Free Faxing through Email

A fax often carries more weight than a telephone call or email. Now you can fax Australian government officials just by sending email. Go to this website for mailto links that send faxes to Australian members of parliment, senators, and other politicians.

Addresses and Contact Info

Ambassador Andrew Peacock
1601 Mass. Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20036-2273
Tel: (202) 797-3000, Fax: (202) 797-3168

In Australia

Canberra (NIV Issuing Post)
U.S. Embassy, Consular Section
Moonah Pl.
Canberra, A.C.T. 2600
Telephone Number: (61)(6)270-5000
Fax Number: (61)(6)273-3191
Mailing Address: APO AP 96549-0001

Melbourne (NIV Issuing Post)
U.S. Consulate General
553 St. Kilda Rd.
Victoria 3004
Telephone Number: (61)(3)9526-5900
Fax Number: (61)(3)9525-0769
Mailing Address: Unit 11011, APO AP 96551-0002

Perth (IV and NIV Issuing Post)
U.S. Consulate General
16 St. Georges Terr.
13th Fl.
Perth, WA 6000
Telephone Number: [61] (9) 231-9400
Fax Number: [61] (9) 231-9444
Mailing Address: Unit 11021, APO AP 96553-0002

Sydney (IV and NIV Issuing Post)
U.S. Consulate General
MLC Centre
19-29 Martin Place
59th Fl.
Sydney N.S.W. 2000
Telephone Number: [61] (02) 373-9200
Fax Number: (61)(02)373-9184
Mailing Address: PSC 280, Unit 11026, APO AP 96554-0002

More Australian Government Offices in U.S.

A.C.G. New York
International Building
630 Fifth Avenue
New York NY 10111
Phone:(212) 408-8400
Fax: (212) 408-8401
Office Hours 9.00 am - 1.00 pm; 2.00 pm-5.00 pm
Visa Office 9.00 am - 1.00 pm

U.N. New York
885 Second Avenue
16th Floor
New York. NY 10017
Phone:(212) 836 4100
Fax:(212) 836-4104
Office hours 9.00 am - 5.21 pm

Australian Trade Commission And Consulate General - Atlanta
Suite 2920 One Peachtree Center
303 Peachtree St, N.E.
Atlanta GA 30308
Phone: (404) 880-1700
Fax:(404) 880-1701
Office Hours 8.3Oam - 5.0Opm

Australian Trade Commission And Consulate General - San Francisco
1 Bush Street, 7th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94104
Phone:(415) 362-6160
Fax:(415) 956-9729
Office Hours 8.45 am - 1.00 pm; 2.00 pm-5.06 pm
Visa Office 10.00 am - 1.00 pm; 2.00 pm-3.00 pm

A.C.G. Los Angeles
Century Plaza Towers-19th Floor
2049 Century Park East
Los Angeles, CA 90067
Phone: (310) 229-4800 (extension 9)
Fax: (310) 277-2258
Office Hours 8.45 am - 5.06 pm
Visa Office 10.00 am - 3.30 pm

A.C.G. Honolulu
1000 Bishop Street
Honolulu HI 96813
Phone: (808) 524-5050
Fax: (808) 531-5142
Office hours 8.00 am - 4.21 pm

Honorary Consul- Boston
20 Park Place, Suite 457
Boston, MA 02116
Phone: (617) 542-8655
Fax: (617) 426-9236

Honorary Consul - Denver
Australian Consulate 999 18th Street, Suite 1370
Denver CO 80202
Phone:(303) 297-1200
Fax: (303) 297-1280

Misc. Contact Info

Details for contacting Amanda Vanstone, Acting Minister for immigration are:

Senator the Hon Amanda Eloise VANSTONE
(Minister for Employment, Education, Training and Youth Affairs)
South Australia, Liberal Party of Australia
Parliament House: Ph 61 6 277 7460 Fax 61 6 273 4117

Australian embassy in Dublin, Ireland ph. 676 1517

In London:

Australian high commission
Aus House

0171 379 4334

Aus TV Fax 0171 323 1128

Email addresses for Australian Members of Parliament


John Howard, Prime Minister of Australia:

 Member/Senator   House  Party Electorate  Email address

 Allison,         Senate AD    Victoria
 Senator Lynette                 

 Bourne,          Senate AD    New South Wales
 Senator Vicki                   

 Filing, Paul     HR     Ind   Moore, WA

 Forrest, John    HR     NP    Mallee, Vic

 Hockey, Joseph   HR     LP    North Sydney
 Benedict  (Joe)                 

 Kernot, Senator  Senate AD    Queensland

 Kerr, Hon.       HR     ALP   Denison,
 Duncan James Tas                

 Lees, Senator    Senate AD    South
 Meg Heather                   Australia

 Lloyd, James     HR     LP    Robertson,
 Eric (Jim)                    NSW

 Lundy, Senator   Senate ALP   Australian
 Kate Alexandra                Territory

 Murray, Senator  Senate AD    Western
 Andrew James                  Australia

 Woodley,         Senate AD    Queensland
 Senator John                    

 party abbreviations are as follows:

     AD  Australian Democrats
     AG  Australian Greens
     ALP Australian Labor Party
     CLP Country Liberal Party
     GWA The Greens (WA)
     Ind Independent
     LP  Liberal Party of Australia
     NP  National Party of Australia

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