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;$vers: 2.3 Startup.DM (Oct 12/1997) Wolfgang Ernicke -

Pens 0 0 4 1 2 3 5 0 8 1 2 1
NewScreen ID=167936 D=4 W=656 H=256
Color AAA 000 FFF C14 00A FF0 92B 080 620 E50 9F1 EB0 55F 92F 0F8 CCC
Font small/7

AddMenu PrOjEcT, Display Format, SetFormat
AddMenu PrOjEcT, Add Command, AddCmd
AddMenu PrOjEcT, Add Menu Item, AddMenu
AddMenu PrOjEcT, Add Key Command, AddKeyCmd
AddMenu PrOjEcT, Palette, Color
AddMenu PrOjEcT, Printer Setup, SetPrinter
AddMenu PrOjEcT, Change Command, ChgCmd
AddMenu PrOjEcT, Save Config, S, SaveConfig
AddMenu PrOjEcT, Save Cmd Window, SaveCmdWin
AddMenu PrOjEcT, Edit S:Startup.DM, S, ScrBack;Extern sys:cEd S:Startup.DM;ScrFront
AddMenu PrOjEcT, Reconfigure, Batch S:Startup.DM
AddMenu PrOjEcT, About, About
AddMenu PrOjEcT, Quit, Q, Confirm "Are you sure you want to quit?" Yes No;Quit

AddMenu ToOlS, Execute Command..., Extern
AddMenu ToOlS, Run Selected, Single;External run %s
AddMenu ToOlS, Change Font, Font
AddMenu ToOlS, New Window, N, OpenWindow 240 40 260 120
AddMenu ToOlS, New Cmd Window, C, OpenWindow 240 40 260 120 CMD;AddCmd
AddMenu ToOlS, Run DM Script, Single;Batch %s
AddMenu ToOlS, Set Date, SetDate %s
AddMenu ToOlS, Print Dir, PrintDir %s prt:
AddMenu ToOlS, Swap S<->D, Swap

AddMenu ArChIvEs, Lha Add, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/100/Add";Archive "Lha <* -r a";StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu ArChIvEs, Lha Extract, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/100/Extract";Extern Lha <* x %s;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu ArChIvEs, Lha X >Dest, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/100/Extract";Extern CD %d \Lha <* x %s;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu ArChIvEs, Lha X Req, Confirm "Enter destination path" Continue Cancel %P;StdIO "CON:0/12/640/100/Extract";Extern CD %R \Lha <* x %s;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu ArChIvEs, Lha List, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/160/List";Extern Lha v %s;Wait;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu ArChIvEs, Lzx  List, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/160/List Window";Extern Lzx l %s;Wait;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu ArChIvEs, IceArc  List, StdIO "CON:0/12/640/160/List Window";Extern icearc -l %s;Wait;StdIO CLOSE
AddMenu ArChIvEs, DM Pack, Pack %s %d
AddMenu ArChIvEs, DM Unpack, Unpack %s %d

AddMenu CoNtRoL, Lock as Source, Lock S
AddMenu CoNtRoL, Lock as Dest, Lock D
AddMenu CoNtRoL, UnLock, UnLock
AddMenu CoNtRoL, UnLock all, UnLock All
AddMenu CoNtRoL, Expand ON, Expand ON
AddMenu CoNtRoL, Expand OFF, Expand OFF
AddMenu CoNtRoL, Sort by Name, Sort Name
AddMenu CoNtRoL, Sort by Size, Sort Size
AddMenu CoNtRoL, Sort by Date, Sort Date

Button "Parent"
SetFormat "NS T DMY A C"
BarFormat "SkUlLbOyS DM V%V [ChIp:%C] [FaSt:%F] [TiMe: %T]"
TitleFormat "%B/%F %I/%C"

OpenWindow 272  11 107 245 CMD

AddCmd RoOt, 10, Root
AddCmd PaReNt, 40, Parent
AddCmd ALl, 60, Select *
AddCmd ClEaR, 60, Deselect *
AddCmd SeLeCt, 30, Select
AddCmd Exclude, 30, DeSelect
AddCmd CoPy, 20, ReqPattern;Copy %s %d
AddCmd CoPy NeWeR, 20, Copy %s %d NEWER
AddCmd MoVe, 20, ReqPattern;Move %s %d
AddCmd DeLeTe, 30, Confirm "ReALLy BlAsT`eM dUDE?" YoU_bET! No-WaY!;Delete %s
AddCmd ReNaMe, 50, Recurse OFF;Rename %s
AddCmd PrOtEcT, 40, Recurse OFF;Protect %s
AddCmd De-PrOtEcT, 40, Protect %s +D;MSG "All Files unprotected now..."
AddCmd CoMmEnT, 70, Recurse OFF;Comment %s
AddCmd FiNd, 10, ReqPattern "Please enter search pattern";Find %s
AddCmd ReAd, 60, Read %s
AddCmd ReAd AnSi, 60, STDIO "con:0/2/650/256/ RIGHT MB TO PAUSE"; External c:type %s ;wait;STDIO CLOSE
AddCmd HeXReAd, 60, Read %s HEX
AddCmd MaKeDiR, 30, MakeDir
AddCmd PrInT, 10, Single;Print %s
AddCmd SiZe ChEcK, 70, UnMark OFF;Check %s
AddCmd EdIt, 30, External sys:CED %s
AddCmd MuLtIvIeW, 40, External sys:utilities/Multiview %s
AddCmd LhA-ExT, 50, External Lha -a e %s dh1:work/
AddCmd LhA-AdD, 50, External Lha -x a ARC.lha %s
AddCmd LzX-ExT, 70, External sys:c/lzx -a x %s dh1:work/
AddCmd LzX-AdD, 70, External sys:c/lzx -x a Ark.lzx %s
AddCmd ArC-aDd, 40, External arc -x %s
AddCmd Un-ArC, 40, external arc -e %s dh1:work/
AddCmd IceArc, 30, external icearc -x %s dh1:work/
AddCmd Lz-ExT, 10, External Lz e %s dh1:work/
AddCmd ZoO, 10, External zoo -x %s dh1:work/
AddCmd UnZiP, 20, external dh0:c/unzip %s dh1:work/
AddCmd UnCoDe, 20, external dh0:c/base64 D %s to UnCoded
AddCmd VeRsIoN, 60, Extern sys:toolbox/VersionWB/versionWB %s
AddCmd SnAtChDiZ, 70, external sys:c/snatchdiz %s S K

OpenWindow 380  11 276 245 

OpenWindow   0  11 270 245 

AddAutoCmd ??-lh,StdIO "CON:0/12/640/100/Extract";Extern Lha <* x %s;StdIO CLOSE;Confirm "Delete Archive?" Yes No;Delete %s
AddAutoCmd PK  StdIO "CON:0/12/640/100/DM II";Extern UnZIP <* %s;StdIO CLOSE;Confirm "Delete Archive?" Yes No;Delete %s
AddAutoCmd DMS!,StdIO "CON:0/12/640/100/DM II";Extern DMS <* WRITE %s TO DF0: NOPAUSE;StdIO CLOSE;Confirm "Delete DMS File?" Yes No;Delete %s
AddAutoCmd FORM????ILBM,Extern dh3:FastView %s
AddAutoCmd ??????JFIF,Extern dh3:FastView %s
AddAutoCmd GIF8,External dh3:Fastview %s
AddAutoCmd FORM????ACBM,External sys:utilities/Multiview %s

AddAutoCmd FORM????8SVX,External dh1:yam/play16 %s
AddAutoCmd ????????WAV,External dh1:Yam/play16 %s
AddAutoCmd FORM????IFF,External dh1:Yam/play16 %s
AddAutoCmd FORM????AIFF,EXTERNl dh1:Yam/play16 %s

AddAutoCmd FORM????ANIM,Extern View %s
AddAutoCmd TEXT,Read %s
AddAutoCmd DEFAULT,Read %s HEX
Expand ON