Mail to--> Torben Danoe

;Under construction! If you find bugs, or have suggestions/improvements, please contact 
Pens 0 4 4 1 2 3 5 0 3 1 2 1
NewScreen ID=1074921474 D=3 W=800 H=600
Color AAA 000 FFF C14 00A FF0 92B 080 620 E50 9F1 EB0 55F 92F 0F8 CCC
Font topaz/8

AddMenu Project, Add Command, AddCmd
AddMenu Project, Add Menu Item, AddMenu
AddMenu Project, Add Auto Command, AddAutoCmd
AddMenu Project, Add Key Command, AddKeyCmd
AddMenu Project, Change Command, ChgCmd
AddMenu Project, Display Format, SetFormat
AddMenu Project, Palette, Color
AddMenu Project, Printer Setup, SetPrinter
AddMenu Project, Save Config, S, SaveConfig
AddMenu Project, Save Cmd Window, SaveCmdWin
AddMenu Project, Read DM Manual, extern run powerguide Sys:Utilities/DiskMasterII/
AddMenu Project, Edit Startup.DM, E, Extern GED S:Startup.DM
AddMenu Project, Reconfigure, R, Batch S:Startup.DM
AddMenu Project, About, About
AddMenu Project, Quit, Q, Confirm "Forlade dm2!!" "Ja!" "Nej!";Quit

AddMenu Tools, Execute Command..., Extern
AddMenu Tools, Change Font, Font
AddMenu Tools, New Window, N, OpenWindow 0 387 269 125
AddMenu Tools, New Cmd Window, C, OpenWindow 0 387 269 125 CMD;AddCmd
AddMenu Tools, Print Dir, Extern List >PRT: %s
AddMenu Tools, Play Module, Extern Lyd:Musik/HippoPlayer/Hip %s
AddMenu Tools, Run DM Script, Single;Batch %s
AddMenu Tools, Run Selected, Single;Extern run %s
AddMenu Tools, Swap S<->D, Swap

AddMenu Archives, DM Pack, Pack %s %d
AddMenu Archives, DM Unpack, Unpack %s %d
AddMenu Archives, UUEncode, Extern UUEncode %s RAM:RenameMe.UUE
AddMenu Archives, Uuxt  Add, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/100/Add Window";Archive "Uuxt <* a";StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Archives, Base64Encode, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/100/Add Window";Archive "C:Base64Encode <* to";StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Archives, Uuxt  l, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/100/Add Window";Archive "Uuxt <* a";StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Archives, Uuxt  Extract, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/100/Extract Window";Extern Uuxt <* x %s;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Archives, Base64Decode Extract, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/100/Extract Window";Extern C:Base64Decode <* %s;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Archives, ----------, 50, Clear, Select *
AddMenu Archives, Lha   X Req, Confirm "Enter destination path" Continue Cancel %P;StdIO "CON:0/12/640/100/Extract Window";Extern CD %R \Lha <* x %s;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Archives, LZX   X Req, Confirm "Enter destination path" Continue Cancel %P;StdIO "CON:0/12/640/100/Extract Window";Extern CD %R \LZX <* x %s;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Archives, Uuxt  List, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/160/List Window";Extern Uuxt v %s;Wait;StdIO CLOSE

AddMenu Arc, Arc Add, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/100/Add Window";Archive "Arc <* a";StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Arc, Tar Add, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/100/Add Window";Archive "Tar <* -cv";StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Arc, Zoo Add, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/100/Add Window";Archive "Zoo <* a";StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Arc, Zip Add, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/100/Add Window";Archive "Zip <* -0 -9 -r a";StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Arc, Zoo Extract, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/100/Extract Window";Extern Zoo <* x// %s;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Arc, Tar Extract, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/100/Extract Window";Extern DeTar <* %s;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Arc, Zip Extract, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/100/Extract Window";Extern CD %d \UnZip <* %s;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Arc, Sit Extract, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/100/Extract Window";Extern UnSit <* x %s;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Arc, Tgz Extract, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/100/Extract Window";Extern UnTgz %s FAST:;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Arc, D64 Extract, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/100/Extract Window";Extern D64 <* x %s;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Arc, DMS Extract, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/100/Extract Window";Extern Dms WRITE %s TO RAD: NOTEXT;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Arc,  Lha Test, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/160/Check Window";Extern Lha t %s;Wait;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Arc,  Dms Test, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/160/Check Window";Extern Dms TEST %s;Wait;StdIO CLOSE

AddMenu ArcList, Lha List, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/160/List Window";Extern Lha v %s;Wait;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu ArcList, Lzx List, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/160/List Window";Extern Lzx v %s;Wait;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu ArcList, Arc List, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/160/List Window";Extern Arc l %s;Wait;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu ArcList, Zip List, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/160/List Window";Extern Unzip -l %s;Wait;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu ArcList, Zoo List, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/160/List Window";Extern Zoo v %s;Wait;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu ArcList, Rar List, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/160/List Window";Extern UnRar l %s;Wait;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu ArcList, Sit List, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/160/List Window";Extern UnSit v %s;Wait;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu ArcList, Tgz List, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/160/List Window";Extern UnTgz -v %s;Wait;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu ArcList, Zoo List, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/160/List Window";Extern Zoo v %s;Wait;StdIO CLOSE

;AddMenu Disk, Format DF0:, Confirm "Are you sure?";StdIO "CON:0/12/640/160/Format";Extern SYS:System/Format Drive DF0: Name Blank FFS ;Wait;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Disk,Format df0:,Confirm "How shall I name it master?" "Go!" "Stop!" "Empty";StdIO "CON:0/12/640/160/Format";Extern SYS:System/Format drive df0: name %r ffs ;Wait;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Disk, Format DF2:, Confirm "Are you sure?";StdIO "CON:0/12/640/160/Format";Extern SYS:System/Format Drive DF2: Name WorkDisk FFS ;Wait;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Disk, Clear  DF0:, Confirm "Are you sure?";StdIO "CON:0/12/640/160/Clear";Extern SYS:System/Format Drive DF0: Name Blank FFS NOICONS QUICK ;Wait;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Disk, Clear  DF2:, Confirm "Are you sure?";StdIO "CON:0/12/640/160/Clear";Extern SYS:System/Format Drive DF2: Name WorkDisk FFS NOICONS QUICK ;Wait;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Disk, Copy DF0: DF2:, Confirm "Kopiere DF0 til DF2?";StdIO "CON:0/12/640/160/Copy";Extern SYS:C/copy DF0: DF2: ;Wait;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Disk, Copy DF2: DF0:, Confirm "Kopiere DF2 til DF0?";StdIO "CON:0/12/640/160/Copy";Extern SYS:C/copy DF2: DF0: ;Wait;StdIO CLOSE

AddMenu Utilities, Cygnus Editor, O, ScrBack; Extern SYS:C/CYG %s;ScrFront
AddMenu Utilities, QBTools, ;, ScrBack; Extern Run WB_2.x:Repair/ToolsDeluxe/QuarterbackTools;ScrFront
AddMenu Utilities, XpkMASH, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/100/xPack";Extern "SYS:C/xPack" %s METHOD MASH ALL;wait ;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Utilities, Read ASCII, I, ScrBack; Extern SYS:C1/Textview %s;ScrFront
AddMenu Utilities, Shell, L, Extern NewShell "CON:100/400/560/200/Min.Shell/AUTO/SCREEN*"
AddMenu Utilities, Find Aminetfile, F; Extern wbrun dh1:FindKit/AminetFind

AddMenu Start, FVKill, Confirm "OBS!! Skal SOURCE dir checkes??"; StdIO "CON:0/12/640/160/FVKill"; Extern DH1:VKill/FastVirusKiller/FastVirusKiller %p;Wait;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu Start, GPFax, ScrBack;Extern run >nil:  AMY, StdIO "CON:0/11/312/300/Translate";Extern DH0:C1/aptxt %s
AddMenu Trans, Mac->Amiga, StdIO "CON:150/20/475/500/Translate"; Confirm "New filename:" Okay Cancel "SD0:"; Extern SYS:C1/cvt -f SYS:s/CvtScripts/Mac->Amiga.cvt -o %r %s
AddMenu Trans, Amiga->Mac, StdIO "CON:150/20/475/500/Translate"; Confirm "New filename:" Okay Cancel "SD0:"; Extern SYS:C1/cvt -f SYS:s/CvtScripts/AMI->Mac.cvt -o %r %s
AddMenu Trans, Tex->DOS, StdIO "CON:150/20/475/500/Translate"; Confirm "New filename:" Okay Cancel "SD0:"; Extern SYS:C1/cvt -f SYS:s/CvtScripts/TeX->DOS.cvt -o %r %s
AddMenu Trans, ASCII->Morse, StdIO "CON:150/20/475/500/Translate"; Confirm "New filename:" Okay Cancel "SD0:"; Extern SYS:C1/cvt -fSYS:s/CvtScripts/ASCII->Morse.cvt -o %r %s

Button "Parent"
SetFormat "NS D-M-Y T A C"
BarFormat "DM %V Chip:%C  Fast:%F  Total:%P  %W - %D.%M.%Y  %T"
Titleformat "Valgt %I/%C = %B.  Fri: %F "
;TitleFormat "%B/%F %I/%C"

OpenWindow 347  11 107 589 CMD
AddCmd Root, 10, Root
AddCmd Parents, 10, REXX System3:Utilities/DiskMasterII/rexx/Parents.dmrx %a %p
AddCmd Swap S-D, 10, Swap
AddCmd Select, 20, Select
AddCmd SwapSelect,20,SwapSel
AddCmd DMIconsToo, 20, REXX System3:Utilities/DiskMasterII/rexx/DMIconsToo.rexx
AddCmd All, 40, Select *
AddCmd Clear, 40, Deselect *
AddCmd Exclude, 40, DeSelect
AddCmd Comment, 10, Recurse OFF;Comment %s
AddCmd DMCommAll, 10, REXX System3:Utilities/DiskMasterII/rexx/DMCmtAllRT.rexx
AddCmd Protect, 10, Recurse OFF;Protect %s
AddCmd Prot Recur, 10,Protect %s
AddCmd Size Check, 40, UnMark OFF;Check %s
AddCmd ----------, 50, Clear, Select *
AddCmd VersionWB, 20, Extern "SYS:C/Versionwb" %s
AddCmd Version, 20, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/30/Version Window";Extern SYS:C/Version %s;Wait 2;StdIO CLOSE
AddCmd Kick Vers, 20, StdIO "CON:250/12/300/100/KickStart Version Window";Extern SYS:C/VersionWB;Wait;StdIO CLOSE
AddCmd DosList, 20, StdIO "CON:200/12/400/500/DosList Window";Extern SYS:C1/DosList;Wait;StdIO CLOSE
AddCmd Mod-Info, 60, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/310/Module Info Window";Extern sys:opus/utils/modinfo %s;Wait;StdIO CLOSE
AddCmd Mod-Pack, 60, Confirm "Are You Sure ?" "Yes" "No";Extern SYS:C/Mc 4 %s FAST:mod.Done
AddCmd Play Mod, 60, REXX wb_2.x:Utilities/DiskMasterII/rexx/DMExecOnMany.rexx 0 Lyd:Musik/HippoPlayer/Hip;scrback
AddCmd TextView, 40, Extern run SYS:C1/TextView %s
AddCmd MultiView, 40, Extern SYS:Utilities/MultiView %s;ScrFront
AddCmd Powerguide, 40, Extern SYS:c/PowerGuide %s;ScrFront
AddCmd VProdInfo,40,Extern SYS:C1/VPI %s;ScrFront
AddCmd HexRead, 10, Read %s HEX
AddCmd Find (dir), 20, ReqPattern "Gimme a hint!" ;Find %s
AddCmd Grep, 20, StdIO "CON:150/20/475/500/Window QFind"; Confirm "Enter searchpat:" Okay Cancel "*"; Extern c:grep -in %r %s; Wait; StdIO  Close
AddCmd uudecode, 10, Extern uudecode %s
AddCmd uuencode, 10, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/100/Encode Window";Extern CD %d \uuencode <* <* > test.uu;StdIO CLOSE
AddCmd ----------, 50, Clear, Select *
AddCmd fontview, 40, Extern system3:user1/fontview/fontview %s
AddCmd GetQInfo, 10, StdIO "CON:150/10/475/100/Window GetQInfo"; Extern GetQInfo; Wait 1; StdIO Close
AddCmd MUnpack, 10, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/100/MUnpack";Extern SYS:c/munpack -f -C SD0: %s;Wait;StdIO CLOSE
AddCmd MPack, 10, StdIO "CON:150/20/475/500/MPack"; Confirm "Skriv filnavn:" Okay Cancel "SD0:"; Extern SYS:c/mpack -o %r;Wait;StdIO Close
AddCmd XQuerry, 40, StdIO "CON:150/20/475/500/Window XQuerry"; Confirm "Enter Pakkemetode - def all" Okay Cancel "*"; Extern SYS:C/xQuery %r;Wait;StdIO CLOSE
AddCmd XDir, 40, StdIO "CON:150/20/475/500/Window XDir";Extern SYS:C/xDir %s;Wait;StdIO CLOSE
AddCmd XStat, 40, StdIO "CON:150/20/475/500/Window XStat";Extern SYS:C/xStat %s;Wait;StdIO CLOSE
AddCmd ----------, 30, Clear, Select *
AddCmd DKPscript, 20, StdIO "CON:110/12/550/100/DiffDKP";Extern run Post:Mail/Scripts/DiffDKP;StdIO CLOSE
AddCmd Traplist, 20, StdIO "CON:160/12/450/100/Traplist";Extern Mail:Bin/TrapList;StdIO CLOSE
AddCmd Flush, 40, Extern c:flush
AddCmd Clean mem, 40, Extern c:clean
AddCmd Clear mem, 40, Extern c:ClrMem
AddCmd FlushLibs, 40, Extern SYS:C1/FlushLibs
AddCmd Split, 30, StdIO "CON:150/20/475/500/Window Split"; Confirm "Enter 850000 eller 1650000" Okay Cancel "850000"; Extern SYS:c/Sploin %s -%r -dram:
AddCmd Join, 30, StdIO "CON:150/20/475/500/Window Join"; Confirm "Enter Filename for joined file:" Okay Cancel "SD0:"; SYS:c/Sploin %r %s -j

OpenWindow 0  470 126 130 CMD
AddCmd Mpeg Play, 40, Extern Run SYS:C/MpegPlay -dither village24 %s
AddCmd Avi Play, 40, Extern SYS:C/Avi %s
AddCmd Fli Play, 40, Extern DH1:Picasso96/FliP96 %s
AddCmd MoviePlay, 40, Extern SYS:CyberQT %s
AddCmd ECC Play, 40, Extern SYS:C1/ECChi %s
AddCmd CyberShow, 60, Extern SYS:c1/CyberShow %s
AddCmd CyberView, 60, Extern SYS:C1/CyberView %s
AddCmd CyberAnim, 60, Extern Sys:CV64/PD/CyberAnim/Cyberanim %s
AddCmd Visage,70,Extern SYS:C1/Visage %s
AddCmd Osiris, 60, Extern SYS:c1/osiris %s CYBERGFX

OpenWindow 108  470 127 130 CMD
AddCmd Repack->lzx, 20, Recursion ON; StdIO "CON:0/12/640/100/Repack Window";REXX rexx:Repack.rexx %s T: 9 ON ON;StdIO CLOSE
AddCmd Lzx X >Dest, 10, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/100/Extract Window";Extern CD %d \Lzx <* x %s;StdIO CLOSE
AddCmd Arj X >Dest, 10, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/100/Extract Window";Extern Arc <* x %s;StdIO CLOSE
AddCmd Rar X >Dest, 10, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/100/Extract Window";Extern UnRar <* x %s;StdIO CLOSE
AddCmd Zip X >Dest, 10, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/100/Extract Window";Extern CD %d \UnZip <* %s;StdIO CLOSE
AddCmd Lha X >Dest, 10, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/100/Extract Window";Extern CD %d \Lha <* x %s;StdIO CLOSE
AddCmd Xpk pak, 70, StdIO "CON:90/12/500/100/xPack";Confirm "Enter Method" Okay Cancel "MASH";Extern SYS:C/xPack %s METHOD %r ALL;Wait;StdIO CLOSE
AddCmd Xpk MASH, 70,StdIO "CON:90/12/500/100/xPack";Extern SYS:C/xPack %s METHOD MASH ALL;StdIO CLOSE
AddCmd Xpk udpak, 70, StdIO "CON:90/12/500/100/xPack";Extern "SYS:C/xPack" %s ALL;StdIO CLOSE
AddCmd Xfd udpak, 10,StdIO "CON:90/12/500/100/xPack";Extern "SYS:C/xfdDecrunch" %s;Wait;StdIO CLOSE
AddCmd Lha Add, 20, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/100/Add Window";Archive "Lha <* -r -x a";StdIO CLOSE
AddCmd Lzx Add,20, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/100/Add Window";Archive "Lzx <* -a -c -e -Qf -r -R -Y -x -9 a";StdIO CLOSE

OpenWindow 218  470 127 130 CMD
AddCmd System3:, 10, NewDir WB_2.x:*
AddCmd Work:, 10, NewDir DH1:*
AddCmd Gfx:, 10, NewDir DH2:*
AddCmd Post:, 10, NewDir DH3:*
AddCmd Lyd:, 10, NewDir DH4:*
AddCmd Bilbo:, 10, NewDir DH5:*
AddCmd DF0:, 10, Newdir DF0:/*
AddCmd DF2:, 10, Newdir DF2:/*
AddCmd DF3:, 10, Newdir DF3:*
AddCmd SD0:, 20, NewDir SD0:*
AddCmd RAM:, 20, NewDir RAM:*
AddCmd CD0:, 20, NewDir CD0:*
AddCmd RH0:, 20, NewDir RH0:*
AddCmd -----Dir-----, 10, Clear, Select *
AddCmd C:, 20, Newdir Sys:c/*
AddCmd S:, 20, Newdir SYS:S/*
AddCmd Libs:, 20, Newdir SYS:Libs/*
AddCmd VHelp:, 70,  NewDir DH1:VHelp/*
AddCmd VKill:, 70, NewDir DH1:VKill/*
AddCmd XPKTekst:, 60, NewDir DH1:XPKTekst/*
AddCmd Pictures:,60,NewDir DH2:Pictures/*
AddCmd Test:, 20, NewDir DH4:Hmmm/*
AddCmd DLoad:, 20, NewDir DH4:DLoad/*
AddCmd DMII:, 60, NewDir System3:Utilities/DiskMasterII/*
AddCmd BBSLister:, 10, NewDir DH1:XPKTekst/BBSLister/*
AddCmd ----post----, 50, Clear, Select *
AddCmd Nodelist:, 10, NewDir DH3:Mail/nodelist/*
AddCmd Outbound:, 10, NewDir DH3:Mail/outbound/*
AddCmd Inbound:, 10, NewDir DH3:Mail/inbound/*
AddCmd Download:, 10, NewDir DH3:Download/*
AddCmd DL Ncomm, 10, NewDir DH3:Download/Ncomm3/*

OpenWindow 454  470 126 130 CMD
AddCmd MakeIcon,20,Recurse OFF;Extern Sys:C1/MakeDefIcon %s
AddCmd Copy, 50, ReqPattern;Copy %s %d
AddCmd CopyAS, 50, Copy %s %d RENAME
AddCmd Vers.copy, 50, REXX System3:Utilities/DiskMasterII/rexx/DMCopyChkVer.rexx 0 1
AddCmd Move, 30, ReqPattern;Confirm "Du flytter nu filer!!";Move %s %d
AddCmd MoveAS, 30, ReqPattern;Confirm "Du flytter nu filer!!";Move %s %d RENAME
AddCmd Delete, 30, ReqPattern;Confirm "Du mister alle valgte filer.";Delete %s
AddCmd Rename, 20, Recurse OFF;Rename %s
AddCmd Qfind, 10, StdIO "CON:150/20/475/500/Window QFind"; Confirm "Enter Filename:" Okay Cancel "*"; Extern QFind %r; Wait; StdIO CLOSE
AddCmd QMan, 10, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/30/Window QMan"; Confirm "Programmets navn:" Okay Cancel "*"; Extern QMan %r; Wait; StdIO CLOSE
AddCmd MakeDir, 20, MakeDir

OpenWindow 564  470 127 130 CMD
AddCmd Edit, 50, Extern GED %s
AddCmd Edit New, 50, Confirm "Enter Filename:" Okay Cancel "SD0:New";Extern GED %r
AddCmd IBrowse,10,Extern run DH3:Internet/IBrowse/IBrowse
AddCmd File->IBrowse,10,Single;REXX "parse arg file;address 'IBROWSE';'gotourl' '22'x'file:///'file'22'x" %s
AddCmd File->IBrowse,10,Single;REXX "parse arg file;if ~show('p','IBROWSE') then do;address command 'Run >NIL: DH3:Internet/IBrowse/IBrowse' '0a'x 'Wait 6';end;address 'IBROWSE';'gotourl' '22'x'file:///'file'22'x" %s
AddCmd MoreHTML,40,single;Extern run work:textreadere/morehtml/morehtml %s
AddCmd HTMLess,40,single;Extern run work:miscprog/htmlstrip/htmless/htmless %s

OpenWindow 674  470 127 130 CMD
AddCmd Lock as Source,10,Lock S
AddCmd Lock as Dest,10,Lock D
AddCmd UnLock,10,UnLock
AddCmd UnLock all,10,UnLock All
AddCmd Expand ON,10,Expand ON
AddCmd Expand OFF,10,Expand OFF
AddCmd Toggle Expand,10,Expand
AddCmd Sort by Name,20,SortBy Name
AddCmd Sort by Size,20,SortBy Size
AddCmd Sort by Date,20,SortBy Date
AddCmd Assign List,10,StdIO "CON:0/0/312/600/Assigns";Extern c:assign dirs;Wait;StdIO CLOSE
AddCmd Volumes/Devices,10,StdIO "CON:0/11/312/300/Volumes+Devices";Extern c:assign vols devices;Wait;StdIO Close

OpenWindow 454 251 346 240 DH3:Download

OpenWindow 454  11 346 240 SD0:

OpenWindow   0  11 347 480 WB_2.x:

AddAutoCmd FORM????ILBM,Extern SYS:C1/CyberShow %s
AddAutoCmd FORM????ACBM,Extern SYS:C1/CyberShow %s
AddAutoCmd FORM????ANIM,Extern SYS:C1/CyberAnim %s
AddAutoCmd ??????JFIF, Extern SYS:C1/Visage %s
AddAutoCmd GIF, extern SYS:C1/CyberShow %s
;AddAutoCmd GIF, extern SYS:C1/CyberView <* %s
AddAutoCmd ,*.guide, extern run system3:c/powerguide %s;ScrFront
;AddAutoCmd ,*.info,scrback;Extern Run >NIL: wbinfo %s;ScrFront
AddAutoCmd ,*.info,scrback;Extern Run >NIL: DoIcon %s wbinfo
AddAutoCmd DMS!,Confirm "Are you sure to DMS to DF0" "Yes" "Ups, Nej!";StdIO "CON:0/12/640/100/DM II";Extern DMS <* WRITE %s TO DF0: NOPAUSE NOTEXT;StdIO CLOSE;Confirm "Delete DMS File?" Yes No;Delete %s
AddAutoCmd FORM????8SVX, extern system3:c1/dsound -2 -f -b 60 %s
AddAutoCmd ????????WAVE,EXTERN Run >NIL: C:Play16 >NIL: %s output=paula14 strict
AddAutoCmd FORM????AIFF,EXTERN Run >NIL: C:Play16 >NIL: %s output=paula14 strict
AddAutoCmd ,*.mp3, extern run lyd:musik/musikutils/mpega/mpega.020fpu -d 4 -q 1 -f 0 -m -p -n -t 30000 %s
AddAutoCmd ,*.WAV, Extern run Lyd:Musik/HippoPlayer/Hip %s
AddAutoCmd ,MOD.*, extern run DH4:Musik/APlayer/APlayer %s JUMP
AddAutoCmd ,*.MOD, extern run DH4:Musik/APlayer/APlayer %s JUMP
AddAutoCmd PP, scrback; extern Sys:c1/PPMore %s; scrfront
AddAutoCmd , extern sys:c1/visage <* %s
AddAutoCmd dms!, StdIO "CON:0/10/640/200/DMS View/CLOSE";Extern Sys:c2/DMS view %s;wait;StdIO CLOSE
AddAutoCmd ??-lh,StdIO "CON:0/10/640/160/LHA List/CLOSE";Extern Sys:c/Lha <* v %s;Wait;StdIO CLOSE
AddAutoCmd lzx,StdIO "CON:0/10/640/160/LZX List/CLOSE";Extern Sys:c/Lzx <* v %s;Wait;StdIO CLOSE
AddAutoCmd PK,StdIO "CON:0/10/640/160/ZIP List/CLOSE";Extern Sys:c/unzip <* -lv %s;Wait;StdIO CLOSE
AddAutoCmd zoo,StdIO "CON:0/10/640/160/ZOO List/CLOSE";Extern Sys:c2/zoo <* V %s;Wait;StdIO CLOSE
AddAutoCmd arj,StdIO "CON:0/10/640/160/ARJ List/CLOSE";Extern Sys:c2/unarj <* l %s;Wait;StdIO CLOSE
AddAutoCmd arc,StdIO "CON:0/10/640/160/ARC List/CLOSE";Extern Sys:c2/pkxarc <* -v %s;Wait;StdIO CLOSE
AddAutoCmd ,*.pgp,StdIO "CON:0/10/640/237/View PGP/CLOSE"; Extern sys:pgp/pgp -m %s <*;StdIO CLOSE
AddAutoCmd ,*.htm*,Single;REXX "parse arg file;if ~show('p','IBROWSE') then do;address command 'Run >NIL: DH3:Internet/IBrowse/IBrowse' '0a'x 'Wait 6';end;address 'IBROWSE';'gotourl' '22'x'file:///'file'22'x" %s
AddAutoCmd TEXT,Extern run SYS:C1/TextView %s
AddAutoCmd XPKF, Extern run SYS:C1/TextView %s
AddAutoCmd @database,Extern Run >NIL: Multiview %s SCREEN
AddAutoCmd @DATABASE,Extern Run >NIL: Multiview %s SCREEN
AddAutoCmd DEFAULT,Extern SYS:C1/Textview %s
AddKeyCmd g, Extern GED %s
AddKeyCmd w, StdIO "CON:0/10/640/200/DMS Write NoValidate/CLOSE"; confirm "DEV:" "HIT IT" "CANCEL" DF0:; extern run sys:c2/dms write %s to %r noval;wait;StdIO CLOSE
AddKeyCmd c, copy %s %d
AddKeyCmd a, Select *
AddKeyCmd d, Confirm "Delete files?";Protect %s +D;Delete %s
AddKeyCmd m, Move %s %d
AddKeyCmd x, StdIO "CON:0/10/640/200/LZX Extract/CLOSE";Extern CD %d \sys:c/Lzx <* x %s;StdIO CLOSE; scrfront
AddKeyCmd ., Root
AddKeyCmd -, Parent
AddKeyCmd z, DeSelect *
AddKeyCmd A, extern run multiview %s
AddKeyCmd r, Recurse OFF;Rename %s
AddKeyCmd M, MakeDir
Expand OFF