The Full Measure of Pleasure. “A videotape about the general methods of foreskin restoration with explicit male nudity used in the demonstration of techniques ... described in Jim Bigelow’s new edition of The Joy of Uncircumcising!” With Marilyn Milos, RN, founder and director of NOCIRC; Jim Bigelow, PhD, founder and director of UNCIRC; and R. Wayne Griffiths, founder and director of NORM. 60+ min. $49.95 plus $7 S/H. Ordering details unavailable.

Men, Circumcision and Human Rights. “The foreskin, the circumcision procedure and men’s feelings about both; foreskin restoration and men’s feelings; African female ‘circumcision’ practices.” SASE brings ordering information. > NOHARMM

Phil Donahue show about circumcision and foreskin restoration (6/17/87). $300 (1-800-FOR VIDEO). [Availability uncertain.]

Real Personal (CNBC-TV) show about foreskin restoration (4/21/93), with Jim Bigelow, PhD. 30 minutes. $9.95 plus $3.95 S/H (CA residents add $0.83 sales tax). (1-800-398-CNBC). [Availability uncertain.]

Sensual Pleasures, Lost and Found. “A videotape about foreskin restoration made specifically for partners ... explains the profound impact of circumcision on sexuality ... no explicit nudity.” With Marilyn Milos, RN; Jim Bigelow, PhD; and R. Wayne Griffiths. About 45 min. $49.95 plus $7 S/H. Ordering details unavailable.

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