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Pens 0 1 1 2 1 3 1 0 3 1 2 1
NewScreen ID=1342312448 D=8 W=800 H=600
Color 000 03F F0A FFF 00F F0F 8F0 88F 880 80F 800 0FF 0F0 08F 080 00F 000 A00 000 E97 444 555 666 777 888 999 AAA BBB CCC
Font topaz.font 8

AddMenu Project, Add Command, AddCmd
AddMenu Project, Add Menu Item, AddMenu
AddMenu Project, Add Auto Command, AddAutoCmd
AddMenu Project, Add Key Command, AddKeyCmd
AddMenu Project, Change Command, ChgCmd
AddMenu Project, Display Format, F, SetFormat
AddMenu Project, Palette, Color
AddMenu Project, Printer Setup, SetPrinter
AddMenu Project, Save Config, S, SaveConfig
AddMenu Project, Save Cmd Window, SaveCmdWin
AddMenu Project, Edit S:Startup.DM, S, ScrBack;Extern Ed S:Startup.DM;ScrFront
AddMenu Project, Reconfigure, Batch S:Startup.DM
AddMenu Project, About, About
AddMenu Project, Quit, Quit

AddMenu Tools, Execute Command..., Extern
AddMenu Tools, Change Font, Font
AddMenu Tools, Load Pattern, BackPattern %s P
AddMenu Tools, New Window, N, OpenWindow 240 40 260 120
AddMenu Tools, New Cmd Window, C, OpenWindow 240 40 260 120 CMD;AddCmd
AddMenu Tools, Print Dir, Extern List >PRT: %s
AddMenu Tools, Run DM Script, Single;Batch %s
AddMenu Tools, Run Selected, Single;External run %s
AddMenu Tools, Swap S<->D, Swap
AddMenu Tools, Read Docs, extern sys:utilities/multiview work:dm2_dir/ pubscreen=dm.*

AddMenu Archives, Lha Add, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/100/Add Window";Archive "Lha <* -r a";StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Archives, Arc Add, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/100/Add Window";Archive "Arc <* a";StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Archives, Zoo Add, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/100/Add Window";Archive "Zoo <* a";StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Archives, Lha Extract, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/100/Extract Window";Extern Lha <* x %s;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Archives, Lha X >Dest, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/100/Extract Window";Extern CD %d \Lha <* x %s;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Archives, Lha X Req, Confirm "Enter destination path" Continue Cancel %P;StdIO "CON:0/12/640/100/Extract Window";Extern CD %R \Lha <* x %s;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Archives, Arc Extract, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/100/Extract Window";Extern Arc <* x %s;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Archives, Zoo Extract, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/100/Extract Window";Extern Zoo <* x// %s;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Archives, Lha List, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/160/List Window";Extern Lha v %s;Wait;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Archives, Arc List, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/160/List Window";Extern Arc v %s;Wait;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Archives, Zoo List, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/160/List Window";Extern Zoo v %s;Wait;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Archives, DM Pack, Pack %s %d
AddMenu Archives, DM Unpack, Unpack %s %d
AddMenu Archives, UUDecode, extern sys:c/uudecode %s

AddMenu Control, Lock as Source, Lock S
AddMenu Control, Lock as Dest, Lock D
AddMenu Control, UnLock, UnLock
AddMenu Control, UnLock all, UnLock All
AddMenu Control, Expand ON, Expand ON
AddMenu Control, Sort by Name, SortBy Name
AddMenu Control, Sort by Size, SortBy Size
AddMenu Control, Sort by Date, SortBy Date

Button "Parent"
SetFormat "NS T DMY A C"
BarFormat "  DiskMaster %V; Chip:%C Fast:%F Total:%P"
TitleFormat "%B/%F %I/%C"

OpenWindow 330  10 143 590 CMD

AddCmd Root, 10, Root
AddCmd Parent, 10, Parent
AddCmd , 20, 
AddCmd All, 30, Select *
AddCmd Clear, 30, Deselect *
AddCmd Select, 30, Select
AddCmd Exclude, 30, DeSelect
AddCmd , 20, 
AddCmd Copy, 20, ReqPattern;Copy %s %d
AddCmd Copy Newer, 20, Copy %s %d NEWER
AddCmd Move, 20, ReqPattern;Move %s %d
AddCmd Delete, 30, ReqPattern;Confirm "All selected files will be lost.";Delete %s
AddCmd Delete FORCE, 30, ReqPattern;Confirm "All selected files will be lost."; delete %s FORCE
AddCmd Rename, 20, Recurse OFF;Rename %s
AddCmd Protect, 20, Recurse OFF;Protect %s
AddCmd Comment, 20, Recurse OFF;Comment %s
AddCmd , 20, 
AddCmd Find, 20, ReqPattern "Please enter search pattern";Find %s
AddCmd MakeDir, 20, MakeDir
AddCmd Print, 20, Single;Print %s
AddCmd Size Check, 20, UnMark OFF;Check %s
AddCmd , 20, 
AddCmd PlayDataType, 10, external run nil: sys:c/playDT %s
AddCmd Multiview, 10, external sys:utilities/multiview %s pubscreen=dm.*
AddCmd Objectview, 10, extern sys:utilities/objectview %s screen
AddCmd ViewTek, 10, external sys:utilities/vt %s
AddCmd Visage, 10, external sys:utilities/visage %s
AddCmd More, 10, extern sys:utilities/more %s pubscreen=dm.more
AddCmd Ed Files, 10, extern sys:c/ed %s
AddCmd , 20, 
AddCmd DT2NI, 20, extern c:dt2ni %s 92
AddCmd DT2NI15, 20, extern c:dt2ni15 %s 92
AddCmd Cnvrt Word, 20, extern c:catdoc %s -s >rad:WordDoc.txt
AddCmd , 20, 
AddCmd Protection, 30, protect %s
AddCmd WBInfo, 30, info %s
AddCmd Default Icon, 30, icon %s

OpenWindow 474   9 326 275 RAM_0:

OpenWindow   3  10 324 590 

OpenWindow 474 286 326 314 

AddAutoCmd FORM????ILBM,view %s
AddAutoCmd FORM????ACBM,view %s
AddAutoCmd FORM????8SVX,view %s
AddAutoCmd FORM????ANIM,view %s
AddAutoCmd ,*.HTM*,extern sys:utilities/more %s pubscreen=dm.more
AddAutoCmd ,*.WAV,extern sys:c/play16 %s
AddAutoCmd ??-lh,StdIO "CON:0/12/640/100/Extract Window";Extern Lha <* x %s;StdIO CLOSE;Confirm "Delete Archive?" Yes No;Delete %s
AddAutoCmd ^Z,StdIO "CON:0/12/640/100/Extract Window";Extern Arc <* x %s;StdIO CLOSE;Confirm "Delete Archive?" Yes No;Delete %s
AddAutoCmd ZOO ?.?? Archive,StdIO "CON:0/12/640/100/Extract Window";Extern Zoo <* x// %s;StdIO CLOSE;Confirm "Delete Archive?" Yes No;Delete %s
AddAutoCmd PK  StdIO "CON:0/12/640/100/DM II";Extern UnZIP <* %s;StdIO CLOSE;Confirm "Delete Archive?" Yes No;Delete %s
AddAutoCmd DMS!,StdIO "CON:0/12/640/100/DM II";Extern DMS <* WRITE %s TO DF0: NOPAUSE;StdIO CLOSE;Confirm "Delete DMS File?" Yes No;Delete %s
AddAutoCmd TEXT,view %s
AddAutoCmd DEFAULT,extern sys:utilities/multiview %s pubscreen=dm.*
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