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These are items that I have taking up space and don't have any use for. I can sell them cheap but don't want to ship. They can be picked up at my West Seattle home or the monthly PSARA meeting, if I'm able to attend.

My email is, telephone 206-768-1043.

1948 Philco Roll-Top Portable

This radio definitely needs TLC, but it's all there. I did get a little noise out of it, even faintly heard a station briefly. $10. Also have an extra parts chassis.

1948 Philco Radio-Phono

These are a neat unit. Open the lower front panel, slide a 78 RPM record in, then close the door and the record plays. Needs a complete rebuild. $15

1949 Motorola VT73 TV's

There are two. One is strictly parts, the other is mostly complete. The only parts missing are the back cover and antenna. The cabinet is fair to good. The CRT is fair but it would be usable. There is one good set of knobs. $25 for the two.

(The Sams is dated 10-49 so it might be a 1950 model year)

Hickok 600 Tube Tester

This was a working tube tester, but unfortunately the meter needle sticks. Also the shorts indicator lamp is broken. Good for parts. $10.

Circa 1940 GE Table Model Radio Phono

The radio actually works. The fourth knob is there but the wooden shaft has split. $5.

5AXP4 Test Picture Tube With Carrying Case

This is for a serviceman to work on a TV chassis without removing the picture tube from the cabinet. It has a universal yoke but no directions to connect it (you'd have to use the yoke from the TV). It would work on most early TV's with the duo-decal based picture tubes. Tube tests good. $10.

Solid State PA Amp

Unknown brand (TOA) model TA-956. Has two mike inputs plus RCA jack (don't know if it's magnetic cartridge or high level). I think it works but I don't have a mike to plug into it. $15

Sparton 600 parts chassis

The schematic is shown in Riders 1-20. No speaker. It has 7 #485's and one #183/483. I tested the 485's with the settings for a 27 (with 3 volts on the filaments), and they all tested fair to good. The 183 appears to be similar to a 45, but with a 5 volt filament. With 45 settings and 5 volts filament, it tested OK. I powered up the power transformer and it appears OK. $65.

Miscellaneous parts chassis

These chasses are in a crawl space and doing me no good. Here's a partial list:

RCA 351K

Trav-ler 4 tube

Philco 37-620 (?) PTOK (power transformer OK)

Unknown makw (tube compl. 80,42,37,37,37,6D6

Silvertone 4587

Steinite 7- or 80 PTOK

Radiola 33 (no top cover)

RCA Radiola 80?

Brunswick model unknown (slide rule dial) PTOK

Philco 90

Silvertone 1965

Another unknown

A few Zenith chasses