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Seattle, WA 98125-3309
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Email: frost@eskimo.com

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Work Experience

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Blue World Communications


5/97 to Present

Bellevue, WA

Team development of a Macintosh Web Database publishing solution. Experience developing a multi-threaded web server using C++ and Metrowerks CodeWarrior on the Macintosh. Responsiblities include general application development, implementing Unicode/UTF8 character set support for Java and a serial number generation and verification system.


Infomodelers, Inc.

Programmer/DBA/QA Engineer

2/97 to 5/97

Bellevue, WA

Contract position to set up and administer a wide variety of RDBMS's including Oracle, Informix Universal Server, MS SQL Server, and SQL Anywhere. Also responsible for developing automated test solutions involving the RDBMS's. Automated test solutions developed with C++ and ODBC using MS Visual C++ and Windows NT.


Wide Open Workshop

Head of Development

4/96 to Present

Seattle, WA

Lead programmer for intranet application development. Head of application development in C/C++ for the MacOS. Responsibilities include application design, development, and managing a small team of programmers. Currently working on version 1.1 of the application (Wide Open Web) and a Netscape Plug-in version.


Contractors Bonding and Insurance Co.


8/94 to 1/97

Seattle, WA

Lead programmer for client/server application development using Centura (Gupta) SQLWindows 5.0 and Oracle 7. Also some development using ODBC and C/C++. Responsibilities include class library creation and management, analysis, design and testing of applications, and end user support.

Oracle DBA

2/95 to 1/97

ORACLE 7.x database administration. Responsibilities include database tuning, backup and recovery, security analysis and management, and database design.


10/95 to 1/97

In charge of corporate web site: www.cbic.com and internet mail gateway. Responsibilities include page design, CGI development in C/C++, checking error logs, and compiling log data. Currently connecting the site to the Oracle database.

Contractors Bonding and Insurance Co.

Graphics Technician

8/93 to 9/94

Seattle, WA

Technical support of graphics department. Hardware and software support of small graphics design team on Macintosh network. Also some desktop publishing and graphics design.


Herring Newman

Macro Programmer

2/93 to 4/93

Seattle, WA

Designed Excel macro system to automatically generate monthly financial statement and budget reports.


Seafirst Bank

Database Designer

9/92 to 1/93

Seattle, WA

Solely responsible for design, creation and implementation of a database system in MS Excel (on the Macintosh) to handle tracking of their Commercial Marketing accounts and to generate monthly reports automatically. Responsible for the design of the database, coding the macro system, writing the users manual for the system, and training the end-users.


Eagle Hardware

Macro Programmer

3/92 to 4/92

Seattle, WA

Responsible for the design and implementation of a data-entry system in MS Excel (Macintosh) to facilitate entry of inventory data and the training of data entry personnel.


Microsoft, Inc.

Presentations Designer

8/90 to 5/91

Redmond, WA

Created business presentations using several graphics design and multimedia programs. Handled on-site technical support of presentations.


KRRC radio station

Station Engineer

8/89 to 5/90

Portland, OR

Responsible for electronics repair and hardware upgrades of the radio station and production studio equipment.


MicroSphere Inc.

Computer Technician

8/84 to 8/88

Bend, OR

Responsible for assembly, repair, and installation of various models of IBM-compatible computers and peripherals. Involved with development and manufacture of peripherals for sale. Handled on-line product support and field product support. Solely responsible for beta testing and analysis. Also involved with internal research and development. Acquired certification as a PC repair technician.

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