Delos
BromeGreekAnother nymph who was a nurse for Dionysus
BronachIrishA goddess linked to forgotten Samhain rituals
BronoNorseA god of light
Buadza GanGhanaA god of the wind
BubastisEgyptA goddess of childbirth
BubilasLithuaniaA goddess of bees
BuddhaIndiaHe was deified after his death
BuddhaalocanaBuddhist/ ShingonA goddess & female Buddha
BuddhabodhiprabhavasitaBuddhistA minor goddess
BuddhakapalaBuddhist/ MahayanaA god
BudhaHindu/ Vedic/ Epic/ Puranic/ BuddhistAn astral god
Budhi PallienN. IndiaA forest goddess
BugaTungus/ SiberiaThe supreme God
Bugady MusunEvenki/ SiberianThe goddess that was the mother of all animals
Bugid Y AlbaPuerto Rico/ HaitiA god of war
BukNeur/ SudanThe goddess of rivers & streams
BukuW. AfricaThe god/ goddess of the sky
Bulaing Karadjeri Aus. A goddess
BulanIndonesia/ MalaysiaA moon goddess
BulaneMozambiqueA god of water
Buluc ChabtanMayaA god of war
Buluga AndamanIslandsA god
BumbaBantu/ AfricaA god of fire
Bumerali Aus. A goddess of physical prowess
Bunbulama Aus. A goddess of rain
BunziZaireA rain goddess
BuriNordicOne of two primordial beings
Buriyas KasiteIranA war god
Bussumarus Amelia/ Maitresse Amelia Haiti/ Vodun loa of Haiti
ButoEgyptA cobra god of Lower Egypt & justice
BuxenusGaulThe god of box trees
C(co)chimetlAztecA minor God of merchants that & commerce
Ca the aMojaveThe goddess of love
CabaguilMayaA god who helped create the world & mortals
CacaRomanA goddess Hearth of fire
CacohMayaA creator god
CaelestisCarthageA moon goddess
Caer IbormeithIrishUsually thought of as a goddess of sleep & dreams
Cagn Mantis/ KalahariAfricaThe creator
Caillech/ Cailleach/ Carlin/ Mala/ LiathIrish/ Scotland/ ManxA goddess of winter & the goddess in her destroyer aspect
CaireenIrishProtective mother goddess
CaishenChinaThe god of wealth
CakraHinduThe mind the creator
CakresvariJain/ IndiaA goddess of learning
CakulhaMayaA god of the lessor lightning bolts
CalliopeGreekThe Muse of of poetry & eloquence bonds
CallistoGreekA nymph
Cally BerryIrishA maiden goddess
CaloungerBrazilShe is a death goddess and/ or a sea goddess
CalypsoGreekThe nymph who kept Odysseus captive for seven years
CamaxtliAztecA god of war & fire as well as of one of of the 4 gods that created the world
CamaxtliMayaHere he is a god of fate
CamenaeRomanA goddess of springs & rivers
CamillaItalianA goddess of fire
CamozotzMayaThe bat god
CampestresGaul/ RomanThe name of a lost goddess of fields
CamulosBritonA war god [Colchester ?]
CandaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA terrible goddess & a distinct form of Durga done in
CandaliBuddhist/ TibetA goddess of terrible appearance
CandamiusRoman/ IberiaAn astral god
CandanyikaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicAnother distinctive form of Durga
CandavatiHindu/ Puranic/ EpicAnother form of Durga
CandeliferaRomanA goddess of childbirth & midwives
CandeliferaRomanShe Roman is a mother goddess responsible for bringing in the child into the light
CandesvariBuddhist/ MayhayanaA minor goddess that stands upon a corpse
CandfrasekharaHindu/ PuranicA form of a god Siva
CandiIndiaThe goddess Durga in her moon form
CandikaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA goddess of desire
CanditSudanThe goddess of streams
Candit Sudan The goddess of streams
CandograHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA goddess, a distinctive form of Durga
CandraHindu/ Puranic/ Epic/ BuddhistA planet god commonly affiliated with the moon
CandsveraHindu/ Puranic/ Epic A Minor God & benevolent aspect of Siva
Canidia Greek? A moon goddess that was also a sorceress
CankilikkaruppanHindu/ Dravidian/ TamilA local god
CanolaIrishBelieved to be one of the oldest of the Irish deities
CaolainnIrishA goddess of wisdom healing & fertility
CapakanMayaThe god of earthquakes & mountains
CardeaRomanA goddess of door hinges
CarikaBuddhistA goddess of the repetitive chant
Cariociecus Roman/ Iberia A war God
CarlinScottishA goddess of winter & Shaimin
CarmanIrishA goddess of County Wexford & black magic
CarmeGreekA nymph & companion of Artemis
CarmentaRomanA goddess of childbirth & midwives, prophecy & springs
CarmentesRomanA minor goddesses of birth
CarnaRomanA goddess of health
CarneBritain/ CornwallMost likely another version of Herne
CarravogueIrish/ BritainA goddess of winter from County Meath Crone
Carridwen Welsh? A moon goddess
CaryatisGreekA goddess of healing
CastaliaGreekA goddess of springs
CatequilIncaA god of lightning & thunder
Cathubodia Breton A Breton version of the Irish earth goddess Banbha
Cathubodua Pan-Celtic A war goddess
CaturmurtiHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA specific form of Vishnu [4 faces]
CauriBuddhist/ TibetA goddess of terrifying appearance
CavillacaPeruA virgin goddess that was preggers by a sneaky god
Ce ActalAztecA minor creator god
CeachtIrishA goddess of medicine
CebhfhionnIrishA goddess of inspiration
CeiuciBrazilA star goddess who created all animals
CeledonesGreekA goddesses of happiness
CenkalaniyammalHindu/ Davidian/ TamilA local goddess that guards the paddy fields
Centeocihuatl Aztech A maize goddess
CenteotlAztecHe is the maize god
Centzon-TotochtinAztecThese are the party gods, a drunken & immoral group that meet frequently that a blast
CeresRomanA goddess of agriculture, grain & summer
CeridwenWelshA goddess of inspiration & the hag aspect of the mother goddess
CerklicingLatviaA god fields & grain
Cernunnos Pan-Celtic A god of fertility & the horned god
CernunnosRomanA god of prosperity
CerridwenBritishA goddess of mountains
CerridwenCelticA goddess of fertility
CerridwenWales/ ScotlandA moon, grain, education & healing goddess
CerridwenWelshA goddess of education & healing
CessairIrishWell known pre Celtic mother goddess
CethlionIrishA goddess of the sea & the Formorians
CetoGreekA goddess of the sea
CgheneIsoko/ NigeriaA creator god with no material aspect, but a nice guy, no temple or priest
Ch'ang O/ Heng-OChinaA goddess of the moon
Ch'ang TsaiChinaA god of the spleen
Ch'eng HuangChinaA god of the land,ditches, moats & the people
Ch'I-YouChinaA god of weapons, dancers, smiths & war
Ch'ih Sung tzuChinaLord of the rain
Ch'ing LungChinaA god of the lungs
Ch'ung Ling yuChinaA god of the nose
Chac Uayab XocMayaA fish god known as the great demon shark
Chac Xib ChacMayaA god of sacrifice & war
Chac/ Chac MolMayaA god[s] of lightning, rain, thunder, wind & fertility
ChahuruPawneeThe spirit of water
ChaitanyaHindu/ PuranicA mendicant god
Chakwaina OkyaZuniA goddess of childbirth
ChalchiuhtlcueAztecA goddess rain & storms, violence, vitality, lakes, whirlpools, rivers, water , love, beauty & youth Don't make this one mad whatever you do.
ChalchiutotolinAztecA penitence
ChallalammaIndiaA goddess of buttermilk [?]
ChalmeacacihuitlAztecA minor underworld goddess
ChalmetcalAztecA minor underworld god
ChamerMayaA god of death
Chan Hs'ienChineseThe guardian god of children that had been a mortal King
ChandraVedicA god of the moon
Chang FeiChineseA god of war & butchers
Chang HsienChinaA god of dreams & of pregnancy
Chang PanChinaA god of masons
Chang Tao LingChan/ TaoistThe god of the afterlife & head of the heavenly Ministry of exorcism
Chang XiChinaA moon goddess
Chang YongChinaA goddess of justice
Changing WomanCherokeeA goddess of the moon
ChangoAfricaA warrior god that Defense morals against enemies that want the land, wealth & women
ChanticoAztecShe is the goddess of hearth fires & volcanoes.
Chao san NiangChinaA goddess of wig salesmen
Chao T'eng k'angChinaA god of the bowels
ChaobMaya/ LacandonThe wind[s] god[s]
ChaosBabylonThe mother of the gods
CharisGreekA minor goddess
ChascaIncaA goddess of the dawn & the dew
ChattrosniaBuddhistA god
ChayaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA goddess
ChebeldeiSiberiaThese are the inhabitants of lower world
ChemoshMoabThe head god
Chen KaoChinaA god of the ears
Cheng San KungChinaA god of fishing
Cheng Yuan hoChinaA god of strolling singers
ChernobogSlavicA god of chaos & the night
CherubMesopotamiaThese are the guardians of important places & they intercede both with the gods/ & for the gods
Chhih of warg tzuChinaA god of rain
Chi PoChinaA god of the winds
Chi Sung TzuChinaA rain god
ChiaChiboaA moon goddess
ChiangChinaA goddess of agriculture
ChibchacumChibchaThe god of farmers and merchants
ChibiabosAlgonquinThe brother of Nanabush
ChibiliasMayaA goddess of the rainbow
ChibiriasMayaAn earth goddess who sends the rain & paints the earth
ChiccanMayaThe rain gods
ChickcharneyAndros Is./ BahamasA small furred/ feathered spirit of the forest
Chicoahui Itzcuintli-ChanticoAztecA god of lapidaries
ChicomecoatlAztecShe is the goddess of grain, fertility & frost
ChicomenochtliAztecA god of painters & solar pleasure[not my claim]
ChiconahuiAztecA hearth goddess
ChicoonahuiehecatlAztecA minor creator god
ChieChibchaA fun loving goddess
Chih JihChinaA god of the day
Chih NiiChinaA goddess of spinning
Chih NuChinaA goddess of weaving
Chikara KorekoreZimbabweA sky god
ChimalmatMayaA goddess of the Little Dipper
Chimata No KamiJapaneseA god of crossroads, roads & footpaths
ChimeraGreekA goddess of volcanoes
ChiminaguaChibchaAnother omni-potent god that created the earth in a rather simple matter
Chin hua Niang niangChinaA god of drums & violins
Ching Ling TzuChinaA god of tea
ChinnamastakaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA goddess, a headless form of Durga
ChinnintammaIndiaA goddess of households
Chio Yuan TzuChinaA god of the brain
ChipiripaCurraThe rain god
Chirakan IxmucaneMayaOne of the new goddess formed by the 4 gods that made the world
ChiuacoztlNahuA goddess of childbirth
Chiuke IboNigeriaA sky god who is also regarded as a creator god
Chlaus HaisticIrishAncient goddess of unknown function
ChlorisGreekA goddess of flowers
ChnumEgyptA god
ChokmahSpanishA goddess of order & wisdom
CholmusSiberiaThe creator of animals
ChonsuEgyptA god of the moon
ChorsBalkansA pre-Christian sun god
Chos-SkyonBuddhist/ TibetA tutelary guardian deity
Chou WangChinaA god of sodomy
ChowaIndiaA goddess of health
ChristallineHaitiAn evil sea goddess
Chu jungChinaA god of fire & the celestial executioner
Chu NiaoChinaA god of the heart
Chu YingChinaA god of the eyes
Chuang MuChinaA goddess of the bedroom
ChuginadakAleutA goddess of fire & volcano
Chuh Kamuy China? A moon goddess
Chul Tatic Chites VanegMayaA creator god thought by some to be the name of the Christian God
ChulaveteMexicoA goddess of the morning star
Chun T'iChinaA goddess of the dawn & warriors
ChundaBuddhistA goddess of happiness
Chung K'ueiChina/ TaoA god of the afterlife that belongs to the Ministry of exorcism
Chung kueiChinaA protector of those who travel & god of examinations
Chung LiuChinaA god of eaves
ChupChumashA goddess of the wind & rain
Chup KamuiAinuA goddess of war & the sun
CianIrishA god of medicine
CihuacoatlAztecShe is a goddess whose roaring signaled war
Cihuacoatl-QuilaztliAztecA creator goddess with a rather unique way of creating humanity
CihuatetoAztecThese are women that die in childbirth, gain eternal life & become spirits that accompany the sun
CineiChukchi/ SiberiaA sea goddess
CinteotlAztecA god of fertility
CinteotlNahuThe god of Maize
CinxiaRomanA minor goddess of marriage[ She worries over the attire of the bride]
CipactliAztec/ MexicoA primordial goddess of water
CipactliMexicanA goddess of water
CirceGreekA goddess of healing & of herbs
CistaPersiaA goddess of the morning star
Cit Bolon TumMayaHe is a god of medicine
Cit Cac CohMayaA god of war iconised as a red Puma
CitalatonacAztec/ MexicoA creator god
CitlalicueAztecA creator goddess & the goddess of Milky Way
CitraHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA minor goddess of misfortune & a maleovent astral deity
CitrasenaBuddhist/ MayhayanaA goddess
CittavasitaBuddhistA minor goddess
CizinMayaA god of death
Clairm'eHaiti/ VodunA river loa
Clairmezin'eHaitiA river goddess
ClementiaRomanThis goddess was invoked to protect the citizen against the emperor's absolute use of power
CleoneGreekA goddess of water
ClioGreek/ RomanA goddess of history
CliodnaIrish/ ScotlandA goddess
ClotaScotland/ England/ WalesA goddess & namesake of the River Clyde
CoatlicueAztecA goddess of the earth
CoatrischieCuba/ TainoA goddess of water, winds, & storms
Coca MamaPeruA goddess of health, happiness & the coca plant
CochaPeruA goddess of rain
CocidusBritishA hunting goddess
CocijoZapotec/ MexicoThe rain god
Col/ CholNuer/ SudanA rain & thunderstorms god
Colel CabMayaA chthonic earth goddess
ColledaKoliada/ SerbianThe goddess of the winter solstice
Colop U UichkinMayaA sky sky god who with a night avatara with the same name is the bringer of disease
ComusGreek/ RomanA god of banquets, drunkenness & merriment
ConchennCelticA goddess of love
ConcordiaRomanA goddess of harmony, peace & justice
CondatisBritish/ RomanA local god
CondwiramurWalesA goddess of sovereignty
ConirayaQuechaThe creator of all things & founder of agriculture
ConsusRomanA god of counseling & negotiation
CopiaRomanA goddess of prosperity
CorchenIrish/ ManxA goddess of which very little is known
CorraScotlandA goddess of prophecy & who regularly appeared in the form of a crane
CorusRomanThe god of the wind
CotiBushman/ AfricaA goddess of hunting
CotysPhrygianThe earth goddess who presided over debauchery
CotysThraceA goddess of fertility
CoventinaCelticA goddess of healing & wells
CoventinaRoman/ BritishA water goddess
CoventinaScotlandOne of the most potent of the Celtic river gods
CoyolxauhquiAztecA moon goddess
Coyote/ KoyotePan-W. USAA demigod/ creator/ trickster
CratosGreekA god of strength
CredneIrishA god of metallurgy & smithing
Creiddylad/ / Creudylad/ CordeliaWalesA goddess of summer flowers & the sea
CreidhneCelticA god Metal working
CrionisGreekOne of the many river gods
Crnobog/ CrnoglavSlavicA black god of death
Crobh Dearg/ Crove DairgIrishA war goddess
Cromm CruaichIrishAn ancient deity
CroneIrishThird aspect of the Triple goddess
CronosCelticMinor harvest & Sun god with Greek roots
Cronus/ Kronos/ Kronus/ Chronos/ ChronusGreekA god of & agriculture who became king of the Titans for a while
Cu Chulain / Sentanta/ Cuchulainn/ The Watchdog ofChulainA goddess of eight & white
CubaRomanA goddess children's sleep & infants
CueravaperiMexicanA goddess of rain & drought
Cum HauMayaA god of death
CumhauMayaA god of death
CundaBuddhist/ TibetA goddess considered a deification of literature
CuninaRomanA goddess of infants who are in the cradle
CupidRomanA god of love
CuraRomanA goddess of healing
CutziThe AmericasA moon goddess
Cuvto avaRussiaA tree goddess
CybelePhrygianA goddess of forests, mountains, and fertility
CyhiraethWalesA goddess of streams
Cymidei/ / CymeinfollWalesA war goddess
CynosuraGreekA goddess of midwives
Da-Shi-Zhi BuddhismChinaA female Bodhisattva
DabaibaPanamaA goddess of lightning & thunder
DabogBalkans/ S. RussiaBefore Christians he was a sun god, alas, now he's reduced to a diabolic personality
DadimundaBuddhist/ Sri LankaHe was the treasurer for another God
DaeiraGreekA goddess of knowledge
DaemonesGreekA family of elemental that and have it fields, forests, mountains, oceans, streams, lakes, valleys, desert, some towns & they are immortal
DaenaPersiaThe goddess who meets the souls of the dead
DaganBabylon/ Akkadia/ CanaanA fertility & grain god who in the Ugatitic creation myth was the father of Baal
DaganKafir/ AfghanistanA local supreme god that it bears no relation to be Semitic god Dagan
DagdaCelticA god of the earth
Dagda/ Daghdha/ Eochaidh/ OllathairIrishThe god of death, rebirth & long life
DagonMesopotamiaThe god of vegetation
Dagon/ DaganPhoeniciaA god of wheat & grain
DahoPyreneanA deity that may be a god of war
Dahud Ahes/ DahutBritainA goddess of debauchery
DaikokuJapanA god of wealth & happiness
DaiomonGreekA member of the Daemones family
DaityasIndiaThe demonic enemies of the gods
DajiChinaA goddess of justice
DakiniBuddhismThese are supernatural beings
Dakini GuruTibetanA goddess of teaching
DaksaHindu/ Vedic/ PuranicA sun god
DaktyloiGreekThese are the demonic beings discovered the art of working in metal
Dala KadavaraShinghaleseThis is likely an elephant goddess
DaliRussian/ GeorgiaA goddess of the hunt
DamaHuliInvisible deities which control the weather, attack people & cause illness, sterility or death
DamaraBritainA fertility goddess associated with Beltane
DamballahHaitiA goddess of sweet waters
DamgalnunaSumeria/ Babylon/ AkkadiaThe mother goddess who whelped Marduk
DamkinaSumeria/ Babylon/ AkkadiaThe earth mother goddess
DamonaCelticA cow goddess, little known
DamuSumeriaA god of exorcism
DanFonA god of unity
DanMahi/ BeninA goddess of order & the rainbow
Dana/ Donu/ Don/ AnaWelsh/ IrishThe mortal Celtic race are her descendants, she is a goddess
DanaidsGreekThe goddesses of fountains & water
DanaparamitaBuddhistA philosophical deity
Danavas India they are half divine/ half demonic beings
DanuGreekThe Aegean mother goddess
DanuHindu/ VedicThe primordial goddess
Danu/ / Danann/ DanaIrishThe major mother goddess
DanusGreekThe father of the Danaids, 50 beautiful women
DaphneGreekAn oracular goddess & mountain nymph
DaragoPhilippineA goddess of fire & volcanos
Daramulum Aus. A lunar being & mediator between the creator and humans
DaronwyWalesThis god appears only in the songs/ book of Taleisin
DarzamatLatviaA goddess of the gardens
DashizhiChinaA goddess of knowledge
DatinN. ArabiaA god mentioned in inscriptions but what he did no one knows
Davas/ Daevas/ Devas/ DevsPersiaRather malevolent spirits
DayaHindu/ PuranicA goddess who oddly enough is considered a minor aspect of the god of Visnu
Dayang RacaBorneoA goddess of fire
Dazhbog/ Dabog/ DazbogSlavicA god of the sky, wealth & war
DazimusSumeriaThe goddess of healing
Deae MatresBritainThe mother goddesses, a triune of earth goddesses
Debata Toba-BatakSumatraA word used to denote an individual god/ divine power
DebenaCzechoslovakiaA goddess of the forests
DebenaSlavicA goddess of hunting
Dechtere/ DechtireIrishA trinity unto herself
DecimaRomanA goddess of birth that watches over the pregnancy
Dedun/ DewdenEgyptA god that was the lord & giver of incense
Dedwin Nubian a god of riches & incense that was nailed by the Egyptians
DeimosGreekThe god of terror & panic
DeiveLithuaniaBefore Christians it was an appellation of divinity, as in certain stones that were the object of veneration
DeklaLatvianA goddess of midwives
DemeterGreekA goddess of agriculture, grain, autumn, the earth , & fertility
DemogorgonGreekA mysterious spirit/ creator god
DenaIranA goddess
DendritusGreekA goddess of the tree
Deng Dinka/ NeurSudanA god of rain
DeohakoSenecaCollective name of the three daughters of the Earth Mother
DercetiusRoman/ IberiaA mountain god
DercetoGreekA goddess of fertility
DercetoMysiaA mother goddess
DerketoChaldeaA moon goddess associated with fertility
DespinaGreekA nymph
DevaHindu/ Vedic/ PuranicA generic name of a god
DevakiHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA mother goddess
DevanaCzechoslovakia/ SlavicA goddess of the hunt
DevanandaJain/ IndiaA mother goddess of happiness & joy
DevaputraBuddhismA designation for the lower ranked gods
DevasIndiaSome gods at perpetual war with the demons
DevasenaHindu/ PuranicA goddess
Devel/ DelGypsyThe highest being/ god
Deverra Roman A goddess of verse & guardian of newborn children
DeviHinduA twelve armed warrior goddess
DeviIndiaThese are female deities
Deving IchingLatviaA god of horses
DevonaBritonA goddess of the rivers of Devon
Dewi RatihBaliA moon goddess
Dewi ShriBaliThe rice goddess
DewyCanaanA goddess rain
DhanadaBuddhist/ MahayanaA form of the goddess Tara
DhanisthaHindu/ PuranicA minor goddess of misfortune to & malevolent astral deity
DhanvantariHindu/ Vedic/ Puranic/ EpicA sun god that later became an avatar of the god Visnu
DharaHindu/ PuranicAn attendant god
DharmaHinduA god of justice, righteousness & virtue
DharmadhatuvagisvaraBuddhistA physician god
DharmameghaBuddhist/ VajrayanaA minor goddess
DharmapalaBuddhist/ VjrayanaA minor goddess concerned with law
Dharni PinnuIndiaA goddess of health
Dharti MataHindu/ PuranicA mother goddess
Dhat BadanYemenThe primary goddess
DhatarHindu/ PuranicA sun god
DhavajagrakeyuraBuddhist/ MahayanaA goddess that sets on a sun throne
DhisanaHinduA minor goddess of prosperity
DhrtiJain/ IndiaA minor goddess that apparently just hangs around
DhruvaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicAn astral god
DhumavatiHindu/ Puranic/ EpicAnother goddess
DhumornaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicAnother goddess
DhumravatiHindu/ PuranicA rather terrible goddess, walks around with a skull in the hand
DhupaBuddhist/ MahayanaA minor goddess & a censor
DhurjatiHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA god, a manifestation of Siva
DhvajosnisaBuddhistA god, apparently a guardian deity
DhyanaparmitaBuddhistA philosophical deity
DhyaniBuddhasThe five meditating Buddhas that came from the primeval Buddha
DhyanibuddhaBuddhistA generic name for a spiritual or meditation Buddha
DhyanibuddhasaktiBuddhistA collective name for a specific group of goddesses
Di JunChinaA god of the eastern sky
Dia GrieneScottishA goddess of war
DiablesseHaitianA goddesses of justice
Dian CechtIrishA god of crafts & healing
Dian-CechtIrishPhysician magician of the Tuatha Dian Cecht
DianaGreek/ RomanA goddess of childbirth, chastity, virginity, fertility, hunting, the moon & the sky
DiancechtIrishPhysician magician of the Tuatha Dian Cecht
Diang ShillukSudanA cow goddess
Dice/ DikeGreekA goddess of justice
DictynnaCreteA mother goddess
DidiThakrunHindu a plague goddess associated with cholera
Dieva-deliLatviaHeavenly beings, 2 sometimes 3
DieviniLativaA group of minor gods
DievsLatviaA pre-Christian sky god
DigambaraBuddhist/ TibetA goddess
Dii Mauri MoorN. AfricaThey were redeemers, immortals, & exalted deities that were almost never named
Diiwica/ DilwicaSerbiaAnother goddess of the hunt
DikkumaraJain/ IndiaA god associated with rain & thunder
DiksaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA goddess
DilIrishA goddess
DilmunSumeriaThe god of fresh water
DilwicaSlavicA goddess of hunting
DimmeSumeriaA female demon of fever and & diseases of infants
DinawaganPhilippinesA goddess of health & healing
DinditaneHuliA fertility god of gardening
DionysusGreekA god of altered states, wine, ecstasy, revelry & nature
DioskouroiGreekTwin gods see Castor & Pollux
DipaBuddhist/ TibetA goddess of light
Dipa TaraBuddhist/ MahayanaA minor goddess
DipamkaraBuddhistHe proceeded the Buddha in east Asia
DipankaraBuddhist/ TibetA deity that is one of the minor group of Buddhas
DiptiHindu/ PuranicA minor goddess
DirghadeviHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA goddess
DisScandinaviaA goddess of drinking
Dis PaterRomanA god of war
Disa Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic in minor goddess & the momma of the minor creation god Sarga
DisaniAfghanistanThe supreme fertility & mother goddess
DisciplinaRomanA goddess of discipline
DiscordiaRomanA goddess of discord & war
DisirNordic/ GermanA collective name for guardian goddesses
Dispater/ Dis Pater GaulA god whose name means the father
DitiHinduA goddess of the earth
DiviriksLithuaniaThe deity of the rainbow
DivoniaCeltic/ GaelicA fertility goddess associated with water
DiwaliBhil/ IndiaA goddess of happiness & merriment
Djanggawuls Aus. The goddesses of fertility that messed up & created humanity & of vegetation
DjigonaseeHuronA goddess of justice, fairness & peace
Djila'qons Haida/ PNWA sea goddess
dMu-bDub Kam-Po Sa-Zen Tibet/ Bon a sky god & the head of the ancient pantheon
Doda/ DodolaSerbiaA goddess of rain
DogumrikKafir/ AfghanistanA local warrior & guardian god
Doh YenisiSiberiaa rather good magician that could fly over the waves, become weary, then create islands to rest on, almost god like
DohitMoseteneThe god that created the first human from clay
Dola/ DolyaRussia/ SerbiaA goddess of fate
Domfe KurumbaAfricaThe god of rain & wind
DomnuIrishA goddess of the Formorians
Don/ Donn/ DhonnIrish/ WalesA goddess that is called a god of death
DonarGermanicA god of the sky & thunder
DongoSonghoiA god of thunder
DonnIrishAn underworld god responsible for the passage of the dead to the underworld
DorinaNigeriaA goddess of hunting
DorisGreekAn ocean goddess
Dorje NaljormaTibetA goddess of happiness
DornollCelticA goddess of physical prowess
Dou MouChinaA goddess North Star, health & diseases & justice
DoudounNubiaThe god of the Nile cataracts
DoushenChinaA goddess of justice
DragoniAlbaniaA god of thunder & lightning
DruantiaCelticA goddess
DryadsGreekNymphs of the trees & woods
DryopeGreekA goddess of water
DsahadoldzaNavahoA fiery god of earth & water
Du'uzu DunatisCelticA god of fortifications
du-l HalasaSW ArabiaA god that was demoted to the rank of an idle
DuaEgyptA lion headed god of the future & protector of the stomach of the deceased
Duan LutehIrishA moon goddess
Dubh LachaIrishAn early goddess of the sea
DugnaiLithuanianA goddess of baking & kneading & liquor
Duha DeoHinduA minor god the bridegroom
DuillaeRoman/ IberianA fertility & vegetation goddess
DumuziBabylonA god of fertility
DumuziSumeriaA shepherd god & the Jewish Tammuz
DunatisCelticA god of fortifications
DunawaliHuliAn evil goddess
DunneEnin/ Siberian/ TungusA goddess of the sky, fire & that ruled over the clan territory
Dur KassiteIranAn underworld god
Durangama Buddhist / Vajrayana A minor goddess
DurgaHindu/ PuranicA goddess of fire & a vengeful warrior
DurjataBuddhist/ MahayanaThe minor goddess that waits on the god Buddhakapala
DusaraW. SemiticA local god associated with vegetation & fertility survived until about 500 C. E.
DutturSumeriaThe goddess of ewes
DuziKafir/ Afghanistana local god known only from of an altar stone, but he did like male goats as a sacrifice
Dwyn Kazoba BazibaAfricaHe is in the god of the sun and as well as the moon
Dwyn/ DwynwenCelticA god of love
DyausHindu/ VedicA god of the rain
Dyaus PitarHindu/ Vedic/ IndiaThe creator god
DyaushIndiaThe first supreme god
DylanWales/ BritainA guardian deity of the mouth of the River Conway
DzalarhonsHaidaA goddess of fire & volcanoes
DzivaAfricaA goddess of justice
DzivaguruKorekoreThe great earth goddess
DziwozonyPolishA goddesses of healing, herbs & love
E AlomMayaA primeval creator goddess
E QuhalomMaya/ QuicheA primeval creator god
Ea/ EnkiBabylon/ MesopotamiaThe god of wisdom, spells, incantations, & the seas
EacusRoman/ IberiaA weather god
EadonIrishA goddess of poetry
EasalIrish/ ManxA god of abundance & prosperity
EastreGermanA goddess of healing
Eate/ EgataBasqueA god of fire & storms
EbechCanaanA mountain god that lost a fight, fatally so
EbhlinneIrishA goddess of Munster & midsummer
EbisuJapanA god of fishermen
EblisIslamThe chief of the evil spirits
EboreAfricaA sky god
Ec YeniseiSiberiaThe high god
EcecheiraGreekA goddess of armistices & peace
EchidnaGreekHalf woman, half snake, a demonic monster
EchtgheIrishBelieved to be another form of Dana Aughty
Edeke TesoUgandaA god of disasters
EdinkiraAfricaA tree goddess
EdusaRomanA goddess of infants who are weaning
Ee loolthDuwamishA mountain goddess
Ee-A-o/ YaoGnostic ChristianA primordial being
EgeriaRomanA goddess of childbirth of midwives, fountains & justice
Egres/ Akras KarelianFinlandA fertility god in charge of the the turnip crop
Egungun oyaAfricaAnother form of the Yoruba goddess of divination
Ehacatl/ QuetzalcoatlAztecA god of education & the wind
EibhirIrish/ ManxShe is most likely a forgotten sun goddess
EileithyiaGreekA goddess of childbirth
EirNorseA goddess of healing
EirScandinaviaA goddess of mercy & teaching
EireneGreekA goddess of peace & one of the Horae
EithneIrishAn old goddess Ethleen Ethlinn Ethniu
Eji Ogbe Yoruba/ Nigeria/ W.AfricaA god that is king of the pantheon
Ek ChuahMayaA god of war & commerce
Ek MayaA Babob
Eka AbassiAfricaCreator of life
EkadasarudaHinduThe collective name for the group of gods[ 11 ] the are forms of the god Rudra
EkahauAztecA god of commerce
EkahauMayaHe is the god of travelers & merchants
EkajataBuddhistA goddess of happiness
EkarudraHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA minor deity, another aspect of Siva
EkastakaIndiaA goddess of healthy children
EkchuahMayaA god of traveling merchants
Ekhi/ EguzkBasqueThe personification of the sun
EkinebaAfricaA goddess of teaching
EkkekkoQuechaThe god of good fortune
ElCanaan/ Hebrew/ PhoeniciaA supreme god started life as a storm god Ymvh, God
ElSyriaA storm god, also found in the mythologies of Canaan & the early Jewish invaders Ymvh Jehova God
El'ebCanaanA primordial god
ElagabulGreekThe God of Emesa[Syria]
ElaineWales/ BritainMaiden aspect of the goddess
ElaisGreekOne of the Oenotropae
ElasiiGreekThe goddesses of healing & epilepsy
ElbenGermanicNature spirits
ElectryoneGreekA moon goddess
EleithyiaGreekA goddess of childbirth & midwives
Elel PuelcheArgentinaA malevolent demonic being
ElenaRussianA goddess of fire
EleosGreekA goddess of peace & mercy
ElgabalSyriaA local mountain god with solar links
ElihinoCherokeeThe earth goddess
ElimJudaicA collective term for god's the lower order of the gods from the great deities, the Elohim
EljonSyriaA god
ElkunisraCanaan/ HittiteA creator god
EllamanHindu/ Dravidian/ TamilA goddess of passage, an astral deity
Ellel/ EllilusHittiteA god
ElliScandinaviaA goddess of wrestling
EllilBabylon/ AkkadiaA creator & air god
EloaiGnostic Christianprimordial been
ElohimSemitic Godsplural (various)
Elphame/ Elphlane/ Elphane/ Queen of ElphameScotlandA goddess of death & disease
ElpisGreekA goddess of happiness
EmanjahTrinidadA river goddess & teacher of children
Eme'mqutKoryak/ SiberiaAn animistic spirit
Emeli Hin TuaregSudanA creator god & generic term meaning Lord
EmerCelticA goddess of wisdom
EmesSumeriaA vegetation god
Emma OJapan/ BuddhistA god of death & lord of hell
Empung LuminuutN. Celebes Is./ SulawesiA goddess that gave birth to the sun god
EnIltyrainA god who was demoted a demon by the Christians
EnbiluluSumeriaA god of agriculture & the underworld
EndouellicusRoman/ IberiaA healing god
EndukuggaSumeriaThe god of the Underworld
EndursagaMesopotamia/ SumeriaA herald god
EnekpeAfricaA goddess of the family & guardian of destiny
Enki/ EaSumeria/ MesopotamiaA creator god, water, cunning & fertility
EnkimduSumeriaThe farmer god of canals & ditches
EnlilSumeriaThe god of air and weather
EnmesarraMesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ AkkadiaThe god of law
EnneadEgyptThe Heliopolis pantheon as a group
EnnugiMesopotamiaThe attendant & throne bearer god
EnodiaGreekA goddess of crossroads & gates
EntenMesopotamia/ SumeriaA fertility god that doubled as a guardian deity of farmers
Enudu GishaUgandaA god of plague, specifically smallpox
EnyoGreekA goddess of war & waster of cities
EnzuMesopotamia/ Babylon/ AkkadiaA god who was named appears to be a corrupted form of Suen
EosGreekA goddess of warriors & of the dawn
EostreCelticA goddess for whom the Ostara Sabbat is named for aka Easter
EpaphosGreekThe progenitor of the Egyptians
EpetEgyptA goddess of healing, childbirth, children
EpimetheusGreek/ RomanA minor creator god
EponaCelticA goddess of horses, mules, & oxen
Epos/ OlloatirBritainA god often seen as a male form of Epona
EranoranhanHierro Is./ Canary Is.The protector of men only
EratoGreekThe Muse of lyric poetry & mime
ErceCelticThe earth mother & harvest goddess
ErdaGermanA very old & wise earth goddess
ErebosGreek/ RomanA primordial deity, different
EreshkigalAkkadia/ HittiteThis goddess is the mother of the storm god as well as an underworld goddess
EreshkigalSumeriaA goddess of death
ErgeBasqueA spirit that takes men's lives
Erh LangChinaA god that with his dog saved Beijing from flooding
Eri of the Golden HairIrishA virgin goddess of the Tuatha De Danann
ErinysGreekA goddess of wrath
ErisGreekA goddess of discord & strife
ErishkigalSumeriaA goddess of the underworld
EriskegalAllatu/ BabylonShe is one of the divinities who ruled the netherworld
Eriu/ Erin/ Eire IrishOne of the three queens of the Tuatha De Danann & a fertility goddess
Erkilek Inuit malevolent hunting god
Erlik SamoyedFinland?A god of the netherworld
ErmutuEgyptA goddess of childbirth & midwives
ErosGreekA god of erotic love, passion & of sex
ErraMesopotamia/ Babylon/ AkkadiaA war god
Erzuli MapianguehHaitiA goddess of justice
ErzulieHaitiA goddess of health, clothes, flowers, jewelry, of fertility, love, virginity, beauty & sex
Es KetSiberiaA creator god that fashioned humans from clay
EscehemanArapahoGrandmother earth
EschetewuarahaChamacocoThe goddess of rain
Eschu/ Legba Yoruba/ AfricaThese deities are messengers between gods & mortals, not very nice either
EseasarAfricaAn earth goddess
EsenchebisGreekA reference to the goddess Isis
EsharaChaldeaThe goddess of war & of productive fields
EshmunCanaanThe god of healing
EshuFon/ YorubaDivine messenger
Essus/ EsusBritain/ GaulA harvest/ woodcutter god
EstsanatlehiNavahoA goddess of change, fertility & the sky
Esu EdoBenin/ Yoruba A god of passage that stands at the gates of home of the gods
EsusCelticThe war god that may have been a tree god
Etain/ EchraidheIrishA goddess of war
EtugenMongolA virgin earth goddess
EueucoyotlAztecA god of fertility, sex, pleasure, sorrow & spontaneity
Eumenides/ ErinyesGreekA goddesses of justice
EunomiaGreekOne of the Horae & goddess of order
EunostosGreekThe goddess of flour mills
EuphrosyneGreekA goddess of happiness & one of the graces
EurosGreek/ RomanThe god of the east winds
EurybiaGreekA sea goddess
EurydiceGreekA mountain valley nymph with a sad love story[ aren't they all?]
EurynomeGreekA goddess of the sea & in one account she is the goddess of all creation
EuterpeGreekThe Muse of lyric poetry & music
EutychiaGreekA goddess of happiness
EvakiAmazon/ S.A.A goddess of the night
EvanEtruscanConsidered female a being that is one of the Las
Ewauna Coquille/ PNWCreator goddess
Ezili FonHaiti/ Vodun/ West IndiesA goddess who represents wisdom & beauty & love
FaAfricaA god of divination
FabulinusRomanA minor God
FacheaIrishA goddess of poetry & patron of bards
FagusGaul/ PyreneanThe god of beech trees
Faivarongo TikopiaPolynesiaA god of sailors
FamaRomanA goddess of fame & rumors
Fan K'ueiChinaA god of butchers
FandCelticA goddess of happiness & pleasure
FandIrishA goddess of healing & the ocean
FaragvoulPuerto Rico/ HaitiA votive god
Faro BambaraW. AfricaA river god that brought order to the world when it was created
FateRomanA goddess of fate
Fatit/ MerinAlbaniaFemale entities that are in charge of the individuals destiny
FaumeaPolynesianA goddess of fertility
FaunaRomanA goddess of agriculture & winter
FaunusRomanA god of agriculture, fertility, nature & prophecy
Fe GaiIvory CoastA tutelary god
Fe'ePolynesiaThe god of the dead
FeaIrishA war goddess
FebrisRomanA goddess of healing & fevers
FebruusRomanA god of purity
Fei Lien/ Fewi Lian/ Feng BoChinaA god of the wind
FelicitasRomanA goddess of happiness
FeneHenryEither a demon or a place where demonic beings hang out, or both
Feng Pho PhoChinaA goddess of the winds
Feng PoChinaA sky god of the wind
Feng Po PoChinaA goddess of the wind
FengboChinaAnother god of the wind
FengboChinaAnother god of the wind
FenjaScandinaviaA goddess of physical prowess
FeroniaEtruscanA goddess of the autumn, fire & volcanoes
FeroniaRomanA goddess of orchards & protects freedmen
FidealScottishA goddess of water
FidesRomanA goddess of fidelity, honesty, oaths & public trust
Fidi Mukullu Bena LuluaZaireA creator god
FinncaevIrishThought to be a goddess of love & beauty
FinvarraIrishA strong god Fionnbharr
FinweighBilanThe god who made man.
Fionn Mac CumhalIrish/ Manx/ ScotlandAn ancient giant god/ warrior
FjorgynnNordic A god mentioned in Snorri's Edda
FlidaisIrishRuler of wild beasts of the forests\woodlands
FloraRomanA goddess of gardens, plants, flowers, love, prostitution,spring & youth
FoChinaThe name for Buddha
FomoreIrishThey are the adversaries of the Tuatha De Danann, & called it demons
FonsRomanA goddess of fountains
FornaxRomanA goddess baking & grain
ForsetiNorse/ GermanicA god of justice for men & gods
FortunaRomanA goddess chance, fate, luck & happiness
Foto-TamaJapan/ ShintoAn ancestral god
Frau HolleGermanicA goddess of winter
Fravasi/ FravartinIranInteresting - The concept denotes the spirit of the pre-existence of the believer that watches over him as a protective spirit
FreyNorseA god of rain, weather, seafaring & war
FreyNorseA god of rain, weather, seafaring & war
FreyScandinaviaA god of fertility & prosperity
FreyaGermanicA goddess of fertility, love, beauty, sex & youth
FreyaGermanicA goddess of fertility, love, beauty, sex & youth
FreyaNorseA goddess of rainbows & war
FreyaScandinaviaA goddess of spring & magic
FreyjaNorseA goddess of fertility & vegetation
FreyrNorseA god of fruits, thriving crops & peaceful prosperity
FriggNorse/ GermanicA goddess of fertility & marriage
FrjorgynNorse/ GermanicA goddess with no known cult, the name suggests that she is either a mountain/ forest goddess and possibly revered as a goddess of fertility
Fu HsiChinaA god of fishing nets,vegetation, of happiness & the inventor of writing
Fu HsingChinaHe was considered a spirit of happiness
Fu ShenChinaA god of happiness
FudoJapanA god of wisdom
Fudo MyooBuddhismThe god who protects against catastrophes
FuflunsEtruscanA god of wine & of the harvest
FujiAinu/ JapanA goddess of fire & volcano & chief goddess
FujinJapan/ ShintoA god of winds
FukurokujuJapaneseA god of luck & the star god
FulgoraRomanA goddess of lightning
Fulla/ FollaGermanicA goddess of healing
Furiae/ FuriesRomanThe goddesses of justice & robbers
Futsu-Nushi-No-KamiJapan/ ShintoA god of war
Fuwch FrechWelshA goddess of happiness
GaFonA god of metal
Ga OhIroquoisMaster of the winds
GabijaLithuaniaA goddess of the hearth fire
GabjaujaLithuaniaA goddess of grain that was demoted to an evil spirit by Christianity
GabrielHebrew/ ChristianAn archangel that was rather busy as a messenger from the God of Abraham, he also toots the trumpet that signifies the end of the universe
GadCanaanA god of fortune
GadPunicA god of unknown qualities, but likely concerned with chance &/ or fortune
Gaea/ Gaia/ GeGreekThe earth goddess & first born of chaos
GagananjaBuddhistA god
GajavahanaHindu/ Davidian/ TamilA god, a form of the god Skanda
Gal BapsiHindu/ Davidian/ TamilA local god that can expiate sins, but it is rough
GalateaGreekOne of the Neriedes
GallaMesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ AkkadiaMinor underworld gods
Gamab/ Ganna/ Gawa/ Gaunab DamarasAfricaThe supreme god & creator of the world who lives beyond the stars
Ganapati/ Ganesa/ GaneshaHindu/ PuranicA god of education, wisdom, luck, prosperity, & prudence
GanapatihrdayaBuddhist/ MayhayanaA minor goddess
Ganaskidi Navaho a god of harvest, plenty & mists
Ganda TaraBuddhist/ MayhayanaA minor goddess
GandhaBuddhist/ TibetA goddess
GandhariJain/ IndiaA goddess of learning
GangaHinduA goddess of healing, rivers & happiness
Gangir/ Hegir-NunaMesopotamia/ SumeriaA goddess
GaniklisLithuaniaA god of shepherds
GansApache/ SW USAMountain spirits
GanymedeGreekA mortal boy that was given immortality & the job of cup bearer to the gods
Gao Yao/ Ting-jianChinaA god of judgment
GaomeiChineseAn ancient goddess [first mother] later changed into a male divinity
GapnSyriaThis god appears as a messenger of Baal & is absent in ritual texts
Garbh OghIrishA giantess & goddess of the hunt
GarduaHindu/ VedicAn archaic sun god
GarmangabisBritainA tutelary goddess who came to Britain with the Romans
Gartiae Roman The Roman version of the Greek graces
GarudaIndiaThe Prince of birds that lets Visnu ride on his back
GasuekoBasqueThe lord of darkness as that may prove a friendly and helpful, but he may also appear as a devil
Gatumdug/ GulaMesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ AkkadiaA fertility goddess as well as the tutelary goddess of Lagas
Gaunab KohlHottentot/ Namibia/ S. AfricaA malevolent God of darkness as well as the god of of of the black heaven
GauriHinduA form of the mighty Durga & a goddess of spring
GauriJainA messenger goddess
GauriSankar/ IndiaA mountain goddess
GavidaIrishA minor god of the forge
Ge GuChinaA goddess of health & medicine
GebEgyptA god of the Earth
Gebeleizis/ ZalmoxisThraceA god of thunderstorms
GebjonScandinaviaA goddess of healing
Geezhigo QuaeOjibiwaShe was the sky mother
GefionGermanicA goddess of fertility
Gekka OJapanThe god of marriage
GendenwithaIroquoisA goddess of the dawn & the morning star
GenetaskaIroquoisA goddess of justice, fairness & of peace
GeniiEtruscan/ RomanThese are the protective spirits that guide human beings, no one knows why
GeniusRomanA god of the men only
GeofonBritishA goddess of the ocean
GerasGreekThe goddess of old age
GerraMesopotamia/ Babylon/ AkkadiaThe god of fire who was the Sumeria god Gibil
Gestin-Ana/ Gestianna?Mesopotamia/ SumeriaA minor goddess
GestuMesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ AkkadiaA minor God of the intellect whose blood was used in the creation of mankind, after his death the course
Geus TasanIranA cattle god accused of creating the cattle
Geus UrvanIranA god that protected cattle
GeushUrvanHe assists the Amesha Spenta, Vohu Manab
GeyagugaCherokeeThe moon spirit
GhantakarnaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA god of healing
GhantapaniBuddhist/ MayhayanaA god running a round with a bell in his hand
GhasmariBuddhistA goddess of rather terrifying appearance
GhedeVodunA god of death, & of fertility & love
GhentuHinduA minor God
Gibil/ Girra/ Girru Mesopotamia/ Sumeria A Fire God
Gibini GishuUgandaA plague God associated with of the smallpox god
Gidja Aus. A god of the moon
GilgamesSumeriaAn early historical King of Uruk, that later became and deified and was considered a god of the underworld
GillianBritishA goddess spring
GiltineLithuaniaA goddess of death, her preferred method is either strangulation or suffocation
GiriputriBaliA goddess of mountains & water
GirruSumeriaA busy fellow, he is the god of fire & light & patron of civilization
GishKafir/ AfghanistanThe god of war
GiszidaMesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ AkkadiaA god
GitaBuddhist/ TibetA mother goddess
Gitche/ ManitouAlgonquin/ Lenape The Great Spirit, the All Father
GlaucusGreekThis sea god went around muttering prophesies
GlaucusRomanA sea god
GlaukosGreekA sea god, a rather bizarre story like many other god claims
GletiBeninThe moon goddess
GlispaNavahoThe spirit that gave the healing chant to the people
Gluskap/ GlooscapAlgonquinThe creator force
Glykon Gnostic-Mitharic The reincarnation of Asklepios, a demon with a human head & body of a snake
Gnomes Pan-European Demonic beings that inhabit woods, mountains & water
Gnowee Aus. A goddess of war
gNyanTibetthe spirits that are a thing but nice
GobannonCelticHe is a blacksmith type god
GobnuIrishA god of skills to include Ale brewing
God/ Deus/ Gott Christian/ Anglo-Saxon/ Germanic/ Roman Claimed to be the creator god around 325 C.E., still in vouge by the Christian sect
Goewin/ GoewynWalesA goddess of sovereignty
GogGallicConsort of Magog
GogaMelanesianA goddess of fire
GohoneIroquoisThe spirit of winter
GoibbiuIrishHe is the god of the blacksmiths craft
Goibnui/ GovannonCelticHe is the god of the forge who's beer was so good, that the drinker gained immortality
GoleuddyddWalesA goddess
Gomaj N.Amer.? A moon spirit
Gon-Po Nag-PoTibetA god of many names
Gonaqade't Chilat US PNWA sea god
Gong GongChinaThis is the devil that lets loose the great flood & is the opponent of the ruling god
GorAfricaThe god of thunder
GoraknathHinduA guardian God that is an avatar of Siva
Gou Mang & Ru ShuChinaThese are the messengers of the sky god
GovannonWelshA god that was invoked to help clean the plowshare
Graces/ GratiaeRomanThese are the Roman version of the Greek Charities
Graeae/ GraiiGreekThe three old women or gray ones
GrahamatrkaBuddhistA goddess whose name means demon mother
GrahamatrkaNepalA goddess & stellar deity
GrainneIrish/ Manx/ ScotlandMaster herbalist & sun goddess
GramadevataIndiaA generic term for the local tutelary gods
GrannosCelticA god of healing & springs
GrannusRomanA god of healing affiliated with hot springs & mineral waters
GrdhrasyaBuddhistA minor goddess whose name translates to face of a vulture
Great FatherCelticThe Horned god,the Lord
Great MotherCelticThe Lady represents the female principle of creation
GrhadeviIndiaA god of the household
GrianIrishFaery goddess from County Tipperary & a goddess of war
GridScandinaviaA goddess of strength
GrismadeviBuddhist/ TibetA seasonal goddess
GroaScandinaviaA goddess of healing
gSan Sgrub BonTibetA god that was absorbed into a variety of Yama in Lamaism
gShen-Lha-Odkhar Bon/ Tibet he is the god of light
gShen-RabBon/ TibetThe supreme god
Gua W.Africa A god of agriculture, blacksmiths, & thunder
GuabancexCaribbean/ TainoA goddess of the winds & rain
GuabonitoHaitiThe sea goddess who teaches people about medicines & health
Guaire/ Boinne GuaryIrishGuardian god/ spirit of Bruigh
Guamaonocon Antilles Mother Earth
Guan DiChinaA god of war
Guan Yin/ GuanyinChineseThe goddess of mercy
GucumatzQuiche (?)A creator god
Guede l'OrailleHaitiA goddess of violent storms
GugulannaMesopotamia/ SumeriaA minor underworld god
GuhyasamajaBuddhistA protective deity
Gui Xian/ GuiChinaThese demonic beings are descended from people that had either drowned &/ or committed suicide & could not be reincarnated
GujeswariIndiaA mother goddess
GujoKafir/ AfghanistanA tutelary god
GukumatzMaya/ QuicheA sky god
Gul-SesHittiteA collective name for all the goddesses of fate
Gul-ses/ Gul-asesHittiteThese goddesses apparently are the scribes of the gods that dispense good, evil, life & death
Gula/ Gula BauBabylon/ SumeriaA mother goddess of creativity, fire & with the power to inflict/ cure disease
Gulissa MataHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA mother goddess who became a goddess of evil intent, inflecting sickness
GulliveigNorseA goddess/ sorceress of the Vanir race of gods
GuluDinkaThe creator god
Gum LinChinaA river goddess
GunabHottentotA god of evil
Gungu A moon deity
GunuraMesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ AkkadiaA god whom nothing is known about, duty wise
Gur-Gyi Mgon-PoBuddhist/ TibetA god of tents
GurzilTripolitaniaA god in the shape of a bull
GusilimMesopotamia/ SumeriaA god
GutaHungaryA demonic being that represents the seamy side of life
GwenCelticA goddess of happiness & smiles
Gwendion/ GwydyonWelshA god of war
GwethyrWalesKing of the Upperworld Gwyrthur Ap Gwreidawl
GwyddnoWalesAt one time he was a sea god
Gwynn Ap NuddWalesKing of the fairies & the underworld
GyhldeptisTlingit/ HaidaA kindly forest goddess
HaEgyptA guardian God of the West
Ha Wen NeyuIroquoisThe great spirit.
HabetrotBritainA goddess of healing & spinning
HabetrotCelticA goddess of spell casting on the wheel of the year
HabiessoAfricaA god of thunder
Habondia/ Abondia/ Abunciada/ HabondeBritainA goddess of abundance & prosperity
HacauitzMayaA mountains god
Hacha'kyumMaya/ LacandonThe god of the real people
Hachacyum/ NohochacyumMayaThe creator the world who was helped by three other gods
HachimanJapanA god of war that was based on an actual emperor, his sacred animal is the dove
Hachiman/ Hime-Gami/ Hime-O-KamiJapan/ ShintoA god of war & peace
Hadad/ ElCanaan/ SemiteThe god of lightning, thunder & storms
HadakaiIndiaA goddess of health & Rabies
Hades/ PlutoGreekA god of death & one of the Olympian gods
Hae SoonKoreaA goddess of war
HafozaJateThe god of thunder & lightning
HahEgyptThis is the god that was the bearer of heaven, a personification of infinity & eternity
Hahana KuMayaA messenger god
HahgwehdiyuIroquoisThe god of goodness
Haili'la Haida/ PNWA plague god associated with small pox. Interesting history. Cool
HalaKassiteA goddess of healing
HalahalaBuddhist/ MayhayanaA god of poison
Haldi UrartArmeniaA tutelary god
HalkiHittiteA god barley & grain
HalsodyneGreekA sea goddess
HaltiaFinno/ UgricA goddess of healing
Ham varetiPersiaA goddess of mist
HamadryadesGreek/ RomanTree spirits whose existence is restricted to the tree that the guard when it dies they die
HamavehaeRoman/ RhinelandA trinity of mother goddesses
HamedicuHuronThe High god
Hami-Yasu-HimeShinto/ JapanThe goddess of potters
HammonLibyaA god of the dead son
Han Xiang-ZhiChina/ TaoistAn immortal being, there were eight
HanaNorseA god of silence
HananimKoreaThe god of the sky, a supreme god, he moves stars, rewards good & punishes evil
Hanghepi WiDakotaThe Moon god
Hani-Yasu-HikoJapan/ ShintoThe god of potters
Hani[s]Mesopotamia/ Babylon/ AkkadiaA minor god
HannahannaHittiteA god of agriculture & the sky
Hannahannas Hittite/ Hurrian the mother goddess
HanoBella CoolaA goddess of teaching
HansaHindu/ PuranicA god, a minor avatar of visible
Hanuman/ Hanumat Hindu/ Puranic/ EpicChief minister & general of the monkey people as well as a patron saint of learning
HanwasuitHittiteThe tutelary goddess of of the throne, kings received their mandate from her
HanwiOgalalaA goddess of the dawn & twilight
Hao Ch'iuChinaA god of the heart
Hao JanjeroEthiopiaA god that resided in the river Gibe
HaomaIranA plant that suffered the indignity of being deified, its sap was an intoxicating drink used in a sacrificial ceremonies
Hapantalli/ Hapi/ HapyEgyptA god of the Nile, fish, barley, grain, herbs, water, dew, & fertility
Hapantalliyas/ HapantalliHittiteHe took his place at the moon god's side
HapiEgyptA god that protected the the lungs of the dead
HapiEgyptThis god was the personification of the Nile
HaraHindu/ PuranicAn avatar of Siva
Hara-Yama-Tsu-MiJapan/ ShintoA mountain god concerned with the wooded mountain slopes
HarachteEgyptThe god of the morning sun
HarakhtiEgyptA form of the god Horus
HardaulHinduA plague god, he protected against cholera
HarendotesGreekA form of the Egyptian god Horus that guards and protects his father
HariHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA minor incarnation of the god Visnu
HariharaIndiaThe twin divinity composed of Visnu & Siva
Harimella/ ViradechthisScotlandA goddess of Tungrain origin
HaritiBuddhistA plague goddess associated with smallpox
HaritiHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA mother goddess
HarmachisGreekAnother form of the Egyptian god Horus
HarmetiEgyptThe tutelary god of Seden, a form of Horus
HarmoniaGreekA goddess of justice
HaroerisGreekAnother form of the Egyptian god Horus, but this time as an adult
HarpocratesGreekThe god of silence & secrecy
HarpokratesGreekAnother form of the Egyptian god Horus, as a child sitting on his mother's knee
HarpreEgyptThis god's job was to protect the king from illness & misfortune
HarsaHinduA goddess
HarsaphesEgypt/ HellenizedA ram headed god of fertility and water
Harsiese[s]EgyptA form of the god Horus, especially as the child of Isis & Osiris
HarsomtusEgypt/ HellenizedA form of the god Horus
HartiChina/ JapanA demoness that Buddha converted to a goddess that protects children instead of eating them
Hasam[m]eliHittiteHe is the god of blacksmiths & of the craft of wrought-iron
HasamelisHittite/ HurrianHe is a god who can protect travelers
HastaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA minor benevolent goddess of fortune
HastbakaNavahoThe oldest male of the spirits
HastebaadNavahoThe chief of the female spirits
HastehoganNavahoThe chief male spirit of the house
HastseltsiNavahoThe male spirit of racing.
HastseoltoiNavahoThe female spirit of hunting
HastseziniNavahoThe male spirit of fire
HatasaBuddhistA horse goddess
HatdastsisiNavahoThe benevolent male spirit that helps cure disease
HathorEgyptA goddess of procreation, sexuality, romance, trees, poetry, music, alcohol, childbirth, infants, death, fertility, love, marriage, beauty, joy & the sky
Hatmehyt/ HatmehitEgyptThe fertility & guardian goddess of fish & fisherman
HatshepsutEgyptA goddess of justice
HattiHinduA plague goddess associated with cholera
HattiHittiteThe throne goddess
HatuibwariSan Cristoval Is./ MelanesiaA rather strange sort, half divine/ half demonic snake & female at that
Haubas S. Arabia a local god known only from inscriptions
Haubas/ Hobas S.Arabia A god that may be a particular form of Attar
HauhetEgyptA primordial goddess, one of the Ogboad
Haukim S.Arabia A local god thought to be concerned with arbitration & the law
HaumeaHawaiiA goddess of childbirth, midwives & of fertility
HaumiaMaoriA god of wild plants
Haumiatiketike/ Haumia Polynesia/ MaoriA vegetation God
HaurunCanaanA fiery earth god
HaurvatatZoroasterOne of the spirits, it is associated with life after death
Havea Lolo FonuaPolynesiaA goddess of intercourse
Haya-JiJapan/ ShintoThe God of the winds
HayagrivaBuddhist/ TibetThe patron god of horses
HayagrivaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicThe most important incarnation of Vishnu
HayasaHinduA horse god, could be Hayangriva in disguise
HayasumMesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ AkkadiaA minor god of uncertain function
HazziHittite/ HurrianA god invoked in a Hittite treaties who was a mountain & weather god
He Bo/ Bing YiChinaHe is the divine ruler of all rivers
He Xian-KuChina/ TaoistOne of the eight immortals, she achieved immortality through her exemplary life
He ZurEgyptA baboon god accepted as a manifestation of Thot
HeaMesopotamia/ UgaritThe goddess of wisdom
HeammawihioCheyenneThe great spirit
HebatHittiteA goddess of the sky, her title was "Queen of heaven"
HebeGreekA goddess of beauty, wine spring & youth as well as the cup bearer of the gods
HecaergeGreekA goddess of archery
HecateGreekA goddess of agriculture, black magic, witchcraft, crossroads, fertility, the moon, night, & wisdom
HedammuHurrianHe is a snake demon that resides in the sea and he is constantly hungry
HedetetEgyptShe is the scorpion goddess found in the Book of the dead
HedrunScandinaviaA goddess of intoxicating mead
HegemoneGreekA goddess of plants; responsible for their fruition
HehEgyptA primordial god of infinity
HehaEgyptA god of magical words
HehetEgyptA primordial goddess of the immeasurable
HeimdalGermanicA god of warriors
HeimdallNorseA god of fire & light
HeitsiHottentot/ AfricaThis dying god is the god of the hunt
HekateGreekThe chthonic goddess of the moon & pathways as well as nocturnal evil
HeketEgyptA goddess midwives
HekoolasMiwokA goddess of war
HektEgyptA goddess midwives
Hel[i]GermanicA goddess of death
Helena Greek A Moon goddess & healer
HeleneGreekA vegetation goddess, she is the one the Trojan War was fought over
HeliaGreekA sun goddess
HeliosGreekA god of war & the sun
HelleGreekA sea goddess
HelohaChoctawA spirit[female] of thunder
HemantadeviBuddhist/ TibetThe goddess of winter
HemenEgyptA falcon god
Hemsut/ HemusetEgyptA goddess of fate and newborn babies
HendursagaMesopotamia/ Babylon/ Sumeria/ AkkadiaThe god of law
HengHuronThe spirit of thunder
Heng EChinaA goddess of the moon
Heng oChinaA goddess of the moon
HenkhesesuiEgyptA ram headed, winged, beetle god of the east wind
Heno/ Hinu/ HinoIroquoisThe sky god & the spirit of thunder
HenwenWalesA goddess
HephaestosGreekA god of volcanoes, fire & metal working
HeqtEgyptA frog headed goddess of life, childbirth
Hera/ HereGreekA goddess of childbirth, marriage, motherhood, of the sky, & storms
HerabeHuliA god who causes insanity.
Here KetitEgyptA lion headed goddess who breathes fire on the evil deceased
HerensugueBasqueA snake shaped devilish spirit
Heret-KauEgyptAn underworld goddess of the old kingdom
HermanubisEgyptA god of the dead in the cult of Isis
HermesGreekA god of athletes, sport, gambling, commerce, communications, eloquence, luck, medicine, oratory, roads, & wind
HermesGreekA god of travelers, messenger to the gods, "The Good Shepherd", god of herds & flocks, a rather busy fellow
HermodNordicThe messenger god
HermraphroditosGreekA god that it became one with a goddess & is now of uncertain status
HermusRomanA river god
Herne British/ Anglo-Saxon An underworld god & leader phantom hunt
HeronEgyptA god appearing on the monuments of the Greek & Roman eras, thought to be a horseman god
HerosThraceAn underworld god who is also a horseman
Herovet/ JarovitSlavicThe god of the army
HerseGreekThe goddess of the dew
HerukaBuddhist/ MayhayanaA god, one of the more popular in the pantheon
HerysafEgyptA primeval god
HesatEgyptThe goddess of birth & a minor guardian of pregnant & nursing mothers
HesperosGreekThe goddess of evening
HestiaGreekShe was the virgin goddess of the hearth, family, & peace prosperity, stability & community
HetepEgyptA god of peace & happiness
Hetepes-SekhusEgyptAn underworld goddess
Hettsui No KamiJapanThe goddess who protected & provided for the family
HevajiraBuddhist/ MahayanaA god equivalent to the Hindu Siva
HexchuchanMaya/ ItzaA god of war
HexeGermanA goddesses of curing illness
Hez-urEgyptThe baboon god, considered to be a form of Thot
Hi'lina Haida/ PNWThe tribal god that represents the Thunderbird
Hi-Hiya-HiJapan/ ShintoThe sun god
Hi-No-Kagu-TsuchiJapan/ ShintoA fire god whose birth caused the death of the primordial goddess Izanami
HihankaraLakotaA goddess of the Milky Way
HiisiFinlandDemon, originally meaning a sacred grove, later a mean goblin.
Hiisi KarelinFinlandA pre-Christian tree god that of course was demoted to mean devil, but in the eight minor sense
Hike/ HekaEgyptThis god had his shrines in/ around of Memphis
HikoboshiJapan/ ShintoAn astral god
HilaInuitA god of weather
HilaeiraGreekThe goddess of brightness
HilalArabicA god of the new moon
Himalia A goddess invoked to bless the harvest
Himavan/ HimivatHinduA mountain god, the apotheosis of the Himalayan Mountains
HimerusGreekA god of sexual desire
HinaHawaiiA goddess of the moon, fertility & healing herbs
Hine titamaMaoriA goddess of the dawn
Hine-Ahu-OnePolynesia/ MaoriA chthonic goddess
Hine-Ata-UiraPolynesia/ MaoriThe goddess of light
Hine-Nui-Te-PoPolynesia/ MaoriA chthonic goddess of night & of the underworld
Hinglaj[-Mata]HinduA mother goddess
HinkonTungus/ SiberiaA hunting god as the controller of all animals
HinoIroquoisA god of the sky
Hinokagutsuchi Japan/ Shinto? this is the fire god whose birth killed the goddess Izanami
HintubuetA moon goddess
HintubuhetNew Ireland Is./ MelanesiaThis goddess is a supreme being, however she is androgynous
HipponaRomanA goddess of horses
HiranyagarbhaHindu/ VedicA creator god identified in the Rig Veda, the demon King that proclaimed himself king of the universe
HiranyakasipuIndiaA demon that held the earth prisoner, under flood waters
HiribiCanaanThe goddess of summer
Hiro Easter Is. The god of rain and fertility
HisakitaimisiCreekThe controller of life
Hittavainen KarelianFinnishA hunting god & the guardian of hare hunters
HlinNorseA goddess of consolation
HlinScandinaviaA goddess of summer
Hlothyn/ Holdyn/ FjorgynNordicA goddess from the poetic edda
HnossaScandinaviaA goddess of infatuation
Ho MasubiJapanA god of fire
Ho Po Ping IChinaA god of the Yellow River
Ho-Musubi-No-KamiJapan/ ShintoA fire god
Ho-PoChina/ TaoistA god that controls all rivers but in particular, the Yellow River
Hoa TapuTahitiA god of war
HoatziquiMexicoA goddess of justice
HodNorseA god of winter
Hoder/ HodurNordicThe blind god
HoenirGermanThis god gave all mortals the five senses
HoenirNordicA god identified in the poetic edda
HokewinglaDakotaA turtle spirit
Hokushin-O-KamiJapan/ ShintoAn astral deity, Ursa Minor
HoldaGermanShe is the goddess of beauty & love
HoliIndiaA goddess of happiness & merriment
HolleGermanicThis goddess of last the newborn emerge from the underworld where she also accepts the souls of the dead
Holly King & Oak KingCelticTwo sacrificial gods
HonabeHuliThe primeval goddess
Honir Norse this is the god they gave humans and their understanding & feelings
Honus/ HonosRomanThe god of military honors
Hor-Hekenu Egypt in this form, Horus is the lord of protection
HoraRomanA goddess of beauty
Horae/ HoraiGreekThe goddesses of order & the seasons, all three of them
HoragallesLaplandA weather god, a local version of Thor
HorkosGreekThe god of oaths
HorusEgyptA god of prophecy, healing, music, art, war, victory, light, the north & the sky
HosiaGreekA goddess of holy rituals
HoteiJapan/ ShintoAnother of the Seven gods of Luck
Hotogov MailganBuriat/ SiberiaA goddess of heaven at night
HotoruPawneeThe wind spirit
Hotr[a]Hindu/ VedicA minor goddess of sacrifices
Hou ChiChinaLord of abundant harvests
Hou T'uChinaA god of the earth
HoursEgyptUnderworld goddesses, the 12 daughters of Re
Hov AvaRussiaThe moon goddess
HowChuChina the is the goddess of the air
Hoy KongChinaA goddess of Ursa Minor
HrsikesaHinduA god, a minor avatar of Visnu
Hsi Ling suChinaThe god of silk
Hsi shenChinaA god of joy
Hsi ShihChinaA goddess of face cream
Hsi Wang MuChinaMother goddess of the Western Paradise & female energy
Hsiao WuChinaThe god of prisons
Hsieh T'ien chunChinaA god personification of the planet Saturn
Hsien NungChinaA god of agriculture
Hsien SeChinaA god of agriculture
Hsu Ch'angChinaA god of archery
Hsuan Wen huaChinaThe god of hair
HuEgyptA god that personified royal authority
Hu ShenChinaA god of hail
Hu TuChinaA goddess of the Summer solstice
HuacaPeruA spirit being
HuacasPeru/ BoliviaAny natural object that has an obvious supernatural manifestation
Huan Yang ch'angChinaA god of the heart
HuanacariIncaA guardian spirit
Huang Fei-hu China at the chthonic god that became the judge of the dead because their souls call at the sacred mountain
Huang T'ingChinaA god of the spleen
Huang TiChinaA god of architecture & an astral god, a deified emperor & he invented the compass
Huang-diChinaThe mythical yellow emperor
HubalArabicA local tutelary & oracular god
Huban ElamiteIranA tutelary god
HubrisGreekA god personifying lack of restraint
HuehuecototlAztecA minor god, one of sexual lust
Huehuecototl-CoyotlinahualAztecA minor god of feather workers
HuehueteotlAztecThe god of fire
Huiracocha/ ViracochoIncaThe supreme deity accused of a virgin birth & creator of of the world
HuitacaChibchaA goddess of intoxication & the moon
HuitzilopochtliAztecHe is a god of war & the sun as well as the patron god of the Aztec nation
Huitznahua Aztec Collectively, the remaining brothers of the war god that were defeated
HuixtocihuatlAztecA goddess of the ocean & salt
Hulka DeviHinduA goddess of cholera
HumbanMesopotamiaThe supreme deity
Hun HauMayaA god of death
Hun HunapuMayaA creator god
Hun NalMayaA god of maize
Hunab Ku/ ItzamnMayaThe most important creator god & the greatest deity in the pantheon
Hunahpa UtiuMayaYet another god that helped create humans
Hunahpu GutchMayaHe is one of the 13 gods that mistakenly created humans
Hunahpu VuchMayaA goddess of hunting
HunapuMayaAnother creator god
Hung SingChinaA guardian God of of fishing boats & their crews
HunhauMaya1 of several gods of death that ruled the underworld
Hunthaca A moon goddess?
Huo PuChinaA god of fire
Hur ki A moon goddess?
Hurabtil ElamiteIranA god known only from being mentioned in Akkadia texts
Huracan/ Hurucan/ Hurakan/ HurukanQuicheA creator god that fashioned the first humans
HurakanNicaraguaA god of storms, thunder & hurricanes
HuviBushmen/ AfricaThe supreme god
Huvi OvimbunduW.AfricaA god of hunting
HuzayuiEgyptA serpent headed, winged god of the west wind
HvarIranThe sun god
Hyaninthos A god of vegetation
HygeiaGreek/ RomanA goddess of health & medicine
HymenGreek/ RomanA god of marriage & first love
HymenaeusGreekThis poor god is the goddess of marriage
HymenaiosGreek/ RomanA god of marriage
HyperionGreekThe Titan god of primordial light
HypermnestraGreekA goddess of water
HypnosGreekThe god of rest and/ or sleep
HypsistosGreek/ RomanA local god of the Bosporus area
I'lenaKoryak/ Siberia
I'lenaKoryak/ SiberiaAn animistic spirit
IaeBrazilA god of the moon
IakchosGreekA god that might be demon &/ or a demon that might be god
IalonusCelticA fertility god
IambeGreekA goddess of happiness
Ianagi & IzanamiJapanThe god & goddess that created Japan
Iapetos Greek A Titan god who now hangs out in Tartarus
IarilaRussiaA fertility goddess
IasoGreek/ RomanA goddess of healing & medicine
Iatiku & Nautsiti AcomaNAThe sisters who created man
Ibath Irish A Nemed who is believed to be a Tuatha ancestor/ father god
IblisIslamicThe Islamic version of the Jewish/ Christian Devil
IcaunaRoman/ CelticThe river goddess of the river Yonne[Brittany]
IcciSiberiaAnimistic spirits
IccovellaunaCelticA water goddess
IchpuchtliAztecA goddess of lust pleasure
IdaHinduShe is the goddess of prayer & devotion that was a man that turned into a woman, really
Ida TenJapanThis young god protects monasteries & is rather quick
Idem Huva FinnoUgricA goddess of autumn
IdliragijengetInuitA sea goddess
IdlirvirisongInuitThe demonic cousin of the sun
IdotheaGreekA goddess of the sea
IdunnNordicThe keeper of the apples of immortality
Iegad Pelew Is. this is the god that is guilty of bringing light to earth
Iemaparu Pueblo/ Kachina? Corn mother
IfaYorubaThe god of wisdom, knowledge & divining
IfruRoman/ N. AfricaA god known from an inscription at Crita
IgaehinvdoCherokeeThe sun goddess
IgalilikInuitA very tough hunting spirit
IgalukInuitThe god of the moon
IgigiMesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ AkkadiaThe collective name for the group of younger sky gods
IgnerssaukInuitA sea god, generally benevolent
IgnirtoqInuitThe goddess of lightning
Ih P'enMayaA chthonioc fertility god, concerned with the growth of plants as well as family, property & other wealth
IhiTahitiA goddess of learning, of wisdom
Ihi/ EhiEgyptHe is the lord of the sistrum
Ihoiho Society Is. The creator god that created everything including the primeval waters
IhyEgyptA minor god of music
Ikal AhauMayaA chthonic death god, that strangely enough, is considered to inhabit Christian church towers in Mexico
Ikas Algonquin Mother Earth
Ikenga IboNigeriaA god of fortune, a benevolent deity
IkuNigeriaA god of death
Iku-Ikasuchi-No-KamiJapan/ ShintoThe most significant of the eight thunder deities, A god of thunder
Iku-TursoFinlandA malevolent sea monster; probably same as Tursas.
IkvakuHindu/ VedicAn ancestral sun god, that creator god
IlCanaan/ Lebanon/ SyriaThe creator god
IlaHindu/ VedicA minor goddess of sacrifices
IlaalgeW. SemiticA local god in
IlabratMesopotamia/ Babylon/ AkkadiaA minor god, heavy into politics
IlamatecuhtliAztecOld mother goddess
IlankakaNkundoA sun goddess
IlankakaZaireA goddess of war
IlatPokot/ SukThe rain god
IlazkiBasqueThe apotheosis of the moon in a feminine form
IlithyiaGreekA goddess of childbirth Eileithyia, Eilethyia, Eleuto
Illapa/ Illyapa/ KatoyallaIncaHe is the god of lightning, thunder & rain storms
IllarguiBasqueA moon goddess
IlmarinenFinnishA god of good weather & the wind, he is also a protective deity of travelers & for a lark he forged the sun
IlmarinenFinlandThe great smith, maker of heaven. Originally a male spirit of air.
IlmatarFinlandHe is the god of the earth
IlmatarFinlandFemale spirit of air; the daughter of primeval substance of creative spirit. Mother of Väinämöinen in Kalevala.
IlyapaIncaA god of storms & weather
ImMesopotamiaA storm god
ImanaBanyarwanda/ Burundi/ E. AfricaThe chief god
ImazumaJapan/ ShintoThe goddess of lightning
ImhotepEgyptA god of healing, embalming, medicine, learning, sleep etc
ImiutEgyptA minor chthonic protective god
Immap UkuaInuit/ E. GreenlandA sea goddess, moma to all of the sea creatures
ImmatKafir/ AfghanistanA demonic god that liked virgins
ImoAfricaA goddess of justice
ImprocitorRomanA minor god of agriculture that worried over harrowing of the fields
ImraHindu/ KushA god
ImraKafir/ AfghanistanA creator god that is still worshipped today
Imset/ AmsetEgyptThis god is a funerary god charged with the care of the liver of the deceased
InaBrazilA dolphin goddess
Ina'hitelanKoryak/ SiberiaA guardian spirit that supervises the skies
InanaMesopotamian/ SumeriaA goddess of fertility, of love & war
InannaMesopotamianA goddess of fertility, of love
InannaSumeriaA goddess of heaven, light, long life, the moon, & war
InanupdikilePanamaA goddess of rain
InaraHittite/ HurrianA minor goddess
InarasAnatoliaA goddess of liquor
InarasHittiteThe goddess of the wild animals of the steppe
InariJapan/ ShintoA god/ dess of food & rice
IndrKafir/ AfghanistanA tutelary & weather god
IndraHinduA god of rain, storms, thunder & clouds
IndraVedicA god of fertility & war
IndraniHindu/ Puranic/ VedicA goddess of wealth
IndukariHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA goddess
InemesMicronesiaA goddess of love & of sexuality
Ing Anglo-Saxon An ancestral god
Inghean/ Crobh/ Dearg BhuidheIrishOne of the isters who made up a triple goddess & goddess of summer
IngumaBasqueA spirit of death that enters people's homes by night & strangles them
IniEgyptA goddess of justice
Ini HeretEgyptShe is the goddess of mediators, diplomats, statesman's & other professional liars
InkanyambaZulu/ S. AfricaA storm god, deals directly with tornadoes
InkosazanaZulu/ S. AfricaA goddess of education, rain, the rainbow & mist
Inmar VotyakFinnish/ UgricA sky goddess that was taken over by the Christians and called of the Mother of God
Inmutef/ InummutefEgyptA minor canopic god
InnaAfricaA goddess of justice
InnanaSumeriaThe goddess of love, procreation, and war
InsitorRomanA god concerned with the sowing of crops
IntaAztecA god of fire who is associated with paternalism
IntercidonaRomanA goddess of midwives
IntiInca/ QuechuaA god of war & the sun
InuatInuitThese are the spirit beings that reside with all living creatures & maintain the lamp of life
InuusRomanA god that protected herds
Io/ KhioNew ZealandThe chief god who appears to be known only to the nobility & the priests
IoskehaIroquoisCreator of the first man & woman
IpalnemohuaniAztecThe supreme deity
Ipet/ IpiEgyptShe started life as a hippopotamus goddess
IpyEgyptA mother goddess that occasionally will wet nurse the king
IreneGreekA goddess of peace
IrisGreekA goddess of the rainbow
IrminGermanicA war god
IrmiongotGermanicThis possibly Irmin, found in The Hildebrandslied, strangely the poem shows Christian influence
IrsirraHurriteShe is the goddess of fate
IruwaKenyaA sun & war god
Irvun Congo/ Tanzania/ Cameroon a sun god
IsaBuddhistA guardian deity
IsaHindu/ PuranicAn aspect of Siva
IsakakateCrowThe supreme being
IsambaAfricaA moon goddess
IsaraMesopotamia/ Babylon/ Akkadia/ W. SemiticA goddess of marriage & childbirth who dealt with the enforcement of oaths
IsdesEgyptA chthonic god of death
Isdustaya Proto-Hattic A goddess of of fate
IsesAfricaA goddess of bow & arrow
Ishi-Kori-DomeJapan/ ShintoA god/ goddess of stonecutters
IshkurMesopotamiaThe god of rain
Ishtar/ InannaBabyloniaShe was the goddess of sexuality & of love and war
IsiIndiaA goddess
Isinu Akkadia/ Mesopotamia this god, a messenger, was a dual faced god
IsisEgyptA goddess of childbirth, death, the earth, fertility, marital devotion, motherhood, healing, home, magic, the moon & the mother goddess
IskurMesopotamia/ Sumeria/ IraqThe chief rain & thunder god
Island of FlameEgyptThough not a god, without yet it eight gods would never have came into being
IsmudMesopotamia/ SumeriaA dual faced messenger god
IsrafilIslamThe angel that blows of the trumpet of doom at the last call for of the universe
IssakiHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA goddess walking around with a headless child
IssitoqInuitThis god looks for those that break the rules
IstadevataBuddhist/ TibetA tutelary god
IstadevataHinduA generic title for a personal God or a house icon
IstanuHittiteA god of judgment who was also a sun god
Istar/ EstarMesopotamia/ Babylon/ AkkadiaA goddess of fertility & war known as the star of heaven
IstaranMesopotamia/ SumeriaA tutelary god of the city of Der
IstenHungaryThe chief deity
Isten/ Isden A god known from the the Middle Kingdom & later
IstustayaHittiteOne of the deities who awaited the return of Telipinus
IsumMesopotamia/ Babylon/ AkkadiaA minor god, possibly a god of fire
IsvaraHinduAn epitaph of Siva
ItabaHaitiAncestor goddess
ItchitaYakut/ SiberiaThis goddess of the earth prevents illness
IthmCanaanThe god of herds, usually sheep
Itonde Mongo/ Nkuando Zairethe god of death & hunters
ItuanaBrazilA goddess of the afterworld
Itzam CabMayanA chthonic earth god as well as a god of fire
Itzam Na/ Hun Itzamna/ YaxcocahmutMayaAnother creator god, water, agriculture, drawing, healing, medicine & the moon
ItzcoliuhquiAztecA god of volcanoes, destruction & of the night
Itzcutintli Aztec a guardian goddess of the home
Itzli Aztec a God of justice
ItzpapalotlAztecShe is a goddess of agriculture
Itzpapalotl-Itzcyeye Aztech A minor mother goddess who was found only in the Valley of Mexico
Iubdan of the Faylinn IrishAn Ulster god
IunonesGreek/ RomanThe goddesses of femininity
IusaasEgyptA creator goddess
IuturnaRomanA goddess of springs & who was real handy in times of drought
Ix AhauMayaA moon goddess
Ix Ch'upMayaA goddess of the moon
Ix Chebel YaxMayaA goddess of teaching, childbirth, the moon, sexual relations, storms & water
Ix KananMayaThe vegetation goddess that takes care of bean plant
Ix KuMayaA goddess of rain
Ix Zacal NokMayanThe inventor of weaving as well as a creator goddess
Ixbalanque/ Hunapu this god of the moon is also be twin of Hunahpu
Ixchel/ Ix ChelMayaShe is the goddess of the moon
IxcozauhquiAztecAssociated with paternalism & A god of fire
IxmucaneMayaYet another of the 13 gods that created humans
IxnetliAztecA goddess of weavers
IxpiyacocMayaThis god is also guilty of creating humans
IxpuztecAztecA minor underworld god
Ixquimilli-ItzlacoliuhquiAztec/ MexicoA god of justice
IxtabMayaShe is the goddess of the hanged & suicides
IxtabMexicanA goddess of justice
IxtliltonAztecHe is the god of healing, feasting & games
IyaLakotaThe the spirit of all that is evil
Iyatiku Navaho/ Pueblo sheet is the mother of maize & humans
Izanagi/ Izanagi No KamiJapan/ ShintoOne of the 17 creator gods & the male primeval god
Izanami-No-Kami/ IzamnamiJapan/ ShintoA creator goddess who died and giving birth to the fire god as well as the primeval female goddess
IzquitecatlAztecA fertility god personified by the Maguey plant
Ja neb'aSamoyed/ SiberiaA benevolent earth goddess
JabruElamite/ IranA sky god, a rather minor one
JagannathHinduAn epitaph for Krisna
JagaubisHinduA fire God
Jagganath/ JuggernautHinduThe god whose name means Lord of the World
Jakomba BangalaZaireA god of morality that controls human thought
JamainaBrazilAn ocean goddess
JambhalaBuddhist/ MayhayanaA god of riches that may stand upon a man or a conch
JammaPhonecia/ CanaanA god of of water, to be primarily a sea god
JanaRomanA moon goddess
JanavasitaBuddhistA minor goddess affiliated with knowledge or the control of knowledge
JandiraBrazilA sea goddess
JanguliBuddhistA goddess of healing & snakebites
JanusRomanThe two faced god of beginnings, arches, doors, entrances & gates
Jar SubTurkeyThis is the god of the universe
Jarih/ Erah Canaan A Moon god
JarinaBelem/ BrazilA goddess of happiness, joy & a tree goddess
JarovitW. SlavicHe is considered a war god
JarriHittiteThis god of plague & pestilence was also a god that helped the king in battle
JasoGreekA goddess of health & recovery Iaso
JataBorneoA goddess of the sky
Jawhe/ Jahve/ JehovahIsraelThought to be a mountain god prior to becoming the god of Israel, Mount Sinai is his suspected mountain
Jaya-VijayaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA twin goddess, possibly forms of Durga
JayakaraBuddhistA god that rides in a cage drawn by Cockatoos
JayantaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA god who is one of the 11 forms of the god Rudra
JayataraBuddhist/ MayhayanaA minor goddess
JedzaPolandEquivalent of Baba Yaga
JehovahChristianA creator god, this form was created by the the Jehovah witnesses & is not considered a true name of this god
Jen AnChinaThe god of robbers
Jetaita YamamaTirerra del Fuegoand earth spirits of the fearful type
Jia ShiChinaA goddess & stellar deity
Jian LaoChina/ BuddhistA goddess of the earth & permanence
JinnArabicA class of demonic beings that started out as a nature spirits
Jizo BosatsuChina/ JapanThe great protector of suffering humanity
JnanadakiniBuddhist/ MayhayanaA goddess associated with, or whose name means, knowledge
JnanaparamitaBuddhistA philosophical deity
Joda mateLatviaMother of the evil one
JogahIroquoisDwarf nature spirits
JohEgyptThe original word for the moon god in Thebes
JokAfricaA creator god
JokinamLake Albert/ E. AfricaA lake god
JokwaAsianA goddess of justice
JordIcelandic/ GermanicAn earth goddess mentioned in the Edda by Snorri
Jori-ToremVogulShe is the goddess of foreman who supervised Num's work
Jubbu jang sangneBrazilThe goddess of the Jurema & a sacred tree
Juck ShilluckAfricaThis is the creator of the world
JulanaJumuThe chief god
Julunggul Aus. A creator god that was the bringer of culture & identified with of the rainbow-snake
Julunggul Aus. A goddess of initiations & waterfalls
Juma Mari/ Finnish/ Ugart the sky god whose name is also associated with spirits of earth, water, wind, & the home
JumalaFinnishA god who it is not only a sky god but it is but by air to closely supreme god as well
JumalaRussianA goddess of war
JumalaFinlandA generic name for a major deity. Originally the name given by the Finns to the sky, the sky-god, and the supreme god. Later taivas and Ukko were used as the names for the sky and the sky-god. The word means god and was later used for the Christian God. The origin of the word is unknown – some possible explanations are derivation from Jomali, the supreme deity of the Permians and origination from the Estonian word jume.
JumisLatviaA fertility god
JumitEgyptA local goddess of El Tod
Junkgowa Aus. An ancestor goddess who lived during the dreamtime & a goddess of the sea
JunoRomanA goddess of marriage, motherhood & childbirth
Juno CaelestisCarthageThe tutelary goddess of Roman Carthage
JunrojinJapan/ ShintoA god of luck, one of seven
Juok andBunziThe creator of all men
JupiterRomanA god of astronomy, Jupiter, light, lightning, thunder, weather, wisdom
Juras Mate/ JurasmatLatviaA goddess of the sea
JurateBalticA goddess of the ocean
JurojinJapaneseA god of longevity & luck
Juterna/ JuturnaRomanA goddess of healing & springs invoked during drought
JuventasRomanA goddess of youth
JvartaharisvaraHinduA plague god associated with malaria
Jw/ Ja'u/ JawiSyriaThis god is so ancient it yhad to be deduced from the study of personal names, nothing is known for certain but it may be identical to the harvest god Ao
JyeshthaHinduThe goddess of bad luck
JyotiskaJain/ IndiaThe stellar gods, there are five classes
K'daaiYakut/ SiberiaA fire demon that originated working in wrought iron
K'pop'ala E. GeorgiaA protective god
Ka Ahu PahayHawaiiaA goddess of the ocean
Ka Ata KillaPeruA moon goddess
Ka Tyeleo SenufoIvory CoastA creator god
Ka'cakAsiatic/ InuitA sea spirit & of rather unpleasant habits
Kaang/ Khu/ Kho/ ThoraBushmen/ AfricaThe supreme god
KabandhaIndiaThe chief demon and the epic of the Ramayana
KabeiroiGreekThe blacksmith gods
Kabirroi Greek bees were of vegetation and deities, commonly thought of as twins & Mail
KabrakanMayaAn earthquake god
KabtaMesopotamia/ SumeriaThe god of bricks
KadesCanaanA fertility goddess usually shown sky clad
KadiAssyriaThe goddess of justice
KadluInuitThe thunder spirit[female]
KadruHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA goddess that was the mother of the Nagas[snake demons]
KagutsuchiJapanA god of fire
Kahdir/ Al KahdirN. AfricaA vegetation god of the got his immortality by drinking from the well of life
KahilanArabicA tutelary god known only from inscriptions
KahindoZaireA goddess of fire
Kai YumMayaA god of music
KaiamunuPapua/ New GuineaA demon that plays a large part in initiation ceremony for boys
Kaikara BunyoroUgandaA harvest goddess
KakaMesopotamia/ Babylon/ AkkadiaAnother minor god with political pull
KakakuJapan/ ShintoA river god invoked to protect houses against fire
KakiaGreekA goddess of vice
KakupacatMayaA war god with a shield of fire
KalaHindu/ Puranic/ VedicA god of death
KalacakraBuddhist/ Mayhayana/ TibetA tutelary god that is personally selected
KaladutiBuddhist/ MayhayanaA goddess whose name means messenger of death
Kalavikarnika Hindu/ Puranic a fever goddess
KaldasRussiaA goddess of cattle
Kalevanpoika (son/ man of Kaleva)FinlandA giant hero who can cut down forests and mow down huge meadows, identical with Estonian national epic hero Kalevipoeg.
KaliHindu/ Puranic/ IndiaA goddess of cemeteries, destruction & death that helped dance the universe into existence
KaliJainA goddess of learning
KalikaBuddhist/ MayhayanaA goddess common often seen standing upon a corpse
Kalisia Pygmy/ Zaire/ CongoA creator god that is the guardian of hunters & the jungle forests
KaliyaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA minor serpent god, a Naga
Kalki[n]Hindu/ Vedic/ Puranic/ EpicThis god will be the 10th avatar of Visnu that rewards good & punishes people
KallingeniaGreekA rather obscure goddess of birth found only in the ritual texts of Athens
KalmaFinnishA goddess of death
KaltesVogul/ SiberiaA goddess of birth
Kaltesh UgricW. SiberiaA goddess concerned with the birth & destiny of the child
Kalunga NdongaS. AfricaThe creator of all things
Kam,enae/ CamenaeItalyGoddesses unbowed of springs & wells with a shrine in Rome where of the of vestal virgins got their water
KamaHinduA god of love & desire
Kama-GamiJapan/ ShintoThe god of potters
Kama/ Kama[Deva]Hindu/ Puranic/ IndianA god of love & carnal desire
Kamado No KamiJapan/ ShintoThe god of kitchen stoves
KamaksiDravidian/ TamilA goddess
KamalaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA goddess
KamiJapanA god identifier in Shintoism
Kami-Musubi-No-KamiJapan/ ShintoA third creator being in the primordial a list of deities, this being was born alone in the cosmos and its presence remains hidden from humans
KaminiBuddhist/ MayhayanaA minor goddess
Kamo-Wake-IkazuchiJapan/ ShintoOne of the many rain gods
Kamrusepa[s]/ Katahziwuri HittiteShe is the goddess of magic and healing
Kamrusepas/ KatahziwuriHittiteShe is the goddess of magic and healing
Kamui/ TuntuAinu/ Japanthe sky god
Kamulla Kassite a proper guidance in
Kan u UayeyabMayaHe is the god who guarded cities.
Kana-Yama-Hime-No-KamiJapan/ ShintoA goddess of miners with a very sad birth story
KanaloaHawaiianA god of the ocean
KaneHawaiiaA god of fertility & fresh water
Kangalogba Pokot/ Suk / UgandaA primordial female spirit personified in the dragonfly
KanikanihiaHawaiiaA goddess of love
Kankar MataHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA mother goddess that became a mother of evil intent
KantatmanHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA rather obscure god, of the medicine it is thought
KantiHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA goddess whose name means desire
Kao Kuo-JiuChinese/ TaoistAn immortal being, the tutelary god of actors
KapaliHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA god, one of the forms of the Rudra
KapoHawaiiaA goddess of abortions, fertility, childbirth & midwives
KappaJapanThese water spirits are strange, their food is blood & cucumbers, they are mischevious but extremely knowing & prove helpful to humans
Karai-ShinBuddhist/ JapanA god of lightning
Karalkal AmmaiyarHindu/ S. IndiaA local mother goddess
Karei Andaman Is. de goddess of Thunder & storm
Kari SemangMalyaThe supreme God who lets you know he is mad when it thunders
Karini Buddhist/ Mayhayana and fear goddess room
KarkotaHinduA snake god
KarmavasitaBuddhistA minor goddess that personifies the discipline of spiritual regeneration
KaroraArandanThe creator
KartaLatviaA goddess of destiny, only known from oral/ folk tradition
KarttikeyaBuddhistA god and that equates with the Hindu god Skanda
Karttikeya/ Skanda/ ScandaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA god of war & a form of Skanda
KarttikiHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA mother goddess
Karuilers siunesSyriaThe deities that were taken over by the Hittites in as gods of all oaths
KaskuHittite/ HurrianA moon god known from inscriptions
Kasyapa Hindu/ Puranic/ Vedic primordial god & divine messenger
KatargamaTamil/ Sri LankaA tutelary gody
Katavi NtamweziTanzaniaand in a demonic being who is chief of the water-spirits
Katavul TamilS. India/ Sri LankaSuch a supreme god that he was the ultimate creator all that exists in the world & able to judge humanity & to reward or punish at well
KatayanaHindu/ PuranicA form the goddess Durga or Parvati
Kathar Ugart this god not only built the Palace of Baal, but is responsible for architects, artisans & weapons makers
KathiratCanaanThe wise goddesses
KatsinasAcomaThe children of Iatiku who could bring rain & food
KattakjuInuitA goddess of healing
Katyayani Hindu/ Puranic a form of the goddess of Durga or Parvati
KaukasLithuaniaA spirit being, some type of goblin that brings good luck who is also bound to the notion of a dragon guarding treasure
KauketEgyptA primordial goddess, one of the eight that represent chaos
KaumauriHindu/ Puranic/ EpicAnother goddess that later became considered a goddess of evil intent
KaumudiHinduThe goddess of the light of the moon
KaveFinlandAncient god of sky, later the deity of the lunar cycle. Father of Väinämöinen. Also Kaleva.
Kavra'nnaChukchee/ E. SiberiaA sun spirit, female type
Kawa No KamiJapanA god of rivers
Kaya Nu HimaJapanThe goddess of herbs
Kazyoba NyamweziTanzaniaA sun god-held to be the creator & tutelary deity of the tribe
Ke'letsChukchee/ SiberiaThe demon of death
KebechetEgyptA chthonic snake goddess
KebechsenefEgyptA funerary god responsible for at the lower portion of the body
Keca AbaRussianA goddess of war
KefaEgyptA goddess of the Great Bear
KekEgyptA primordial god, one of the eight representing chaos
Kek t KenEgyptA goddess of love
KeketEgyptA goddess of darkness associated with the the island of flame
Kele De/ Ceile De IrishA very old goddess
Kelpie Scotland a very bad tempered water spirit with only one eye and that likes to kill humans
KematefEgyptAn epitaph for the primeval god Amun
Kemos MoabJordanA tutelary god
Kemwer/ KemurEgyptThe Black Bull the venerated at Athribis
KeneunIroquoisChief of the Thunderbirds an invisible spirit
Keng Li SsuChinaA god robbers
Keng Yen chengChinaAnother god of robbers & thieves
KenosTierra del FuegoThis god and was sent to earth by the supreme god, supposedly to bring order into the world. He goofed up and created humans
KerGreekA goddess of violent death
KeresGreekThese were rather evil demon
Keret'kun/ KeretkunChukchee/ SiberiaA god of the sea
Keri & Kame Bacairi1st nationsThese brothers are the accused of creating the human race
Kerridwen Celtic ?She stands accused of being a goddess of inspiration & knowledge
KesavaHinduThis God is a minor avatar of Visnu
KesiniBuddhistA goddess
Ketchimanet Iowa/ Fox The Great Spirit
Ketq SkwayeHuronThe creator
Ketua NgbandiZaireA god of fortune invoked at daybreak
Keyeme TaulipsangS. AmericaThe god & lord of the animals
KhadauAmur/ SiberiaThe creator god, neat story
KhadomaTibetA goddess of knowledge
KhandobaHinduA form of the god Siva
Khasa Hindu/ Vedic a minor goddess that controls the spirits of forests
KhasaparnaBuddhistA god
KhemEgyptA god of life and growth in nature, vegetation, animals, fertility
Khen-MaBuddhist/ TibetA goddess that is the controller of the earth's demons
Khen-PaBuddhist/ TibetA god that controls the demons of heaven
KhentimentiuEgyptThis is the god that rules the destinies of all of the dead
KheperaEgyptA blue haired scarab god of transformation, water, creation & warriors
KhertyEgyptA chthonicearth god, was around from 2500 BCE
KhesefEgyptA lion god who repels feelings of lust
KhipaHittite/ HurrianA tutelary deity
Khnum/ Kneph/ Khnemu EgyptA smith god who forms humans on his potter's wheel
Khons[u]/ Khons HorEgyptA god of healing & the moon
KhonsuEgyptHe protects those who travel at night, and expels demons
KhonuumPygmies/ AfricaThe chief god
Khoromozitel/ Domovi/ DovomikSlavicThese are domestic spirits, sadly not be sipping kind
Khosaadam YeniseiSiberiaShe was driven out of heaven to become an eater of souls
Khovaki/ SavakiTungus/ SiberiaThis entity is guilty of being in the creator of the world
KhusorSemiteA god of navigation & incantations
KhwarenahPersiaA bit of a strange definition, possessed by all morals yet it is of fire which dwells in water
Khyung-Gai mGo-CanBuddhist/ Tibet/ BonA local god
Ki/ KikiMesopotamia/ SumeriaA chthonic principal, feminine in nature
Kianda KimbunduAngolaThe god of the sea & fish
Kianto LacandonMayaThis is the god of foreigners & all diseases
Kibuka BugandaUgandathe god of war
Kichijo TenJapanShe is a goddess of good fortune & beauty
KigatilikInuitA delightful fanged demon that has no love of priests
Kihe WahineHawaiiA kindly goddess of demons, who from the the goodness of her heart is also a goddess of lizards
KilyaIncaA goddess of marriage
King WanChinaA god of luck
KinguAkkadiaA demon mentioned in the creation epic
KinguBabylonHe is in the husband/ son of Tiamat
Kini'je/ Ki'njenYukaghir/ E. SiberiaThis sky spirit that is in charge of keeping an accounting of the time
Kinich AhauMayaA god of war & the sun
Kinich KakmoMayaHe is the sun god & is symbolized by the Macaw
Kinnar W. Semitic and musician god
KinnaraIndianA group of spirit beings that it looked like birds with a human heads
KinyrasCyprus by way of SyriaA local god of metalworking
Kiri Amma Sri LankaA goddess of healing, childhood diseases
KirtiHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA goddess
KisEgyptThis god was venerated in Kusae
KisarMesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ AkkadiaA primordial god/ dess
Kishi Mojin/ Kishimo JinJapan/ BuddhismThe goddess of motherhood
KishijotenJapanA goddess of good luck
Kishimo-jin Japan? A goddess that changed her mind, maybe
KisinMayaHe is the evil earthquake spirit
Kiskil-lillaSumeriaA night demones
KitanitowitAlgonquin/ E. CanadaA being who is present everywhere in the universe, he is invisible, like most gods
Kitchki N.A. A Manitou
Kiya'marakInuitA supreme being from he remains out of touch, and distinct & remote as regards ordinary mortals
Kiyo HimeJapaneseA goddess of justice
Kloanthes Hellenized/ RomanEgyptA youthful god of Panoplois
KlotesGreekA goddess of spinning
KlothoGreekThe goddess of spinning
Kn SgniIndiaA goddess of war
Ko Hsien WengChinaA god of jugglers
KodamataIndiaA goddess of health
Kokomikeis BlackfootNA? The moon goddess mother of the Morning Star
Kokopell' ManaHopi/ SW USAA goddess of fertility
KokyanHopi/ SW USAThe creator goddess; she created humans, plants, & animals
KoliasGreekA goddess of foothills
Kollapura-MahalaksmiHindu/ PuranicA goddess
KolpiaPhoeniciaThe creator god
KombuBantu/ AfricaThis is the god of creation
KomodiaGreekA goddess of happiness & amusement
Kon Peru he is the god of all the desert
KondosFinnishA god of cereal crops that was renamed by the Christians to St. urban
KongdeChinaA goddess of justice
KongsimKoreanA goddess of healing
Kono Hana SakuyaJapaneseA goddess of spring
Kono-Hana-Sakuya-Hime-No-KamiJapan/ ShintoA mountain goddess
Korawini PaiuteW. USAA goddess of intercourse
Kore/ CoreGreekA goddess of springtime
KornjunferGermanicA goddess of grain
KorobonaCaribA goddess of lakes
KorosGreekA goddess of extravagant joy & exuberance
KorravaiDavidian/ Tamil/ S. India/ Sri Lankathough sweet to the to for (?) A war goddess
Korrawi TamilIndia/ Sri Lankathe goddess of battle & victory
KorriganFrenchA goddess of underground springs
KorybantesAsia Minor/ GreeceDemonic companions of Kybele
KostrubonkoRussiaA god of spring
Kotar/ Kautar/ KusorSyriaA god Blacksmiths
KotharCanaanA god Blacksmiths
Kothar u KhasisCanaanThe god of crafts
KotisriBuddhistA mother goddess that is called the mother of 7000 Buddhas, busy girl
KotitonttuFinlandTutelary of the home.
Koto-Shiro-NushiJapan/ ShintoA god of love
KottaveiIndiaA goddess of war
KotysThraceA goddess whose worship spread throughout Greece & Italy
Kou NjamiSiberianA goddess of war
KouretesGreekForest deities
KourothropisGreekA really obscure goddess, who wet nursed, this goddess is known only from ritual texts
KovasLithuaniaA god of war
KratesisGreekA goddess of victory
KratosGreekA god of strength
KrishnaHinduAn incarnation of Vishnu a bit of a ladies man
KrittikaIndiaA goddesses of the Pleiades
KrodhadevatasBuddhistThese are the gods of terror
KronosGreekA god of agriculture, seeds
Kronos Pre-Greek A fertility god celebrated by of harvest festival of Kronia
KrosdariHinduA goddess, a rather emancipated goddess
KRSNA/ KannanHindu/ Puranic/ Epic/ TamilAn incarnation of Vishnu known as the dark one
Krttika[s]Hindu/ Puranic/ EpicMinor malevolent goddess/ es
KrtyaHinduA goddess of witchcraft
KrumineLithuaniaA god of grain
Ksama Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic in minor goddess
KsantiparmataBuddhistA philosophical deity
KshumaiKafir/ AfghanistanA beneficent fertility goddess
KsitigarbhaBuddhist/ MayhayanaA goddess whose name is womb of the earth
KuHawaiiA god of power, war & warriors
Ku UasaFinlandHe is a god of water
Ku'nkunxuliga Ma'maelegaeBC CanadaA tribal god & personification of the Thunderbird
Ku'urkilChukchee/ SiberiaNot only god, but a powerful Shannon & the first man
Kuan TiChinaA god of literature & fortune telling
Kuan YinChinese/ TaoistA benign guardian goddess, probably of Indian origin
KuanjaAngolaA goddess of hunting
KuatBrazilA god of the sun & war
KubabaAnatolia/ SyriaThe chief goddess of the Neo Hittites
KubabaKishThis goddess, a former barmaid, reigned as queen of the third dynasty for 100 years
KuberaHindu/ Puranic/ Vedic/ EpicHe is the guardian of the north as well as a god of riches
KubjikaHinduA goddess of writing
KubuddhiHinduA minor goddess whose name means stupid, she ran around with Gansea
KucumatzMaya/ QuicheA god that created all things from itself
Kud KoreaThe Caca and in embodiment of the evil principal that abound in the world
Kudia Siberian he is a sky god
Kuei ku TzuChinaAnother god of fortune telling
Kuei ShingChineseA god of literature presides in Ursa Major
Kujaku MyooBuddhismHe in gives protection against drought & protects against all evil in the Shingo sect of Japan
KujuYukaghirA benevolent sky spirit that supplies with food
KukEgyptA primeval god, one of a pair, a member of the Ogdoad, that represent the darkness that reigned prior to the creation of any heavenly body
KuklikimokuPolynesianA god of war
Kuku-Ki-Waka-Murpo-Tsuna-Ne-No-KamiJapan/ ShintoThe god that guards the home & its environs
Kuku-Toshi-No-KamiJapanThe god responsible for a harvest of full grown rice, his shrines are often served by Buddhist priests
KukulcanMayaA god of storms,& wind & creation
KukulcanMayaHe is the wind god that started life as a god of the Toltec
Kukuth/ KukudhiAlbaniaThis is a female demon of sickness had an unhappy life at as a human
KulVogul/ OstiakThese are nasty water spirits that are not only selfish, for a lark they inflict sickness on humans
KuladeviHinduA goddess
Kulika Hindu A Naga
KulisankusaJain/ IndiaA goddess of learning
KulisevariBuddhist/ MayhayanaA goddess often shown with a corpse
KullaBabylon/ AkkadianA god of builders & responsible for the creation of bricks
KullervoFinlandTragic antihero. Model for Túrin Turambar in Tolkien's Silmarillion.
KulshedraAlbaniaA female demonic individual in that may be either an enormous hag with pendulous breasts &/ or a dragon like monster that spits fire
Kumarbi[s]Hittite/ HurrianThe creator/ father of the gods
KumariHinduA goddess, an epitaph of Durga
Kumokums ModocS. Oregon USAThe creator god
Kun AymaraBoliviaA snow god & main deity
Kun LunChinaWhile on earth he is the lord of the sky's capital or something like
Kun tu bzan poTibetThe head of god in the Bon pantheon
Kun-RigBuddhist/ TibetA god associated associated with the prayer wheel
Kunado-No-KamiJapan/ ShintoA guardian deity of roads & crossroads
Kunapipi AlawaAus.A type of magna mater, rather unpleasant who is still a part of the rite of passage for males
KundaliniAztecA mother goddess responsible for provision of all food from the soil
KunitokotatchiJapan/ ShintoThe chief deity
Kuntu bXan PoTibet/ BonThis god was the head of the pantheon
Kuo Tzu iChinaAnother god of happiness
KupalaSlavicA goddess of herbal lore, long life,water, witchcraft & sorcery & sex
KupaloRussiaA midsummer goddess
KupaloSlavicA goddess of fertility, sex & fire
Kura-Okami-No-Kami and/ Shinto A rain god that may also cause snow falls
Kurdalaegon/ Kurdaligon OssetianCaucus mtns.and in The god of all blacksmiths with a strange job
KuretesCreteDemons associated with vegetation that are of pre-Greek times
Kurke/ CurchePrussiahe is a god of grain
Kurma[vatara]Hindu/ Puranic/ EpicAn avatar of Visnu
KurukallaBuddhistA goddess, usually of terrifying appearance
KurukallaHinduA goddess, one of the Tantric deities
KurukallaTibetA goddess of riches
Kurunta?HittiteHe is a god of rural areas
KusMesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ AkkadianThe god of herdsmen
KusagBabylonNot only is he this patron god of priest, he is the high priest of the gods
Kushi-Dama-Nigi-Haya-HiJapan/ ShintoA sun god, the apotheosis of the morning sun
Kushi-Iwa-Mado-no-MikotoJapan/ ShintoThis guardian God protects entrance gates
KusuhHittite/ Hurrian/ AnatoliaThe moon god
KutkhuKamchadal/ SE SiberiaA male and guardian spirit
KutkinnakuKoryak/ SiberiaThis is the spirit that taught mankind to haunt it & catch fish in addition to giving them the fire stick & the shamans drum
KuuFinlandGod of Moon.
KvasirNordic/ IcelandicA minor god of wisdom
Kwan YinChinaA goddess of childbirth, compassion & mercy
KwanonnBuddhist/ JapanA form of Avalokitesvara
KwothNuer/ SudanThe creator god not
KyanwaNigerianA goddess of hunting
Kybele/ Kybebe/ Cybele Phrygian/ NW TurkeyA rather important Asian mother goddess who likely started as a mountain goddess
Kyumbe ZaramoTanzaniaHe created all living things on the earth
L'etsa'aplelanaBella Coola/ PNW CanadaThe goddess who initiates the shamans
LachesisGreekOne of the fates
Lactanus/ LactansRomanA minor god of agriculture
LacturaGreekA grain goddess
LadaSlavicA goddess of happiness & love
LahamaSumeriaThe water condition demons that it belonged to Enki
LahamuMesopotamia/ Babylonian/ AkkadiaA primordial deity
LaharBabylon/ SumeriaThe god of cattle
LaheBasqueA goddess of health
LahmuMesopotamia/ Babylon/ AkkadianAnother primordial deity
Lahurati ElamiteIranYet another god
Lai ChoChinaA god of agriculture
LaimaLatviaA goddess of childbirth
LaimaLithuanianA goddess trio of life & good fortune, the fates
LakaHawaiiA goddess of virgin land, song & dance
LakshimiIndianShe is the goddess of beauty & wealth, but very fickle & claims no god can sustain her for very long
LaksmanaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA god, the younger brother of Rama
LaksmiHindu/ Puranic/ Epic/ IndiaA goddess of agriculture, love, beauty, prosperity, Lotus flowers, wealth, & pleasure
Lalaia'ilBella CoolaThe Manitou that initiated the shaman
LalbaiIndiaA goddess of healing, & cholera
LalitaIndiaA goddess of happiness, playfulness
Lalita Tripurasundai TantricIndiaShe is the symbol of cosmic energy & of the secret ruler of the world
LalliFinlandFinn who slew Bishop Henry on the ice of Lake Köyliö, according to a legend.
LamaAcadiaA feminine benevolent protective demon that later became the half man and half bull guardian of palace entrances
LamaHittiteA protective god whose epitaph was Innara
Lamaria SvanCaucasusA tutelary goddess, it is suspected that her name as been christianized
LamatsuAkkadianA demones of fever & disease among infants
LamiaGreeceShe is a vampire type spirit who stole small children and sucked people's blood, currently accepted in modern Greece
Lan Cai-heChinaOne of the eight immortals, sometimes a boy, sometimes a girl
Lan Kai-HeChina/ TaoistAn immortal being
Lao LangChinaA god of actors
Lao-TzeChinaA moral who was shamed with being made into a god with a rather bizarre birth, out of his mother's arm pit
LaranEtruscanA god of war
LaresRomanHearth deities, they are unique to the Romans
Lars FamiliarusRomanAn ancestral spirit
LarundaSabineA chthonic & earth mother goddess
LasasEtruscanThese are female god like beings of the pantheon, they may be winged or unwinged & some names are known
LasghusyamalaHindu/ PuranicA minor goddess
LaskowiceSlavicThese are satyr type forest spirits with a close relationship with the Wolf
LassairIrishA goddess of midsummer
Lasya Buddhist/ Bolom must/ Tibet A mother goddess
LatiaranIrishThe youngest of the three sisters who made up a triune goddess & a goddess of autumn & fire
LatipanCanaanA creator god, see Il for particulars
LatisBritainA lake goddess who later became a goddess of ale & meade
Latmikaik Pelew Is. This goddess of the sea is the co-creator co-ruler of the world
Latur DanoNias Is./ IndonesiaThis is the counterpart of their supreme god which causes sickness, death & bad weather
Lau Andaman Is. these are spirit beings that are created when an islander dies
Lauka Mate/ LaukamatLativaA goddess of agriculture
Laukika-Devatas Hindu the generic name for gods known from local folklore
LaukosargasPrussiaHe is a god of grain & the fields
LaumeLithuania/ PrussiaThis entity is usually naked, enjoyshelping people & protects orphans, she became demonized
LavernaItalyA chthonic underworld goddess
Le FayWalesA goddess of the sea & of the Isle of Avalon
Le TkakawashKlamathA bird goddess
Lebien-PoghlYukaghir/ SiberiaAnimistic owner god & chief protector of the earth
LegbaHaitiA god of the sun & war
Legba FonBeninA god of fate
Lei KungChinaA god of thunder
Lei TsuChinaA god of innkeepers
Lei-ziChinaA goddess of thunder who also originated silk worm Stbreeding
LelwaniHittite/ HurrianA chthonic underworld goddess
Lemminkäinen (Ahti Saarelainen, Kaukomieli)FinlandA brash hero.
LempoFinnishA god of frenzied of love
LempoFinlandOriginally a fertility spirit, became synonymous with demon in the Christian era.
Lemures/ LarveRomanThese are evil spirits of the dead with two festivals one on nine November & 1 on 13 May
Lendix-Teux ChilcotinBC CanadaA tutelary god that educates the human race
LennaxidaqKwakiutlA goddess of wealth & luck
LenusCelticA god of healing
Lesa SEAfricaA creator god
LetheGreekShe is the goddess of oblivion
LetoGreekA goddess of healing
LeucetiosCelticThunder & storm god
Leucothea/ LeukotheaGreek/ RomanA sea goddess who protects her worshippers from being shipwrecked
LevarchamIrishA goddess of physical prowess
Leviathan/ LivjatanPhoeniciaA monster also claimed that in the xian O. T.
LezaBantu/ ZimbabweA creator god
LhaBuddhist/ TibetA generic term for the deity
Lhamo/ Lha MoBuddhist/ TibetA goddess of the Bon pantheon
LiChinaA divine lord of fire
Li Lao chunChinaA god of farriers & of leather workers
Li Thieh-KuaiChina/ TaoistAn immortal being
Lia FailCelticThis is the stone of destiny placed on the hill of Tara & tells on the kings
Lianja NkundoZaireA god
LibanIrishA goddess of lakes
Libanza Upotos/ BangalaZairea creator god
LiberItalyA chthonic god of fertility with a festival, the Liberalia, on March 17th
LiberaItalyA goddess of spring
LiberalitasRomanA goddess of generosity
LibertasRomanA goddess of freedom & constitutional government
LibitinaRomanA goddess of death & funerals
Lietna'irginChukchee/ E. SiberiaThe spirit of the dawn
LilithJewishA rather startling young lady started out as a wife & became a demoness
LilithMesopotamia/ SumeriaA goddess of storms
LilituBabylonA nocturnal demones who lingers on as the Jewish Lilith
LiluriSyriaMountain goddesses who accepted a bull for a sacrifice
LimnadesGreekA goddesses of lakes, marshes, swamps
LinaGreekA goddess of weaving
LingaHinduA phallic form of Siva
LipseGreekA wind goddess
LirIrishA god of the ocean
Lisa Fon/ DahomeyAfricaA sun god
LitaeGreekA goddesses of justice
LitavisBritainA god of the forge
Liu MengChinaA god of agriculture
Liu PeiChinaA god of basket makers
LjubiAlbaniaA demoness that could cause drought on less a virgin was sacrificed to her
Llasar/ LlaesgyfnewidWalesA battle god
Llew Llaw GyffesWelshA god
Llorna Spain this female spirit Lehrer's people to their, normally, drowning in bogs, swamps, etc.
Llyr/ Lear Lir Irish/ WalesA god of the sea & water
Lo ShenChinaA goddess of rivers
Lo Tsu Ta HsienChinaA god of barbers & beggars
Lo YuChinaThe god of tea
Lo'cin-coro'mo/ Lo'cil/ Yegl'ieYukaghir/ SiberiaA hearth spirit
LoaPuerto Rico/ HaitiSpirit beings that were imported by Africa slaves
Loba DualaCameroon/ W. Africathe sun god
LocanaBuddhist/ MayhayanaA goddess
LocoHaiti/ VodunA god of healing
Lodur[r]GermanicA creator god mentioned in the creation myth
LofnNorseA goddess of illicit unions
LofnScandinaviaA goddess of love
LogiaIrishA goddess of the Lagan River
LogosChristianThe principle embodied in the flesh by Jesus the Christ
LogosGnosticn ChristianThe word coming from the mind of their god
LogosGreekThe primordial spirit of reason
LohaKlamathA beneficent goddess portrayed as a beautiful woman
Lohasur DeviIndiaA goddess of the forging of iron
Lokapala Hindu Gods
LokesvaraBuddhistA generic name for a group of deities such as Siva & Visnu
LokiNorseA god of evil
LokiScandinaviaA god of fire
Loko FonBeninA god of trees
Lomo NgbandiZairethe goddess of peace, invoked at sunrise every day
LonoHawaiiA primordial god of agriculture, peace, rain, clouds & the sky
Loo Wit Klickitat/ PNWA goddess of fire, volcanoes
LopematLataviaThis is the goddess that created cattle
LotIrishA hideous Formorian war goddess & goddess of physical prowess & strength
LothurNordic/ IcelandicThe god of physical senses
LouhiFinnishA goddess of the ocean & winter
LouhiFinlandThe matriarch of Pohjola, hostess of the Underworld.
LoviatarFinlandThe blind daughter of Tuoni and the mother of Nine diseases.
LowalangiNais Is./ IndonesiaA god of the world above & source of anything good
Lu HsingChinaA god of employees, justice & salaries & another of the three gods who were known as Fu Shou Lu
Lu panChinaA god of carpenters
Lu Tong-PinChina/ TaoistAn immortal being, he is the tutelary god of barbers
LuameravaAfricaA goddess of sexual desire
LuandinhaBrazilA water goddess pictured as a snake
Luaths LurgannCelticA warrior goddess
Luaths LurgannIrishA goddess of midwives
Lubanga BuynyoproUgandaThe god of health
Lubangala BakongoZaireThe rainbow god
Luchtain/ / Luchtar IrishA Minor war & death god
Luchtar LudIrish/ WalesChief god
LuciferGnostic/ Christian depending upon who you believe, he is either of the firstborn son of God or the Devil
LucinaRomanA minor goddess of birth, one of three
LudIrish/ WalesChief god
Lud/ Nudd/ Nuada This god is London's namesake
LuddBritish/ CelticA god of the ocean, war & light
LugIrishA god of commerce, magic & war
Lugal-IrraMesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ AkkadianA chthonic underworld god
Lugeilan/ Luk Caroline Is. He is a god of knowledge, strange but knowledge
LughIrish/ WalesA hero god
LulalMesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ AkkadianA god whose job is not known
Lulong Borneo The goddess of love
LunaRomanThe goddess of the moon
LunangKafir/ AfghanistanThe patron goddess of the Prasun river
Lung YenChinaA god of the liver
LuonnotarFinnishA goddess of the ocean
LuonnotarFinlandSpirit of nature, feminine creator.
Luot HozjitSaami/ LaplandA goddess of summer
LupercaRomanA goddess of pregnancy
Lupercus Roman the God of wolves, whose festival the Lupercalia is on February 15th
LupiAymaraThe sun god
LurBasqueThe earth goddess & mother of the sun as well as at the moon
LutinusRomanA god of fertility
LykurgosGreekThe name of a god of N.Arabia, that was supposed to promote fruit bearing trees
LymphaRomanA goddess of healing waters
LyssaGreekA goddess of intoxication
MaCappadocia/ Anatolia/ TurkeyA fertility & vegetation goddess
MaEgyptA goddess of justice
Ma EmmaBalticA goddess of Midsummer
Ma Kiela BakongoZaireThe deified head of a band of mortal women
Ma KuChinaThe goddess of springtime
Ma ShiChinaA goddess & stellar deity
Ma-zuChinaA sea goddess that is a benevolent guardian of fisherman
Maahes/ Maa/ Myhs/ Mihos Egypt He's the god of sight, sun god of the Nile Delta, & the midsummer
MaatEgyptA goddess of justice, truth & stability
Mab Celtic she is the goddess of grains a fairy queen of Connaught
MabbWalesWarrioress believed to be a Welsh version of Irish's Queen Maeve & a goddess of midwives
MabonCelticMinor sun god who also ironically represses. & of freedom, harmony & unity
MacCechtIrishThe god of the plough for the Tuatha De Danann
MacCuillIrishA minor sea god of the Tuatha De Danann
MacGreineIrishA minor sun god of the Tuatha De Danann
Macha[s]IrishOne of the aspects of the triple Morrigu, also a goddess of fertility, festival &, sports & war
MacuilxochitlAztecA god of sport of gambling, music & dance
MadalaitOceaniaA creator goddess
MadhukaraBuddhistA god whose name means honey maker
MaenadsGreekA goddesses of intoxication
MaeveIrishA mother goddess who is the apotheosis of the land
MafdetEgyptA minor goddess who is a guardian against snakes & scorpions
Magh Mor Irish AFirBolg princess/ goddess
MaghaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA benevolent minor goddess of fortune
MagniGermanThis is a god of the future who has not yet arrived & a son of Thor
MagogCelticA mountain deity
MahPersiaA god, the progenitor of the cow who also presides over tides & time as well as a moon god
Maha-GanapatiHindu/ PuranicThe elephant god, this time with 10 arms
Maha-SarasvatiHindu/ PuranicA goddess, an emanation of Laksmi
MahabalaBuddhist/ MayhayanaA god, a rather fearsome emanation of Amitabha
MahabjaHindu/ PuranicA snake god, a Naga
MahadevaHindu/ PuranicA god, a rather important that a of Siva
MahakalaBuddhistThe guardian god of science & tents
MahakalaHindu/ PuranicA god, its a violent aspect of Siva
MahakaliHinduA form of the goddess Kali
MahakaliJain/ IndiaThe goddess learning
MahakapiBuddhistA god & epitaph of the Buddha in a previous incarnation when he was an ape
Mahal MataHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA mother goddess
Mahalbiya HausaAfricaA goddess of healing, fevers, ulcers
MahamanasikaJainA goddess of learning
MahamantranusarniBuddhistA guardian goddess
MahamatarasHinduA group of goddesses
MahamayuriBuddhist/ Mayhayana/ HinduA snake god
MahapadmaHinduA snake god
MahapararinirvanamurtiBuddhistA god
MahaprabhuIndiaA tutelary god
MahapratisaraBuddhistA guardian goddess
MahapratyangiraBuddhist/ MayhayanaA goddess
MaharaksaBuddhistA group of guardian goddesses
MaharatriHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA goddess associated with Kali & Kamala
MahasahasprramardaniBuddhistA goddess whose name means the thousandfold destroyer
MahasitavatiBuddhistA guardian goddess
Mahaskti/ Mahesvari/ Mahakali/ Mahalkakshmi/ MahasarasavatiIndiaShe is not only in the divine mother, goddess of war, passion, & wisdom but she is the Supreme creator of the universe
Mahasri-TaraBuddhist/ MayhayanaA goddess
MahasthamparataIndiaA god of knowledge
MahatalaBorneoA god
Mahavidya Buddhist/ May of the collective name of a group of goddesses
MahayasaBuddhist/ MarriottA minor goddess
MahcinatraBuddhist/ Mayhayana/ TibetA goddess
MaheoCheyenne/ USAThe creator manitou that lived in the void & created the primordial water of life
MahesEgyptA sun god normally worshipped in the region of the Nile delta
MahesvariHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA mother goddess that ended up being regarded as a spirit of evil intent
MahiHindu/ VedicA minor goddess of sacrifice
MahisaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA demonic god
MahisasruramardiniHindu/ PuranicA form of the goddess Devi
MahiuikezPolynesiaA fire God
Maho Peneta Mandan/ USA plainsThe great spirit
MahodadhiBuddhist/ MeolaA minor goddess
MahrSlavic/ GermanicA demonic being similar to an Alp
Mahrem AuxmiteEthiopiaThe head of the pantheon responsible for war
Mahu FonAfricaShe is the supreme goddess of the earth as well as a goddess of the moon & fertility
Mahui IkiPolynesiaA goddess of fire & the underworld
MahuikaPolynesiaA goddess of earthquakes who rules the edges of the underworld
MaiaGreekA goddess of midwives, the night sky, spring, fertility & fire
MaiaRomanA goddess of growth whose cult was associated with that of Vulcanus
Maitreya Buddhist/ India designate
MajaSiouxEarth mother
Majas GarsLativaA household god
MajestasRomanA goddess of honor & reverence
MajuBasqueA god that is the consort of the mother goddess & a divine spirit
Make Make Easter Is./ PolynesiaA god of birds
MakunaimmaCaribbean/ C. AmericaHe is the creator of the heavens, humans, & animals in no particular order
MalDravidian/ TamilHe is a pastoral god whose name means either the the great one or the dark one
MalIrishShe was the goddess who ruled the hag's headland
MalaBuddhist/ TibetA mother goddess
MalakbelN. ArabiaA vegetation god
Malamanganga'ePolynesiaA creator being that was a personification of light
MalamangangaifoPolynesiaThe other creator being that was a personification of light
Malik N. Arabia A tutelary god, this name is found among other Semitic people and used as a designator for a god
MallinaInuitThe sun goddess
MalsumAlgonquinA destructive brother of Gluskap
MamMayaA god of evil
MamMopanThe rain god
MamaKoreaA goddess of healing
Mama AllpaPeruThe goddess of the harvest
Mama CochaInca/ PeruA goddess rain, wind & the ocean
Mama KilyaIncaA moon goddess
Mama PachaIncaA goddess of autumn
Mama QocaIncaA goddess of the ocean
Mama QuillaIncaThe goddess of the moon
MamakiBuddhistA goddess
MamaldiAmur/ SiberiaShe is the co-creator of earth but she was killed by her husband for creating Asia, for spite she created souls for at the magicians he built
MamiBabylonThis mother goddess created humankind
Mami/ MamaSumeriaA goddess of drunkenness & midwives
MamituMesopotamia/ Babylon/ AkkadianThe goddess of treaties & oaths, as well as a judge in the underworld
MamlamboZulu/ S. AfricaThe goddess of rivers
Manabozo/ Nena bu shu MenonemiUS/ CanadaA redeemer & a trickster who a rabbit on earth under a bowl
Manang JabanBorneoA goddess of health
ManannanCelticA god of fertility & the ocean
Manannan Mac Lir[Llyr]Irish/ WalesHe was a shape shifter & chief Irish sea god
ManasaHinduThe goddess of snakes who grants fertility to sterile moral females
ManasiJainA goddess of learning
ManatArabicA goddess, a daughter of Allah
ManaviJainA goddess of learning
Manawat W. Semitic the goddess of destiny
ManawyddanWelshA sea god
Manco CapacInca/ QuechuaA god of war & the sun
Manda d-Hiia MandaeanChristian (early)this god is concerned with teaching of life, redemption & a savior/ redeemer
Manda/ Sani India he is the divine and regent of the planet Saturn
Mandah/ MundihArabicA collective name of gods, guardian deities that took care of irrigation
MandanuBabylonia/ AkkadiaThe god of divine judgment
Mandulis/ MerulisGreek/ Nubian a sun god
ManesRomanHearth deities who is just happen to be the spirits of the dead
Mang Chin iChinaThe goddess of the womb
Mang ShenChinaA god of agriculture
MangalaHinduA goddess, a form of Parvati
MangalaHinduAn astral god
MangallaIndiaA stellar deity that rules the planet Mars
MangalubulanBatakThe god of thieves.
ManiGerman/ Nordic/ IcelandicA moon god
ManiaRomanA goddess of death
ManibozhoAlgonquinHe is the god created the earth & humans as an after thought
ManidharaBuddhist/ MayhayanaA minor god
Manito/ Manitou/ ManituLapiti/ Algonquin/ Lakota/ Ojibiwa & other tribesThe Great Spirit
ManjughosaBuddhistA god, a Bodhisattva
ManjusriBuddhistA god of wisdom
ManmathaDravidian/ TamilA form of god of carnal love
Manohel-TohelMayaThe creator god
Mantchu MuchanguAfricaStrange but by teaching humans how to make clothes & covering their bodies he ended up being the god of dressmakers
ManuHindu/ VedicThe primordial creator god
ManungalMesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ AkkadianA chthonic underworld god
Manuzi/ LiluriSyriaA mountain goddess, part of the pair with the weather god
Manzasiri KalmykW.MongoliaThe primeval god from whose body at the world of was formed
Mao MengChinaA god of astronomy, Jupiter, Mercury
MaponosBritishA about tribal god
MaraBuddhistA goddess of death/ the evil principle
MaraNorseDefinitely a goblin to fear, he seizes males while in their beds & removes all speech & motion
Marama Polynesian/ Maori the moon goddess
MarawaMelanesiaThis god made human beings mortal, supposedly only because he did not know how they were made
Marchocias MedievalEuropeHe is a prince of the hellish realmy, supposedly one of the angels that followed Satan
Marcia ProbaBritainA warrior queen goddess
Marcia ProbaCelticA goddess of justice
MardukBabylon/ MesopotamiaThe fertility god , the lord of all the gods
Maret JikkyBotcudoThe supreme goddess
MaretkhmakniamBotocudoThe supreme god
MargawseWales/ BritainMother - an aspect of the goddess
MariBuddhistThe deification of literature
MariDavidian/ TamilA rain goddess & the goddess of smallpox
Mari Basque the supreme mother goddess
Mari MaiHinduA plague goddess associated with cholera
Mari/ MarianMiddle EastA mother & sea goddess
MarianaBelemA goddess of healing & protector of sailors
MarianaBrazilA goddess of love
MariciChina/ BuddhistA solar goddess
Marie aim'eMartiniqueA goddess of disease
MarinaSlavicA goddess of the moon
MarinetteHaitiAn earth goddess
Marishi TenJapanThe goddess of dawn & warriors
MariyammanDravidian/ TamilA plague goddess with a bizarre form of penance
MarmalikKafir/ AfghanistanA chthonic underworld god
MarnasN. ArabiaA local tutelary god
MarruniMelanesianA god of earthquakes
MarsRomanA god of springtime & war
MarsyasAsia MinorA woodland satire that was flayed to death by Apollo
MartuMesopotamia/ SumeriaA tutelary god of Ninab
Marunogere Kiwi-PapuaNew GuineaA very popular fellow, he taught people to make their houses but most importantly he created the sexual parts of women, but not claimed to be a god
Marutgana/ MarutsHindu/ VedicStorm gods
MarutsIndiaThis is a group of storm spirits
MarzanaPolandA goddess of winter
MasauwuHopiA god of fire, war, death, & the night
MasayaNicaraguaA goddess of fire volcanoes & earthquakes
MassassiZimbabweA goddess of the morning star
Master of WindsIroquoisA god of the winds
Mat/ Zemlya SyraSlavonicThe earth goddess
MataHinduThe primeval mother goddess
MataraHinduThe mother goddess applied to the divine mothers
Mataras/ Ambikas India A Group of goddesses
MatarisvanHindu/ EpicA minor messenger god
Mater MatulaItalyA sky goddess
Mater MatutaRomanA goddess of the dawn & seafaring
MatergabiaeLithuaniaA goddess of fire, & the home
MathitEgyptA tree goddess who helps the dead climb to heaven
MathonwyWalesFather god
Mati syra zemlyaSlavicA goddess of justice
MatlalcueyeAztecA minor fertility goddess
Matres Roman/ Pan-Celtic Triads of mother goddesses
MatronaCelticA goddess of the Marne River
MatronaeCelticThese are the three mother goddesses that oversee fertility, they prefer peace, tranquillity & kids
MatronitSpanishA goddess of chastity, promiscuity,& motherhood
Matsuo Japan/ Shinto the God of sake brewers
MatsyaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicAn incarnation of the god Visnu
MaturaiviranHinduA locally worshipped god with an interesting story
MauiPolynesian/ MaoriA tutelary god
MawuFon/ BeninA goddess of peace, joy, motherhood. happiness, & the sky
Mawu EweTongoA sky god
Mawu FonBeninThe moon goddess
MayaHinduA goddess of illusion
Maya[devi]BuddhistA mother goddess
MayahuelAztecA minor fertility goddess associated with the maguey plant
MayahuelMexicanA goddess of the night sky & of drunkenness
Mayajalakrama-KurukullaBuddhist/ MayhayanaA goddess
MayavelIndiaAnother goddess of children
MayinTungus/ SiberiaA benevolent, remote, supreme God
MayonDravidian/ TamilA creator god
Mazzikin theJewishThese are rather evil spirits that like to make things rough for humans
Mbitumbo BauleIvory CoastA creator & guardian god
Mbomba Mongo/ NkundoZaireThe creator god
Mbombe NkundoZaireThe mother goddess
Mbongo NgbandiZaireA river god
Me Na/ NinmentaMesopotamia/ SumeriaUnknown god
Me'mdeye-Ecl'eYukaghir/ SiberiaKnown as father fire, a fire spirit
MedbCelticA goddess of sexuality, intoxication & war
Medeine/ MejdejnLithuaniaA goddess of the forests
MedhaBuddhist/ MayhayanaA minor goddess
Medici Manichaean the goddess of light
MeditirinaRomanA goddess of healing
MeditrinaRomanA goddess of healing, of medicine
MedrEthiopiaAn ancient earth spirit, gender unknown
MefitisRomanThis goddess was associated with sulfur springs
Megaera of EumenidesGreekA goddess of justice
MeghandaHinduA minor god
MehenEgyptA minor chthonic underworld god
MeherArmeniaA sun god that was closely linked with Mithra
Mehet-uretEgyptThis goddess was the embodiment of all primeval waters
Mehet-WeretEgyptA minor goddess of the creation accounts
Mehit/ MechitEgyptA lion goddess
MehturtEgyptA goddess of the sky
MeiboiaGreekThe bee goddess
MeidenLithuaniaHe is the god of forest & animals, figures doesn't it
MeilichiaGreekAn underworld goddess
MelinoeGreekAn underworld goddess
Melkart/ MelqartPhoneciaA rather busy god in charge of travelers, sailors, colonies & the city of Tyre who, like the Phoenix, is regenerated by fire
MellaZimbabweA goddess of healing
MelloniaRomanA goddess of bees & honey
MelobosisGreekA goddess of beneficence
MelpomeneGreekOne of the Muses , to be exact, the Muse of tragedy
MelqartPhonecia/ TurkeyA heroic tutelary god
MelusineBritain/ ScotlandA serpent goddess
MelwasCornwallThe god of the summerland [the otherworld] Meleagant
Mem LoimisWintunA goddess of water
MemeZaireA goddess of healing
MenTurkeyA moon god that ruled the upper & lower world
Men AscaenusAntioch/ Asia MinorA local tutelary god
Men PhygiaAsia MinorA moon god that ruled over in the heavens, but the underworld as well
Men ShenChinaThe two guardians of doorways
MenaHinduA mountain goddess
MenahkaMandanThe sun god
Menechen/ Pillan/ Gueu-Pillan AruucaniaChileThe supreme God
MenessLativaA moon god as well as the guardian of travelers & military expeditions
Meng PoChinaA goddess of justice
Menhit/ MenchitEgyptA lion goddess
MeniPhoeniciaThe god of luck, both good & bad
MenninkäinenFinlandA fairy spirit, gnome.
Menrva/ MenervaEtruscanA spiting image of the Greek goddess Athena in all aspects
MensRomanA goddess of menstruation
MenthuEgyptA god of war
Menu/ MenulisLithuaniaThe moon god
MenzabacMayaA weather god that causes the rain by sprinkling black dye on the clouds, he has a side line as a fever god & the keeper of good souls
Mephistopheles/ MephistoChristianThe devil as found in the literature for magic & necromancy from the middle ages
MephitisRomanA goddess of healing & poisonous gases
Mercury/ MecuriusRomanA god of astronomy, commerce, messengers, eloquence & sidelines as the messenger of the gods
Mere AmaFinnishA goddess of the ocean, streams & brooks
Meret/ MerEgyptA goddess of song & rejoicing as well as the treasury
Meretseger/ MeresgerEgyptA chthonic underworld goddess who brings illness and death to the disrespectful
MerodachBabylonA sun god
MeropeGreekA goddess of the Pleiades
Mes An Du Mesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ Akkadia God
Mes Lam TaeaMesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ AkkadianThe god of war but thought to be an aggressive aspect of the chthonic underworld god Nergal
MesenetEgyptThe goddess of the birth tile
MeskhenetEgyptA goddess of prophecy, childbirth, reincarnation, fate & justice
MeskhoniEgyptA goddess birth & midwives
MeslamtaeaSumeriaA god, possibly of war
MessorRomanA minor goddess concerned with the growth & harvesting of crops
MetatronJewishThe demon/ angel of countenance & custodian of strength, OK
MeterGreekThe mother goddess
MetisGreekOne of the of the oceanides, a goddess of justice & wisdom
Metsaka HuicholMexicoA moon goddess
MetztliAztecHe is the moon god.
Mexitli/ HuitzlilpochtliMexicoHead god of the ancient Mexicans
Mezamat/ MezamateLatviaShe is the goddess of all forests
Mezavirs/ MezadevaLatviaHe is the god of all forests
MhayaTanzaniaA goddess of deserted lovers
MhsalaHinduA minor goddess considered to be a form of Parvati
Mi lo FoChinaThe coming Buddha
Mi-kura-Tana-KamiJapan/ ShintoA domestic guardian God that looks after storehouses
Mi-Lo-FoChina/ BuddhistA god
Mi-Toshi-No-KamiJapan/ ShintoThe harvest god of rice
Mi-Wi-No-KamiJapan/ ShintoThe God of wells [1 of 3]
Miao HuChinaA god of agriculture
MicapetlacoliAztecA minor chthonic underworld goddess
MichabonOttawa/ CanadaThis god is guilty of creating humans from animals
MichaelHebrew/ ChristianThis is the Prince of angels that fought for Israel , according to christians, he is an archangel
Michi-No-KamiJapan/ ShintoThe gods of passage associated with road & crossroads
MictecachiuatlAztecThe chthonic underworld god, one of two
MictlantecuhtliAztecA chthonic underworld god that created the underworld
MictlantecuhtliAztecHe is the god of Mictlan & the dead
MidaGreekA goddess of oaths
Midewiwin AlgonquinNE US E. CanadaThis is the great medicine dance which requires the epitome of reverence is performed or the tribe will suffer
Midir/ MidherIrishA chthonic god that appears in polymorphic form
MielikkiFinlandWife of Tapio, the goddess of the forest.
Mihos/ MiysisEgyptA lion god of Lower Egypt
Mika-Hiya-HiJapan/ ShintoA sun god, subservient to the sun goddess
MikalPhoneciaA local goddess with a cult in Cyprus
MilkGilyaks/ SiberiaThese are devils of exactly what I am not sure but you best not irritate them
MilkastartW. SemiticA local tutelary god of the from Umm el-Ammend
MilkomAmmonite (E.Jordan)He is the chief god, & may have of been worshipped by King Solomon under a different name
Milom/ Milcom AmoriteW. SemiticThe god mentioned in 1 King 11:5 worshipped by King Solomon
MimirNorseA god/ demon of knowledge & wisdom
MinEgyptA god potency, fertility, thunder, reproduction, roads & the sky
Min JokUgandaA goddess rain
Minabozho AlgonquinNE US E. Canadathis clumsy god fell into the seat and make it over low
Minaski/ MinaciHinduA local fish goddess
Minato-No-Kami Japan/ Shinto the God of river mouths & estuaries
MinepaMacouaA god of evil
MinervaRomanA goddess of astronomy, science, inventing, medicine, painting, thinking, wisdom, war & sculpture
Ming ShangChinaThe god of the eyes
Minga Bengale ShongonAfricaThis god of hunters also taught humans how to make nets
MinonaFonA goddess of teaching
MinosGreek/ RomanA minor underworld god in in
MirEgyptA god of sex
Mir Susne KhumSiberiaThe sun god
MirabichiOttawa/ Canadahe is the god of water
MirahuatoPeruvianA goddess of health
MiritatsiecCrowA goddess of healing
Mirsa Georgia/ MingrelanCaucasusA god of light & responsible for fire
MirumeJapaneseA goddess of justice
MisorSemiteThis is the god that created salt
MithraPersiaA god of war & light that had all the trappings of Christianity from 400BCE-200CE
MithrasGreek/ RomanA god of soldiers & war, thought to be an adoption of the Persian Mithra
MitiKoryak/ SW SiberiaA maternal spirit
MitnalMayaThe underworld hell where the wicked were tortured
MitraHindu/ Puranic/ VedicA minor sun god of light & wisdom
MixcoatlAztecA god of astronomy, stars, hunting & of the underworld
Mixcoatl-CamaxtliAztecA god of war, hunting & fire
MiyatanzipaHittiteOne of the deities who awaited the return of Telipinu
Mizu-Ha-No-MeJapan/ ShintoThe senior water goddess who came about from the urine of the primordial creator goddess
Mkulumncandi SwaziSwazilandThe creator god known as the great first one
Mlentengamunye SwaziSwazilandThe messenger god
Mlk-AmuklosSyria/ Palestine/ CyprusA heroic god known from about 1100 B.C.E.
MnemeGreekShe is the Muse of memory
MnemosyneGreekShe is the goddess of memory
Mo Hi HaiChinaHe is a god of water
ModiGerman/ NorseThis son of Thor is a god that has yet to arrive
Modimo TwanaBotswanaA universal god, possibly monotheistic
ModronWalesGreat Mother she is one of the most powerful of the Celtic mother goddesses
MoeraeGreekA goddess of reason
Mog RuithIrishA god, possibly a solar god
MogounosRoman/ GallicA local tribal deity he was assimilated with Apollo
MohiniHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA minor incarnation of Visnu
Moira/ Moirai/ Moerae/ Mories/ FatesGreekThey are supreme even over the gods of Olympus
Mokos E.Slavic A goddess of healing & sheep
Molek/ MolochAmoriteA god of fire that children were sacrificed to IAW 1 Kings11:7 & 2 Kings 23:10 only
MolochCanaanThe sun god & a god of war
Moma UitotoSAA god that originally was the creator of mankind & the apotheosis of the moon
Mombo Wa Ndhlopfu RongaMozambiqueA tutelary god that lives in & controls the forest
MomuScotlandA goddess of wells & hillsides
MomusGreekA god of censure & mockery
MonKafir/ Afghanistan/ HindukushA warrior god & hero from prehistoric origins and around today
MonetaRomanA minor goddess of prosperity, the spirits of the mint
MonjeYorubaA goddess of rivers
Monju BosatsuJapaneseA god of education
MonosGreekThe god of pain & sarcasm
Month/ MontuEgyptThe war god of Thebes that quit during the 11th dynasty, royal politics you see
MoombiKikuyuA creator goddess
MorIrishA sun goddess & dam of the kings of Munster
MorganesCelticThese are female water spirit
MorgayScotland/ BritainA harvest goddess
MorongoZimbabweA goddess of the evening star, love & sexuality
MorosGreekA god of fate
MorpheusGreekA god of dreams by humans
MorriganCeltic/ IrishThe goddesses of war of death & destruction from prehistoric origins
Morrigu/ Morrigan/ Morrighan/ Morgan/ Badb/ NemainIrish/ Wales/ BritainThe Crone aspect of the goddesses who were a trinity responsible for war & ghosts
MorsRomanA minor god of death
MortaRomanA goddess of death who became one of the Parcae
MoruadhIrishA goddess of the sea
MorvaAndaman Is./ Indian OceanThey are invisible sky spirits
MoschelLatviaHe is the god of cows
MotCanaan/ UgaritA god of death, fertility & sterility
MotPhoeniciaThe god of the dead and of all the powers that opposed life
MotsesaMozambiqueA goddess of water
MoyocoyaniAztecA minor god of universal power
Mrantna'irginChukchee/ E. SiberiaThe spirit of the dawn, one of four
MrgasirasHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA minor goddess of fortune
Mu GongChina/ TaoistThe god of immortality
Mu KingChinaA god of fire
MuatiMesopotamia/ SumeriaA rather obscure local god associated with the island paradise of Dilmun
MucalindaBuddhistA tutelary god of the lake near Bodh Gaya
Mugasa/ MuguPygmy(C. Africa)A sky god whose story is close to that of the God of Abraham Genesis one
Mugasha BazibaAfricaHe is the god of water
Mugizi BunyoroUgandaThe guardian deity of Lake Albert
Muhingo BunyoroUgandaThe god of war
MuireartachIrishA goddess of the ocean
MuireartachIrish/ ScotlandA battle goddess
Mujaji/ Modjajji LoveduAfricaA goddess of rain immortalized in the book, She by Rider Haggard
Mukasa BugandaUgandaA beneficent god for he demanded no sacrifices
MulaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA malevolent Naksarta
Mula Djadi Tobak/ BatakSumatrathe creator god that created everything & lives in the highest of all seven heavens
MulhalmoniKoreaA goddess of healing, eye diseases & water
Mulindwa Bunyoro UgandaThe tutelary goddess of the tribal chiefs
MulliltuMesopotamia/ Babylon/ AkkadianA goddess
MulloBritain/ RomanPatron deity of teamsters & associated with Mars
Muluku Macoua supreme being
MummuMesopotamiaThis god advised the primeval god Apsu
Mungu/ MulunguSwahali/ E.AfricaThe creator god
MunisvaraHindu/ DravidianA demigod that started out being a deified saint
Munjen MalikKafir/ AfghanistanA chthonic earth god
Munkata-No-KamiJapan/ ShintoThe sea gods [3] that protected seafarers
Munume BunyoroUgandaThe god Weather
MurajaBuddhistA goddess of music
MurigenIrish/ Scotland/ ManxA lake goddess associated with the deluge legends
Murukan/ CeyonDravidian/ TamilA hunting & war god
MusdammaMesopotamia/ SumeriaA god of buildings, including houses
MusesGreekSome mountain goddesses
MushdamaMesopotamiaThe god of architecture
Musisi NdongaAngolaA messenger god
Muso Koroni BambarraW. AfricaA chthonic fertility goddess of disorder
MutEgyptA vulture goddess shown crowned and holding a papyrus scepter, goddess of fertility, healing & sound bodies
MutaRomanA goddess of silence
MutinusRomanA minor fertility god of, strongly ityphallic & invoked by women wanting to bear children
Muttalamman/ MutyalammaDavidian/ TamilA plague goddess identified with smallpox
MutuAssyriaHe is the personification of death & the god of the underworld
MyesyatsSlavonicThe moon deity
Mylitta/ Mu'AllidtuPhoenician/ BabylonA goddess of fire, childbirth & fertility
Myoken-BohdisattivaChinese/ BuddhistAn astral god, the apotheosis of the pole star
MyrrahPhoneciaThe fertility goddess that whelped Kinnur
MystisGreekA goddess of teaching
Na Cha/ Li No ChaChinese/ TaoistThe guardian god that was born as a god of from human parents
Na NgutuW. AfricaThe guardian deity of warriors slain in battle
Na Pe'/ Na Pe'/ Old Man Blackfoot/ W. USA/ CanadaThe creator who was not a very nice entity, rather human in his actions
Na'ininenKoryak/ SiberiaA benevolent creator being
NaamahCanaanA goddess of fertility, sex
NaasIrishA goddess who died in county Kildere
NabuBabylon/ Mesopotamia/ AkkadianA god of speech & the scribe & herald of the gods
NabudiOceaniaThe goddesses of illness
NachundeElamiteA sun god
NaconMayaHe is the god of war
NaeniaRomanA goddess of funerals
NagadyaUgandaA goddess of drought & rain
NagakumaraJainOne of the group the gods with the title of bhvanavasi that were associated with rain & thunder
NagarajaHinduA snake god in in one of the deities that were worshipped prior to 1700 BCE
NagawonyiUgandaA goddess of drought
NaginiJain/ IndiaA goddess
NahiN. ArabiaA guardian God of benevolent nature
NahualAztecA generic name for a personal God
Nahuti EhecatlAztecA minor water god
Nahuti Ollin/ Ollin/ OllintonatiuhAztecA creator god
Nai GanGhannaA god of the ocean
Nai No KamiJapanThe god of earthquakes
Naiad[s]GreekAny nymph who presided over brooks , springs or fountains
NaigameyaHinduA god usually shown with the head of a goat
Naionuema UitotoSAThis god created the earth from its own imagination
NairIrishA goddess best known for escorting High King Crebhan to the Otherworld
NairamataBuddhist/ MayhayanaA goddess
NairyosanghaIranA god of fire
NajadeSlavicThese are water nymphs
NakaweHucholThe earth goddess
NakiwuloAfricaA goddess of justice
Naksatara[s]HinduA group of astral goddesses
NamasangitiBuddhistA god
NambiMasaiA goddess of love & of sexuality
NambiUgandanA goddess of the sky
NammuSumeriaThe goddess who gave birth to the heavens and the earth
NamtaruAssyriaA god of plagues
Nan chi Hsien wengChinaThe god of longevity
Nan-SgrubBuddhist/ TibetA god, a form of Yama
NanaArmeniaA mother goddess
NanaBabylonA goddess spring
Nana Buluku FonAfricaThe supreme god
Nana BurukuCubaAn earth & water goddess
Nanabohozo Ojibwa/ USA/ CanadaA god that influences the success or failure of hunters
Nanabush/ Manabozho/ Wisaaka/ Glooscap AlgonquinThe creator & good spirit
NanahuatlAztecA creator god
NanaiSumeriaA stellar deity
NanajaMesopotamia/ Babylon/ AkkadiaA war & fertility goddess
Nanan BouclouEweA god of herbs & medicine
NanautzinAztecA god of disease
NandiIndiaA goddess of happiness & joy
Nandi[n]HinduA bull god
Nang LhaTibetA personal family guardian type of house god
NannaGermanicA goddess of plants & flowers
NannaNorseA goddess of the moon
Nanna/ As-im-babbarMesopotamia/ Sumeria/ IraqA moon god
Nanook/ NanuqInuitThe bear god
NanseBabylonA goddess of justice, water & canals
NantosueltaGallicThe goddess of water
NapaeaeGreek/ RomanThese are animistic spirits of the valleys feminine in nature
Napir ElamiteIranThe moon god
NappatecuhtliAztecThe minor god of mat makers
NappinnaiHindu/ Dravidian/ TamilA local goddess
NaraHindu/ Puranic/ EpicMinor incarnation of the god of Visnu
NaradaHindu/ Epic/ Vedic/ PuranicA minor but popular god
NaradattaJainA goddess of learning
NarasinhaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicAn incarnation of the god Visnu
Narasinhi/ ChandikaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA mother goddess
NarayanaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA creator god thought to be synonymous with business
NareauMelanesiaA creator god
Narkissos/ NarcissusGreekA minor god that was rather enamored of himself
NascioRomanA goddess of childbirth
NastasijaRussiaA goddess of sleep
NatScandinaviaA goddess of happiness
Nataraja Hindu/ Puranic a form of Siva
NathIrishA goddess of wisdom
NathaBuddhist/ Sri LankaA tutelary god
NathumEtruscanA goddess of justice
NaunetEgyptA primordial goddess one of the eight Ogdoad
Navadura[s]HinduA generic title for the nine forms of the god of Durga
NavkySlavicA goddesses of water
NawandyoUgandaA goddess of healing
Nayakaya ShillukSudanthe crocodile goddess that reside in the Nile, Shillukscontinue to sacrifice to her
NayenezganiNavahoThe most powerful war god
Nazambi/ Nyambi/ Nzambe/ Yambe/ Zambi BakongoZaireThe creator god
Nazapa NgbandiZaireThe creator god that is invoked at the sunrise
Ndara Sulawesi Is. The god of the underworld.
Ndaula Bunyoro UgandaA plague god associated with smallpox
NdauthinaFijiA god of adultery, fire, fishing & seafaring
Ndjambi HereoSW AfricaA sky god who is name is generally forbidden to be spoken
Ne'nenk'nenkicex Kamichadal The Christian God
NebethepetEgyptA local primordial goddess
NeboAssyriaThe god of teaching, writing & wisdom and in
NeboMesopotamiaA god of speech
NecessitasRomanA goddess of fate
NechmetawajEgyptA goddess of justice
NediyonDavidian/ TamilA creator god
NefertemEgyptA god of sunrise, perfumes, ointments, virility, pleasure & Lotus flowers
NefertumEgyptA minor primordial God of creation from lower Egypt
NegafokInuitThe cold weather spirit
NegunMesopotamia/ SumeriaA minor goddess this week
NehalenniaBritainA goddess who was the patron deity of sea traders
NehalenniaGermanicA goddess of fertility & the ocean
NehebkaEgyptA goddess of justice
Nehebu-KauEgyptA minor snake god
NeitEgyptA goddess of war & wisdom
Neit Irish A TuathaDeDanann war god
NeithEgyptA goddess of the east, women, sorcery, the home, healing, war, hunting & weaving
NejmaMoroccoA goddess of healing
NekhebtEgyptThe vulture goddess of Upper Egypt
Nekmet AwaiEgyptA goddess of justice and in
NelaimaLatviaA goddess of destiny
NemainCelticA goddess of war
NemainIrishShe is one of the triune crone goddesses of battle
NemausisRoman/ GallicA god of water who has a sacred spring at Nimes in France
NemesisGreekA goddess of anger, fate & justice
NemetonaBritain/ RomanA guardian goddess of all sacred places, especially groves
NemglanIrishA bird god who fathered Conaire Mor
NenaunicMasaiA god of storms
NenaunirMasaiA god of storms
NeogaIroquoisA goddess of the winds
NeperEgyptA god of grain & barley
NephthysEgyptA goddess of death, war, of warriors
NepitEgyptA goddess of grain
NepthysEgyptThe goddess of the dead
Neptune/ NeptunusItaly/ RomanA god of irrigation
NereidGreekAny one of the of the fifty sea nymphs
NeretEgyptA vulture goddess of strength, fear, & theft
Nereus Greek A Minor sea God
NergalAssyrian/ BabylonianOne of the divinities who ruled the netherworld, a goddess of war & death
NergalMesopotamiaA god of plague & a chthonic underworld god
Nerrivik/ SedenaInuitThe sea goddess
NerthusDenmarkA fertility goddess who, bless her heart, was associated with a piece
Nesaru Arikara The Power Above
Nesu FonBeninThe tutelary god of royalty
NetIrishA god of war
Net/ NeithEgyptA goddess of the east, women, sorcery, the home, war, hunting, weaving
Netcheh NetchehEgyptA god of twofold vengeance
NethunsEtruscanA god of fresh water
NetiBabylon/ AkkadianA chthonic underworld god
NevinbimbaauMelanesiaA goddess of initiations
NextepehuaAztecA minor chthonic underworld god
Ng aiMasaiCreator of the universe
NgaiKikuyu/ Masai E. AfricaThe creator god
NgendiFijiA fertility god
Ngewo Western Tropics Creator/ supreme god
Ngunuwo Ewe/ TogoThe fates
NiHuliThis god is the sole cause of leprosy.
Ni ChimuPeruA sea god of significant status
Ni OBuddhismThe protector of the Buddhist faith
NiamhIrishAn aspect of Badb who helps heroes at death
NiamyeIvory Coast/ AfricaA creator god
NiangniangChinaA goddess of justice
NicevennScotlandA goddess associated with Samhain
NidabaSumeriaThe goddess of writing
Niha-Tu-Hi-No-KamiJapan/ ShintoA fire God in that was responsible for household fires that were in the yard
Nike Roman A goddess of victory
NikkalCanaanThe goddess of the fruits of the earth
NiladandaBuddhistA guardian God of the southwestern quarter
NiladeviHindu/ PuranicA goddess who is a consort of Visnu the
NilalohitaHinduA god, one of the forms of Rudra
NinBabyloniaA goddess of wisdom
Nin Ezan [La]/ GulaSumeriaA goddess of healing
Nin Mar Ki/ NinmahMesopotamia/ SumeriaA goddess goddess
Nin Ur/ NinurMesopotamia/ SumeriaA god
Nin'insinnaMesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ AkkadianA fertility goddess
Nin-IlduMesopotamia/ Babylon/ AkkadianThe god of carpenters who is a minor tutelary deity
Nin-ImmaMesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ AkkadianThe fertility goddess who is the deification of the female sex organs
Nin-sarSumeriaiA minor goddess of plants
NinazuMesopotamia/ SumeriaA chthonic god that is generally benevolent
NindaraMesopotamia/ SumeriaA god
NindubMesopotamia/ SumeriaA local god of of Lagas
NinegalMesopotamia/ Babylon/ AkkadianA god of smiths, a rather minor deity
NingikugaMesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ AkkadiaA goddess of reeds & marshes
Ningilin/ NinkilumMesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ AkkadiaA rather obscure god
NingiramaMesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ AkkadianA minor god of magic that protected against snakes
NingirsuMesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ AkkadianA tutelary god
Ningis Zi DaMesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ AkkadianThe god of light coming from harassing & tutelary god ofGudea[Lagas]
Ninhursagaa/ NintuMesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ Akkadian/ IraqThe goddess of the earth and creator of humans, fertility & productivity
NinigiJapan/ ShintoThis god is the heir apparent to the sun goddess & was sent to the earth to rule it
Ninkaranunna Mesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ Akkadian A Barber god
NinkarrakAssyrianA goddess of healing
NinkasiSumeriaA goddess of happiness, Pleasure
NinkigalMesopotamia/ Babylon/ AkkadianA chthonic god worshiped at Ur
NinkurraMesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ AkkadianA minor mother goddess
NinlilBabylon/ SumeriaA goddess of the winds & grain
NinmahMesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ AkkadianA mother goddess
NinmenaMesopotamia/ SumeriaA another mother goddess
NinsikilMesopotamia/ SumeriaThe patron goddess of Dilmun[ a mythical paradise]
NinsubarMesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ AkkadianA messenger god/ goddess
Ninsun[a]Mesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ AkkadianA cow goddess that was the tutelary goddess of Gudea
Ninsusinak ElamiteIranThe National god
Nintinugga/ GulaMesopotamia/ SumeriaA goddess
NintuMesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ AkkadianA mother goddess of the womb
NinturBabylonThe goddess of the womb
NinturaMesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ AkkadianA god of thunderstorms & the plow
NinurtaBabylonA god of agriculture, war & thunder
NinurtaSumeriaThe deity in charge of the violent and destructive south wind
Nirmali/ ShuwiKafir/ AfghanistanA goddess of childbirth
NirritiBuddhistA guardian, that strangely enough, who stands upon a corpse
NirritiHindu/ VedicA goddess of corruption, decay, disease, healing & of destruction of evil
NishanuArikaraThe great sky spirit
NispannattaraBuddhist/ MayhayanaA minor goddess
NissabaMesopotamia/ SumeriaThe goddess of writing & wisdom that started life as a vegetation goddess
NitEgyptA goddess of hunting
Niu SheChinaA goddess of literacy
Niu WangChinaA god of oxen
NixiesGermanicThe goddesses of rivers
NjordGermanicA god of the ocean
NjordNorseA god of fertility, war, wind
NjordScandinaviaA god of fishing, prosperity & ships
No Il Ja DaeJapanA goddess of the toilet
NoctilucaGaulA goddess of Magic from Celtic Gaul
NodotusRoman/ CelticA minor goddess crops
NohochacymMayaA god
NohuichanaMexicanA goddess of hunting
NokChinaA goddess of Aquarius
Nomi-No-SukuneJapan/ ShintoThe god of sumo wrestlers
Nommo DogonW. AfricaThe primordial spirits that are associated of rain & fertility
NonaRomanA minor goddess of birth
Nong/ ZuzumKafir/ AfghanistanThe god of winter & cold weather that lives in a glacier, he does not like women
NornNorseA goddess of the past, one of the fates
NorovRussiaA god of grain
NortiaEtruscanA goddess of
NorwanWintunA goddess of warriors
Nosenga Kotrkore/ ShonaZimbabweA tribal god that requires an oracle
NotosGreekA god of the wind
Notus/ AusterRomanA god of the southwest wind
NrtyaBuddhist/ TibetA mother goddess
Nsongo BangalaZaireA moon goddess
NtoaGhanianA goddess
Nu guaChinaA god/ goddess
Nu KuaChinaA primordial goddess & inventor of the flute
Nu Mus DaMesopotamia/ SumeriaA tutelary god of a lost city of Kazullu
Nu WaChinaThe goddess of those who arrange marriages
Nu'tenutChukchee/ E. SiberiaAn earth spirit that is the owner of the world
NuaduIrishA tribal god of healing & water
NudimmudMesopotamia/ SumeriaA creator god that was rapidly syncretized with the Akkadian god Ea
Nuli'rahak/ Arna'kuagsakInuit/ E. SiberiaThe Sea Spirit, she lives in the ocean depths, owns all sea creatures, & feeds off the bodies of drowned a fisherman
NuliayoqInuitA goddess of rivers, Inlets
NumbakullaAusA god
NumeriaRomanA goddess of childbirth
Numi TaremSiberiaThe sky god
Numma MoiyukAusA goddess of the ocean
NunEgyptA god of primordial chaos
NunbarsegunuMesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ AkkadiaA rather obscure mother goddess mentioned in the creation taxed as the old woman of Nippur
NundaCherokeeA goddess of healing, headaches, & blisters
NuskuMesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ AkkadiaThe god of light & fire
NutEgyptA creator goddess of the heavens
NyambeZambiaA god of war
Nyame AkanGhanaa creator god/ goddess and androgynous being
NyamweziAfricaA goddess of justice
NyankoponAshantiSun god
NyasayeMargoliChief god
NyavireziRwanda/ C. AfricaThe lion goddess that was originally a mortal daughter of the tribal chief
NyxGreekA primordial goddess of the night
NyyrikkiFinlandThe god of hunting, son of Tapio.
NzambiAfricaA goddess of justice
Nzame/ Nzame Nkwa BantuThe creator, who was really three in one
Nze NgbandiZasireThe moon god who is closely linked with women & fertility
NäkkiFinlandThe fearsome spirit of pools, wells and bridges. Same as Nix.
O Kuni NushiJapaneseA god of medicine & witchcraft
O'Meal Na'kwaxdaxBC CanadaA tribal spirit, the chief of the anciects who's siblings are the myth people
O-Iwa-Dai-MyojinJapan/ Shinto/ BuddhistA god of stone workers
O-Kuni-Nushi-No-MikitoJapan/ ShintoThe sky was a great organizer & consolidator of the earth
O-Toshi-No-KamiJapan/ ShintoHe heads the pantheon of agricultural gods but generally is the guardian of rice fields
O-Yama-Tsu-Mi Japan/ Shinto he is the most senior at apotheosis of the mountains
OanuavaBritainVery old Earth goddess
ObaAfricaA river goddess
ObaPuerto RicoA water goddess
ObaYorubaA goddess & protector of prostitutes
ObaratorRomanA god responsible for overseeing the fertilizing of crops
Obatala/ ObosomYorubaA fertility god, he makes barren women fertile & shapes the fetus in the womb
ObotoAfricaA goddesses of serenity
ObtalaWest IndiesA sky goddess
ObumoAfricaA god
OccatorRomanThis god oversees the growth & harvesting of crops
OcelotlAztecthe sun god but then a first of the five world ages - they last for 2028 heavenly years & each heavenly year = 52 Earth years
OcelusRoman/ BritishA god of healing that became syncretized with the god Mars
OchuWest IndiesA moon goddess
OchumarePuerto RicoA goddess of happiness & the rainbow
OckabewisChippewaMessenger of the gods & teacher of mankind
OcrisiaRomanA goddess of fire
OculataRomanA goddess of healing & the eyes
Odin/ Othin/ Oden/ WotanNorseA god of war, death, wisdom & divination. Chief of the gods
OdrasIrishA goddess of pools
OduduwaYorubaA creator goddess of fertility & love
OenghusIrishA god of love
OgdoadEgyptThe eight primordial elements of chaos, they exist prior to the creation of the sun god & known in Middle Egypt
Ogetsu no himeShintoA goddess of food
Ogiuwu EdoBeninThe god of death that owns the blood all living things
Ogma/ Ogmius/ OgmiosCelticA god of education, genius, eloquence, language & magic
Ogoun/ OgunHaiti/ VodunA god of war & fire
Ogun Nago/ Edo/ Yoruba/ W. AfricaA god of iron, hunting & war
Ogun EdoBeninA god of war that was sent to cut up the land to allow crops to the planted
Ohoromoxtotil Maya this god was the creator the sun that made the world in habitable by destroying the jaguars that once infesterd it
Oi SukKenyaA god more long the lines of personal illness rather than plague
OkeanidesGreek/ RomanMinor sea goddesses There were assigned to guard ship motions by the larger gods & invoked by seafarers, others say that they are river gods
OkeanosGreekThe god of the oceans
Oki-Tsu-Hiko-No-KamiJapan/ ShintoThe god of kitchens
Oki-Tsu-Hime-No-KamiShinto/ JapanThe goddess of kitchens
Oko Yoruba/ NigeriaA god of agriculture
OlaBibiHindu a local play goddess associated with cholera
OllaCubaA goddess of fire
Olodumare/ Alaaye/ Elemii/ Olojo/ Oni/ Olorun/ Orishanla Yoruba/ NigeriaA creator god to whom the souls of the dead are expected to make a confession
OlokumCarib.A god in Puerto Rico that is a hermaphrodite
OlokumW. IndiesA goddess of the ocean depths
Olokun Yoruba/ Nigeria/ BeninA of fresh waters & oceans
Olorun Yoruba Creator/ supreme god
OlosaPuerto RicoA goddess of fishermen
OlwenWelshA goddess of summer & war
Omacatl/ AcatlAztecA minor god of feasting & revelery
OmeTochtliAztec a fertility god that was slaughtered and then resurrected by Tezcatlipoca
Ometecuhtli/ Olin-TonatiuhAztec/ ToltecThe god of duality & a supreme deity
OmeteotlAztecA primordial being that rules in the 13th heaven
Omichle PhoneciaHellenicthe primordial principle
OmoikaneJapaneseA god of wisdom
OnathaIroquoisThe spirit of wheat
OniataIroquoisA spirit of springs
OnuavaGallic/ CelticAn earth fertility goddess known only from inscriptions
Onuris Egypt/ HellenicA god of hunting & war
OphthalmitisGreekA goddess of eyesight
Opo AkanGhanaThe god the ocean & inland lakes & rivers
OpocchtliAztecA minor god of light a fisherman & hunters
OpsRomanA goddess of fertility, prosperity & the harvest
OraiosGnostic ChristianThe primordial deity, one of seven androgynous elements born to the prime parent & ruler of the seven heavens of chaos
OrbonaRomanA goddess of healing & childhood diseases
OrcusRomanA chthonic underworld god
Ordog Hungary that after the Christian derived became syncretized with the Christian Devil
OreadesGreek/ RomanThese ladies are the animistic spirits of the mountains
OrehuGuyanaA goddess of healing
Ori Yoruba/ NigeriaThe god of wisdom
Orisanla Yoruba/ NigeriaA sky god that was designated to be the creator of earth & living things
Orisha NlaYorubaA god ordered by Olorun to create solid ground
Oro Polynesia/ TahitiA god of war
Orotalt ofLakeA tutelary god
Orthia Sparta a locally worshipped mother goddess of later syncretized with the more widely accepted maternal deities such as Kybele
Orunmila Yoruba/ NigeriaA god of mercy & destiny
Osande OvimbunduAngolaA benevolent god that is a guardian deity
Osandobua EdoBeninA benign creator god that controls prosperity, health & happiness
OsanyinAfricaA god of medicine
OsheYorubaA god of thunder & lightning
OshossiBrazilA water god
OshunWest IndiesA goddess of love & fertility
OshunYorubaA goddess of healing, fertility & rivers
Oshun AnaYorubaA goddess of love
OsirisEgypt/ AfricaOriginally a chthonic grain god of fertility, burial rites & supreme god was worshipped from Ca. 3000 BCE-400 CE
OssaGreekA goddess of rumors
Ostara/ EasterGermanicA goddess of spring & the sun
OstarakiBuddhist/ MayhayanaA minor goddess
Osun Yoruba/ NigeriaA river & healing goddess within a festival of the Ibo-Osun
OtMongolA goddess of fire
Oto HimeJapaneseA goddess of the sea
OtsoFinlandThe spirit of bear (one of many circumlocutory epithets).
OuranosGreekThe primordial goddess of heaven and created and was the consort of the earth mother Gaia
Owiot LuisenoCal. usthe moon god who is the ancestral deity of this tribe
Oxlahun Ti KuMayaThe generic name for the 13 sky gods who may well be worshipped today
OyaWest IndiesA goddess of violent rainstorms
OyaYorubaA warrior goddess of fire, rainstorms, justice & the wind
P'an Chin lienChinaA goddess of brothels, lasciviousness, prostitution & sex
P'an NiangChinaA goddess of vaccination
P'i Chia MaChinaA god of ribs
P:erendeAlbanianA storm god that lets you know he is around with thunder & lightning. It was used by the Christians to identify their god in that region
PaCanaanThe goddess of droughts
Pa-bil-sagMesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ AkkadiaThe tutelary god of Isin
Pacha MamaIncaA chthonic goddess of fertility & the earth, now syncretized with the Christian Virgin Mary
PachamacIncaA god of the earth
PadmaHinduThe goddess that is the incarnation of Laksmi
PadmaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA snake god
PadmantakaBuddhistA god that is the guardian of the Western direction
PadmapaniBuddhistA god, a Buddha designate
PadmataraBuddhist/ MayhayanaA minor goddess
PadsmosnisaBuddhistA god that is connected with the guardian deities
Paeon/ PaiawonGreek/ CreteA war god
PahPawneeA moon spirit
PahtecatlAztecA minor fertility god and concerned with brewing pulque
Pai ChungChinaA god of agriculture
Pai YuChinaA god of the guitar
Paiowa Yana PiauteW. USAA goddess of the Evening star
Paiowa/ Yana PiauteW. USAShe & her daughter created the first people
PairikasPersiaA goddesses of drought
PaivatarFinnishA goddess of war
PajainenFinnishA god, the deity that killed the great bull in the legends of Finland
Pajau YanVietnamA goddess of health & healing
Pajonn Lapland a god of thunder known as the one who dwells in the heaven
Pak Tai/ Hsuan T'ien/ Shang TiChinese/ TaoistAn astral god of war
Paka'aHawaiianA god of the wind
PakhetEgyptA goddess of hunting worshipped near Beni Hassan, in Middle Egypt
PalaniyantavanHindu/ Dravidian/ TamilA local god
PalemonGreek/ RomanA human that suffered apotheosis & became a minor sea god
PalesRomanA goddess of sheep & shepherds
Pali KongjuKoreanA goddess of healing
PallianAustraliaA god
Pan/ ConsentesGreek/ RomanA god of flocks, herds & of shepherds
PanaInuitShe cares for the souls of the dead
PanaceaRomanA goddess of health
PanaoKafir/ AfghanistanNot only a creator god but A generic title for deities controlling the natural world, they lived in the mountains
Pancabrahma Hindu this is the collective name for the five aspects of Siva
Pancamukha-PatradevaBuddhistA god, a beggar
PandaraBuddhistA goddess
PaneuKafir/ AfghanistanThe seven divine brother gods
Pang CheChinaA goddess of justice
PansahiMataHindu one of the seven mother goddesses that later became regarded as evil
Pantang MayagBorneoA goddess of love
Pao KungChinaA god of the magistrates who was a victim of apotheosis as he lived from 999-1062 CE
Pao Yuan ch'uanChinaA god of the spleen
Pap-nigin-garaMesopotamia/ AkkadiaA god of war that was lord of the boundary stone
PapaHawaii/ Maori/ New ZealandA goddess of the earth
Papas PhyrgianNW TurkeyA local god
PapatuanukuPolynesiaA chthonic mother goddess that evolved spontaneously in the cosmic night
PapayaHittiteOne of the deities who awaited the return of Telipinus
Papsukkal Mesopotamia/ Babylon/ Akkadia/ HellenisticA messenger god as well as the gatekeeper for the remainder of the pantheon
ParamasvaBuddhist/ MayhayanaA god
ParamitaBuddhistA descriptive name of a philosophical deity
ParasuramaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicAn incarnation of the god of Visnu
ParceGreek/ RomanA pair birth goddesses became the goddesses of fate
ParePolynesianA goddess of volcanoes
Parendi Hindu/ Vedic a minor goddess of prosperity associated with accumulating wealth
PariacacaIncaA weather god response will for rain & thunder
PariskaravassitaBuddhistA minor goddess, one of those personifying the discipline of spiritual regeneration
ParjanyaHindu/ VedicHe started out being a god of rain
Parna-SavariBuddhist/ MayhayanaA goddess
PartulaRomanA goddess of childbirth
Parvati/ Sakti/ Ahladini-Sadini/ Sati/ UmaHindu/ Puranic/ Epic/ IndiaA goddess of the mountains
Pasiphae A goddess of the moon
PasoweeKiowaA female Manitou of health & medicine
PasupatiHinduThe god of animals
PatadharniBuddhistA goddess of passage that watches over curtains & doorways in line
PatecatlAztecA god of medicine & surgery
PatolloBalticThe chief & war god
PatrimpasLithuanianA god of agriculture, joy, peace, springtime
Pattini/ Pattinidevi Sri LankaA goddess of summer and mother goddess
PaurnamasiHinduA goddess of the full moon
PautiwaHopiThe sun god
PavaHinduThe god of the winds
PaxRomanA goddess of peace
PdryCanaanA goddess of mist
PeithoGreekA goddess of persuasion
Peju'lpeYukaghir/ SiberiaAes guardian spirits look at the well being of animals under their care & benevolent to the hunter so long as he observes the rules and kills only when necessary
Pekko (or Pellon Pekko)FinlandThe god of crops, especially barley and brewing.
Pekko/ PellonpekkoFinnishA god of barley
PekoEstoniaA god of fertility
PeleHawaiianA goddess of fire, volcanoes & witchcraft
Pellervo (or Sampsa Pellervoinen)FinlandThe god of harvest.
Pellon PekkoFinnishA god responsible for the duration & harvest in the barley, used to make beer. Under Christianity you may find him with the name of St. Peter
PembaWest AfricaA god
Pen AnnwenWelshAn underworld god almost synonymous with Pwyll & Pryderi
PenatesRomanHearth gods chosen by the head of household
PenelopeGreekA goddess of spring
PerimbBrazilA moon goddess & supreme being
PeritAlbanianA goddesses of justice
PerkeleFinlandThe Devil. Originally Perkele was not the Devil but a god of thunder and can be seen as an earlier form of Ukko. Related to Baltic Perkunas and Norse Thor.
PerkonsLatvia A god of thunder that brings beneficial rain & is a fertility god
Perkunas the god of thunder & yes this is Perkons in a different nation
PerkunoBalticThe thunder god
Perse Greek underworld goddess
PersephoneGreekA goddess of death & spring
PerunRussiaThe thunder & creator god
PerunSlavicA god of war, justice, lightning & thunder
Peruwa/ Pirwa Hittite a horse god
Phan KuChinaA god
Phanebal Semitic youthful warrior god
PhanesGreekThe primordial sun god & the first one to emerge from the cosmic egg created by Kronos
PhantasosGreekA god of dreams by inanimate objects
PharmacidesGreekA goddesses of health & drugs
PhebeleCongoThe male god who fathered man
PhemeGreekA goddess of fame
PhobetusGreekA god of dreams by animals
PhoebeGreekA goddess of the moon
PhoebusGreekA god of enlightenment
Phorkys Greek A Minor sea god noted by Hesiod
PhosphorosGreekThis is the god of the morning star
Phul MataHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA mother goddess that became one of the evil ones
Phyi-SgrubBuddhist/ TibetHe is a form of a god Yama
Pi Hsia Yuan ChinChinaA goddess of birth, midwives & healing
Pianan Aztec a minor god of war
Picullus Roman/ Prussia will god that was taken over by the Christians as a their Devil
PicusRomanA god of agriculture
Picvu'cinChukchee/ E. SiberiaThe god of hunters that rides around on a sled drawn by mice
PidrayCanaan/ PhoneciaA minor fertility goddess noted in creation texts & treaties
Pien HoChinaA god of jewelers
PietasRomanA minor god
PihatonttuFinlandTutelary of the yard.
PikuolisLithuaniaA god of death, the underworld & of evil
PilnytisLithuaniaA god of wealth
PiluitusLatviaA fertility god
PilumnusRomanA minor guardian god that oversees the protection of an infant at birth
PingaInuitThe goddess that takes souls of the dead to heaven
Pinikirz ElamiteIranA mother goddess
PiruFinlandSpirit, demon. Probably later loan word related to "spirit".
Pistis/ Pistis SophiaGnostic ChristianThe primordial female force
Pitao Cozobi ZapotecMexicoThe corn god
PitariHindu/ PuranicBo benevolent, she's one of the consorts of Siva
PiyusaharanaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicThough obscure, this is a physician god
PleiadesGreekA goddesses of the Pleiades
PlutoRomanThe god of the underworld
PlutosGreekHe is a minor god of riches
Po Yan DariCambodianA goddess of healing & diseases
PoenaGreekThe goddess of retaliation & retribution
PoeninusRoman/ CelticEurope a mountain god
Poleramma TeleguIndiaA plague goddess associated with smallpox
PolluxRomanA horse god
PoloknalaiKafir/ AfghanistanA goddess of animals
PolyboulusGreekA goddess of wisdom
PolydamnaEgyptA goddess of healing & herbs
PolymniaGreek/ RomanA goddess of mimes
PomonaRomanA goddess of autumn, fruits, fruit trees, gardens & prosperity
PonYukaghir/ SiberiaThe Supreme creator god worshiped from prehistoric times until at least 1900 C. E.
PontosGreekA god of the sea
PorBrazilA moon god
Pore/ PuraGuyanan/ SAHe created the earth & all living things
PortunusRomanThis god of passage was responsible for guarding the entrance of the city & the house with a festival on August 17th. He sidelines as the guardian of the Tiber estuary
PoseidonGreekA god of earthquakes & the ocean
Poshjo AkkaSaami/ LapplandA goddess of Winter
Posis DasGreekA sky god
PostvortaRomanA goddess of childbirth, midwives & the past
PothosGreekA god of anxiety
Pothos PhoneciaHellenicA primordial being
PotinaRomanA goddess of children's of beverages & drinking
PotrimpoBalticA god of fertility
PoxlomMayaA god of disease
Poza MamaSiberianA goddess of the hearth fire
Ppiz Hiu TecMayaA god of war
PrabhaIndiaA goddess of health
PrabhakariBuddhist/ MayhayanaA minor goddess
PrabhasaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicAn attendant god that answered to Indra
PracandaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA distinctive form of the goddess Durga
PradipataraBuddhist/ MayhayanaA minor goddess of light
PradyummaDavidian/ TamilA god of love
PrahanaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA rather important mother goddess
PrajanaBuddhist/ MayhayanaA goddess
PrajapatiHindu/ Puranic/ Epic/ VedicThis god is a primordial being
PrajnantakaBuddhistA god that is a guardian of the southern direction
Prajnaparamita Buddhist this goddess is a personification of the religious text
PrakdeKafir/ AfghanistanA local deity
Pramudita Buddhist/ Vajrayana in minor goddess
Pranasakti Hindu this goddess appears to be a rather terrifying deity that rules the centers of physical life
PranidhasnaparamitaBuddhistA philosophical deity
PrasannataraBuddhist/ MayhayanaA rather minor goddess that tramples upon some Hindu gods
PratibhanakutaBuddhistA god
PratibhanaspratisamvitA goddess, one of context analysis
PratisamvitBuddhistA collective name for four goddesses
Pratyangira Hindu goddess of rather terrifying aspect
PratyusaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicAn attendant god of Indra
PraxadikeRomanA goddess of enterprise
PraxidiceGreekA goddess of justice
PrendeAlbaniaA goddess of love
PriaposGreekA fertility god that also guarded mariners
PriapusRomanA god of the shade
PrithiviHinduA goddess of the earth
PritiHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA goddess
Priyadarsana Buddhist/ Abeona in minor goddess
PrometheusGreekA god
PromitorRomanA minor god of agriculture is awful for the growth & harvesting of all crops
PronoiaGnostic ChristianA primordial being, the feminine side of the androgynous parent
ProserpinaRomanA goddess of seed germination & spring
ProteusGreekA shape shifter prophet
ProvidentiaRomanThe goddess of forethought
ProxumaeRoman/ CelticThe generic title of a group of goddesses that were personal guardian deities
PrsniHindu/ VedicThe primordial Earth Goddess
PrthiviHindu/ Vedic/ IndiaThe mother goddess of earth
PrthuHindu/ VedicThe creator god that was the head of the solar pantheon, an avatar of Visnu
PtahEgyptA god of architecture, masons, metal working & sunrise he built boats to carry the souls of the dead
Pu Ma phonation the title given to any god of high rank
Pu HsingChinaA god of happiness
Pu'guYukaghir/ E. Siberiathe sun god, he is associated with justice & honorable living & will punish those who are evil or pilot
PudicitiaRomanA goddess of modesty & chastity
PukkasiBuddhist/ Vajrayana/ TibetA goddess that is of terrifying appearance, why I do not know
PukkeenegakInuitA goddess of childbirth & clothes making
PunarvasuHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA minor & benevolent goddess of fortune
PurandhiHindu/ EpicA minor goddess of prosperity & childbirth
PurusaHindu/ VedicA primeval creator god, the primordial being from whom the cosmos was formed
PurvabhahadrapadaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA benevolent minor goddess of fortune
PurvaphalguniHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA minor goddess of fortune
PurvashadhaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA minor goddess of fortune
PusanHindu/ Puranic/ VedicA god of possessions, physical prowess, strength
Pusi TikopiaPolynesiaif this God, the apotheosis of the reef eel
PuskaitisLithuaniaA god of fruit
PuspaBuddhist/ TibetA mother goddess
PuspataraBuddhist/ MayhayanaA minor goddess
PustiHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA fertility goddess of northern India
PusyaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicAnother minor goddess of fortune
PutaRomanA goddess responsible for the proper pruning of trees & shrubs respond
Pwyll/ Pwyll Pen AnnwnWalesSometimes the ruler of the underworld
PäivätärFinlandThe goddess of day.
Qa'wadliliquala Dza'wadeenoxBC CanadaNot only the Supreme God, but the guardian of the tribe as well as a river deity that insurers the salmon run
QadshuSyriaThe goddess of fertility
QaitakalninKoryak/ SiberiaA guardian spirit
Qamai'ts/ Sisnaaxil/ Ek Yakimtolsil Bella Coola/ BC CanadaThe creator goddess that lives in the upper heavens & controls the earth, she is never prayed to
Qasynan S. Arabia the god of the of smithies
QebuiEgyptA four headed, winged, ram headed god of the north wind
QenqentetEgyptA goddess of memory
Qeskina'quKoryak/ SiberiaThe sky spirit the apotheosis of daylight
QeteshEgyptThe goddess of love & beauty
QeteshSyriaA goddess of nature, whose cult was orgiastic
QosN. ArabiaA local weather/ rainbow god
QuabsoTanzaniaA goddess of health, fertility & rain
Quades W. Semitic fertility goddess
Quan YinBuddhistA goddess of knowledge
Quan YinChinaA goddess of fertility
QuatBanks Is./ MelanesiaA creator god that knows how to enjoy life
QudsuW. Sumeria the personification of holiness
Queen Maeve/ Medb/ Medhbh/ MadbIrishShe was once a powerful goddess
QuetzalcoatlAztec/ ToltecHe is the god of the air & presided over commerce, fertility, wind & of wisdom
Quetzalcoatl/ TlahuizcalpantecuhtliAztecA manifestation of sun the god, he is a savior of his people as well & there is not enough room here to tell his story
QuiahuitlAztecThe creator god/ sun deity of the third of the five world ages
Quinkini A'quKoryak/ SiberiaThe founder of the world
Quinoa-MamaPeruA minor goddess
QuirinusRomanA god of thunder & of war
QuirinusRomanA god of war & the tutelary god of the Sabines
Quootis HooiChinookThe creator goddess
QuzahN. ArabiaA mountain & weather god
RaEgyptA god of rebirth & war & the sun
RaNigeriaA goddess of lightning, Thunder
RachmayCanaanA goddess of health & nurses
RadhaHindu/ Puranic/ Epic/ IndiaA goddess of emotional love
Rafu SenJapaneseA goddess of spring
RagnoHopiShe is associated with the creation of life
RahkoFinlandThe Karelian god of time; Rahko tars the moon describes the phases of the moon.
RahuHinduThe primordial cosmic deity, therefore a god
RaidenJapaneseA god of thunder
RaijinJapan/ ShintoThe weather gods, inclusive
Rainha BarbaBelem/ BrazilA goddess of thunder & lightning
Raja IndaindaBatakThe thunder god who is the spy and messenger of the other gods
RajamatangiHinduShe is a goddess
RakaHindu/ VedicA minor goddess of prosperity
Raka Hervey Is./ Polynesiagot the winds
RanScandinaviaA goddess of the sea
Rana NeidaSaami/ LapplandA goddess spring
RandengChinaA goddess of teaching
RangdaBalineseA goddess of fertility & of sexuality, Lust
RangiMaori/ New ZealandA god of the sky
RannoEgyptA god of gardens
Ranu BaiIndiaA goddess of rivers
RapithwinPersiaThe god of the noon day heat
RatiHindu/ BalineseA goddess of fertility, love, passion & of sex
Rati mbati nduaFijiThe god of the underworld who devours the dead
RatisCelticA goddess of protective fortifications
RatriHindu/ VedicA goddess of the night
Ratu Mai MbulaFijiaA god of fertility
RavanaHinduThe demon King of Lanka who abducted Sita
Re'are'aTahitiA goddess of happiness, joy
RenenutetEgyptA goddess of fortune, grain, milk, harvest, nursing babies Renenutet
RenpetEgyptA goddess of spring
ReretEgyptA goddess
Resep[A]MukalCanaan/ PhoneciaA war & plague god that originated in Syria
Reseph MikalPhoeniciaA god of lightning & thunder
ReshephCanaanA god of plague
Resheph/ Mikal/ MekalPhoeniciaThe god of plague & of the underworld
ResphuSyriaA god of war, worshipped in the Nile Delta
RevantaHinduA god of hunters
RevatiHind/ Puranic/ EpicA minor goddess of fortune
RhadamanthosGreek/ RomanA marriage of chthonic underworld god
Rhea/ RheieGreekA primordial goddess of childbirth, earth, fertility, mountains
RhedaGermanicA goddess of spring
RhiannonIrishA chthonic goddess of birds & horses
RiddiHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA goddess
RiddihivasitaBuddhistA minor goddess
RigenmuchaNew GuineaA god
RigisamusRoman/ CelticA god of war
RimmonBabylonAnother sun god
RindScandinaviaA goddess of winter
RitonaRoman/ CelticThe goddess of river fords
RobigoRomanA goddess of grain
RodSlavicA god of fertility
RodasiVedicA goddess of lightning
RohiniHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA minor goddess of fortune
RohiniJainA goddess of learning
Roma Greek/ Roman
Roman the very minor God of our culture
RongoMaoriA god of cultivated plants
RongommatanePolynesiaThe god of agriculture, especially the sweet potato
RosmertaCeltic/ Roman/ GaulA goddess of healing, water, & sacred springs
RozanicaSlavicA goddess of winter
RsbhaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicThis god is an unusual avatar of is the god Vishnu
Rubanga AlurUgandacreator god
RudaN. ArabiaA tutelary god, an androgynous being
RudiobusRoman/ GallicThought to be a horse god
RudraHindu/ VedicA god of death, disease, healing, jungle, lightning, storms, thunder & the wind
RudracandraHinduA distinct form of the goddess Durga
RugabaUgandaA god of the sky
RugievitRugen Is./ SlavicA local war &
Rugiu BobaLithuanianA goddess of autumn
Ruhanga BunyoroUgandathis creator god was the initiator of the world, regarded as distant & if ever invoked
RukkoMandanThe creator
RukminiHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA goddess who is avatar of Laksmi among other things
RuminaRomanA goddess of infants
Runcina Roman? A goddess of agriculture who presides over weeding
RundasHittite/ HurrianA god of fortune that is associated with hunting
RuoiniBuddhist/ MayhayanaA minor goddess
RusalkiSlavic/ RussiaThey were water nymphs & not nice
Rusina Roman? A goddess of fields and open country
RwewtiEgyptA lion god who guards the temple of heaven
RyangombeRwanda/ E. AfricaThe tutelary god & ancestral deity
RyuhwaKoreanA goddess of water
RyujinJapan/ ShintoThe dragon god that controls of thunder & rain
Sa KonoE. GuineaA creator god, one of a pair of creator deities
SabaothGnostic ChristianA creator god
Sabazios Phrygian/ NW TurkeyA god of agriculture
SaciIndiaA goddess of physical prowess, Strength
Sadaksari[Lokesvara]Buddhist/ Lamaist/ TibetA variety of Avalokitesvara that is incarnate in succession of the Dali Lamas
SadarnunaSumeriaThe goddess of the new moon
Sadbhuja-SitataraBuddhistA god
SadhumatiBuddhist/ VjarrayanaA minor goddess
SadrapaSyriaA god of healing
SadwesPersiaA goddess rain, of storms, thunder, lightning, hail, snow
Safekh aabutEgyptA goddess of knowledge
SagaNorseA goddess of history
SagaScandinaviaA goddess of knowledge & waterfalls
SagaramatiBuddhistA god
SagbataDahomeyA god of smallpox
SaharAramaicA moon god
Sai' Al QuanNabataean/ W. SemiticA local guardian God is believed to be the protector of caravans
SaitadaCelticA goddess of mourning
SajaraSonghaiThe rainbow god
Sakhadai NoinSiberiaA god of fire
Sakhemet/ SachmetEgyptA goddess of war
Sakka[n]/ Amakandu/ SumuqanMesopotamia/ Babylon/ AkkadianA patron god of herdsmen & A god of cattle
SakraBuddhistA god
SaktiHindu/ Buddhist/ JainA personification of a god
SakyamuniBuddhist/ TibetA god, the historical Buddha
SalaMesopotamia/ Babylon/ AkkadianA war goddess
SalaciaRomanA sea goddess
SalagramaHinduA form of the god Visnu
SalevaoPolynesiaThe primordial god of rocks
SalimSyriaThe god of the evening
Salm of Mahram/ SalmanN. ArabiaA local tutelary god
SalmacisGreekA goddess Fountain, spring
SalmaoneGreekA mother goddess
SalusRoman/ SabineA goddess of health, prosperity & public welfare
SamaDavidian/ TamilAn obscure heroic god
SamaelGnostic ChristianThe creator god aka the blind god
SamantabhadraBuddhistA god, a form of a spiritual meditation Buddha
SamantaorabhaBuddhist/ VjratanaA minor goddess
SamasMesopotamia/ Babylon/ AkkadianThe sun guard & patron deity of Sippa & Larsa
SambaHinduA heroic god
Samkarsana Dravidian/ Camille a local last form of Balarama
SamkhatBabylonA goddess of happiness & joy
SampsaFinnishA vegetation god that gives life to seed that lies dormant through the winter
SamsGreekA sun deity that in the north is a male & in the south female
SamundraIndianA goddess of rivers
SamvaraBuddhist/ MayhayanaA god
San Chou Niang NiangChinaA mother goddess that was first deified during the Sung dynasty
San-DuiBuddhist/ TibetA tutelary god
SandhyaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA goddess
SangariusGreekA river god
Sango Yoruba/ NigeriaA god of thunder
SaniHindu/ BuddhistAn astral god
Saning SariJavaThe rice mother goddess
SanjnaHinduA goddess of warriors
SanjuKafir/ AfghanistanA harvest goddess
SankariHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA mother goddess
Sankha[pala]Hindu/ Puranic/ EpicA snake god
SanmukhaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA god, a form of Skanda
SantaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA mother goddess
SantanaHinduA minor goddess
Santoshi MataHinduA mother goddess of recent origin, about 1960
SanuKafir/ AfghanistanA god
SaoGreekA goddess of sailing
Sao ch'ing Niang NiangChinaA goddess of brooms & fair weather
Sapas Canaanite a sun god
SapientiaRomanA goddess of wisdom
SaptanatraHindu/ Puranic/ EpicThe generic title of the seven deities of evil influence
SarSyriaThe god of the dawn
Sar AkkaSwedishA goddess midwives
Sara Babylon/ Akkadian A Minor war god
SaraddeviBuddhist/ TibetA fertility & vegetation goddess associated autumn
SaramaHindu/ Puranic/ Epic/ VedicAn attendant goddess of the god Indra
SaranyaHindu/ VedicA primordial goddess
SarapisEgyptA god, rather late in arrival
Sarasvati Hindu,VedicA goddess of astronomy, science, education, wisdom, eloquence & rivers
SaravakarmavaranavisodhaniBuddhistA god of the richer, another deification of text
Sarrahitu/ Sarra ItuMesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ AkkadiaA fertility goddess that started out being the tutelary goddess of the city of Su-Sin
SarritorRomanA minor god of agriculture who was invoked during the growing & harvesting of crops
SarrumaHittite/ HurrianA god
Sarvabuddharma-KosavatiBuddhistA god of literature, the deification of texts
Sarvakarmsvaranavisodhani Buddhist it in other god of literature
SarvanaranaviskambhinBuddhistA god, a spiritual meditation buddha
SarvasokatamonirghatmatiageBuddhistA god, another spiritual meditation buddha
SarvastramahajvalaJainA messenger goddess
SasuratumCanaanThese are midwife goddesses, they are seven in number
SatabhisaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA minor goddess of fortune that is not very nice at all
SataruriHindu/ PuranicA minor goddess that was the victim of incest
SatetEgyptA goddess of archery & hunting
Sati/ Sakti/ ParvatiHindu/ Puranic/ Epic/ IndiaA mother goddess
Sati/ SatetEgyptA goddess of waterfalls
SatisEgyptA minor goddess of fertility
SatrughnaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA minor god
Saturn/ SaturnusRomanA god of agriculture, seeds, astronomy, Saturn, education
SatyabhamaHindu/ Davidian/ TamilA goddess
SatyrGreek/ RomanA generic term for woodland gods & divine beings
SauleBalticThe sun goddess
SauleLithuanianA god of war
SaunatonttuFinlandTutelary of the sauna.
SauskaMesopotamiaA goddess of healing
SavariBuddhist/ TibetA goddess of terrifying appearance, or so it is said
SavatiHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA minor benevolent goddess of fortune
Savea Si'uleoPolynesiaHe is the god of the dead
SavitarHindu/ VedicA god of war & the sun
SavpayanjihaBuddhistA god, a spiritual meditation buddha
SaxnotSaxonA tutelary god, at one time required to be denounced at Christian baptism
SayEgyptA minor god of destiny
ScabiesRomanA goddess invoked to cure skin diseases
ScamanderGreekA river god
ScathachIrish/ ScotlandA goddess of the underworld
SchetewuarhaBrazilA goddess rain
ScotiaGreekA sea goddess
SebittiMesopotamia/ Babylon/ AkkadianThe collective name for the minor war gods
SeciaRomanA goddess of stored seeds
SecuritaRomanThe guardian goddess invoked to ensure continuing stability of the Roman Empire
SedEgyptThe guardian god that was popular as a personal deity
SednaInuitThe goddess of the sea
Sefkhet-AbwyEgyptA local goddess, concerned with libraries & writing
SegetaGaulA goddess of healing of springs
SegetiaRomanA goddess of planted seeds [part of a trinity]
Segomo/ CocidiusCelticA war god
SehuCherokeeThe grain goddess
SekerEgyptA god of death & light
SekhetEgyptA goddess of justice, beer, war
Sekhet-HorEgyptThe cow goddess of lower Egypt
SekhmetEgyptA goddess of war
SelardiArmeniaA moon god
Selene/ MeneGreekThe goddess of the moon & stars
SelketEgyptThe scorpion goddess & helper of women in childbirth
SemarglSlavicA god of barley & family
SemeleGreek/ RomanA mother goddess
SenectaGreekThe goddess of old age
SentiaRomanA goddess who heightens feelings
Senx/ Ta'ata/ Sami'yaila Bella Coola/ BC Canadathe sun god that is the ruler of a lower heavens
SeocosusRoman/ IberiaA god of war that was popular with various troops of the Roman legions
SepsetEgyptA local funerary goddess from Memphis
SequanaGaulThe goddess of the Seine River
Sequana/ SequenaBritainA goddess who lived beneath the rivers
SerapisEgyptA god of grain, of grain
SeridaMesopotamia/ SumeriaA mother goddess
Serket[-hetyt]EgyptA minor mortuary goddess
SerqetEgyptA goddess of the morning star
Sesa[naga]Hindu/ Epic/ Vedic/ PuranicA snake god/ Naga, he is at the Great serpent that lies in the primeval sea & encircles the world
SesatEgyptA goddess of books & knowledge
Sese NgbandiZaireA chthonic goddess that is invoked at sunrise every day
SessrumnirGermanicA goddess of fertility
SetEgyptA god of black magic, destruction, evil, storms, thunder, drought & chaos
Seta Pokot/ Suk / KenyaA goddess of the Pleiades as well as a fertility goddess
SethEgyptA god Desert
Seven MacawMayaA god of the Big Dipper
Seyon/ MurugaDravidian/ TamilA creator god
SezmuEgyptA minor god of one of the wine & oil presses
Sga'na Haida/ PNWThe sea god
Shadanna-SubrahmanyaHindu/ PuranicThis is a form of a god Kattikeya
ShagponaYorubaA god of smallpox
ShaharCanaanA god of warriors & the dawn
ShaiEgyptA god of fate
ShaitEgyptA goddess of justice
Shakplana Yoruba/ Nigeria A plague god identified with smallpox
ShakuruPawneeA spirit of war & the sun
ShalaCanaanA goddess of storms
ShalimCanaanThe god of dusk & of warriors
ShamashBabylonA god of war, justice, divination & prophecy
ShamishBabylonHe was the sun god and the god of justice
Shang ChienChinaA god of the neck
Shang Kuo-LaoChina/ TaoistOne of the eight immortal beings
Shang Ti/ Yu Hwang-ShangChina/ TaoistHe is a creator god
ShangoNigeriaA god of storms & thunder
ShangoYorubaA god of war, storms, thunder & fertility
ShaniHinduAn astral god that brought misfortune
ShapashUgaritA goddess of war
ShapshuCanaanA goddess of war & the sun
ShashayaTanzaniaA goddess of the morning star
ShashtiHinduA goddess of children & childbirth
ShaushkaHittite/ Akkadian/ HurrianA powerful goddess Ishtar
She chiChinaA god of agriculture, grain, land & soil
Sheela[Sheila] Na GigIrishShe was most likely a protective or blessing deity
ShegerCanaanThe god of cattle
Shen Hsui ChihChinaA god of medicine
Shen NungChinaA god of agriculture
Sheng MuChinaA goddess of witchcraft
Shici-Fuku-Jin Japan/ Shinto these are the seven principal gods of luck, there is a one female involved however
Shilup Chito Osh Choctaw The Great Spirit
Shina-Tsu-Hiko/ Shina Tsu HimeJapanA god of the wind
Shing Li-Kuan China/ Taoist one of the eight immortal beings
ShitalaHinduA goddess of disease [smallpox]
Shiu FangChinaA god of embankments
ShivaHinduA god of fertility
ShomdeKafir/ AfghanistanA local creator god known throughout HinduKush
ShoneyScotland/ Irish/ ManxOriginally a single god of the North Sea
ShotenJapaneseA god of commerce & wisdom
Shou HsingChinaA god of longevity
Shou LaoChinaA god of longevity that started out as an astral deity
Shoul laoChinaA god of longevity
ShouxingChinaA god of longevity
ShuEgyptA god of the atmosphere, light, war, wind
Shui FangChinaA god of agriculture
Shui YngChinaA god of agriculture
Shun I Fu genChinaA goddess of drought & of famine
ShurdiAlbaniaA storm god that had been revered in recent times
ShutuBabylonA goddess of the winds
SiSlavicA goddess of justice
Si ChimuPeruA moon god
Si'aPhoneciaA minor attendant goddess
Si'dukuKamchadal/ SE Siberiathe mother spirit
Si'mskalinKamchadal/ SE Siberiaguardian spirit
SiaEgyptHe is the god of perception
SiaparamitaBuddhistA philosophical deity
SiddhiHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA minor goddess of fortune that grants favors
SiddhiIrishThe old gods that live it in the hills
SiduriSumeriaA minor goddess of happiness, merriment, wine making, brewing & of wisdom
Sien TsangChinaA goddess of silk cultivation
SifNorseA goddess of agriculture, fertility & autumn
SigynNordic/ IcelandicA goddess that ran with Loki a
SikhandinHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA minor deity, one of a group of emancipated gods
SikhinBuddhist/ TibetA physician god
SilaInuitA god of storms
Silewe NazarataIndonesiaA goddess Understanding, of wisdom
Silma InuaInuitThe supreme god, rarely invoked or prayed at
SilvanusRomanA god of nature and the woods
SinBabylonThe moon god
SinIrishPatron goddess of warriors
SinaSamoaShe is the moon goddess
SinannCelticA goddess of rivers
SindgundGermanA goddess of healing charms
SindhuHindu/ VedicA river goddess
SingalaN. ArabiaA local god
SinhanadaBuddhist/ TibetA physician god
Sinivali Hindu/ Vedic a minor goddess of prosperity
SinnilktokInuitA goddess of healing
Sins Sga'nagwai Haida/ BC CanadaA supreme god that gives power to all things
Sio HumisAhopuiThe rain god
SiofnNordic/ IcelandicA goddess listed by Snorri
SionnanIrishA goddess of the River Shannon
Sipe GialmoBon/ TibetA mother goddess, the queen of the world
SipyleneAnatolia/ SymnraThe mother goddess worshiped in the Metroon sanctuary
SiraoIndonesiaA god
SiraraMesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ AkkadianThe goddess of the Persian Gulf, Enki said so
Siris/ SirahBabylonA goddess of banquets & rain clouds
SironaCeltic/ RomanA local goddess of healing from the Moselle basin of Germany
Sirona/ DironaBritainA goddess of beneficial hot springs
SironeHaiti/ VodunA water goddess & protector of bathing children
Sirsir Babylon/ Akkadian The guardian god of boatmen
SirturMesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ AkkadianThe goddess of sheep
SisyphosCorinthianThe god of the faded sun
SitaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA chthonic earth goddess
Sitala[mata]Hindu/ Puranic/ EpicA mother goddess of healing
SitapataBuddhistA goddess/ Buddha designate
SivaHindu/ IndiaThe principle creative & destructive god
SiviniArmeniaThe sun god
SivottamaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA minor god
SjofnNorseA goddess of love & passion
SkadiNordic/ IcelandicA goddess
SkandaHindu/ Puranic/ Epic/ IndiaA god of war
SkuldNorseA goddess & future
SlaineIrishThought to be a deity of healing & the medical arts
sMan-BlaBuddhist/ TibetA god, in medicine Buddha
SmertriosCelticA god of war & tutelary deity of the Treveri
SmrtiBuddhist/ MayhayanaA minor god
SnegurochkaRussiaA goddess & winter
SnotraNorseA goddess of knowledge, wisdom & Virtue
Snulk'ulxa'ls Bella Coola/ BC CanadaAn arctypical god, rather like the Christian god in as he provided a conflict of decent and evil treatment for humans
So Ewe/ Hua/ Togoand weather god
SobekEgyptThe crocodile god
SodasiHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA minor goddess
Sodza Ewe/ Hua/ TogoThe sky god prayed to weekly to send rain
SofhEgyptA goddess of education
Sogblen Ewe/ Hua/ TogoA messenger god
Sogbo FonBeninA storm god of rain
Sohobo-No-KamiJapan/ ShintoThe goddess scarecrows, the apotheosis of an actual scarecrow known as a Kakashi
SokarEgyptThis chthonic underworld god is the guardian of the necropolis at Memphis
Soko NupeNigeriaThe sky god, specifically the dark sky that precedes the beginning of the rainy season
SolNordic/ IcelandicThe sun goddess
SolRomanA god of war & the sun
SolbonSlavicA goddess of the morning star & the evening star
SolntseSlavicA goddess of war
SomaHinduA god of the moon
SomaskandaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicAn aspect of the god Siva, a god for all that
SomhlthIrish/ Scotland/ ManxA god who had no corporeal incarnation
SomnusRomanA god of sleep and dreams
Somtus/ HarsomtusEgyptA god
SopeduEgyptThe guardian god of the eastern border
SophiaGreek/ Gnostic ChristianThe primordial female force of the cosmos
SophrosyneGreekA goddess of temperance & moderation
SoponaYorubaA god of smallpox
Sore-GusHottentot/ S. AfricaThe sun/ sky god
Sors Roman the God of luck
SoteiraGreekA goddess of safety
SothisEgypt HellenicThe astral goddess that heralds Arias of the Nile
SouconnaRoman/ CelticThe river goddess that was the guardian of the river Saone
Soului Hua/ W. AfricaA benevolent vegetation god also in charge of medicine & music
SpadareametArmeniaA chthonic goddess concerned with fertility of the earth & death, the Christians equate her name with hell
SpeioGreekA goddess of caves
SpercheiusGreekA river god
SpermoGreekOne of the Oenotropae
SpesRomanA goddess of happiness, hope & law
Spes Roman the goddess of hope, associated with gardens
Spiniesis agriculture - This poor minor god is charged with responsibility of uprooting thorn bushes
SraddhaHinduA goddess Faith
SravanaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA minor benevolent goddess of fortune
SravisthaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA minor benevolent goddess of fortune i
Sri[devi]Buddhist/ TibetA goddess of terrible appearance & Royal attire
Sri[devi]Hindu/ Puranic/ EpicA goddess
SrikanthaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA minor god consider to be an aspect of Siva
SrivasumukhiBuddhist/ MayaA minor attendant goddess
SrividyavediHinduA minor goddess that likes to wear a necklace of teeth & bones
Ssu ChoChinaA god of agriculture
Ssu ma Hsiang juChinaA god of wine merchants
Stanitakumara Jain/ India A youthful appearing god
SterculiusRomanA minor god of agriculture that would fit right in with politicians, that is, his concern was spreading the BS on the fields
StheniasGreekA goddess of physical prowess & strength
StrenuaRomanA goddess of vigor who gives energy to the weak and tired
StribogSlavicA god of the winds
StrymonGreekA river god
StyxGreekThe chthonic goddess of the River Styx
SuEgyptThe primordial god of the air
Suada Roman? A goddess of persuasion
SubhadraHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA goddess
SubhagaBuddhist/ minorA minor goddess
SubhamekhalaBuddhist/ MeolaA minor goddess
SubrahmanyaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA minor warrior deity
SucellosCelticA god of rivers, death & a hammer god
SuddhodanaBuddhistThe primordial data that was the father of Buddha's line
SudremKafir/ AfghanistanA weather god created for the breath of the god Imra
SudurjayaBuddhist/ VajrayanaA minor goddess
SugrivaHindu/ EpicThe monkey god
SukarasyaBuddhistA minor goddess
SukkamielliFinnishA goddess of frenzied love
Sukla-TaraBuddhist/ MayhayanaA goddess an emanation of all the meditation Buddhas
Suklang malayonPhilippinesA goddess of happiness
SukraHindu/ Puranic/ EpicThis astral god was the personification of the planet Venus, he tutored demons on the side
SuksmaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA minor deity
Suku OvimbunduCent. AfricaThe creator god sky at, the rivers, people, & mountains
Sukuna-HikonaJapan/ ShintoA god of healing that helped establish the methods of healing diseases as well as a means to control & protection against Bob beast, snakes, insects, et all
SulCelticA goddess of hot springs Sulla Sulis Sulevia
Sul-Pa-e TheMia/ SumeriaAn astral & fertility god, a personification of the planet Jupiter
Sul-utulaMesopotamia/ SumeriaA rather personal tutelary god
SuleviaeRoman/ CelticA goddess of passage, normally associated with crossroads
SuliniHinduA minor goddess appearance
SulisRoman/ CelticAn underworld goddess concerned with knowledge & of prophecy
SullatMesopotamia/ Babylon/ AkkadianA minor god that was an attendant of the sun god
Sulman[u]Mesopotamia/ Babylon/ Akkadia/ W. SemiticA chthonic war & fertility god
SulmanituW. SemiticThe fertility goddess concerned with love & war
SulsagaSumeriaAn astral goddess
SumaliniBuddhist/ MayhayanaAn attendant minor goddess
Sumati Buddhist a deification of literature
SumbhaBuddhistA goddess that is the guardian of the downward direction
SumbharajaBuddhistThe god that is the guardian of the downward direction
Sumiyoshi-No-KamiJapan/ ShintoThe genetic name of the sea gods that are guardians of seafarers[3]
SummanusEtruscan/ RomanA god of thunder
SumuganMesopotamia/ SumeriaA god of the River plains
Sun GodHittite/ AkkadianThe sun god of Heaven
Sun Hou-Shi/ Sun Wu-KongChinaThe monkey god
SundaraBuddhist/ MayhayanaA minor goddess
SundaraHindu/ PuranicA goddess that is a prosperous aspect of Siva, a god
SupaiIncaA god of death
SuparikiritanaasriBuddhist/ TibetA physician god
SuparnakumaraJain/ IndiaA god
SuraHinduA goddess of wine
SuraksiniBuddhist/ MeolaA minor goddess
SurangamaBuddhist/ MayhayanaA god
SurarnadhadravimalaratnaprabhasaBuddhist/ TibetA physician god
SuresvaraHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA god, one of the Rudra gods
SurmaFinlandThe personification of a violent death.
SuryaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicThe sun goddess
SuryaHindu/ VedicA god of light & war
Susano-WoJapan/ ShintoA god of agriculture, the ocean & storms
Susdinak ElamiteIranA local god, the god of Susa
SutalidihiCherokeeThe sun spirit
Sutekh/ Hurrian A weather god
SuwaliyattasHittiteHe is a warrior god
SvadhaHinduA minor goddess
SvantovitSvantevitSlavicHe was the fire & war god
SvaraghosarajaBuddhist/ TibetA physician god
Svarazic/ Svarozic/ SvarogichSlavicThe fire god
SvasthavesiniHinduAnother one of those rather ugly goddesses
Svasti deviHinduA goddess of the home
SyamataraBuddhist/ TibetA goddess, a form of the goddess Tara
SynScandinaviaA goddess of justice
T'ai ShanChinaA god that is the senior one in the heavenly ministries
T'ai YiChinaA primordial god who was present before the cosmos was created
T'ao Hua HsiennuiChinaThis goddes guardian deity as well as the deity of the second spring month
T'ien FeiChinaA goddess of sailing
T'ung Chung chungChinaA god of the skin
T'ung Lai yuChinaA god of the stomach
Ta'lab S. A moon god with an oracle function
Ta'xetHaidaA sky god who receives the souls of those who die by violence
Ta'yanKoryak/ SE SiberiaThe Supreme Being who does not muddle in human affairs
Ta-bitjetEgyptA goddess that protects against scorpion bite, though her symbol is the scorpion
Ta-No-KamiJapan/ ShintoThe generic name of several gods & harvest
TaautosPhoeniciaThis god devolved into the Egyptian Thoth
TabitiScythiaA goddess of fire
TacomaSalishA goddess of fresh waters
TaditkaraBuddhistA goddess of light
TagabayanPhilippineA goddess of adultery & incest
TagesEtruscanAn early god of prophecy
TagniItalianA god of witchcraft
Tahc ITunicaA goddess of war
TahitTlingitThe spirit of fate
Tai-Sung-Jing China the god of temporal time, the apotheosis of the planet Jupiter
Taijn/ TlalocTotonac(Mexico)The name for a group of rain gods, still worshipped & presumed to live in ruins of El Tajin Veracruz
Taillte/ Taultiu/ Tailitu/ TeltaIrishA goddess of Lughnasadh & August
TaioLakalaiThe moon goddess.
Tajika no mikotoJapaneseA god of strength
Taka ritaPolynesianA goddess of adultery
Taka-Mi-Musubi-No-KamaJapan/ ShintoAnother primordial creator being
Taka-Okami-No-KamiJapan/ ShintoA god of the rains in the mountains
Take-Mika-Dzuchi-No-Kami/ Futsu-Nushi-No-KamiJapan/ ShintoThis god is one of the Raijin, A god of thunder, rain, & storms as well as a warrior
TakkirajaBuddhistA god
Takotsi Nakawe HuicholMexicoA chthonic vegetation goddess, all plant life & the earth are hers
TaksakaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA snake god
TakuskanskanDakotaThe wind spirit & a trickster
TaliesinWalesMinor barley god worshipped through the 16th century
TallaiSyriaA goddess of dew, rain
Tam KungChinaA local sea god of rain & water but will extinguish fires
Tama-No-YaJapan/ ShintoThe god of jewelers
TamaraBritishA goddess of the River Tamar
Tamats Palike Tamoyeke HuicholMexicothe god of the wind & of air who was also a messenger of the gods, for an encore, put world into its present form & shape
TamesisBritishA goddess of the River Thames
TammuzAssyrianA god of agriculture & fertility
TammuzHittiteThe harvest god
TammuzSumeriaA god of agriculture
Tan maTibetanA goddesses of health & medicine
TanaItalianA star goddess
Tana'oa Marquesas Is. the weather & C god
TanaquilRomanA goddess of justice
TanaraYakut/ SiberiaThe apotheosis of the sky, a sky spirit
TaneMaori/ New ZealandA god of the woodlands
Tane[mahuta]PolynesianA god of light, fertility & the sky
TangChinaA goddess of justice
TangaroaMaori/ New ZealandA god of the sea
TangaroaPolynesiaA god of fishing, the ocean & reptiles, the life giver of all
Tango Hervey is. A god of virgin birth, kinda
Tanit Phonecia / Carthage The goddess of the moon
TannusBritainThunder god Tinnus Taranus
TanoTogoA river god
Tanu'laKoryak/ SE SiberiaA guardian spirit of the earth & its plans & animals, female type
TanusItalianA star god
Tao KungChinaA god of the diaphragm
Taoki-Ho-Oi-No-Kami/ Hiko-Sashiri-No-KamiJapan/ ShintoThe God of carpenters
TapioRussiaA god of forests
TapioFinlandThe god of the forest.
Tar TivNigeriaThe chthonic earth god
TaraBuddhist/ Mayhayana/ VajrayanaA goddess, the epitaph of the mother of the Buddha[Maya]
TaraHindu/ Puranic/ Epic/ VedicA goddess of the stars
TaranisCelticA death goddess & mysterious sky god
TarhuntHurrian/ AnatoliaA weather god
Tari Pennu KhondIndiaA chthonic goddess
TarpatassisHittiteThis demon staves off sickness & grants long, healthy life
TaruHittite/ HurrianA weather god
Tarvos TrigaranosRoman/ CelticA bull god
TasenetnofretEgyptA goddess
TasimmetHittiteA goddess of weather & storms
Tasmettu[m]Mesopotamia/ Babylon/ AkkadianA goddess
TasmisuHittite/ HurrianAn attendant god
TateSiouxA creator spirit of the winds, he controls the changing of the seasons & guides the spirits of dead
Tate Hautse HuicholMexicoShe is the rain & water goddess, additionally responsible for mist & fog
Tate Kyewimoka HuicholMexicoAnother rain & water goddess, who is also the goddess of grain
Tate Naaliwahi HuicholMexicoThis rain & water goddess appears in lightning & brings rain from the east
Tate Oteganaka HuicholMexicoA rain & water goddess who is also the patron of Laguna De Magdalena
Tate Velika Vimali HuicholMexicoThe sun goddess perceived as either a young girl or a royal eagle who holds the world in her talons, she guards it
TatenenEgyptA chthonic vegetation god, the apotheosis of the Nile silt
Tatevali HuicholMexicoNot only the deity of life & health, the tutelary god of shamans, he is the god of fire
TathatavasitaBuddhistA minor goddess
Tatosi HuicholMexicoHe is the the principal god of fire
Tatqa'hicinKoryak/ SW SiberiaA vegetation spirit spirit
Tatsuta HimeJapanA goddess of autumn
TaueretEgyptA goddess of fertility, rebirth, justice, pregnancy & childbirth
Taumata-AtuaPolynesianA vegetation god that presides over the fields
TawaPuebloThe sun kachina
TaweretEgyptThe hippopotamus goddess & protective deity of childbirth
TawhakiPolynesianA god of lightning & thunder
TawhirimateaMaori/ New Zealand/ PolynesianA god of winds
Tawiscara/ Taweskare/ TawiskaroIroquoisThe evil twin brother of Loskeha
Tayau Sakaimoka Huichol MexicoThe western setting sun god
Tayau/ Tau/ averik HuicholMexicoThe sun god of the the rising sun
TcolawitzeHopiThe fire spirit
TePoPolynesian personification of the primordial night being which existed in the chaos prior to light
Te KorePolynesiaThe primordial void being that was the personification of darkness of chaos prior to light
Te meharaPolynesianA goddess of wisdom
Te-Aka-Ia-Roe Hervey Is./ PolynesiaA creator being
Te-Manava-Roa Hervey Is. the creator being, one of three
Te-Tanga-Engae Hervey Is./ PolynesiaA creator being
TecciztecatlAztecA god of the moon
Tecei'vune/ Tne'sqan/ Mratna'igrin/ Lietna'igrin/ Na'chitna'igrinChukchee/ SE SiberiaThe female spirit of the dawn
TefnutEgyptA goddess of the dawn, dew, moisture, justice & rain clouds
Tegid VoelWelshA water goddess that was identified by the poet Taliesin
TeharonhiawagonMohawkThe creator spirit
TeibasArmenia/ UartA tutelary god
TeicauhtzinAztecA patron god of Mexico as well as a minor god of war
TejosninaBuddhistA god
TekkeitserktockInuitA god of hunting & the earth
Telepinu[s]Hittite/ HurrianThe noble god & fertility
TelesphorusRomanA god of strength
Telesto A goddess of initiations
Teliko BambaraW. AfricaHe is the god of hot winds
TelipinuHittiteThe god of agriculture
TellervoFinlandThe goddess of the forest, daughter of Tapio and Mielikki.
TellusRomanA goddess of agriculture, grain fields & fertility
Telphochtli Aztec then run a potent god, the universal & generally malvolent
TelphusaGreekA goddess of fountains
TempestatesRomanA goddess of storms & wind
Tenanto'mwanKoryak/ S. SiberiaThe creator spirit
Tenato'mniChukchee/ E. SiberiaThe creator spirit
TengaAfricaA goddess of justice
TengriMongoliaA sky god
Tenye Te'enNigerianA goddess of marital fidelity
TeoyaomquiAztecHe is the god of dead warriors
TepeyollotlAztecEither a minor chthonic &/ or earth god or originally the earthquake god
TepozlecatlAztecA god fertility & of drunkenness
TepyollotlAztecLord of uncertainty
TerminusGreek/ RomanA god of boundaries & landmarks
Terra/ Terra MaterRomanA goddess of the earth
TesubHittite/ HurrianThe storm god
TeteoinnanAztecThe goddess of of healers & Medical diviners
Teteoinnan-TociAztecThe goddess of midwives
TethysRomanA goddess of the sea
TeuhcatlAztecA hunting & local goddess of war
TeutatesCelticThe god of the tribe
Tewi'xlak Dza'wadeenoxBC CanadaThe god of all goat hunters
TezcacoacAztecShe is a birth goddess
TezcatlipocaAztec/ NahuatlA god of summer, war, power, death & evil
Tezcatlipoca-IztlacoliuhquiAztecOne of four temple deities
TezcatzoncatlAztecA minor fertility god involved with the brewing of pulque
Thab-IhaBon/ TibetA hearth god
Thakur DeoEtruscanA goddess of childbirth
ThaliaGreekA goddess of burlesque
Thaloque-TepictotonAztecA rain & fertility god
ThanatosGreekA god of death & pain
ThatmanituPhoeniciaA goddess of healing
TheaGreekA goddess of the dawn
TheandrosN. ArabiaA god known only from Greek & Roman inscriptions
ThebeGreekA nymph
ThemisGreekA goddess of fire, hospitality, human rights, justice
ThermaiaRomanA goddess of healing springs
ThetisGreekThe goddess of rivers & oceans
ThmeiEgyptA goddess of justice
ThoerisEgyptA goddess of health & justice
ThorNorseA god of the sky, thunder , storms, sea journeys, the administration of justice & war
ThothEgyptA god of astronomy, science, death, education, wisdom, geometry, law, magic, mathematics, medicine, the moon & surveying
ThunorGermanicA god of fertility, lightning & thunder
Thurremlin/ Daramulun S. WaelsAus.A god of passage, from adolescence to manhood
Ti'hmar KolymaTungus/ SiberiaThe supreme spirit, it became the name for the Christian god
Tia/ Ta'xet Haida/ BC Canadathe god of death, by violence
TiamatBabylonA goddess of the ocean
TiamatMesopotamiaThe goddess of chaos in the creation myth
TiberinusRomanThe god of the river Tiber
TieEgyptA goddess of intelligence & wisdom
Tien HouChinaA goddess of the ocean
Tien MuChinaA goddess of lightning
Tien Tsun/ Tian-zhuChina/ TaoistThe generic title of gods given to each of the three holy images in a Taoist temple
TienoltsodiNavahoHe is the god of oceans & fresh water to, he controls all waters that fall on the earth but none of those in the heavens
Tifenua TikopiaPolynesiaat the chthonic fertility god
TikesnosnaBuddhistA god, a guardian in the northwestern quarter
TikiPolynesiaThe creator god that created mankind
TillaHittite/ HurrianThe bull god
TiloMozambiqueA god of the sky & of thunder & rain
Timaiti-Ngava-Rimngvari Hervey Is./ PolynesiaThe primordial female principle being
Timatekore Hervey Is./ PolynesiaThe primordial male principle being
TinEtruscanA sky god
Tin HauChina/ TaoistThe goddess of the waters
TiniaEtruscanA god of storms
TinirauPolynesianA god of the ocean
TinnitCarthageA goddess
Tino Taata Society Is. The creator god regarded as the tutelary deity that created mankind
Tir Mumiahe is the god of wisdom concerned with writing
Tirawa/ Atius Pawnee/ USAThe supreme spirit
TirumalDravidian/ TamilA creator god equated with Visnu
TishtryaIranianA god of the sea & water
TishtryaPersiaA god rain, of clouds
Tisiphone of EumenidesGreekA goddess of justice
Tispak Mesopotamia/ Babylon/ Akkadia tutelary god of the city of Esnumma
TitansGreekThe second group of gods of the pre-Hellenic pantheon
Titlacvahuan Aztec an omnipotent God, universal & generally evil power
TiwazGermanicA god of law
TlacahuepanAztecA patron god of Mexico & a minor god of war
TlachitonatiiuhAztecA chthonic underworld god
TlachtgaIrishA goddess of sacrifice
Tlaeque-TepictotonAztecA fertility & rain god
TlahuiazecalpatcuatliAztecHe is the god of the morning star
TlahuizcalpantecuhtliAztec/ NahuatlA god of warriors
TlalocAztecA god of agriculture, lightning, rain, weather, clouds, water, springs & mountains
TlalocAztecA rain god
TlalocOlmecA jaguar god
TlaltecuhliAztecA chthonic creator goddess, the ruler of the second of the 13 heavens
TlaltecuhtliAztecA chthonic creator goddess
TlanzolteotlIxcuiname/ Aztecat the chthonic/ earth goddess, a maternal goddess linked with sex, & in the Aztec way, personifying filth
TlauixcalpantechutliMexicoThe lord of the morning star
Tlazolteotl/ IxcuinameAztecA goddess of death, filth, love, licentiousness, sex, sport, gambling, uncertainty, witchcraft, intoxication & pleasure
TlitcaplitanaBella CoolaA goddess of healing
TloqueAztecA creator god
Tloque NahaqueAztecA creator god
Tna'ntoKoryak/ SE SiberiaThe spirit of the first light of dawn
Tna'ntoKoryak/ SiberiaThe spirit of dawn, the first light of the dawn deified
Tnecei'vuneChukchee/ SiberiaA spirit of the dawn, one of four beings that control the dawn of from different directions
To'nenileNavahoThe rain god
Toa'lalit Bella CoolaA god of hunters
Toa'lalit Bella Coola/ CanadaThis god of hunters oversees hunting mountain goats
TobadzistsiniNavahoThe god of war
Tobadzistsini Navaho A Minor war god
TociAztecA goddess of healing
TohilMayaA fire god
Tokakami HuicholMexicoA god of death
Tokakami HuicholMexicoThe god of death
Toko'yotoKoryak/ SiberiaA guardian spirit who is one of the owners of the world, the Pacific Ocean to be specific
Toko'yotoKoryak/ SE SiberiaThis male guardian spirit is one of the owners of world that created the Pacific Ocean
TomitukaS. PacificA goddess of rain
TomiyauhtecuhtliAztecA fertility & rain god
TomiyauhtecuhtliAztecA rain & fertility god
TomorAlbanianA creator & wind and god, he is still around
TomorAlbanianA god of the winds as well as a creator god, he is still worshipped today
Tomwo'getKoryak/ SiberiaAn archetypical creator spirit
Tomwo'getKoryak/ SE SiberiaHe is an archetypical creator being
TonacaciahutlAztecA primordial deity that is the self created, eternal, female principle
TonacatceuhtliAztecA primordial deity that is the self created, eternal, male principle
TonacatecuhtliAztecShe is the creator & provider of food
TonacatecuhtliAztecThe male primordial deity
TonachacihuatlAztecThe feminine primordial deity
Tonaleque Aztec catalyze this goddess is ruler of the fifth of the 13 heavens
Tonaleque Aztec this goddess is ruler of the 13 heavens
TonanAztecA goddess of the winter solstice
TonantzinAztecThe goddess of motherhood
TonatiluhAztecThis creator god presides over the fifth world age[this is the one we are in]
TonatiuhAztecThe creator god that presides over the fifth world
Tonatiuh/ PilzintecutliAztec/ NahuaThe sun god & a god of war
Toneili Navaho this is the rain god in charge of all water from the skies
ToneniliNavahoThe rain god the controls waters from the skies
TonttuFinlandGenerally benign tutelary. Originally, a patron of cultivated land, keeper of lot.
Top'tineBrazil/ PeruA goddess of fire
TopoghKenyaA goddess of the evening star
Topoh Pokot/ Suk / UgandaAn astral god associated with the evening star
Topoh Pokot/ Suk / UgandaThis astral god is the god of the evening star
TorkArmeniaThis god is the guardian of the mountains & their inhabitants
TorkArmenianA mountain god that is very hard on the eyes
TornarssukInuitThe supreme being & master of the Tornat[the controlling deities]
Toro NgbandiZaireHe is the creator god
Tororut Pokot/ Suk / UgandaHe is the creator god
Totilma'ilMaya/ TzotziAn androgynous creator being
TotolteactlAztecThis fertility god is concerned with the Maguey plant & the art of growing pulque
Tou MouChinaA goddess of justice
Touia Fatuna Tonga/ PolynesiaThe earth goddess, the deification of the rock deep in the earth that rumbles & gives birth to new land
ToumouEgyptNo one really knows what this god did
Toyo UkeJapaneseA goddess of war
Toyo Uke BimeJapan/ ShintoA goddess of foodstuffs
Toyota MahimeJapaneseA goddess of the sea
ToziAztecThe goddess of sweat baths
TrailokyaviayaBuddhist/ MahayanaA god
TrayasrinsaHindu/ VedicThe collective name for the group of Deva gods
TriduanaScotlandA goddess of Edinburgh
TriglavPolandA three headed god
Trikantakidevi Hindu goddess of terrible appearance
TrimurtiHinduThe collective name of the major triad
TripuraHindu/ JainA mother goddess
TritaHindu/ VedicA goddess
TritonsRomanMinor sea gods
TrivikramaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA god that may have been a sun god but is accepted as an incarnation of Visnu
Trograin/ LugIrishA minor god
Trukwinu ManaHopiA goddess rain
Ts'an NuChinaA goddess of silkworms
Tsa'qamae Qwe'gsotenoxBC Canadathe god that controls salmon migration
Tsai ShenChinaA god of wealth, associated with the mandarins
Tsao ChunChinaA god of kitchens & stoves
Tsao WangChinaA god of the hearth fire
TsehubHittiteThe weather god
TsentsaHuronThe good Creator Twin
TsetseZaireA goddess of lightning
Tsho gyalmaTibetanA goddess of happiness
TsiSiberiaA goddess of justice
TsichtinakoAcomaThe female spirit of the creation myth
TsilahHaiti/ VodunA goddess of fortune & beauty
TsohanoaiNavahoThe god of the sun
Tsui'goabHottentotA rain god
Tsuki-YomiJapanA god of the moon
Tsunigoab KhoiNamibiaThe creator god of that walks with a limp & was invoked at dawn each day
TuChinaA chthonic earth goddess & fertility spirit
TuPolynesianA god of war & stability
Tu P'ingChinaA god of robbers
Tu-MetuaHervey Is.A god of silence that had an immaculate birth
Tuatha De DananmnIrishThe collective name for the final pantheon
TuetatesCelticA god of war
TuetatesaGaulA god of war
TuiChinaA goddess of happiness
Tule ZandeSudanThe spider god who brought the seeds of all the plants on earth
TulsiIndianA goddess of basil plants
TumatauengaPolynesianA god of war who was given charge over mankind
TunekInuitA god of seal hunters
Tung LuChinaA god of snow & skis
Tunkan InganDakotaThe sex Manitou
TuomasFinlandEternally befuddled.
TuonetarFinlandName referring to both the mistress and the daughter of Tuoni.
TuoniFinlandThe personification of Death.
TuranEtruscanA goddess of love & the tutelary deity of Vulci
TuranEtruscanA goddess of peace
Turi a faumeaPolynesianA god of fishing & reptiles
TurreanIrishA goddess Tureann
TursasFinlandThe Tavastian god of war. May be same as the Norse Tyr and the Germanic Tîwaz.
TutuMesopotamia/ Babylon/ AkkadianThe tutelary god of Borsippa
TuulikkiFinlandDaughter of Tapio and Mielikki, goddess of animals.
TvastarHindu/ VedicA creator god
TycheGreek/ RomanA goddess of fortune
Tyr/ TiwazNorseA god of justice, sports & war
Tzapotla TenanMexicanA goddess of healing & herbs
TzitzimimeAztecA goddesses of the stars
TzontemocAztecA minor underworld and god
Tzu ku ShenChinaA god of the latrine
Tzu Sun NiangniangChinaThe mother goddess that has a protective role, She had been the wife of a mortal
TzultacahMayaA group led to chthonic & thunder gods
Ua-IldakBabylon/ Mesopotamia/ AkkadianThe goddess responsible for pastures & poplar trees
UadjetEgyptA goddess of justice
UairebhuidheIrishA bird goddess
UathachIrish/ ScotlandA goddess who trained warriors
UbastetEgyptA goddess of healing & hunting
UbertasRomanA minor god of agriculture associated with prosperity
UcchusmaBuddhistA god
UchtsitiAcomaFather of the gods
UdadhikumaraJain/ IndiaA generic name of one of the group of deities called bhvanavasi
UeuecoyotlAztecA god of fertility
UgarSyriaA god of agriculture
UgaracandikaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA distinctive form of a goddess Durga
UgataraHindu/ PuranicA goddess with a strange mode appearance, she carries a cup & a corpse on her head
UitzilopchtliAztecThe god of the sun
UkatYanaA goddess of good luck
Uke MochiJapaneseA goddess of food
UkkoFinnishA god of rain storms, thunder, weather & the sky
Ukko ("old man")FinlandThe god of the sky and thunder, related to Thor (Estonian Taara).
Uks AkkaSwedishA goddess midwives
UkupanipoHawaiiThe god of sharks
Ukur/ KusMesopotamia/ Babylon/ AkkadianA chthonic underworld god
UliPolynesianA goddess of healing
UliliyassisHittiteHe is a minor god who removes impotence
Ull/ UllrGermanic/ NorseA god of archery, hunting & skis
Ulu'tuyar Ulu Toyo'nYakut/ Cen. SiberiaA rather evil creator spirit
UmajYakutA goddess of midwives
Umashii-Ashi -Kabi-Hiko-Ji-No-KamiJapan/ ShintoA creator being formed from the reeds floating on the primordial waters
Umvelinkwangi/ UmvelinqangiZulu/ S. AfricaThe sky god
UnelanuhiCherokeeA goddess of war
UngamiliaS. PacificThe goddess of the evening star
Ungud Aus. A god/ goddess
UniEtruscanA tutelary goddess of midwives & the sky
UnkLakotaThe female Manitou ancestor of all evil beings
UnkulunkuluZulu/ S. AfricaA creator god of the sky & chief deity
UntombindeAfricaA goddess of justice
Unumbotte BassariTogoA creator god
UnxiaRomanThe goddess of marriage that anointed the bridegroom's door
UpakesiniBuddhistA minor goddess
UpayapattivasitaBuddhistA minor goddess
UpulvanSinghalese/ Sri Lankathe most senior of the four great gods
UraniaGreekA muse of astronomy & astrology
Uranus Greek A Titan god
UrasMesopotamia/ SumeriaA chthonic earth goddess
UrdNorseA goddess of fate
UrgelSlavicA god of the Pleiades
UrjaniHinduA goddess of physical prowess & strength
UrsuleHaiti/ VodunA goddess of love
Uru'n Ajy Toyo'n/ Ayi' Uru'n Toyoy'nYakut/ SiberiaA creator being that lived in the north east
UrurupuinMicronesiaA goddess of flirting, happiness & playfulness
UruzimuHittiteA deity involved in returning the lost Storm god of Nerik
UsasHindu/ VedicA goddess of warriors & of the dawn & wisdom
UsinsLataviaAn astral god that was affiliated with both the morning & evening star, he sidelined with beekeepers & spring until the Christians showed up and then he became St. George
Uslo Yakut/ SiberiaThis spirit of the mountains was one of the guardians of the natural world
UsnisaBuddhistA god, guardian of the integration & a collective term for a group of eight gods
UsnisavijayaBuddhist/ MayhayanaA primordial goddess, widely worshipped in Tibet
Uso DoriJapaneseA goddess of singing
UtixoHottentotA god of the sky, rain, & thunder
UtluntaCherokeeA goddess of physical prowess
UttarabhadrapadaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA minor goddess of fortune
UttarapalguniHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA minor goddess
UttarasadhaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA minor goddess of fortune
UttuSumeriaA goddess of we've been & of vegetation
UtuSumeriaThe sun god
UwolowuAfrica/ AkpossaA god
UzumeJapaneseA goddess of laughter & merriment
Va'irginChukchee/ E. SiberiaThe supreme being whose name means "I exist"
VacBuddhistA variety of Manjusri
VacHinduA goddess of speech
VacunaRomanA goddess of agriculture & leisure
VagaCelticA goddess of the River Wye
VagisvaraBuddhistA tutelary deity of Nepal & a god of speech
Vagitanus Roman this minor god of passage was the guardian of the press first cry at birth
VahagnArmenianA god of war
VahganArmeniaA god of victory, born from fire & has flames for hair
Vahguru SikhIndiaThe creator god
VaimanikaJain/ IndiaThe generic title for a group of deities
Vairacocha/ Huiracocha/ ViracpochaIncaThe creator god
Vairocana/ Buddhaheruka Buddhist The First & oldest meditation Buddha
VairotyaJain/ IndiaA goddess of learning
VaisnaviHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA mother goddess, a Sakti of Visnu
VajardakaBuddhist/ MayhayanaA god
VajracarcikaBuddhist/ goddessA goddess that stands upon a corpse
VajradharaBuddhistA god
VajradhatvisvariBuddhistA goddess
VajradhatvisvariBuddhistA goddess
Vajragandhari Buddhist A
VakarineSlavicA goddess of the evening star
ValetudoItalianA goddess of health.
ValiNordic/ IcelandicA god that will survive Ragnarok
ValliHinduA goddess
VamanaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicAn incarnation of the god Visnu
VanirNordic/ IcelandicA major group of Norse gods the concerned with peace, prosperity & the fertility of the land
VarNorseA goddess of marriage Vows
VarahaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicThe third avatar of Visnu
VarahiHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA mother goddess that later became one of the goddesses of evil intent
VarahmukioBuddhist/ MayhayanaA minor goddess
VaraliBuddhist/ MayhayanaA minor goddess
Vari-Ma-Te-Takere Hervey Is. a mother goddess & creator been, whose six children had immaculate births
VarunaHindu/ Puranic/ Vedic/ TamilA a major guardian god of the sky & water
VaruniHinduA goddess of golden liquor
VasantadeviBuddhist/ TibetA goddess of spring
VasioGallic/ CelticA god Vocontii
Vasu[s]Hindu/ IndiaA generic title for the gods/ deities that attend Indra
VasudevaHinduA god
VasudharaBuddhistA female Buddha designate
VasudharaHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA fertility goddess
VasumattisriBuddhist/ MayhayanaA minor goddess
VasusriBuddhist/ MayhayanaAnother minor goddess
Vasya-Tara Buddhist-Mayhayana A goddess
VataHindu/ Vedic/ PersiaA god of the wind
VayuBuddhistA god of the northwestern quarter
VayuHindu/ VedicThe god of the air & wind
VayukmaraJain/ IndiaA god
VeNordic/ IcelandicA god been listed in the prose Edda
Ve'aiKoryak/ S. SiberiaThe feminine vegetation spirit & personification of the grasslands
Ved AvaFinnish/ UgricA goddess of water
Veden EmoFinnishA goddess of water
Vedenemo ("mother of waters")FinlandKarelian goddess of water.
VeiveEtruscanA very young god
Veja MateLataviaThe goddess of the wind was also responsible for birds & the woodlands
Velaute'mtilanKoryak/ SE SiberiaHe is a vegetation spirit
Veles/ VolosRussia/ SlavicA god of flocks & herds, death & the Underworld
VellamoFinnishA goddess of the sea
VellamoFinlandThe wife of Ahti, goddess of the sea, lakes and storms. A current image of Vellamo can be seen on the coat of arms of Päijänne Tavastia.
Velu MateLataviaA chthonic underworld goddess & the queen of the dead
Venda Davidian/ Tamil this creator god was an ancient vegetation deity
VeniliaRomanA goddess Coastal waters
VenkataHindu/ Puranic/ EpicA form of the god of Visnu
Venus/ Dion/ CythereaRomanA goddess of love, beauty, springtime, vineyards
VerbeiaBritishA goddess of the Wharfe & Avon Rivers
Verbti A god of fire that the Christians identified with the devil
VerdandiNorseA goddess of the present
Verethragna Persia IranThe god of victory, he is perceived to be present in the wind
VerevctorRomanA minor god of plowing who was associated with the sacrifices to Tellus & Ceres
VeritasRomanA goddess of truth
VerplacaRomanA goddess of family harmony
VertumnusRomanA god of change, commerce, fruits, gardens, plants, orchards & seasons
VertumnusRomanA minor god of orchards & gardens, likely of of Etruscan origin his festival is beingVertumnalia on August 13th
VesnaSlavicA goddess of spring
VestaRomanA goddess of the hearth fire & marriage
VetaliBuddhist/ TibetA goddess of terrifying appearance
Vi of WaraGermanA goddess of healing springs
Victoria Roman the goddess of victory that became an attack by the Christians with an angelic capacity
VidyadeviJain/ IndiaThe generic title for a group of 16 goddesses that are associated with knowledge & learning
VidyesvaraHinduThe generic title for the eight emancipated beings that are aspects of Siva
VidyrajaBuddhist/ MeolaA tutelary god concerned with the implementation of the law
ViergeHaiti/ VodunA sea goddess
VilaSlovenianA goddesses of justice
ViracochaIncaA god of storms & war The chief deity
ViranakkaSaamiA goddess of hunting
VirginiaRomanA goddess of politics
VirtusRomanA goddess of justice, Virtue, Valor
VivasvatIndianA god of warriors
Vodni PannySlavicA goddesses of rivers
VolosSlavicA god of death & commerce Veles
VoluptasRomanA goddess of sensual pleasure
VoluspaScandinaviaA goddess of wisdom
VorScandinaviaA goddess of knowledge, wisdom & prudence
VulcanRomanA god of fire, inventing & metal working
VäinämöinenFinlandThe old and wise man, who possessed a potent, magical voice. The central character in Finnish folklore and he is the main character in the Kalevala.
Wa kon da Hondon
WachiltCelticMinor sea goddess
WaddS. ArabiaA moon god
WagaduAfricaA goddess of physical prowess
Wah Kah NeeChinookA goddess of winter
Wahini HalPolynesianThe demonic mother figure
WakEthiopiaThe supreme god
WakahirumeJapaneseA goddess of the dawn
Wakan TankaLakotaA collective union of the Manitous
WakinyanDakotaThe thunder spirit.
Wakonda Omaha/ Sioux The Great Spirit
WakwiyoTewaA goddess of the winds
WaloAustraliaThe sun & war goddess
Wang Mu Niang NiangChinaA goddess of female energy
Wang the PureChinaA god of sport & gambling
WantuSudanThe supreme god
War HsuanChinaA god of robbers
War PinChinaA god of shoemakers
War Ssu miaoChinaA god of Druggists
Wardi Mumi FinnoUgricA goddess of war
Wari Ma Te TakerePolynesiaThis goddess was a coconut shell divinity
WarnaScandinaviaA goddess of healing charms & war
WarrtaHinduA goddess of happiness
Wayland Anglo-Saxon A god of blacksmiths
WeiwoboChinaA goddess of female Energy
WeleAbaluyiaChief god
WepwawetEgyptThe god of war & of the funerary cult
Were Luo' A chief god
White LadyCelticDryad of Death
WidapokwiYavapaiA goddess of health & whirlwinds
WiganPhilippineA goddess of water
Wilden WipGermanA goddesses of healing
WinonahOjibwaDaughter of the goddess Nokomis & a virgin mother
WisagatcakCreeThe trickster god
WodanGermanicA god of war
WopehLakotaA goddess of happiness & pleasure
WotanGermanicA god of inspiration & magic
WotoOto/ ShongoA god of fire
WuluwaidAusA male rainmaker
WuniAfricaA god
Wuriupranili Aus. A sun goddess
Wurusemu/ WuruntemuHittiteThe sun goddess of Arrina
XanthoGreekOne of the Nereides
Xatel EkwaHungarianA goddess of war & the sun
XbaquiyaloMayaA goddess
XeniaGreekA nymph
XeviosoFonA god of thunder
Xiling ShiChinaA goddess of justice
XilonenAztecA goddess of happiness & maize
XipeTotec/ AztecA god of agriculture, plants, seeds, fertility, jewelers, sacrifice & springtime
Xiuhtecuhtli/ Otontecuhtli/ HuehueteotlAztecThe god of fire
XmucaneMayaThe goddess of childbirth
XochipiliAztecThe god of flowers, sport, love, games, feasting, maize & pleasure
XochiquetzalAztecA goddess of agriculture, fertility, love, sensual pleasure, sex, happiness, the moon & weavers
Xoli KaltesHungarianA goddess of warriors & of the dawn
XolotlAztecA god & bad luck, monsters & magicians
XpiyacocMayaThe god of marriage
Xpuch & XtahMayaThe worlds first heavenly servants, prostitutes
XtabayMayaA goddesses of seduction
YacatecuhtliAztecHe is the god of merchant adventurers
YalukMayaThe head lightning god
YamCanaanA god of rivers & of the sea
YamaHinduA god of death
YammUgaritA god of the sea
Yang ChenBuddhistA goddess of learning & teaching
YangombiBantuA god of creation
Yanguang PusaChinaA goddess of healing & eyes
YansaBrazilA goddess of fire
YanwangChinaA god of death
YaparammaIndiaA goddess of commerce
YarikhCanaanA god of the moon
YariloSlavicA god of fertility
YarovitSlavicA god of victory
YarrisHittiteHe is a god of pestilence
Yaya ZakuraiJapaneseA goddess of spring
Yeba KaNavahoThe male leader of the gods
YebaadNavahoThe female leader of the gods
YehlTlingitA god
YeitsoNavahoThe child of the sun, a giant in Navaho legend
YemanjaImanje/ BrazilThe ocean goddess of the crescent moon
YemayaImanje/ CaribbeanThe goddess of the deep sea
YemonjaNigerian/ YorubaShe is one of the great goddesses
Yen chengChinaA god of robbers
Yen LoChinaA god of death
Yen WangChinaA god of death
YhiKarraurThe goddess of light & creator goddess
YiacatechutliMexicoThe god of merchants
YimaPersiaThe god of light
Yingxi NiangChinaA goddess of happiness
YmojaYorubaA goddess of rivers & of the sea
YnakhsytYakut/ SiberiaA goddess of cattle
Yolkai EstsanNavahoA goddess of war, the dawn, fire & the moon
Yu Ch'iangChinaA god of the ocean wind
Yu Huang Shang TiChinaA god
Yu NuChinaA goddess of Leo
Yu TeChinaA god of vaccination
Yu TzuChinaA god rain
Yuki OnneJapaneseA goddess of death by freezing
Yum CimihMayaA god of death
Yum KaaxMayaA god of agriculture & maize
Yun T'ungChinaA god of clouds
ZabaHurriteThe god of war
ZababaKishThe chief of the gods
ZakaHaiti/ VodunA god of agriculture
ZalmoxisGreekHe sometimes symbolized immortality
ZamPersiaAn earth spirit
ZambiAngolaThe supreme being
Zanahary/ Zanaharibe RailanitraMadagascarHe was the creator god
ZaoshenChinaA god of kitchens
ZaramamaPeruGrain goddess
ZariaSlavicA goddess of beauty
ZarpanditAssyrian/ BabylonianAn early pregnancy goddess
ZaryaSlavicA goddess of healing waters
ZashapunaKastamaHe is the chief god of the town of Kastama
Zeme MateLatviaThe creator of earth
ZemynaLithuanianA goddess of childbirth & life
ZephyrusGreekThe god of the west wind
ZeusGreekThe god of the sky & ruler of the Olympian gods
ZeuxippeGreekOne of the Oceanides
ZhonggueiChinaA god of examinations
ZipaltonalNicaraguaThe female spirit that is the creator of all earth
ZisaGermanicA goddess of autumn
ZivaSlavicA goddess of long life
Ziva SivaSlavicA goddess of life
ZiziliaPolandA goddess of love & sexuality
Zonget KhantySiberiaThe goddess of hunting
Zoria/ ZoryaSlavicA goddess of morning, dawn & beauty
Zu/ ImdugudAssyriaThe god of thunder and storms
ZurvanPersiaThe god of infinite time
Zvezda DennitsaSlavicThe morning star goddess
ZvorunaLithuaniaA goddess of the hunt & of animals
ZvorunaSlavicA god of hunting
ZywiePolandA goddess of health & healing
ÄkräsFinlandThe god of fertility and the protector of plants, especially the turnip.