Comments on 2004 movies

This year, I'm going to try something new: Some kind of meaningful statement about the movies I see. We'll see how this works.

Statement for 2004: and maybe I mean it this year.

(This will be newest to oldest.)

Ju-On: What I learned from this movie: (A) Never, ever, ever go in a Japanese haunted house. (B) Never, ever, ever be friends or even acquaintances with someone who broke rule (A). (C) If you break rule (A) or (B), you are absolutely fucked.

The Manchurian Candidate: Would have been more effective had I never seen the original.

The Bourne Supremacy: Too much Michael Bay fast cuts and shaky cam. Damon is a badass though.

The Chronicles of Riddick: Too much Michael Bay fast cuts and shaky cam. Diesel is a badass though.

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy: Steve Carrell rules.

Starsky & Hutch: Will Ferrell is very funny in this.

The Butterfly Effect: Surprisingly not bad. In fact, even good, if dark.