NORM (National Organization of Restoring Men) [Formerly RECAP (Recover A Penis)]

“The purpose of this support group is to provide an arena in which men can, without fear of being ridiculed, share their concerns for a desire to be intact and whole again. NORM provides a safe place to discuss goals, and learn about methods and techniques of restoration, and discover those which will work best for each individual. Further the aim is to help men regain a sense of self-directedness -- physically as well as emotionally.” More than 70 groups throughout U.S. SASE brings more information. International Headquarters (also UNCIRC Concord Office), R. Wayne Griffiths, 3205 Northwood Dr., Suite 209, Concord, CA 94520. Tel: 510-827-4077. Fax: 510-827-4119.

Available from NORM

ForeBalls: A Foreskin Restoration Extension Device (brochure). Free for SASE.
NORM: A Brief History. Free for SASE.
NORM Foreskin Restoration Support Group (Full information packet). $3 ppd.
Reclaiming Our Bodies (The physical and emotional advantages of male foreskin restoration). $0.25.
Respect Your Son’s Body (The Benefits of Foreskin & Why Routine Circumcision is Unnecessary). $0.25.
Restoration: Ball Bearing Method. $0.25.
Stainless Steel Balls (for making your own ForeBalls). SASE brings information.

UNCIRC (UNCircumcising Information and Resources Center) “was founded in 1991 to provide circumcised men with all known and available information, as well as access to resources, regarding foreskin restoration. The name first used for the California-based centers was R.E.N.U. (Resource Exchange for Nonsurgical Uncircumcision). That name was changed after only a few months when it became clear that many men want information about surgical methods, as well as nonsurgical, before choosing the restoration option appropriate to their individual needs.” The Joy of Uncircumcising! Restore Your Birthright and Maximize Sexual Pleasure, by Jim Bigelow, PhD, is also available through this center. UNCIRC, Jim Bigelow, PhD, PO Box 52138, Pacific Grove, CA 93950.

UNCIRC (Concord Office). [See “NORM International Headquarters,” above.]

UNCIRC South Australia. “Our name is derived from the fact that we are helping men to UNdo UNwanted UNnecessary CIRCumcision.” John M. Aldous, Box 8106, PO Hindley St., Adelaide, South Australia 5000 (tel: 08 375 0244).

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