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Pens 0 1 1 2 1 3 1 0 3
NewScreen ID=1074921474 D=8 W=800 H=600
Color AAA 111 FFF 55B 00F F0F 0FF FFF 620 E50 9F1 EB0 55F 92F 0F8 CCC 000 E44 000
000 444 555 666 777 888 999 AAA BBB CCC
Font Xen/9

AddMenu Project, About, About
AddMenu Project, Quit, Q, QuitAddMenu Project, About, About
AddMenu Project, Reconfigure, Batch S:Startup.DM
AddMenu Project, EDIT Startup.DM, Extern DH0:C/CED S:Startup.DM
AddMenu Project, EDIT Startup-Sequence, Extern DH0:C/CED S:Startup-sequence
AddMenu Project, EDIT User-Startup, Extern DH0:C/CED S:User-Startup
AddMenu Project, Config Save, Confirm "Save new config ?" Y "N"; SaveConfig
AddMenu Project, Add New Cmd Window, OpenWindow 240 40 260 120 CMD;AddCmd
AddMenu Project, Add New Command, AddCmd
AddMenu Project, Add New Menu Item, AddMenu
AddMenu Project, Add New Window, OpenWindow 0 128 270 128
AddMenu Project, Change Command, ChgCmd
AddMenu Project, Change Font, Font
AddMenu Project, Display Format, SetFormat
AddMenu Project, Palette, Color
AddMenu Project, Printer Setup, SetPrinter
AddMenu Project, Selected..EXECUTE, Single;External execute %s
AddMenu Project, Selected..RUN, Single;External run %s
AddMenu Project, Quit, Quit

AddMenu Utils, Clear RAM:, extern c:Delete ram:~(Env|T|Clipboards) ALL
AddMenu Utils, CED, C, EXTERN RUN DH0:Utils/CED
AddMenu Utils, HEX read, extern run DH0:c/Read %s HEX

AddMenu Archives, Lha  Add, StdIO "CON:0/11/694/261/Add Window";Archive "LHA <* -r
AddMenu Archives, Lha  Extract, StdIO "CON:0/11/694/261/Extract Window";Extern 
DH0:C/Lha <* -f e -M %s RAM:Unpacked/ ;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Archives, Lha  List, StdIO "CON:0/11/694/261/List Window";Extern C:Lha v
%s;Wait;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Archives, Lzx  Add, StdIO "CON:0/11/694/261/Add Window";Archive "LZX <* -r
-3 a";StdIO CLOSE 
AddMenu Archives, Lzx  Extract, StdIO "CON:0/11/694/261/Extract Window";Extern 
DH0:C/LZX x %s RAM:Unpacked/ ;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Archives, Lzx  List, StdIO "CON:0/11/694/261/List Window";Extern C:LZX v
%s;Wait;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Archives, Unzip, StdIO "CON:0/11/694/261/Extract Window";Extern
DH0:c/Unzip %s 
AddMenu Archives, UnGZip, StdIO "CON:0/11/694/261/Extract Window";Extern
DH0:c/GZip -d %s

AddMenu Control, Lock as Source, Lock S   
AddMenu Control, Lock as Dest, Lock D     
AddMenu Control, UnLock, UnLock           
AddMenu Control, UnLock all, UnLock All   
AddMenu Control, Sort by Name, Sortby NAME
AddMenu Control, Sort by Date, Sortby DATE
AddMenu Control, Sort by Size, Sortby SIZE
AddMenu Control, Expand ON, Expand ON     
AddMenu Control, Expand OFF, Expand OFF

AddMenu Anim, MPEG Gray, extern SYS:Utils/Display/MPEG -dither gray8 %s
AddMenu Anim, MPEG Ham8, extern SYS:Utils/Display/MPEG -dither ham8 %s

AddMenu Test, WinRexx, Rexx WindowTest.rexx %a"

Button "Parent"
SetFormat "NS T DMY A C"
BarFormat "DiskMaster HYCAPS %T %W %D%M%Y Chip:%C Fast:%F"
TitleFormat "%B/%F %I/%C "

OpenWindow 358  11  83 589 CMD

AddCmd    DH0:, 21, NewDir DH0:
AddCmd    DH1:, 21, NewDir DH1:
AddCmd    DH2:, 21, NewDir DH2:
AddCmd    DH3:, 21, NewDir DH3:
AddCmd    DH4:, 21, NewDir DH4:
AddCmd    DH5:, 21, NewDir DH5:
AddCmd    DF0:, 21, NewDir DF0:
AddCmd    DF2:, 21, NewDir DF2:
AddCmd    DF3:, 21, NewDir DF3:
AddCmd    PC0:, 21, NewDir PC0:
AddCmd    PC2:, 21, NewDir PC2:
AddCmd    CD0:, 21, NewDir CD0:
AddCmd    ZIP:, 21, NewDir ZIP:
AddCmd    ZIPC:, 21, NewDir ZIPC:
AddCmd    FF0:, 21, NewDir FF0:
AddCmd    RAM:, 21, NewDir RAM:
AddCmd	   RAD:, 21, NewDir RAD:
AddCmd ----------, 20, 
AddCmd  Drives, 20, Newdir
AddCmd  Root, 20, Root
AddCmd  Parent, 20, Parent
AddCmd ----------, 20, 
AddCmd  All, 10, Select *
AddCmd  Clear, 10, Deselect *
AddCmd  Select, 10, Select
AddCmd  Exclude, 10, Deselect
AddCmd  Find, 10, ReqPattern "Please enter search pattern" ; Find %s
AddCmd ----------, 20, 
AddCmd  MakeDir, 20, MakeDir
AddCmd  Copy, 20, ReqPattern;Copy %s %d
AddCmd  Copy As, 20, ReqPattern;Copy %s %d RENAME
AddCmd  Move, 21, ReqPattern;Move %s %d
AddCmd  Rename, 20, Recurse OFF; Rename %s
AddCmd  Protect, 20, Recurse On; Protect %s
AddCmd  Comment, 20, Recurse OFF; Comment %s
AddCmd  Dir Size, 20, UnMark OFF;Check %s
AddCmd  Delete, 21, ReqPattern;Confirm "All selected files will be lost.";Delete
AddCmd  Cl. RAM:, 21, Extern c:Delete ram:~(Env|T|Clipboards| ALL FORCE 
AddCmd ----------, 20, 
AddCmd  Edit, 10, Extern DH0:C/CED %s
AddCmd  Read, 10, Read %s
AddCmd  Play, 10, Extern DH0:c/Play16 %s
AddCmd  PPMore, 10, ScrBack;Extern DH0:C/PPMore %s
AddCmd  PPAnim, 10, Extern Dh0:Utils/Display/PPAnim %s
AddCmd  PPShow, 10, Extern DH0:Utils/Display/PPShow %s
AddCmd CyberView, 10, Extern DH0:CyberGraphX/PD/Cyberview %s
AddCmd  ViewTEK, 10, extern DH0:utils/Display/VT DF %s
AddCmd  Visage, 10, Extern DH0:utils/Display/Visage %s
AddCmd  FJPEG, 10, Extern DH0:Utils/Display/FJPEG_AGA %s
AddCmd  ShowGIF, 10, Extern DH0:C/ShowGif -aga %sAddCmd  PCD, 10, Extern
DH0:Utils/Display/PhotoCDAGA %s

OpenWindow   0  11 357 589 Data:

OpenWindow 442  11 358 294 RAM:

OpenWindow 442 306 358 294 

AddAutoCmd REKO,Extern DH0:Utils/Display/Showreko20 hires %s
AddAutoCmd @database,scrback;extern run nil: DH0:Utils/Display/Amigaguide
AddAutoCmd ,*.Guide,ScrBack;Extern DH0:Utils/Display/Amigaguide %s
AddAutoCmd EMOD,Shell Extern DH1:Languages/AmigaE/Bin/ShowModule %s
AddAutoCmd FORM????TDDDOBJ, scrback; Extern DH0:Utils/Display/ShowObj %s
AddAutoCmd FORM????LWOB, scrback; Extern DH0:Utils/Display/ShowObj %s
AddAutoCmd PP20,ScrBack;Extern DH0:Utils/Display/PPMore %s
AddAutoCmd ??-lh,StdIO "CON:0/11/694/261/Extract Window";Extern DH0:C2/Lha <* e -M
%s RAM: ;Wait;StdIO CLOSE
AddAutoCmd toCmd BM, extern DH0:c/RunBG SYS:C/VT %s
AddAutoCmd FORM????SSA, extern SYS:Gfx/Clarissa/SSAPlayer %s
AddAutoCmd ,*.CDXL,     extern DH0:Utils/Display/XLPlay %s               
AddAutoCmd ,*.XL,       extern DH0:Utils/Display/XLplay %s
AddAutoCmd ,*.64,	extern DH0:Utils/Display/Visage %s
AddAutoCmd ,*.128,      extern DH0:Utils/Display/Visage %s
AddAutoCmd ,*.256,	extern DH0:Utils/Display/Visage %s
AddAutoCmd ,*.24,	extern DH0:Utils/Display/Visage %s
AddAutoCmd ,*.IFF24,	extern DH0:Utils/Display/Visage %S
AddAutoCmd ,*.HAM8,	extern DH0:Utils/Display/Visage %s
AddAutoCmd FORM????ILBM, extern DH0:Utils/Display/VT %s
AddAutoCmd ??????JFIF, extern DH0:Utils/Display/FJPEG_AGA %s
AddAutoCmd GIF8?, extern DH0:Utils/Display/Visage %s
AddAutoCmd xScene, extern DH0:C/MoviePlayer %s
AddAutoCmd xMovieSetter, extern DH0:C/MoviePlayer %s
AddAutoCmd FORM????ACBM, extern DH0:Utils/Display/Visage %s
AddAutoCmd FORM????8SVX, extern DH0:C/Play16 %s 
AddAutoCmd FORM????ANIM, extern DH0:Utils/Display/VT %s
AddAutoCmd ???,confirm "Executable !" Run Cancel;external c:run %s
AddAutoCmd ??-lh,StdIO "CON:0/11/694/261/Extract Window";Extern DH0:C2/Lha <* e -M
AddAutoCmd LZX,StdIO "CON:0/11/694/261/Extract Window";Extern DH0:C2/LZX <* x %s
AddAutoCmd DMS! ,StdIO "CON:0/11/680/518/DM II";Extern DH0:Utils/Crunch/DMS <*
AddAutoCmd ,*.ARJ, "CON:0/11/694/261/Extract Window";Extern DH0:c2/Unarj x %s  
AddAutoCmd PK, "CON:0/11/694/261/Extract Window";Extern DH0:c2/Unzip %s
AddAutoCmd ,*.GZ, "CON:0/11/694/261/Extract Window";Extern DH0:c2/GZip -d %s
AddAutoCmd ,MOD.*, Extern DH0:C/RunBG DH1:Music/Delitracker_II/Delitracker2 MODULE
AddAutoCmd ,*.MOD, Extern DH0:C/RunBG DH1:Music/Delitracker_II/Delitracker2 MODULE
AddAutoCmd ,*.WAV, Extern DH0:c/Play16 %s
AddAutoCmd ,*.AU,  Extern DH0:c/Play16 %s
AddAutoCmd PSID, extern RunBG DH1:SID/PlaySID %s
AddAutoCmd ,*.MPEG,    extern SYS:C/MPEG -dither gray8 %s
AddAutoCmd ,*.MPG,     extern SYS:C/MPEG -dither gray8 %s
AddAutoCmd ,*.FLI, Extern DH0:c/RunBG DH0:Utils/Display/Flick %s
AddAutoCmd ,*.FLC, Extern DH0:c/RunBG DH0:Utils/Display/Flick %s
AddAutoCmd ????????????????????????????????????????CAMG, Extern Runback
DH0:Utils/Display/vt %s
AddAutoCmd DIFF, extern DH0:C/RunBG DH0:Utils/Display/PlayDiff %s
AddAutoCmd ,*.script, ScrBack; Extern SYS:Screen/ScalaMM400/ScalaMMPlayer %s
AddAutoCmd ,*.scala*, ScrBack; Extern SYS:Screen/ScalaMM400/ScalaMMPlayer %s
AddAutoCmd ^Z,StdIO "CON:0/12/640/100/Extract Window";Extern Arc <* x %s;StdIO
AddAutoCmd ,*.FW, ScrBack; Extern DH0:c/RunBG DH0:Print/FinalWriter/FinalWriter %s
AddAutoCmd ?WPC, Extern DH0:C2/ShowWPG %s
AddAutoCmd TEXT, Extern DH0:C/ppmore -S* %s
AddAutoCmd DEFAULT,Read %s HEX
AddKeyCmd  ,Parent
AddKeyCmd 1,newdir DF0:
AddKeyCmd 2,newdir DF1:
AddKeyCmd 3,newdir DF2:
AddKeyCmd 4,newdir RAM:
AddKeyCmd 5,newdir SYS:
AddKeyCmd 6,newdir DH1:
AddKeyCmd =,newdir SYS:C
AddKeyCmd r,root
AddKeyCmd d,newdir
AddKeyCmd `,batch S:Startup.DM
AddKeyCmd Q,Quit