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What We Teach 

Karate; a martial art whose name literally translates into "empty hand".  Passed down from generation to generation in secrecy, this fighting form's other benefits have but recently come to the attention of the western world.  Inspired by the honor of the Samurai, karate-do, or "the way of Karate", is the inclusion of mind and spirit within the confines of the art.  These aspects of Karate help cultivate the respect and honor necessary to effectively gain the full virtues intended by the originators, the old "Masters" of the past.

We here at Ronin Dojo believe in the philosophy of those who developed Karate; that simply teaching physical technique without the oversight of honor and respect is to dishonor the student.  Karate is a vehicle which one can utilize to seek an  inner peace.  With the continued practice of karate comes the confidence necessary to look deep within, to challenge ones self, to understand our true selves without our obscuring facades.  Before we can look for the truth's of the world, we must first grasp our own.

What You Learn

You will learn that you can; you can kick higher than your knee, you can focus your energy into a single explosive moment, you can do what you previously believed impossible.  And as you learn these things, you will learn that you have confidence; confidence in your abilities, confidence in your decisions, confidence in yourself.

You will learn humility, honor and respect.  The road to a Black Belt is fraught with challenges, and sometimes disappointments; for to fully appreciate the greatness of success, one must endeavor through humility.  And once one has succeeded at both, an understanding of respect an honor become ingrained.  You learn that respect can never be earned if it is not first given, and that honor is that which we are.  Without our honor, we have nothing.  With it, we need nothing.




Our school teaches Japanese/Okinawa Karate; the style is Shito Ryu (she toe rew).  What this means is that you will learn how to use both your hands and feet for self defense through the utilization of both traditional and modern training methods.  All of our classes are taught by qualified Black Belt instructors and most are of a "mixed" stature, that is; open to all ranks and levels of training.  What this offers to the student is a chance to work side by side with others of both equal and varying rank.  This not only allows each student the opportunity to gage their own progress, but fosters the building of relationships based upon respect and honor.  

Junior Karate Program

First Place in Strawberry Festival Junior Parade!Similar to the regular Karate Program, but designed for the student between the ages of 7 - 12.  This program delivers just what kids need most - action and one-on-one instruction.  With 5 - 10 instructors available, each student has the opportunity for an instructors undivided attention -  just what they need to understand and effectively use what they learn for self defense, self discipline and building self esteem.


Little bodies, big spirit!Big or small, we take them all!A special endeavor by the Black Belts of the Dojo to bring the joy and advantages of martial art training to the littlest amongst us.  Designed for youngsters between 4 and 6 years of age, this program offers kids more; more action, more attention, more self defense for a person their size and age, and more of the skills they need for school - increasing their attention span and developing their hand/eye coordination.  This class offers a high ratio of instructors to students, (usually 4-6 instructors to 25+/- students), so the "kinder's" get a lot of one-on-one.


So many weapons, so little time...Though Karate is defined as "empty hand",  Kobudo, or weapons, is very much a part of the curriculum of Shito-Ryu.  The early residents of the Okinawa Islands developed fighting techniques whereby everyday farming instruments could be wielded as weaponry.  These implements of manual labor could become a lethal force in the hands of a seasoned practitioner.  And since they were banned from owning any weapons, the villagers of  the islands needed a way to defend themselves against marauding foes without breaking any laws.  Many of the instruments they chose can be traced back to simple tools.  Kenwa Mabuni, the originator of Shito-Ryu, came from Okinawa and carried into his style the use of weaponry.

Ronin Dojo offers to it's Karate-ka's (Karate students), the opportunity to experience the use of some of these weapons.  Through the application of  a weekly practice session, the Karate-ka can gain an understanding of  how these weapons were used, their advantages, importance, and liabilities.  Some of the weapons taught are; nunchukas (two sticks and a rope between them), tonfas (modern police night stick), sickles (hand held versions of the modern sickle), sais (a large three pronged fork), bo (six foot staff) and jo (shorter staff).  Also occasionally offered is the art of sword drawing, as in Samurai.




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