Circumcision Issues

Circumcision is the alteration or mutilation of genitalia, of females as well as males. It is a worldwide phenomenon and varies greatly. An excellent reference for female circumcision is Prisoners of Ritual: An Odyssey into Female Genital Circumcision in Africa, Hanny Lightfoot-Klein, New York, Haworth Press, 1989. And here are more pages on female circumcision.

The rest of this page addresses male circumcision. For a good men's issues reference on other topics, you may want to look at Men's Issues Page by David R Throop.

Male Circumcision

Genital alteration of the male includes gonadectomy, penectomy, subincision, circumcision and piercing.

Wayne Hampton has written a well-researched expose on circumcision.

Here's a few topics that are available at this time:

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