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Wilfred Sykes model on St. Johns Marsh
Huron Lightship LV-10 first lightship on Lake St. Clair Milwaukee Lightship LV 95 Lightship lv-75 Lime Kiln Crossing North Lightship lv-65

Herman Chapman has done a series of many of the lightships that have served around the Great Lakes, above are a few. All the models are found at the Huron Lightship Museum.

All uncredited photos are from the Chapman family albums.

Wilfred Sykes freighter model in progress

Models, general information

Herman Chapman has made a very few models for sale in the past. At this stage in his life he has decided to concentrate on only those models he wants to do. He is not accepting any further requests for models. More...

Huron Lightship

Lightship Models

Lightships have been used anywhere it wasn't possible to build a lighthouse. They have been replaced by buoys over the years. More...

Louis McLane, first lightship on 
					the Great Lakes

Louis McLane

This was the first government lightship to be stationed on the Great Lakes. This is the most mysterious of the Great Lakes lightships, simply from the passage of time and incomplete records. More...

Fr=freighter Wilfred 

Wilfred Sykes

The vessel has graceful lines for a bulk freighter. She was the first major Great Lakes Vessel built following World War II in 1949. Her length is 671 feet and as of 2015 she was still working the Lakes. More...

Tashmoo excusion steamer


The excursion steamer Tashoo was once considered the fastest vessel on the lakes. It surprises many local residents unfamiliar with Great Lakes history to find out there were once thriving excursion and travel routes all along the Lakes. The Tashmoo frequented the cities around eastern and southeastern Michigan, northern Ohio, and neighboring areas of Canada. More...

First icebreaker Mackinaw

Two Mackinaw Icebreakers

Two Coast Guard icebreaker have served the Great Lakes with the name Mackinaw. The first designated WAGB-30 served from 1941 to 2006 and is now a museum vessel. The second designated WLB-83 was commissioned in 2006 and is currently serving the Great Lakes. More...

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