Lorenzo Addresses Nyungah People (July 14, 1997)
Hello Brother and Sisters of the Nyungah tribe, and their esteemed elders :

It is with great respect and humility that I accept your invitation to speak before your people. Thank you also from the bottom of my heart for your defense of my rights to speak in this, which is after all your country, not that of the white government. As i told you months ago, i answered your call for someone to stand with your people in the fight against Pauline Hanson. I have suffered since she sicced the Prime Minister and federal police on me, even resulting in my unjust imprisonment. Yet, i am strong in my determination to resist racism, whether it is in Australia [as the white call it] or in the United States.

Just the short time that I have been here it is quite clear to me that the white government headed by john Howard is allowing Pauline Hanson to do her dirty deeds, and that of racist terrorist groups like the Ku Klux Klan which have been attacking indigenous peoples in Northern Queensland. The Howard-Hanson government claims that they cannot catch the Klansmen who are attacking Black people, just like the racist white officials in the Southern United States claim when Black churches and homes are burned by the Klan They see no evil, hear no evil, and know no evil simply because they don't want to. The truth is they refuse to do anything to enforce the law when it comes to Black or indigenous people, whether in the USA or here.

The white government wants to silence me and prevent me from talking to you by beating, jailing or deporting me. They want to decide for you, as to whether what I have to say is in your best interests, as if you are children. This is the position of Pauline Hanson, and various other government officials. That they know what is best for the indigenous people and that they are in charge of things. This is nothing but Whyite supremacy, and we must reject it. It is entirely up to you to decide the value of my comments, not Pauline Hanson in your name.

I come as the representative of the millions of Black people in the United States, Canada and Britain, who stand with you in your just battles to lay claim to your lands, receive reparations, end the murders in custody of racist cops, and empower the masses of your people once again. You are a source of inspiration to us , and we are at your disposal, we must work together to build an international response to this racism. We can help you publicize your mistreatment, and put pressure on Austrailia on land claims matters, deaths in custody, and other matters which will effect the people in this country.

Many years ago, the Indigenous people of this country demanded that the United States government release me from prison, just as people were doing all over the world at the time. The way I see it now is that i am just repaying a debt to you. I love you all.

If it is at all possible, i will make arrangements to come to Western Australia to see you. i will come back to you with the details.

Lorenzo Komboa Ervin

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