Wrath of Gamblor Haiku, by Kyle Stannert

March 19, 2003

Ode to self loathing:
Crap-Fest in game one
Where the hell did that come from?
Kyle broke the team’s back.

March 5, 2003

Before you bug Greg
About not updating things
Check the chart updates

March 12, 2003

While very pointless,

will anyone care? Hey look!

The text is moving!

Note: Distraction best viewed with Internet Explorer.

February 26, 2003:

Allen likes poison!
Exposure to mercury,
and free Toxin beer.
February 19, 2003:

The ball rolls off course.
With great anticipation,
the team yells "GUT-TER!"

February 12, 2003:

If they need a sub
the Swamp Duck's next ringer choice:
"Mister Two-Fifteen".

January 29, 2003

The only good thing
from last week, a new saying,
“You’re up Greg. Thank You.”

January 22, 2003

Oh, disappointment!
Team Bowling Arrogance
beat us by eight pins.

January 15, 2003:

Is it conceited
to write about myself? Well,
tough, check out game one.

Missed chance at a sweep.
Opponents sobriety
jilts game three success.

January 8, 2003:

Kyle was a loser: "I realized I have not submitted a haiku for this week, and I don't really care. I am in favor of content though, even if you alreadyreay update the WoG page. In case anyone feels like they need a haiku, I now submit this link to the USA Today Haiku page, which is updated not weekly, but daily. Ah, fresh material.". In his honor I wrote this haiku:

Kyle is a slacker.
He says: "No haiku this week;
but here, have this link."

December 18, 2002:

Defense of game three:
Came up just short. Our fault? No!
I blame the slow guy.

December 11, 2002:

Web page illustrates
Gamblor falls off in Game 2.
No third line needed.

Homewrecker Allen
sure likes the Toxins. Can I
punch you in the neck?

December 4, 2002:

Brian was depressed that there was no new haiku on Thursday night, so he was inspired:

Toxins lose all four.
Thursday comes, but no haiku.
Rally monkey sad.

Then he went nuts and became super-inspired. See his MADNESS.

Finally, here's Kyle's response:

After his defeat
at the hands of Captain Greg,
Brian steals haikus.

November 20, 2002:

Success was fleeting.
Gamblor falls to five hundred.
Need the Chyna ball?

November 13, 2002:

Greg's score in game two
sent the world off its axis.
Still, no Coke is lost.