The Dowel Method for non-surgical foreskin restoration. $1 (AUD) ppd. > NOCIRC of Australia/ Menai

Uncircumcising: Undoing the Effects of an Ancient Practice in a Modern World, by Jim Bigelow, PhD. (“A large number of men never feel whole after realizing tht part of their body was cut off.”) Includes “Not Just a Little Piece of Skin,” by Tim Hammond. (“The long-term consequences of infant circumcision ... have been deliberately ignored.”) Mothering, Summer 1994. $3 ppd. [If you mention that you are ordering this issue for this particular article and the issue is sold out, Mothering will send you a copy of the article.] Mothering, PO Box 1690, Santa Fe, NM 87504, Tel: 505-984-8116. Fax: 505-986-8335.

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