Damage Recovery from Invasive Trees

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This large rhododendron was almost killed by the invasive roots of a honey locust tree. After I removed the tree (and made a bench out of the stump and trunk) I pruned away all the dead and weak wood. After a year, leaves began sprouting. I continued to prune off smaller to force more vigorous growth.

A sucker from the honey locust has now sprouted, and I will let it grow to about 20 feet high, and then replace it with another sucker. Click here to see another bench made from a honey locust, with a small sprout regrowing, and here to see another locust stump with two cycles of replacements.

Below, the rhododendron is well on its way to recovery. The honey locust bench behind has three sprouts about six feet high. One comes from the stump, the other two from roots.