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;$VER: Startup.DM 2.32 (97-08-20)

Pens 1 0 1 2 3 0 2 0 2 1 0 1
NewScreen D=2
Color 999 222 EEE 358
Font rudi/6

AddMenu Config,Display Format,SetFormat
AddMenu Config,Color,Color
AddMenu Config,Save Cmd Window,SaveCmdWin
AddMenu Config,Save Config,SaveConfig
AddMenu Config,About,About
AddMenu Config,Change Font,Font
AddMenu Config,Printer Setup,SetPrinter
AddMenu Config,Quit,Q,Confirm " Drop dead?" "Yo!" "No way!";Quit

AddMenu Launch,Run Selected,Single;Extern run %s
AddMenu Launch,Window Run,StdIO "CON:0/0/700/280/Run!";Single;Extern run %s;Wait;StdIO Close
AddMenu Launch,Execute,StdIO "CON:0/0/700/280/Exe!";Single;Extern execute %s;Wait;StdIO Close
AddMenu Launch,Type,StdIO "CON:0/0/700/280/Type!";Single;Extern type %s;Wait;StdIO Close
AddMenu Launch,Execute Command, Extern

AddMenu Coding,Compile,Single;StdIO "CON:0/0/700/280/Compiling...";Extern c:sc %s;Wait;StdIO Close
AddMenu Coding,NessAss,Single;StdIO "CON:0/0/700/200/SNES!";Extern sasm %s;wait;StdIO Close
AddMenu Coding,AmiASS,Single;StdIO "CON:0/0/700/280/Assembling...";Extern genim2 %s;wait;StdIO Close
AddMenu Coding,Resource!,Single;StdIO "CON:0/0/700/280/Re-Assembling...";Extern c:ira  %s;;wait;StdIO Close
AddMenu Coding,AmiASS2,Single;StdIO "CON:0/0/700/280/Assembling...";Extern c:snma %s ExeOBJ OL=25;wait;StdIO Close

AddMenu Archive,Archiv List,StdIO "CON:0/11/700/280/List";Extern al %s;Wait;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Archive,LZX List,StdIO "CON:0/11/700/280/List";Extern unLZX v1 %s;Wait;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Archive,Zoo List,StdIO "CON:0/11/700/280/List";Extern Zoo l %s;Wait;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Archive,LHA Add,StdIO "CON:0/11/700/280/Add";Archive "LHA <* -r a";StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Archive,LZX Add,StdIO "CON:0/11/700/280/Add";Archive "LZX <* -r a";StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Archive,Zoo Add,StdIO "CON:0/11/700/280/Add";Archive "Zoo <* a";StdIO CLOSE
Addmenu Archive,UUDecode,Extern uudecodex -d .xtract: %s
Addmenu Archive,UUEncode,Confirm "Name of encoded file?" "Go!" "Stop!" .uu;Extern uuencodex %s %r
Addmenu Archive,MUnpack,Extern munpack %s -f >nil:
AddMenu Archive,DM Pack,Pack %s %d
AddMenu Archive,DM Unpack,Unpack %s %d
AddMenu Archive,LHA Extract,StdIO "CON:0/11/700/280/Extract";Extern LHA <* x %s;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Archive,LZX Extract,StdIO "CON:0/11/700/280/Extract";Extern LZX <* x %s;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Archive,Zoo Extract,StdIO "CON:0/11/700/280/Extract";Extern Zoo <* x// %s;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Archive,DMS Test,StdIO "CON:0/11/700/280/DMS!";Extern DMS test %s;Wait;StdIO CLOSE

AddMenu Disk,CD DM0:,Single;StdIO "CON:0/0/700/120/DMS!";Extern chdir 0 %s;StdIO Close
AddMenu Disk,PCMount,Extern run c:PCMountall
AddMenu Disk,PCFormat,StdIO "CON:0/11/700/120/PCformat";Extern pcformat drive df0: name Dosenquark;wait;StdIO Close

AddMenu View,Assign List,StdIO "CON:0/0/312/280/Assigns";Extern c:assign dirs;Wait;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu View,Volumes/Devices,StdIO "CON:0/11/312/150/Volumes+Devices";Extern c:assign vols devices;Wait;StdIO Close

AddMenu Control,Sort by Fast,Sort Fast
AddMenu Control,Sort by Name,Sort Name
AddMenu Control,Sort by Size,Sort Size
AddMenu Control,Sort by Date,Sort Date
AddMenu Control,Sort by Comment,Sort Comment
AddMenu Control,Lock as Source,Lock S
AddMenu Control,Lock as Dest,Lock D
AddMenu Control,UnLock,UnLock
AddMenu Control,UnLock all,UnLock All
AddMenu Control,Swap S<>D,Swap

AddMenu Devs,FTP:,external mount FTP:;external dir ftp:; NewDir FTP:*
AddMenu Devs,Libs:,Newdir DH0:Libs/*
AddMenu Devs,S:,Newdir DH0:S/*
AddMenu Devs,C:,Newdir c:*
AddMenu Devs,Tools:,Newdir DH0:Tools/*
AddMenu Devs,Mods:,Newdir DH1:Mods/*
AddMenu Devs,DM0:,Newdir DM0:*
AddMenu Devs,Net:,Newdir Net:*
AddMenu Devs,DF1:,Newdir DF1:*

AddMenu Misc.,Stop SID,Extern c:clips stop
AddMenu Misc.,Next SID,Extern c:clips next
AddMenu Misc.,Close WB,Extern closewb
AddMenu Misc.,Open WB,Extern openwb
AddMenu Misc.,Exclude,DeSelect
AddMenu Misc.,Protect,Recurs OFF;Protect %s
AddMenu Misc.,Set Date,Setdate %s

AddMenu Tools,MicroGuide,Extern run c:microguide %s
AddMenu Tools,Pro-Wiz,Extern run Dh1:Sharetools/Pro-Wizard %s ac
AddMenu Tools,Showhunks,StdIO "CON:0/11/700/280/Showhunks";Extern Showhunk %s;Wait;StdIO CLose
AddMenu Tools,Striphunks,StdIO "CON:0/11/700/120/Striphunks";Extern Strip %s .xtract:;Wait;StdIO CLose
AddMenu Tools,PeelNewTools,StdIO "CON:0/11/700/280/PeelNew";Extern Peelnewtools %p R L;StdIO Close
AddMenu Tools,XFDScan,Extern c:xfdscan %s .xtract:CrunchData
AddMenu Tools,NesQuick,StdIO "Con:0/11/700/90/SNES!";Extern ssend %s;StdIO CLose

AddMenu Text,IBM>Amiga,StdIO "CON:0/11/700/120/Text";Extern tools:tw -a-n %s .xtract:;StdIO CLose
AddMenu Text,Amiga>IBM,StdIO "CON:0/11/700/120/Text";Extern tools:tw -n %s .xtract:;StdIO CLose
AddMenu Text,HTML>.txt,Extern HTMLess -w %s
AddMenu Text,Edit New,Confirm "Name of new text-file?" "Go!" "Stop!" .txt;Extern run ass %r
AddMenu Text,Trimlines,StdIO "CON:0/11/700/20/Text";Extern c:trimlines -o %s;Wait;StdIO CLose
AddMenu Text,Strip,Recurs OFF;Extern stripc %s
AddMenu Text,>ae,StdIO "CON:0/11/700/120/Text";Extern tools:tw -i-n %s .xtract:;StdIO CLose

AddMenu Comment,DoVer+,Extern c:dover %s Default --- FMT="%v" FORCE QUIET
AddMenu Comment,RIPComment,Extern c:filenote %s
AddMenu Comment,GBComment,Extern c:gbfc %s

Button "Parent"
SetFormat "NS C"
BarFormat "  S-Master %V     Chip:%C   Fast:%F   Total:%P              %W - %D.%M.%Y  %T"
TitleFormat "%B/%F  %I/%C"

OpenWindow 312  11  97 269 CMD

AddCmd   CD0:,10,NewDir CD0:*
AddCmd   CD1:,10,NewDir CD1:*
AddCmd   CD2:,10,NewDir CD2:*
AddCmd   CD3:,10,NewDir CD3:*
AddCmd   DH0:,10,NewDir DH0:*
AddCmd   DH2:,10,Newdir DH2:*
AddCmd   DH5:,10,NewDir DH5:*
AddCmd   Suck:,10,NewDir DH2:Suck/*
AddCmd   xtract:,10,Newdir DH2:xtract/*
AddCmd Parent,20,Parent
AddCmd All,30,Select *
AddCmd Clear,30,Deselect *
AddCmd Select,30,Select
AddCmd Copy,20,Copy %s %d
AddCmd Move,20,Move %s %d
AddCmd Delete,30,Confirm "Really kick`em?" Yep! Nope!;Delete %s
AddCmd Rename,20,Recurs OFF;Rename %s
AddCmd  FastView,10,Rexx FastDMView.rexx %a
AddCmd  PPShow,10,Extern Tools:ppshow %s DATATYPES
AddCmd Comment,20,Recurs OFF;Comment %s
AddCmd  Edit,10,Single;Extern run c:memacs %s
AddCmd  Source,10,Single;Extern run c:ass %s
AddCmd  Unpack,10,StdIO "Con:0/11/700/80/XFD";Extern xfddecrunch %s .xtract: noask;StdIO Close
AddCmd  McDiz,10,Extern c:mcdiz r %s
AddCmd  Shell,10,Extern newcli window CON:0/174/700/134/Shell/CLOSE
AddCmd MakeDir,20,MakeDir
AddCmd De-Protect,20,Protect %s +D;MSG "All Files unprotected now..."
AddCmd Checksize,20,UnMark OFF;Check %s
AddCmd  Version,10,Extern VersionWB %s
AddCmd  DoVer,10,Extern c:dover %s Default --- FMT="%v" FORCE QUIET;NewDir %p
AddCmd HexRead,20,Read %s HEX
AddCmd Find,20,ReqPattern "Gimme a hint!";Find %s
AddCmd  Pic->GIF,10,StdIO "Con:0/11/700/120/->GIF";Extern s=30000 Tools:GfxCon %s Format GIF;StdIO Close
AddCmd Auto,20,Auto %s
AddCmd   DH1:,10,NewDir DH1:*
AddCmd   DH4:,10,NewDir DH4:*
AddCmd   RAM:,10,NewDir RAM:*
AddCmd   DH3:,10,NewDir DH3:*
AddCmd   DF0:,10,NewDir DF0:*

OpenWindow   0  11 312 269 DH0:
OpenWindow 388  11 312 269 DH2:

AddAutoCmd FORM????ILBM,Extern Tools:Fastview %s
AddAutoCmd FORM????ANIM,Extern BigAnim BUFSIZE 1000000 %s
AddAutoCmd FORM????YAFAINFO,Extern yp %s
AddAutoCmd ??????JFIF,Extern Tools:Fastview %s gray
AddAutoCmd PSID,extern run c:clips %s
AddAutoCmd ,*.SWC,Extern ssend %s
AddAutoCmd ,*.SMC,Extern ssend %s
AddAutoCmd GIF8,Extern Tools:Fastview %s
AddAutoCmd ?PNG,Extern Tools:ppshow %s DATATYPES
AddAutoCmd BM,Extern Tools:Fastview %s
AddAutoCmd ,*.PCX,Extern Tools:Fastview %s
AddAutoCmd REKO,Extern Tools:ppshow %s DATATYPES
AddAutoCmd xSceneEdit,Extern MP %s
AddAutoCmd xMovie,Extern MP %s
AddAutoCmd ???,Extern mpeg -quiet -dither gray8 %s
AddAutoCmd ??-lh5,StdIO "CON:0/11/700/280/Extract";Extern LZX <* x %s .xtract:;StdIO CLOSE
AddAutoCmd LZX,StdIO "CON:0/11/700/280/Extract";Extern LZX x %s .xtract:;StdIO CLOSE
AddAutoCmd ??-lh,StdIO "CON:0/11/700/280/Extract";Extern LHA <* x %s .xtract:;StdIO CLOSE
AddAutoCmd ,*.arj,StdIO "CON:0/11/700/280/Extract";Extern unarj e %s;StdIO CLOSE
AddAutoCmd ,*.zip,StdIO "CON:0/11/700/280/Extract";Extern unzip %s -d .xtract:;StdIO CLOSE
AddAutoCmd ZOO ?.?? Archive,StdIO "CON:0/11/700/280/Depack";Extern Zoo <* x// %s;StdIO CLOSE
AddAutoCmd DMS!,StdIO "CON:0/11/700/280/Depack";Extern dms write %s to rad: Noverify NoText;StdIO Close
AddAutoCmd ,mod.*,Extern run Microguide %s
AddAutoCmd DMP0txt,Read %s
AddAutoCmd @database,Extern run Microguide %s
AddAutoCmd TEXT,Read %s
AddAutoCmd DEFAULT,Extern Head %s;Read ram:Head HEX;delete ram:head