M105  NGC3384  NGC3389

Name: M 105
Object type: Galaxy
Magnitude: 9.3
Constellation: Leo
Right Ascension: 10h 47m 51s
Declination: 12° 34' 52" N
Altitude: 53.1°
Azimuth: 156.9°

Name: NGC 3384
Object type: Galaxy
Magnitude: 9.9
Constellation: Leo
Right Ascension: 10h 48m 18s
Declination: 12° 37' 44" N
Altitude: 53.1°
Azimuth: 156.7°

Name: NGC 3389
Object type: Galaxy
Magnitude: 11.9
Constellation: Leo
Right Ascension: 10h 48m 29s
Declination: 12° 31' 56" N
Altitude: 53°
Azimuth: 156.7°

Observation details:
Observation time (UT): 10 Apr 2000 04:46
Duration: 10 min
Observer: RAH
Site: Pilot Rock OR
Seeing (Antoniadi scale): II: Slight undulations
Weather: Mostly clear, cold, 1st Q moon

Equipment details:
Instrument: 12.5" EL
Eyepiece: 17 Nagler
Barlow: Paracor
Magnification: 107x
Field of view: 0° 45'

Observed M105, NGC3384 and NGC3389 together.
M105 and NGC3384 are easy in the same field of view. NGC3389 is a faint (averted vision) smudge above the other two.