Chehalis Western Trail TOT

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People start assembling for a Puget Sound miniTOT on the Chehalis Western Trail in Lacey. (The trail is named after the railroad, not the town. It does not go to Chehalis.)

Fifteen people joined the ride. Included were old-timers, new people, and several young people. We had fourteen trikes and one crank forward.

Most of the 16 mile route (each way) was shaded by a variety of trees. Most of the trail was flat, with a few gradual up and down rolls. The one break in the paved trail was connected by 600 feet of hard-packed fine gravel and dirt. It was not a problem, even for high pressure, narrow tires.

Several bridges routed the trail across roads and streams.


One highlight of the trip was the trailside Monarch Sculpture Park. The non-profit park provided a restroom for trail users.

The end of the Chehalis Western intersects the Yelm-Tenino Trail. It is just a short ride into Rainier, with parks, restrooms, and restaurants available.

The fourteen mile Yelm-Tenino Trail calls us for a future ride.