I am John Gates, Edmonds, WA. 

I maintain home pages at this ISP on the following subjects:

= Amateur Radio RACES (Radio Amateurs in Civil Emergency Service).
  A group of us serving the police, fire, public works, and medical
  aid/transport services in the 9 cities immediately north of 
  Seattle. We provide radio communications in the event of out-of-order
  public communications (phone, celphone, etc) in windstorm, earthquake
  and so on. 

= An email address lookup and news page for Tektronix, Inc. "alumnae". 

= A webpage relating to my interests in how to better use computer
  technology in K-12 education. 

= A webpage of interest to "The Group" - a community of highschool friends
  of mine from the Hyde Park section of Chicago. 

Some of these pages contain information the particular individuals may
consider private - for that reason I have not placed links to those pages

If you would like to access those web pages, please call or email me. We
likely can work somthing out!

John Gates
    Phone: 425 774 3777  
    Email: gatesj@eskimo.com