Lem's Cameo (Dido x Anna) Lem 1975

This is one of the highest rated rhododendrons of all time. It is very difficult to propogate, so is often hard to find. More information below.

Selected Hybrids: Cherries 'n Cream, Kiwi Magic, Nancy Evans

Bob Anderson bought this old Lem's Cameo from Lem himself shortly after Lem hybridized it. His housekeeper told my mother and father afterward, "You are very lucky. He doesn't sell those plants to anyone."

Lem was a Seattle fisherman. He would often take his seedling crosses with him in little pots on his fishing boat.

Some of his other crosses in the garden are Hansel and Gretzel (unregistered), Halfdan Lem, Lem's Monarch, Point Defiance, Walloper, and Lem's Best Blotch.

Selected Hybrids: Cherries 'n Cream