Mail to--> Jody Tierney
Web Page

Jody has his own page set up with a current config file as well as
a link to an archive containing the scripts he uses.
Jody DM2 page

Pens 0 1 1 2 1 3 1 0 3 1 2 1
NewScreen ID=626692 D=3 W=704 H=463
Color AAA 000 EEE 68A C44 CC4 33C 5A5
Font topaz/8

AddMenu Project, Display Format, F, SetFormat
AddMenu Project, Add Command, AddCmd
AddMenu Project, Edit Command, E, ChgCmd
AddMenu Project, Add Menu Item, AddMenu
AddMenu Project, Load Config, Batch SYS:Utilities/DM2Color2
AddMenu Project, Edit Config, Extern Run >NIL: C:XDME SYS:Utilities/DM2Color2
AddMenu Project, Save Config, S, SaveConfig
AddMenu Project, Palette, Color
AddMenu Project, Printer Setup, SetPrinter
AddMenu Project, About, About
AddMenu Project, Quit, Confirm "Are you sure you want to quit?" Yes No;Quit

AddMenu Tools, Command, UnMark OFF; Rexx REXX:CmdExec.rexx
AddMenu Tools, NewShell, Extern NewShell "CON:5/15/640/200/DM2 Shell/CLOSE/SCREEN `C:GetPubName`"
AddMenu Tools, Change Font, Font
AddMenu Tools, New Window, N, OpenWindow 240 40 260 120
AddMenu Tools, New Cmd Window, C, OpenWindow 240 40 260 120 CMD;AddCmd
AddMenu Tools, Swap S<->D, Swap
AddMenu Tools, DiskList, Recursion OFF; Rexx REXX:DList.rexx %s
AddMenu Tools, PPatcher, Extern SYS:Utilities/PowerPacker/PP

AddMenu Files, Find, ReqPattern "Please enter search pattern"; Find %s
AddMenu Files, Information, Recursion OFF; Extern C:InfoReq %s PS %a
AddMenu Files, MakeIcon, Recursion OFF; REXX:MkDefIcon.rexx %s
AddMenu Files, Run Selected, Single; External run %s
AddMenu Files, Run DM Script, Single; Batch %s
AddMenu Files, PPacked?, Rexx REXX:PPTest.rexx %s

AddMenu Archive, Transform, StdIO, "CON:96/15/430/90/Transform Window/Close"; Rexx REXX:ArcTrans.rexx %s %d; Wait; StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Archive, Arc Test, StdIO "CON:75/15/640/400/Test Window/Close"; Rexx REXX:ArcMast.rexx %s t; Wait; StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Archive, Arc List, StdIO "CON:5/15/640/400/List Window/Close"; Rexx REXX:ArcMast.rexx %s l; Wait; StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Archive, Lha SelX, StdIO "CON:5/15/640/150/Extract Window/Close"; Extern C:Lha <* -c x %s %d; StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Archive, LZX SelX, StdIO "CON:5/15/640/150/Extract Window/Close"; Extern C:LZX <* -c x %s %d; StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Archive, Rip GL, StdIO "CON:5/15/640/200/GL Rip Window/Close"; Rexx REXX:RipGL.rexx %s %d; StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Archive, ZIP Add, StdIO "CON:5/15/640/150/Add Window/Close"; Archive "C:ZIP <* -r -k -9 a"; StdIO CLOSE

AddMenu Dirs, Volumes, NewDir
AddMenu Dirs, Root, Root
AddMenu Dirs, Temp-DL, NewDir INet1:Temp-DL
AddMenu Dirs, SD0:, NewDir SD0:
AddMenu Dirs, T:, NewDir T:
AddMenu Dirs, Utilities, NewDir SYS:Utilities
AddMenu Dirs, AmigaGuide, NewDir TEXT:AmigaGuide
AddMenu Dirs, Docs, NewDir TEXT:Docs
AddMenu Dirs, Sounds, NewDir SYS:Music/Sounds
AddMenu Dirs, JPEGs, NewDir PICS:JPEGs
AddMenu Dirs, Downloads, NewDir SYS:Term/Downloads
AddMenu Dirs, To Aminet, NewDir SYS:T/ToAminet
AddMenu Dirs, E - Source, NewDir E:Source
AddMenu Dirs, E - My Modules, NewDir E:Source/MyModules
AddMenu Dirs, E - My Utils, NewDir E:Source/MyUtils

AddMenu Sort, Sort by Name, Sort N
AddMenu Sort, Sort by Date, Sort D

Button "Parent"
SetFormat "NS M/D/Y C"
BarFormat "DiskMaster II - v%V  %T %W., %M %D  Chip: %C  Fast: %F"
TitleFormat "%I/%C  %B/%F"
Expand ON

OpenWindow   0 341 298 122 RAM_Disk:T

OpenWindow 406  11 298 282

OpenWindow 406 293 298 170 SD0:

OpenWindow   0  11 298 330 System3.0:

OpenWindow 298  11 108  70 CMD

AddCmd Volumes, 27, NewDir
AddCmd HomePage, 17, NewDir TEXT:HomePage
AddCmd Temp-DL, 17, NewDir INet1:Temp-DL
AddCmd AmigaGuide, 17, NewDir TEXT:AmigaGuide
AddCmd Docs, 17, NewDir TEXT:Docs
AddCmd E-Source, 17, NewDir E:Source
AddCmd E-MyMods, 17, NewDir E:Source/MyModules
AddCmd E-MyUtils, 17, NewDir E:Source/MyUtils
AddCmd Downloads, 17, NewDir SYS:Term/Downloads
AddCmd To Aminet, 17, NewDir SYS:T/ToAminet
AddCmd Sounds, 17, NewDir SYS:Music/Sounds
AddCmd Text, 17, NewDir TEXT:

OpenWindow 298  68 108 395 CMD

AddCmd Root, 10, Root
AddCmd ReScan, 10, NewDir %p
AddCmd All, 03, Select *
AddCmd Clear, 03, Deselect *
AddCmd Select, 03, Select
AddCmd Exclude, 03, DeSelect
AddCmd *.info, 03, Select *.info
AddCmd Delete, 24, ReqPattern; Confirm "All selected files will be lost."; Delete %s
AddCmd Comment, 10, Recursion OFF; Comment %s
AddCmd CommentAll, 10, Rexx REXX:DM2/DMCommAll.rexx
AddCmd VerComment, 10, Rexx REXX:VerCom.rexx %s
AddCmd No Comment, 10, Extern FileNote %s QUIET
AddCmd Arc Ext, 15, StdIO "CON:5/15/640/150/Extract Window/Close"; Rexx REXX:ArcMast.rexx %s x %d; StdIO CLOSE
AddCmd Lha Add, 15, StdIO "CON:5/15/640/150/Add Window/Close"; Archive "C:Lha <* -re a"; StdIO CLOSE
AddCmd LZX Add, 15, StdIO "CON:5/15/640/150/Add Window/Close"; Archive "C:LZX <* -r3 a"; StdIO CLOSE
AddCmd Transform, 15, Rexx REXX:ArcTrans.rexx %s %d AUTO=1
AddCmd Copy, 60, ReqPattern; Copy %s %d
AddCmd Copy As, 60, Recursion OFF; Copy %s %d RENAME
AddCmd Duplicate, 60, Rexx REXX:Duplicate.rexx %s
AddCmd Move, 60, ReqPattern; Move %s %d
AddCmd Move As, 60, Recursion OFF; Move %s %d RENAME
AddCmd Rename, 60, Recursion OFF; Rename %s
AddCmd xPack, 71, Extern C:xPack %s METHOD SHRI.100
AddCmd xPack Data, 71, Extern C:xPack %s METHOD SHRI.100 SUFFIX .xpk
AddCmd xUnPack, 71, Extern C:xPack %s SUFFIX .xpk
AddCmd PP UnPack, 71, Extern C:Decrunch >NIL: %s TO %d
AddCmd MakeDir, 60, MakeDir
AddCmd MkDefIcon, 10, Rexx REXX:DM2/DMMultiExec.rexx 0 C:MakeDefIcon
AddCmd Protect, 10, Recursion OFF; Protect %s
AddCmd RemAssign, 10, Recursion OFF; Extern C:Assign %s REMOVE
AddCmd Size Check, 10, UnMark OFF; Check %s
AddCmd Version, 10, StdIO "CON:56/22/505/135/Version/Close"; Extern Version %s FULL; Wait; StdIO CLOSE
AddCmd Edit Text, 51, Extern Run >NIL: C:XDME %s -n -ps %a
AddCmd Edit Hex, 51, Extern DH0:Utilities/Hex %s
AddCmd Read Text, 51, Extern Run >NIL: DH0:Utilities/XMore %s S %a
AddCmd Read Guide, 51, Extern Run >NIL: DH0:Utilities/MultiView %s PUBSCREEN %a
AddCmd Read Hex, 51, Read %s HEX LACE
AddCmd HTMLess, 51, Rexx REXX:DM2/DMMultiExec.rexx 0 C:HTMLess >NIL: -T -H -W -A -E.txt
AddCmd Visage, 17, Rexx REXX:DM2/DMMultiExec.rexx 0 DH0:Utilities/Visage
AddCmd PicInfo, 67, Rexx REXX:DM2/DMMultiExec.rexx 1 DH0:Utilities/Visage INFO
AddCmd VT w/ Opts, 17, ARCHIVE "SYS:RexxC/RX REXX:DM2/DMVTOpts.rexx" %s
AddCmd View Icon, 17, Rexx REXX:DM2/DMMultiExec.rexx 0 DH0:Utilities/ViewIcon PS %a
AddCmd Sound, 67, Rexx REXX:DM2/DMMultiExec.rexx 1 SYS:Music/Play16 V 1 FAST
AddCmd Quit, 21, Confirm "Are you sure you want to quit?" Yes No; Quit
AddCmd TestWindow, 10, Extern Run >NIL: C:TestWindow %a
AddCmd SelectTest, 10, StdIO "CON:100/15/450/100/Window Test/Close"; Archive "C:Echo <*" %s; Wait; StdIO CLOSE
AddCmd T.rexx, 10, StdIO "CON:10/10/600/150/T.rexx/CLOSE"; Rexx SD0:t.rexx %s %d; Wait; StdIO CLOSE

AddAutoCmd FORM????ILBM, Extern Run DH0:Utilities/Visage %s
AddAutoCmd FORM????ACBM, Extern Run DH0:Utilities/Visage %s
AddAutoCmd FORM????ANIM, Extern Run DH0:Utilities/ViewTek %s
AddAutoCmd ??????JFIF, Extern DH0:Utilities/Visage %s
AddAutoCmd GIF, Extern Run DH0:Utilities/Visage %s
AddAutoCmd ,.png, Extern DH0:Utilities/Visage %s
AddAutoCmd ??-lh, StdIO "CON:75/15/640/400/List Window/Close"; Extern C:Lha v %s; Wait; StdIO CLOSE
AddAutoCmd LZX, StdIO "CON:75/15/640/400/List Window/Close"; Extern C:LZX l %s; Wait; StdIO CLOSE
AddAutoCmd PK, StdIO "CON:5/15/640/150/ZIP Window/Close"; Extern C:UnZIP -v <* %s; Wait; StdIO CLOSE
AddAutoCmd FORM????8SVX, Extern SYS:Music/Play16 >NIL: %s FAST
AddAutoCmd ????????WAVE, Extern SYS:Music/Play16 %s FAST
AddAutoCmd ,*.guide, Extern Run SYS:Utilities/MultiView FILE %s PUBSCREEN %a
AddAutoCmd ,*.guide.pp, Extern SYS:Utilities/Multiview %s PUBSCREEN %a
AddAutoCmd ,*.guide.xpk, Extern SYS:Utilities/Multiview %s PUBSCREEN %a
AddAutoCmd ,*.pp, Extern SYS:Utilities/xMore %s S %a
AddAutoCmd ,*.xpk, Extern SYS:Utilities/xMore %s S %a
AddAutoCmd TEXT, Read %s LACE
AddAutoCmd DEFAULT, Read %s HEX LACE