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I've been working at Surreal Software since 1998, developing AI for Playstation2 and PC games. I'm currently working on extending our AI system for two upcoming games. In 2002, I designed and implemented a new AI system for NPC behavior, movement, and pathfinding in the PC and PS2 versions of Fellowship of the Ring. Before that, I extended our old AI system for the PS2 game, Drakan: The Ancients' Gates, which was released in February 2002 and worked on Drakan: Order of the Flame, a PC title released in 1999.

Before Surreal, I worked for PsychoHazard Software, developing the 2D geometry engine and AI for StixWorld, a PC game released in 1998.

While working on my B.S. at the University of Utah, I worked as a Programmer Tester at Evans and Sutherland. That's where I first learned 3D graphics programming, developing demos to test the ESV, a then "high-end" UNIX-based PHIGS+ graphics workstation. Two of the demos were selected to be shown at the 1990 and 1991 SIGGRAPH conventions. One was PexCycles, a six-player, networked, first-person perspective, Tron light-cycles game. The computer players were controlled by neural networks. The other was MandZoom, an interactive, real-time 3D fractal viewer.

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