It can get a bit confusing reading up-to-the-minute news reports that say that something just happened tomorrow morning. Hopefully this will help a bit.
Unless I am mistaken, Brisbane Australia is in the East Australian Standard Time Zone (EAST). Folks on the west coast of the U.S. are in Pacific Standard Time (PST), and folks in England are in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Hopefully everyone reading this can convert from their local time to one of these three.

Now, PST is 17 hours earlier than EAST, and GMT is 9 hours earlier than EAST.

That means that if it is noon, Wednesday in Australia, it will be:

7:00pm, Tuesday in Seattle (PST)
3:00am, Wednesday in London (GMT)

If it is noon, Wednesday in Seattle, it will be 5:00am, Thursday in Australia.

If it is noon, Wednesday in London, it will be 9:00pm, Wednesday in Australia.

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