Stephen Graham

The beard has disappeared since this picture was taken.,


I currently work for the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Washington as a Advising Program Coordinator. The majority of my duties involve handling the technical side of student advising: maintaining databases, managing admissions, creating and updating publications, and anything involved with creating, modifying and scheduling classes. I also do some direct student advising as circumstances dictate.

Details of the past can be found in my resume.


I attended Carleton College for my bachelor's degree. My senior thesis in Physics was on the use of CCD devices for spacecraft navigation. I also majored in History, focusing on 20th century history and writing my senior thesis on the role of the German Communist Party in Nazi Germany.

I went on to the University of Hawaii for a MA in Southeast Asia, focusing on Burma. I also spent some time on World History. Unfortunately, advanced degrees in History require study of a foreign language. I spent two years torturing myself learning Burmese.

Real Life