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Rally Monkey

The Wrath of Gamblor is a bowling team consisting of myself, Allen Weiss, Brian Hellmann, Kyle Stannert, and Mike Oster. Alternates are Bob Bowman and Dan Moyer. We play Wednesday nights at 7:00 pm at Kenmore Lanes. We have stolen the Rally Monkey as our team mascot.

Rally Monkey

Team bets:

  1. If Greg beats Brian, Brian owes Greg a drink. NOW RETIRED!
  2. If Brian beats Greg and Mike combined, Greg owes Brian a drink. NOW RETIRED!
  3. If anybody bowls a game that's 30 under their average, they owe the person with the best game relative to average a drink.
  4. If anybody bowls a game that's 50 over their average, the teammate with the worst game relative to average owes them a drink.
  5. If anybody bowls a game that's 35 under their average, they have to play the Dance Dance Revolution-equivalent in the bowling alley arcade.

Here's our SCHEDULE, and RESULTS.

Here you can read KYLE'S HAIKUS.


Allen has created what he calls a "TAUNT CHART".

Our team's got big balls Team members caught off guard

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